oh the dirty things i would do to him

Preference "How they react when you start talking dirty to them" (NSFW)

(So i’m still going with the NSFW theme XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Yay for our fav being turned on…well most of them XD PS. I still took out Carl, Ron and Enid for this one…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be way more than turned on but still he’d try to keep it together for a while. However, he’d always fail to go through it completely and would just pin you down under him. “Careful Y/N…Saying things like how badly you want to ride me and how you’d be my dirty slut doesn’t come cheap…I’ll fucking make it happen…Oh yeah! I’ll do it…”

Daryl- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get distracted by you and would slowly stop doing whatever he was doing to grab your wrist and pull you closer to whisper in your ear. “You better stop it Y/N…stop it right now…I swear if you keep this up…Everyone will know about how much of a slut you are…right here…right now…”

Rick- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get turned on and let you keep going. He’d honestly felt somewhat flattered hearing you express this way and pull you closer to whisper. “You really have a way with words, don’t you, Y/N…you know exactly how to get to me…And let me tell you this…you might regret saying all those things right now…”

Merle- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get immensely turned on and would just want to make everything you were saying a reality. It wouldn’t even matter where you were, he’d start to undress. "Alright baby…let see how badly you want me…Talkin’ about getting on your knees for me…and being a slut…you think i’m just gonna let that slide…oh fuck no…”

Glenn- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, you’d peak his interest and he’d listen closely to your proposition, being interested that for once, you were the one initiating it. He’d then pull you away and say “Really, Y/N…is that all you’re willing to do for me…with me…getting all…and…You know what…let’s do it…now…”

The Governor- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and slowly feel himself getting more and more turned on. He’d then turn to you and aggressively kiss you to shut you up. “Y/N, stop it…you know I can’t handle you talking to me like this…I’m going to have to do something about this…Get on your knees…”

Abraham- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d find it endearing of you and actually think you were being adorable. He’d chuckle looking over at you and suddenly pull you into his lap . “Damn, Y/N…never expected you to be this turned on over me…I’m used to it being the other way around and you always being the pure and innocent one…Guess I was wrong…”

Eugene- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be surprised and would gulp and gasp at every word you’d tell him. However, he wouldn’t ever tell you to stop as he’d actually encourage you to keep going.“Wow…really…Oh my god…Y/N…you’re not usually like this…Oh…but I didn’t tell you to stop though…I wanna know more…”

Jesus- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d wondered as to what would get you in such a mood and try to figure it out. Only to slowly forget and get caught up in your words. “Y/N, what did I ever do today to get you all hot and bothered? I mean you wouldn’t really do all that right here and now…With me…right now…right?”

Dwight- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he wouldn’t be able to handle it and wouldn’t even try to deny it to you that he’d want to do you. “Fuck, Y/N…You really think i’m not gonna do anything after all that…Every fucking time you do this!…I just want to…and after you told me how badly you want me to touch you…No…Get over here…right now!”

Morgan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d slowly feel uncomfortable over the fact you were both out in the public and grab your arm to warn you. “I’m flattered, Y/N…I really am…but this isn’t the right time for you to tell me that..you should keep that to yourself when we’re out…And remind me later in our room…”

Shane- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d immediately talk dirty back and just walk towards you to corner you while actually try to win over you. “Oh yeah…that’s what you’d do…Did you ever think about what I’d do…I’d rip those fucking clothes off and get you on the floor…then i’m gonna make you my slut…want me to tell you how…or should I just show you…”

Milton- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get flustered and try to keep his mind to his work but the more he heard you, the more he couldn’t take it. “Y/N, please stop it…you’re really distracting me…go away…You know what, let it go! Don’t leave! I’m serious, don’t!Just lock the door! I-I want you badly, now! Hurry, get over here…”

Aaron- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be impressed by everything you were saying and be in slight disbelief you felt that way over him. “Really? Wow! You want me to do that? That badly? Y/N…are you really serious about all of this? I mean I know you like me and all…but this…this is a whole different thing…”

Gabriel- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d try his best to not listen too much and think of anything else while telling you to stop but in the end always fail and give in. “Y/N, please stop it…it isn’t right…You shouldn’t be saying these kind of things to me…We’re not like that…Wait! I-I change my mind…don’t tell anyone…let’s go…”

The Wolf- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and feel confident about himself and just want to do everything you’d want him to. “Is that really what you want, Y/N? For me to do…and…all that…right now…Alright…get over here…I can do that! I’ll make it happen…”

Michonne- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d give you a warning look and listen to all you have to say before actually giving into you. “Is that all? Are you serious Y/N…you want me to do all that…just because you…feel that way…Alright then…Show it to me…Now…Here I thought you were an innocent one…”

Maggie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be amused by it and would smile and chuckle to every word you have to say. “Y/N, this is going to sound strange but…that is so sweet of you…I’m serious…I love knowing that you’d get on your knees for me…and do all that…I also like knowing that you’re willing to do all that right now…”

Andrea- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be turned on and grab your wrist to pull you along with her. “Get over here Y/N…You really think i’m just going to let you go…after you said all that…Oh no…Believe me…I’ll even make you regret saying those things…”

Jessie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be stunned and shocked to hear you speak that way. She’d try to get you to stop and tell you “Oh my goodness Y/N…Stop it…we’re out in public…it’s not the time to say those things…keep it for later…Imagine if anyone else heard you…aren’t you embarrassed?

Beth- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d freeze and wouldn’t be to sure of how she feels about it. She wouldn’t hate it but she would’ve preferred to not hear so much. "Uh…well…I don’t know what to say after all that…It’s nice of you Y/N but…I don’t think it’s the right time for you to say all those things…”

Sasha- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d chuckle and laugh, shaking her head in disbelief over everything you were saying. "Wow…what’s gotten into you Y/N? You’re not usually like this…I’m used to you being all shy and innocent! What happened to that Y/N?! Well, it’s not like I don’t love this new side to you…”

Rosita- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be entertained by you but would sarcastically reply only to further provoke you to make you talk even more. “Really, is that all you’ve got?! Come on, Y/N! I know you can do better…i’m sure you have dirtier things to say than just that…So say it…go on!”

Tara- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d start getting flustered and wouldn’t want to believe you were talking to her that way. “Oh…you’re serious? Like you want me to…and you’d do all that for me…If I…Wow Y/N…this is…a lot to take in…I don’t hate it…but I’ve never seen you like this before…”

Big Bang Reaction to -

You sexually teasing them in front of the members


Big bang reaction to gf sexually teasing them in front of other members


I think he would be the most embarrassed out of all the members. He would shyly blush and whisper in your ear telling you to stop. However when you two get alone… he’ll be doing certain things to you.

“Ah, jagi! Don’t do that here!”


I can see him being so cocky, kinda like Seungri. Like ‘Oh girl you want this’ I think he would find it hot too. He’d whisper things in your ear, without the other guys noticing, urging you to keep doing it.

“C’mon jagi, you gotta finish what you’ve started.”


Unlike some he wouldn’t get embarrassed in front of the members. He’d pull you close and whisper dirty things in your ear. Then he’d excuse himself and take you home without hesitation.

“Sorry guys, I have some business to do.” ;)


He wouldn’t be completely embarrassed like Daesung, but he wouldn’t be super cocky like GD. I think he would be somewhere in between. Depending on his mood he could either be desperate for you, or he could punish the hell out of you.

“If you keep going baby, I won’t be able to resist.”


He’d quickly turn the tables. The entire time he’d have you begging him to stop, before you moaned in front of the rest of the members. Eventually he’d decide to stop and finish the job at home.

“You know I don’t like those games baby girl.”

-Admins A & JC

Mr. Irwin part 1

Mr. Irwin Part 1
I sat in class, my legs crossed, staring at my teacher. I made sure to sit in the front, and know all the answers to be Mr. Irwin’s favorite student. His dirty blondish hair was long, and always hanging around his glasses.

HE would twirl his pencil around with his fingers, and those fingers would drive me absolutely crazy. I just wanted to know that he would do with those fingers.

I gazed off in the lesson about Hamlet that Mr. Irwin was teaching. My thoughts getting lost in the dirty things I’d love to do on his desk. For him to tell me I’m a bad girl. I bet he’s dominant, oh I need him so badly.

“Excuse me Ms. Y/L/N, are you paying attention” Mr. Irwins voice snapped me out of my gaze. That was when I realized my hand was gently rubbing myself, and Mr. Irwin knew.

“Um, yes sir..” I stuttered.

“See me after class Miss.” We held eye contact for a few seconds and then he continued the lesson. I don’t know what to expect from this, honestly. After the class had ended, everyone cleared out, making Mr. Irwin and I the only two left in the room.

“Ms. Y/L/N, may I ask why you decided that you can use my class time for your personal pleasures..?” He stood up and walked towards my desk.

“I, I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.” I smirked.

“It’s not nice. Not nice at all Y/N. I’m sitting her teaching a lesson, and you’re touching yourself staring at me. What were you thinking about?” Mr. Irwin pulled up a chair next to my desk and placed a hand on my knee.

“N-nothing sir.” I could feel myself getting wet with his touch.

“Tell me, and I’ll do anything you were thinking about.” He leaned closer to me, and I could feel his stubble against my cheek.

“Mr. Irwin…” I breathed.

“Call me Daddy sweetheart.”

“I was imagining you telling me I’m a bad girl, and being dominant with me.” Mr. Irwin had a smirk on his face, and his hand came closer and closer to the place I wanted him most. I mentally thanked myself for wearing a skirt today.

“You see, that’s exactly what I love to do.” His and came up and grazed over my panties and I took a deep breathe. “You’re already wet babe. Who made you this wet?” Mr. Irwin whispered into my ear.


“What’s my name?”

“Mr. Irw-”

“No, it’s Daddy. Call me anything else and I will stop pleasuring you. You got that?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Mr. Irwin slowly rubbed me, before moving my panties to the side and rubbing my clit. My breathe hitched at the feeling. I’ve done this to myself a million times, but Mr. Irwin just made me melt.

“I’ve been told I have long fingers.” He smirked before inserting one into my. I moaned loudly, and he moved his finger in and out slowly.

“Shh babe, you don’t want anyone to hear us.” Ashton pressed his lips to mine, our lips moving in sync. I moaned into his mouth and he inserted his tongue, immediately getting dominance over the kiss.

“I need more daddy..” I begged, and he complied, adding another finger. His speed increased rapidly and I could already feel my high coming. He curled up his fingers and hit my g-spot and I was screaming in the complete pleasure my teacher was giving me.

“Be quite or daddy will stop right before you cum sweetie.” He warned me. I bit my lip quite hard to prevent me from being too loud.
Mr. Irwin’s speed increased and his fingers kept hitting that one spot and my body began shaking vigorously. He took his free hand to reach up my shirt and play with my boobs. My body was in complete bliss when I finally felt myself release.

“Now, you see babygirl, I bet that was way better than what you were doing in class yeah?” He asked, unbuckling his belt.

“Yes, daddy.” I breathed.

“Let daddy clean you up, yeah?” His head went under the desk I was sitting in and licked me completely clean. “You taste soo good baby girl.”

“Now, let me have my way with you.” He undid the top button of his pants when the bell rang.

“I guess I’ll just have to see you after class tomorrow. Have a great night, and don’t forget to do your homework.” He smirked, kicking me out of his classroom.