oh the feels

Okay but

Imagine Mycroft meeting Greg and getting a mark but it’s red

Imagine Jim meeting Sherlock and getting his first mark but it’s red and then meeting Seb and getting a black one

Imagine Gabriel having a red mark for Sam and desperately waiting for it to turn black and then Sam meets Lucifer and gets a black mark but Gabe’s stays red

Imagine Castiel having a mark for every human on earth and some are scars and some are red but only one is black

Imagine Dean never having a mark because of the way he was brought up until he meets Cas

Imagine if Sherlock has only one scar and then gets angry at the red mark he got after John

Imagine Sherlocks John mark was black but turned red after TRF

He’s worried about the dentist, and he’s worried about heartache, and he’s worried about his rent, and no one ever told him that the worries of childhood wouldn’t get replaced by the worries of adolescence and adulthood. They just accumulated, and sometimes the weight of being every version of himself at once is too much.
—  These Inconvenient Fireworks
A Sappy Post About My Husband 💕

My husband has seen me at my literal worst. He has seen more of me than I have seen of me. For a while, he was holding my legs wide open helping me push our daughter into the world. He never said anything against my character. He encouraged me. He inspired me. He motivated me. He coached me through every contraction and every push. He saw me birth our daughter and stayed through the afterbirth. He didn’t squirm. He didn’t get squeamish. He smiled through the obvious pain he felt for me.

He helped clean me. He helped me on and off the toilet when I was so weak I nearly fainted. He helped clean off my sheets and underwear when I soaked them in blood. He held my hands when it hurt so much I cried out. He fed me. He made sure I was eating and drinking. He got up and did more than I could ever ask for.

He loved me. And that’s all I could ever ask for. But if you ask me, he did so much more.

Bates Motel: The Final Season Episode 1 Part 3&4

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I am curious now what luminol is

Norman and Mother’s dinner:

wow just wow…their acting has always amazed me. 

First a jealous Mother then damnnnn

The mood swings were…so strong and spot on.

This is such a realistic way of how mental illness works.

Mother’s job is always to protect him: as his multiple personality that is their only priority. 

Dead mother is creep af

so the Luminol is to help keep her corpse looking okay?? I’m confused on that.

OH nevermind I googled it, Mother used it to make sure there was no blood traces anywhere


omg dylemma scenes are so cute i love them both so much.

Are they married??

HE TOLD HER THE TRUTH ABOUT HER LUNGS! WELL….Kind of (its the thought that counts lol)

Oh look it’s Marion the sweet blonde that is going to die.

It’s creepy that she looks just like Norma season 1

hahaha jealous Mother

I’m kinda loving the scenes with emma and caleb

oh shit never mind

but she is only looking after her husband which is great i just feel bad for him.