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Private Lessons (3/10)

Dad!Chris Evans/first person OFC (Elaina)

A/N: So I know it’s after midnight so it’s technically Sunday, but I haven’t slept yet so I’m counting this as a win for getting it out on Saturday. Anyways, yay for more fluff! it’s v small amount of fluff, but the next chapter is going to be like max levels. It’ll be a fun time. I don’t think there’s any warnings.. maybe there’s a warning but I don’t want to give away the ending of this chapter :( it’s nothing like extreme, but I’m very sorry if it’s a trigger for anyone. 

Synopsis: Elaina is teaching swimming lessons to a little boy named Lukas when she discovers that he is the son of Chris Evans. When Chris approaches Elaina to do private lessons with Lukas at the Evans’ home will things heat up? Will Elaina turn into a home wrecker that she never wanted to be?

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(about the gif, imagine this shirt, but wet 😉)

Monday finally rolled around after a long weekend of overthinking. Again. It wasn’t hard for me to make a lesson plan for Lukas, we had to get him confident with his floats and going underwater first and foremost, but it was also a lot of little games to make sure he associates the water with fun. What was hard, was mentally preparing to see Chris again. I wasn’t nervous, per se, it was mostly just excitement. Working all day was a welcome distraction, I had to work at the pool from 9-3 before heading over to Chris’ house. My GPS told me it would only take around 40 minutes to get there, but that didn’t take into account after school traffic. I finally pulled up to his front gate with only 3 minutes to spare. I parked on the street and made my way over the his gate, looking for the intercom when I heard a buzzing and the gate slide open. Obviously he was expecting me, but I was a little self conscious knowing he was looking for me through the camera..wherever that was. As I was making my way to the door it opened and a dog bolted out, with Chris following quickly behind.

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