oh the feels

Okay but

Imagine Mycroft meeting Greg and getting a mark but it’s red

Imagine Jim meeting Sherlock and getting his first mark but it’s red and then meeting Seb and getting a black one

Imagine Gabriel having a red mark for Sam and desperately waiting for it to turn black and then Sam meets Lucifer and gets a black mark but Gabe’s stays red

Imagine Castiel having a mark for every human on earth and some are scars and some are red but only one is black

Imagine Dean never having a mark because of the way he was brought up until he meets Cas

Imagine if Sherlock has only one scar and then gets angry at the red mark he got after John

Imagine Sherlocks John mark was black but turned red after TRF and his face when he sees it

Bates Motel feels

I have this little head cannon for Bates Motel. After Norman’s death Dylan got heavily involved in organizations dedicated to raising money and awareness for mental illness. He wanted to encourage those who needed help because he didn’t want the same thing that happened to his brother to happen to anyone else.

When you're. . .

22 years old, still angry at Disney Channel for not doing better with Girl Meets World but also simultaneously freaking out as Cyrus looks back at Jonah and Jonah doesn’t see it!!!!! And that Andi Mack season 2 promo!! 😂😅😂😅 Ugh I don’t know what to feel!! Also Girl Meets World deserved better.

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“Is there really nothing for me here, Jamie?” I held his eyes not letting him turn away from me.
He pulled himself gently from my grasp without answering and stood back, suddenly a figure from another time, seen in relief upon a background of hazy hills, the life in his face a trick of the shadowing rock, as if flattened beneath layers of paint, an artist’s reminiscence of forgotten places and passions turned to dust.

I looked into his eyes, filled with pain and yearning, and he was flesh again, real and immediate, lover, husband, man.