oh the dirty things i would do to him

Boyfriend! Jimin

Jimin would be the type of boyfriend that is really playful. He would try his best to make you laugh 

And sometimes, he would even tease you in public and around other members 

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But then pretend to be all innocent and act as though he did nothing wrong 

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Overall though, he would be a really sweet boyfriend. 

He would forever give you little kisses and do his best aegyo for you ( even though its lowkey cringy when he tries to force aegyo)

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But it always makes you smile, which is why he does it. 

I also feel like Jimin is a hugger and so you would always get hugs from him, OH! and LOTS of cuddles !!!

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(ignore the caption ^^)

But let’s not forget, Jimin has a naughty side !

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Jimin is the type to run his hand up your thigh whenever he is in the mood. 

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And whisper dirty things in your ear. 

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And let’s not forget, his constant lip biting just to tease you and pushing his hair back because he KNOWS it drives you crazy.

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And that look he would give you when he is needy:

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But he is a sweetheart at the end of the day, so every day spent with  him would fill your day with happiness. 

Bonus : Pink haired Jimin (ah~ i love it so much)

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Making Bruce Wayne blush

I felt inspired today, and so here’s for my second post on Tumblr…Some Bruce Wayne loving. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

WARNING : Mention of sex. 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Tonight, at yet another boring charity gala, you decided that your favorite game was DEFINITELY “Make Bruce Wayne blush”.
It wasn’t an easy game, and sometimes, when he was broodier than usual, it was like playing on “hard mode”…but it was so worth it when you succeeded.

Part one of your plan, was always to make him jealous. He was more receptive to your teasing when jealous. His mind was always somewhat slower when jealous, focused on the fact that it wasn’t him flirting with you, but some asshole he suddenly didn’t like at all. 

You rarely had the occasion to make him jealous though, as he rarely let go of you during one of those charity soirée. He knew you were uncomfortable at those, and he knew you found his arm around your waist comforting. Besides, he loved to show you off to anyone he’d talk to that night. And you absolutely loved that he liked it, it made you feel good about yourself, that billionaire ex-playboy Bruce Wayne was proud to date you. You were rarely alone…but sometimes, a particular guest would take up all his attention, and you’d slip away to the bar to get something to drink, and escape the boring conversation about trade and such. 

Tonight was one of those occasions, and to hell if you weren’t going to take advantage of it. 

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god if you're doing that drabble thing for destiel I would LOVE to read #32!!

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Dean doesn’t mean to say it. It just slips out, anger and fear working together to loosen his tongue.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

The words fall between them, hissing and spitting like a viper, and Dean turns away sharply to try and collect himself. He’d never meant to say that in anger.

He’d never meant to say it at all. It was his dirty little secret, something he would take with him to the grave.

But right now, with Cas looking so fucking fragile and painfully human (again, fuck), talking about making arrangements and wouldn’t burden them with his presence-

Dean couldn’t take it. He doesn’t look back at Cas. He can’t stand to even think of what kind of face Cas is making; anger and disgust or incomprehension and pity or some kind of horrible mix, but he’s not saying anything.

Dean swallows. The silence is thick and threatening, suffocating him as he waits for Cas to respond.

“Why would that terrify you?” Cas asks softly, as if he genuinely doesn’t know.

Dean wants to be glad Cas didn’t go for the obvious question first. He’s not.

He also won’t be able to have this conversation facing Cas (and wishes he didn’t have to have it sober), so he continues to stare down the wall.

“You leave,” he says tightly, forcing the words out sharp and short. It hurts, it hurts like hell, but it’s the truth. Cas leaves him. Cas has left him, over and over again, and every time it drives the knife a little deeper.

Dean Winchester can’t get anyone to stay. He isn’t worth anyone staying, but it would kill him to have Cas and then realize that he’s still not enough to get Cas to stay.

“Not by choice,” Cas says, voice heavy with sorrow. Dean hears him step closer. “Dean, I-”

“Don’t,” Dean snaps, shoulders tense even though he still doesn’t turn. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, but for a moment, all he sees behind his eyelids are flashes of burned wings. He breathes again, shoulders shaking.


Cas’s voice is right behind him now. He’s so close Dean can feel his body heat and he tenses, every nerve ending keenly aware of the body behind his.

When Cas’s hand touches his shoulder, it’s like a live wire pressed to Dean’s skin.

“Ask me to stay,” Cas says. Dean breathes.

“Ask me to stay,” Cas repeats, voice lower, more hoarse. “And I will.”

Dean opens his mouth but his tongue won’t work. His vocal cords feel paralyzed and he wants to, he wants to say it.

Has he ever said it?

Dean turns. He finds Cas’s eyes, seeing his own desperate hope reflected in them.

How long had Cas wanted this?

Dean lifts his hand to cup Cas’s cheek, feeling almost as if he were dreaming. He’d dreamt this so many times, but the scratch of Cas’s stubble against his palm is grounding and real.

“Dean?” Cas asks. Dean looks at him, really looks.

How long had Cas been hoping Dean would just ask him to stay?

“Cas,” Dean says, and his voice is wrecked, he can’t stop himself from slowly closing the distance between them. “Stay with me?”

Cas beats him to the punch and, by way of answer, crashes their mouths together in an enthusiastic kiss.

Assassin!Seungcheol Pt 1

Requested by anon: Can please request a seungcheol mafia au with angst and fluff 💘 

hi lil anon i was actually already planning on writing this au right before you requested! I hope this was something along the lines of what you were looking for!! happy bday to papa cheols he is sUCH A BIAS WRECKER!! AND IM SORRY I WROTE SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! THIS ALMOST SURPASSED WOLF!WONWOO’S LENGTH JLSDJFDLS I WILL DO A PART 2 IF PEOPLE WANT IT!!!

also I was in the middle of writing this when all of a sudden i got a notification that @cheollies posted one and i was like oMG ARE U SERIOUS HERS IS SO MUCH BETTER!! go check hers out IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER WRITING OMG SHE GIVES ME INSPIRATION!!! my au takes a different direction bUT I FIND IT FUNNY HOW WE BOTH DID IT LMAO

warnings: fluff and a whole lotta angst, mention of some violence

Part 1 | Part 2 (Finale)

  • Yes another one
  • I apparently really like assassin and vigilante aus bc,,,, just look at wonwoo’s
  • anyways birthday boi papa cheols can run me over with this au bye
  • Seungcheol had always been involved in the shady realm of business
  • His father was a politician and,,,, well he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t good either
  • Seungcheol, however, thought his father did some questionable things
  • His suspicions were confirmed one day
  • “You’re gonna need to protect me”
  • And lil cheollie was like ???? what do you mean dad????
  • “Son, I have a lot of enemies, and that’s inevitable when you have this type of job. I don’t trust anyone else to do this job,,, so,,,,,,”
  • Poor smol cheols is still really confused like dad im still not understanding
  • “I need you to,,,,, take care,,,,,, of some people for me”
  • “Take care?? Like help them when they’re sick???”
  • “Sure…. Sick…. Let’s go with that”
  • And from then on, seungcheol started this dirty job his father brainwashed him into doing
  • He was only in middle school when he had to do his first “mission”
  • Since his dad didn’t want him to do anything big just yet, he only had cheols start off by dropping in poison discreetly in drinks
  • His missions slowly started to grow larger and next thing you know Seungcheol is taking up self defense classes

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Exo Reaction: To you both going to the gym regularly

Hey anon :D thank you for requesting ! here is the reaction, hope you like it !

By the way I wish I actually had the energy to go to the gym lol



Since he recently got his abs, I feel like he would bring you for motivation or to just show off his body to you. I feel like he would want you both to be doing the same activity while in the gym so that he could also look at you while you are working out and I also think that he would find this a cute couple activity.

“ Wow we are like the coolest couple here, like people are probably jealous of how cute we actually look right now”

“ You are just saying that because you got abs now”

“ No Y/N I’m saying that because we look really hot right now” *bursts out laughing*

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Would be one of his favourites activities that you both did together, you being there made him more concentrated on his goal, like Baekhyun he would use this as an oppurtunity to show off his body to you, would also sneakly check you out

“ You know Y/n when we go to the gym together you make me concentrated, cos the only thing I think and look at while we are there is you”

“ Oh man did that sound too cheesy?“ *cute chanyeol giggles*

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Would act like a cute boyfriend in the gym holding your hand while moving to different equipment, pulling you along to check out different things in the gym. Would probably try to persuadeyou to do that kissing sit up thing.

“ Come on Y/N no one is looking please?  its just kissing , we do that all the time”

“ Well yeah but not when you are doing sit ups in a public place”

“ Is it because you think you won’t be able to resist me” *smirk*

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You both started to go with the boys at the beginning but after a while you both just started going together, and then it just turned into a regular couple activity for you both, it made you guys go out of the house more and made you both more fit. 

“ When we get home, I will cook us a good meal”

“ Kyungsoo, you say this everytime we go to the gym”

“ Well I am saying this to motivate us”

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He would get excited when you came to the gym with him. Honestly, I’m sure that Jongdae already admitted to having a dirty mind so yeah he would enjoy subtly checking you out, but would keep his lookout for any guys who keeps looking at you.

“ You know Y/N my visits to the gym gets 10 times better when we go together”

“ Well thats cute , so should I just ignore the fact that you keep checking me out every 10 minutes”

“Y/N how could you say that about me , I’m just looking out for your physical health”

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He would go to the gym by himself sometimes, but he would start to feel a bit lonely. So he just started inviting you, to be honest that just turned into  a couple activity that you both looked foward to. Expecially, due to his busy schedulle, sometimes your visits to the gym were actually a couple date for you both. I also do believe that he would probably try to backhug you during resting time.

“ Y/N I am getting tired, can we go soon”

“ Yixing, why are you backhugging me, I am so sweaty, and I smell”

“ You still look good though, and I am also smelly and sweaty but your not complaining”

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He would enjoy your company, and like Chanyeol he would think that you being there made him more concentrated on his goal. However, every time it was resting time he would keep looking at you then to something else then back at you again, then he would get quite shy when he catched you looking at him.

“ Y/N how many times have I told you not to look at me like that, gosh it makes me so shy”

“ Well not my fault that you are the most good looking person in the gym”

“ Says the person who keeps me concentrated”

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He would like this whole couple gym thing, it made you guys spend extra time together, and he also enjoyed showing you off. Would feel quite proud when he catched you looking at him but would get really blushy if you caught him.

“ Y/N just so you know, I wasn’t looking at you in a dirty way”

“ Oh really, I don’t believe you” *teasing look*

“ Okay fine, but like what do you expect I’m guy your my girlfriend, and anyway you were looking at me too” *accusing look while blushing like a tomato*

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We all know how Minseok enjoys taking care of his body, so when you decided to be his partner in his gym activities he was very happy and tried to include you in every activity. He would also use this as an opportunity to mess with you like making you lie down while he does pushups over you, and then giving you a unexpected long kiss.

“ Y/N you are really red right now, are you maybe flustered from our pushup situation that we are in right now”

“ Well who wouldnt, when your expecting a short peck and then suddenly you are surprised with this long kiss”

“ Sorry I couldnt resist, I wont promise that wont do it agin though”

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He would really enjoy it, but his protective boyfriend side would be on full mode, like he would be on the look out for any suggestive look another guy might trow at you. So to show everyone that you were his he would be extra touchy. Like he would have his arms around your waist while moving to another equipment, extra deep kisses and manly grunts.

“Y/N what did I tell you about wearing those yoga pants, I feel like every guy is trying to make a move on you”

“ Luhan , stop being paranoid, you know that you are the best one in here to me”

“  uhmm I guess my deep kisses are working huh”

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Wu Yifan

Would keep you close to him , would also be a protective boyfriend. However, like Chanyeol and Kai he enjoyed having you there as it also helped him to concentrate on his goal which was looking good for you.

“ Y/N stop telling me not to work out so hard”

“ You do know that I like you in any shape or form right”

“ I know, but it will also help me to look tough and scare the other guys away”

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He would love to show off how fit you both were, bragging to everone about your gym activities. He just really like doing this activity with you, and the best part to him was when you both got home, order pizza and other unhealthy amount of food and fall sleep on the couch and then regret it on the next day.

“ Y/N I cant believe we did this again, I thought we agreed to not have pizza right after we arrive from the gym”

“ Dont blame it on me, your the one who ordered it yesterday”

“ Fine I guess that give us an excuse to go the gym again, and pretend we are a fit couple “

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Hello everyone! hopefully everyone enjoyed this reaction :D

This honestly gave me heart palpitation while looking for the gifs lol

Sorry for any spelling mistake as it is a bit late here where I live, and I’m really tired :D

{Reaction} Gang EXO falling in love with their bosses daughter while they were supposed to guard them.

Note: So, admittedly I did struggle with this one a little so I hope it’s alright. Please enjoy anon and anyone else reading! ~Mami

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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When Chanyeol finds out he has the opportunity to protect you, he jumps at the chance. Not just because he likes protecting people, but also because he knows how beautiful and amazing you are since the boss talks about you a lot. When Chanyeol met you for the first time, his feelings were nothing more than a small crush, but as time went on, his feelings progressed and he found himself falling in love. A part of him would be really happy about it, since there isn’t a lot in his life that keeps him happy anymore, but he would also be upset, knowing how minimal the chance is that the relationship would work in such a rough business.

Chanyeol: “{y/n} if you accept my love, then I’ll stop all of this. I’ll give up the gang and we can live a normal life. We can get married and buy a house with a garden and a dog. We can think about having children and taxes. I promise that if you accept me, I’ll do everything I can to turn this all around.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo didn’t have a say when he was told you needed to be guarded, and frankly, he wasn’t happy about it at first. At the start, he wouldn’t talk to you much. He’d make sure you were safe and nothing more, he didn’t want to get involved with you more than he needed to. But as time moved on, that became increasingly difficult, especially since you were so sweet. It started off that you offered to talk to him about his problems, and for a long time he wouldn’t. But when you got him to open up and trust you, he did. That’s when he started falling in love, and that was the point of no return.

Kyungsoo: “Would you ever date someone from a gang?”

{y/n}: “Maybe, why do you ask?”

Kyungsoo: “I was just wondering…”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun doesn’t have the ‘ladies man’ image for no reason. When he’s told he’s guarding you, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to woo you {he doesn’t care if you’re the boss’s daughter, if he sees something he wants, he isn’t going to hold back.} For a long time, his attitude was simple flirting and persuading you into one night stands {but since it’s him, he didn’t have to persuade you too hard.} He started to realise he was in love quite early on, which to him was rather scary, but he wasn’t going to let it fuck everything up. He’s still a member of a gang, and no woman was going to change that. Therefore, he intended to hide behind his feelings for as long as he could get away with.

{y/n}: “If this is just a one night stand, why are you still here?”

Baekhyun: “I’m supposed to be protecting you, remember?”

{y/n}: “Not on Sundays, my Dad is home.”

Baekhyun: “It’s Sunday already? Wow… I had no idea.” *Terrible liar*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun would have a hard time when he first starts guarding you since you didn’t want to be guarded. You’d argue with him and pick fights when he told you that you couldn’t go on ‘missions’ with him. But even though you drove him crazy, he still managed to fall for you. But that only complicated things. When he fell for you, he found himself caving into your pleads to going out with him to illegal spots and doing dirty work.

Sehun: “You can’t come on this one {y/n}, it’s dangerous.”

{y/n}: “More dangerous than robbing a bank with arms?”

Sehun: “… Not the point, if your Dad finds me I’m dead.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay won’t take any messing around from you. If you try and get out, he isn’t going to take it lightly, or if you try and deceive him, he isn’t going to let you off for it unpunished. At first, the relationship wasn’t much, he was the guard, and you didn’t dare try and get past him. But as the relationship progressed, you became more daring, knowing where Yixing’s boundaries where and which buttons you could push. He started falling for you, but he’s a realistic man, and knows that a relationship with the boss’s daughter is more than forbidden.

{y/n}: “I’ll go right now and tell him how I feel about you-”

Yixing: *Grabs your wrists and pushes you up against a wall* “Not if I make sure you can’t walk to go and tell him”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae knows the business of the job is rough, and feels sorry for you that you didn’t have a choice but to be in it. When he’s asked to guard you, he does, mainly because he knows how dangerous the business can be, and he doesn’t was you getting hurt on his conscience. He spends most of his time talking to you while guarding you. Luckily for him, no one really tries to come and find you, so his job is pretty easy. He realises he’s fallen in love when his job is slowly ticking towards it’s end, and he knows that if he doesn’t confess now then he’ll probably never have the chance again.

Jongdae: “I know you’re my boss’s daughter, but I really like you {y/n} and I want to be able to protect you forever…”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Like Yixing, Minseok won’t take any messing around. But unlike Yixing, he doesn’t let his feelings change how he works around you. When he starts falling in love, he doesn’t become any more lenient, and certainly doesn’t let it change how he does his job. He’s not going to let you sneak out behind your Dad’s back just because he’s in love with you. He can be a sweetheart, taking care of you, but he can also be very intimidating. When he finds out you feel the same way that he feels for you, he doesn’t know what to do with the information. And even though he plans on making some kind of confession, he makes sure that his guarding job is done beforehand, knowing he can’t let his personal feelings interfere with his work.

{y/n}: “But I want to go and see that guy! He was so hot and-”

Minseok: “If you wanted to see a hot guy {y/n}, all you had to do was ask.” *Raises up his shirt slightly to give you a sneak peak of the toned muscles that lay underneath*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Even though Tao is undoubtedly the strongest member due to his martial arts, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be a complete ass when it comes to protecting you. He would see guarding you as babysitting, and would probably be very careless at first. That is until you go missing and he freaks out because he knows your Dad will kill him if he finds out. Though Tao doesn’t take long tracking you down, he beats up the people that took you and takes his job more seriously after that. During his time of protecting you, he teaches you some self defense and some basic martial arts so that you can protect yourself. This is when he realises he’s really fallen in love.

Tao: “No, your arm needs to be like this.” *Comes up behind you and holds your hand to put it in the right place. Smiles when he feels his cheeks blush like he’s a teenager all over again.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by baekintime

Even though Junmyeon is very kind, he is also very demanding, and won’t let you do anything that he sees as unsafe. He knows how to handle himself and won’t ‘take messing from a little girl.’ When he starts to fall in love, that’s where his starts to go downhill. He doesn’t know what to say, so he simply continues to try and work, but it’s not the same with the added emotions. He’s still a hard ass, and refuses to let you do anything bad, but he is more lenient and will take you out to certain places as long as they’re safe enough to do so.

{y/n}: “Please? The coffee shop is literally over there, please?”

Junmyeon: “Ugh fine, but this is your only treat.”

{y/n}: “Remember when you said that last night?

Junmyeon: “… Shut up, we don’t talk about that. Especially when your Dad could be around the corner.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by moncide

Luhan accepted the job to guard you, and certainly didn’t regret it. Since he’s so used to the guns and violence, he isn’t easily intimidated, if anything, he’s more intimidating than some of the other members. He’d spend half of his life walking around with a knife in his boot, and can be strict with you when he needs to be. He only lets you out when he’s with you, and does not appreciate other men looking at you. {He will beat up those shits if he notices them looking or make a comment about your hotness.} He realises he’s in love one night while you’re sleeping {he doesn’t sleep much, he doesn’t trust himself to since he can’t ensure your safety}. He was watching your face, how soft and beautiful it was and how peaceful you looked when you slept and that’s when he realised his true feelings

Luhan: *Watches you, realising he’s in love* “Well shit… that’s fucked up.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Jongin was told to guard you after an incident where you had been captured, so when he finally started his job, he realised how screwed up you really were after the bad experience. He knew how scared you must be, and took that into consideration while guarding you. Unlike the other members, Jongin is a lot more caring, and will treat you more as a person than his ‘job.’ He makes you feel safe in any way possible, even if it means cuddling with you in the bed {though he isn’t exactly complaining about that one.} He doesn’t really remember when he realised he loved you, it just always seemed to be there, and that’s when he silently vowed to himself that he would never let you get hurt.

Jongin: “You’re a precious little petal, aren’t you {y/n}” *Patching you up after you fell over running away from another gang with him.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

Kris was assigned the job of guarding you after he saved you from a very dangerous gang. The boss had been so impressed that he had given your well being into Kris’s hands and Kris really didn’t know how to feel about that. Half of him was happy, he wasn’t about to complain about having a beautiful girl all to himself, though another part of him was annoyed, he didn’t want to become your ‘babysitter’ as he put it. At first, he didn’t show you much emotion, but when he found out you’d fallen for him, he couldn’t help but fall for you. He realised he was in love with you while watching you do ordinary jobs in the small apartment you were both staying in together as a hide out.

Kris: “She’s so talented”

{y/n}: “Did you say something?”

Kris: “Table! I said table, you’re a table!” *Bad when it comes to complimenting/confessing*

Hiraeth 1

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut. 

Originally posted by miwtae

Prologue | Part 2

Wordcount: 1.4k

You looked at him astonished- kill you? to be honest that idea didn’t sound too bad  now that you think about it and so you didn’t bother to respond.

“You’re not gonna beg for your life? usually they be-” 

“Just do whatever you want” you cut off gaining a scoff from the taller man 

“You’re really asking for it now” he said as he dragged you across the pavement into the narrow alley, you had a small ball of fright building up inside your dreadfulness of what had happened earlier in the night. But you didn’t deserve to live you thought, you had nothing left. Sally was dead and so should you.

“Why did you do it?” he asked followed by silence, you didn’t own your killer a reply. You wish he would just do whatever he wanted to do quickly. 

“Not much of a talker” he clicked his tongue, “Was it for money? actually no scratch that you don’t look like you’re in need of money” 

A few seconds pass

He laughed 

“Was it for revenge? you idiots always do stupid things like that all the time”

He stopped for a brief second and turned to look at you “Did you even kill someone at all?” he asked with a low voice. 

“Think whatever you want” you replied coldly looking everywhere else except his face. 

“Gladly, It makes it easier” he said before shoving you into what sounded like a garage door, placing both of his strong arms closely to either side of your face “You see, your life doesn’t mean anything to me i could suck every ounce of blood in your system but-”

He was interrupted by a sound of a strong bang, making you instinctively duck low. The man in front of you showed zero emotion, perhaps just a little bit of annoyance as he looked down with your eyes following through to see a large stain of blood now forming in his shirt and you had realised he had been shot. 

“Ar-re you okay?” you asked as a whisper as you took a step closer to search for the wound with eyes wider than you thought was possible - you had witnessed enough deaths for today and you weren’t going to let there be another one. 

“Don’t touch me and stay the fuck back” he spat turning around to face the person behind the gun. You were confused on how the man showed zero sign of pain, he looked as good as he did when the second you laid eyes on him.

“Oops, sorry wasn’t aiming right” a man with jet black hair said making the blonde scoff again and looking to his right and brushing his hair back with his hand in the process, only to look at the man in front of him again. Even you, who was behind him unable to see his face, recognised this to be a bad sign for whatever is going to happen. 

“Jin” he said “You never aimed right once in your life, you’re too busy looking where I shoot”

“I’m not here to have a conversation with you Jimin, I’m here for the girl”

“Too bad, I got to her first so you can back the fuck off” the man in front of you named Jimin replied

“Does it look like I care? Hand her over I have a business to get back to”

“You’re always doing his dirty work, grow balls for once” 

“Funny, validation would be the last thing I want to hear from a Mommy’s boy…”


“Don’t you dare mention my mother on your dirty tongue” 

“Oh sorry, I keep forgetting that its suuuuuuuch a sensitive topic for you” the man sarcastically said  “How is she Jimin-ah? Is your mommy doing okay?” and that’s all it took for the blonde shorter man to charge forward.

Jin wasn’t surprised at the sudden attack by Jimin, he expected it to say the least. Jimin’s weakness was his mother, she took care of him when his father walked out of their lives, she had loved him and made sure he had everything he wanted, but she got sick and now currently dying. Jin knew the only way to get you away from Jimin’s defence by triggering that topic, and Jimin took the bait. What Jin didn’t expect was Jimin’s strength to punch through his chest and pull back with his heart in hand. Ripping it out to kill him instantly.

You were positive what you witnessed today was a huge hallucination, your mental state was definitely not real. How could somebody have enough to rip someone’s heart out let alone his speed and red eyes. 

Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt hands wrap around your neck and something cold make contact with your temple. 

“If you want her to live…” a man with silver coloured hair threatened the survivor “You should walk off Jimin” 

“Taehyung” the blonde greeted “I don’t have anything against you so just leave her be”

“Sorry no can do” Taehyung shrugged

“I found her first” Jimin said angrily

“Doesn’t mean anything, it only matters who has her now” he said sternly.

“What do you want?” Jimin asked hoping this would’t lead to another violence, he hated killing people - let alone his own kind.

“Your word” the man next to you replied

“Word?” Jimin questioned “Word for what?” 

“Your word that you’ll save me some of her blood when your done with her” he smirked 

“I don’t give a single fuck what happens or who happens to her after it’s done, you have my word” Jimin said after laughed hysterically “Is that all you want?”

“I wish I could just taste her blood now, it smells so good” Taehyung said as dropped the cold metal and moved his head to the crane of your neck, his hot breath now pricking at your skin. My blood? you thought.

“You’re not saying much? Aren’t you scared? Scared of what we are? What we can do” Taehyung asked you with eyes narrowed, as if he was analysing every bit of you. 

“Don’t bother” Jimin brushed it off “She’s not much of a speaker” he said as he took steps closer to you. 

“You have my word so, I’ll let you know when you can have her” he said as he wrapped his hand around your wrist once again to drag you over the pavement.

When he released you, you found yourself in front of a large house which was covered with a series of rectangles made of steel and glass. It appeared unapologetically modern.The front door was metallic with a long rectangular glass making up half of it and opened with both a key pad and biometric scanner. When Jimin opened the door, you were greeted with a minimalistic design. The walls were fashionable shades of white covered with family photographs and the floor polished concrete.

“Don’t make yourself cozy, your here for a day or two just when I know what do just yet” He said

You didn’t know how to reply, what you thought were dead your emotions started to bubble up at memory of what occurred earlier. You tried to avoid eye contact and look anywhere else but at him. 

“You need to clean up” he said blankly “I have an empty room, you can stay there for now” 

You followed him as he walked upstairs, leading to what you will be staying in until you know what is going on. To you it seemed better than going to your own home, you didn’t want to be there as selfish as that might sound. 

“Don’t you dare wander around, you’re not welcome here” he said in a low voice “It’s just for a few days, I’ll make sure your fed for you to actually be alive until then” You chose not to reply to that, what possibly could you say anyway.

“Don’t try running away either, that wont work” he warned before walking out the door and locking it in process. 

Looking down at your hands with now tearful eyes, you took off all your clothing to go for a bath to remove all the blood and dirt that covered you. Entering the warm inviting water, you had let loose of your tears and all the emotions you bottled away for your sanity that you thought didn’t even exist anymore. 

Fucking Stoned// Stoner Stiles AU Smut

AN; Hi! I’m back from a very long hiatus that i apologize for. Im sorry. Anyways, this is my first Stiles Stilinksi/ Teen Wolf imagine let alone smut. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,859

Warnings: Smut; smoking weed, dirty talk, oral (girl receiving), teasing, fingering, dry humping, I don’t know??

Note: I call this an AU because in this Stiles is a stoner and there are no supernatural things so yeah

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

  You sensed Stiles watching you with rapt attention as the smoke swirled around your tongue and you inhaled, trying to hold it in as long as you could before blowing it out. You turned to face him, a grin on your face. Over the past year since you and Sties started getting high together you’d often noticed him gazing at you, sometimes with his bottom lip between his teeth. 

  He stared into your eyes, making sure not to break the eye contact as he took the joint from your hand. Now it was your turn to stare. Never had you been so turned on by watching how his perfect plump lips wrapped around the tip of the blunt as he breathe din the smoke and blew out. You shuddered, pressing your thighs together for some friction when you felt his cold hand rest on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. You looked over at him, his eyes glazed over as he watched the baseball game on the T.V. He was unfazed by his action, he was fucking high as a kite by now.

  You took this moment to look at him. A layer of scruff from not shaving had formed along his chin and jaw. Fuck. His hair was peeking out on all sides, but still managed to make him look sexy as hell. You took the blunt from his mouth to your own hoping to gain some confidence from your high.

  You breathed in the smoke, capturing it in your mouth as you got up, Stiles’ eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you slowly sat on his lap. He stayed silent as your  hands  reached up to open his mouth and you leaned in just barely leaving enough space between both of your lips. You opened your mouth, the smoke blowing into his as he gladly sucked it in, a sly smirk on your lips.

  “I'ma get some juice. Want some?” You spoke nonchalantly as you got up. He nodded no and as you left you barely heard the whispered ‘fuck’ that left his mouth. 

  I stumbled my way up the stairs, fuck i was buzzed. As i looked for some orange juice in the fridge i thought about what had just happened. Did he get the message or was he too fucking high? I filled a glass with juice and took a sip when i heard Stiles’ footsteps behind me.

  “I thought you didn’t want any juice?: My voice was muffled as i took another sip and his footsteps sounded nearer. I nearly jumped when i felt his hands grab my waist.

  "That’s because i don’t want any juice.” His voice was deep and low, it was enough to make the hairs at the back of my neck stand up.

  “What i want is to bury my cock deep inside that tight little pussy of yours. I want to hear you screaming my name, begging me to fuck you harder until you come.” His hands tugged me back against him as he took the glass from me and placed it on the counter. I stood silent, knowing if i opened my mouth the only thing that would come out is a whimper begging him to fuck me.

  “I wanna bury my face and taste you. I wanna fuck you so hard you wot even be able to walk three steps.” He began placing wet hot kisses along my neck and i couldn’t help but let out a small moan at his dirty words. Goddamn.

  “You like me talking dirty to you Princess?” He chuckled as his hands slid down my waist to my thighs. He ran his fingers along my panties.

  “Oh i think you do. You’re so fucking wet. And all this just from me talking to you? Imagine how wet you’re gonna be when i bury my cock deep inside you.” God, i could feel the smirk on his face as he sucked on my right collarbone, my back against his chest. The pulsing between my thighs was nearly unbearable. I need him to fuck me so badly. 

  My hand automatically went down to my panties, I was  so turned on i couldn’t help but touch myself right there in front of Stiles.

  “Tut,tut,tut, you don’t get to do that. You only get to scream my name and beg me to fuck you.” He laughed against my cheek, using his knee to spread open my legs for him. A mewl escaped my lips at the feeling of his thumb pressing down on my clit and the calloused pads of his fingers dipping into my soaking folds.

  “S-Stiles.” I managed to mumble before his thumb started rubbing my clit at a steady pace and i let out another moan, bucking my hips up in response. H e hummed in appreciation, rubbing faster and faster to hear more of my dirty moans. I yelped when he pushed a finger in me, letting myself hold onto him, my nails digging into his arm for support.

  “Did you think you could just pull that little stunt in the basement and i wouldn’t be horny as hell? Hmm?” He pushed a second finger in as he waited for my response, my knuckles turning white as i gripped his arm for support. My legs were trembling as i climbed higher and higher to my release.

  “I’m sorry.” I breathed out as the dirtiest sound followed after.

  “Oh you will be when i’m done with you.” A low chuckle left his lips as his fee hand turned my chin to him. This new side of him making me more wet by the minute.

  I looked into his eyes as he fingered my pussy, the intense eye contact making the coil in my stomach tighter and tighter.

  His fingers were moving at full speed, my legs trembling and barely being able to hold me. He licked his lips before crashing them down on mine. It was harsh and dirty but fucking hell i loved it and he did too as i heard a low groan from him. He was so turned on by my writhing mess, his erection digging into my lower back. He pushed a third finger in, stretching me, and i screamed his name as my thighs clamped shut and my head rolled back as i saw white. My body shook as his  fingers  continued pumping in and out of me slowly to carry out my orgasm, his lips meeting mine to swallow my moans.

  He pulled away and steadied me on my feet. I watched him with heavy lidded eyes as he sucked on his fingers and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

  I stood there as he walked out of the kitchen and down towards the basement. What the fuck? I fixed myself before gong back down.

  He was sitting on the couch, the joint hanging lazily in his mouth as he watched the rest of the game. He didn’t even flinch when i sat down next to him. His hand went up to remove the blunt from his mouth and he slowly turned to me.

  I steadily got up, took the blunt from his mouth to mine, and sat on his lap again. His erection deliciously hitting up against my pussy and i couldn’t help but grind my hips into his, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. Now it was my turn.
Again i moved my hips up and down, both of us letting out small moans.

  “What do you think you’re doing princess?” His long-fingered hands gripped my waist to stop me from moving again.

  I smirked as i put the blunt out on the ashtray behind me before turning back to him. “Shh, relax baby.” My words were mumbles as i sucked red marks on his neck, my fingernails raking along his chest The way i had him moaning beneath me made the throbbing in between my thighs worse. I was pretty sure there was a wet spot on his sweatpants from me and the precum that had formed on his tip.

  He chuckled as his hands stopped me once again. “As much as i want your pretty lips around my dick, I would much rather fuck you into oblivion.”

  “Mm, then why don’t you?” I looked at him through my eyelashes, making my voice as innocent as possible. Before i knew it he had me flipped over on the couch with him on top of me. I couldn’t get a word out as he began attacking my body with wet hot kisses.

  “These are no longer needed.” He mumbled against my stomach as he grabbed my panties and completely ripped them apart. He lifted the t-shirt i was wearing over my head before proceeding to get rid of his clothes. A small gasp left my mouth at the sight of him and i licked my lips in hunger. He smirked when he saw my reaction. Cocky little shit.

  His lips found mine in a harsh kiss, tongues and teeth clashed as he dominated me. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, and you’re all mine.” He mumbled, pumping himself a few times before sliding along my dripping folds.

  “Don’t tease me.” I could barely speak. He groaned and a mewl left me as he slammed himself into me giving me no time to adjust before doing it again.

  “Fuck Stiles!” I screamed as his hand found my clit and began rubbing it at a furious pace.  The coil in my abdomen tightened as he thrusted, his fingers now gripping my waist tightly, bruising my flesh.

  “So fucking tight.” He panted, his hips snapping up to mine. I shuddered, the flames licking higher as i climbed closer to my second orgasm and he groaned loudly as his lips traveled to my collarbone.

  He lifted your leg over his shoulder, the slight change of movement allowing him to hit a new angle. His hand let go of your waist and snaked its way back up, reaching for your nipple.You let out a sharp breath as he pinched it between his fingers.

  “You like that?” He chuckled, another groan following after as your walls clenched around him.

  “Oh god yes. Fuck, I’m gonna come!” You moaned loudly as he rolled the other nipple between his fingers.

  “Come on baby, come for me. Come all over my dick like a good little girl.” His words sent you over the edge. Your legs shook as you let go, your body spasming with the force of your release. A loud growl ripped from his chest as his cock twitched inside you, both of your fluids filling you.

  The both of you were a pile of heaving panting messes as he collapsed on top of you. Placing a soft tender kiss on your lips.

  “Shit Stilinski.” You laughed as he got up and put his shorts back on, handing you his t-shirt to cover yourself.

 "You, Princess, are fucking amazing.“ He breathed out, a smiled planted on his face as he laid down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your torso, his face nuzzled in your neck.

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Can you write a little blurb about you and harty baking together


“I don’t wanna do this.”

“You asked.”

“I didn’t know your answer was gonna be this.”

Angie turned to look at me like she’d had enough of my bullshit,

“Eve, you said you wanted to blow his mind.”

“I do.”

“You bought that cute little Snow White getup specifically for this purpose.”

I nervously toyed with a piece of imaginary lint on my jeans so I wouldn’t have to look at her,

“I bought it for the experiment.  I didn’t know it would involve…”  I stopped.

“Porn.”  She finished.

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Best Friends Forever

Disclaimer: Even though I’m not a fan, I don’t hate Camila. This is pure fiction and it was not my intention to offend anybody by portraying fictional Camila a certain way. No Camilas were harmed writing this.

Cuddled up on the couch, Jo rests her head on Shawn’s shoulder, watching the news on TV. He is mindlessly running his hand over her thigh, drawing little circles onto her skin with this thumb and Jo takes in his familiar scent and the warmth of his body, wrapping an arm around his middle.

Having Shawn back home was truly the best thing ever.

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Big Bang Reaction to -

You sexually teasing them in front of the members


Big bang reaction to gf sexually teasing them in front of other members


I think he would be the most embarrassed out of all the members. He would shyly blush and whisper in your ear telling you to stop. However when you two get alone… he’ll be doing certain things to you.

“Ah, jagi! Don’t do that here!”


I can see him being so cocky, kinda like Seungri. Like ‘Oh girl you want this’ I think he would find it hot too. He’d whisper things in your ear, without the other guys noticing, urging you to keep doing it.

“C’mon jagi, you gotta finish what you’ve started.”


Unlike some he wouldn’t get embarrassed in front of the members. He’d pull you close and whisper dirty things in your ear. Then he’d excuse himself and take you home without hesitation.

“Sorry guys, I have some business to do.” ;)


He wouldn’t be completely embarrassed like Daesung, but he wouldn’t be super cocky like GD. I think he would be somewhere in between. Depending on his mood he could either be desperate for you, or he could punish the hell out of you.

“If you keep going baby, I won’t be able to resist.”


He’d quickly turn the tables. The entire time he’d have you begging him to stop, before you moaned in front of the rest of the members. Eventually he’d decide to stop and finish the job at home.

“You know I don’t like those games baby girl.”

-Admins A & JC

Imagine Dean slowly falling in love with you

Word count: 1094

Request by: @di-the-whovian-potterhead

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Sexual references I guess

A/N: It’s kinda different from what I usually write so sorry if you dont like it <3

“I still remember the day that we first met. You were a complete Jerk,” You said leaning closer into your boyfriend’s chest causing him to chuckle.

Chatter filled the crowded bar as you pushed your way past people in order to buy you and your friends the next round of drinks. You signalled the bartender, telling him your order before turning and looking around the room, your fingers tapped the bar as you waited patiently for your drinks.

Your friends had decided to take you out to cheer you up as you had just come out of a long relationship due to you walking in on your partner cheating on you.

Once your order was finally ready, you thanked the bartender and grabbed the large tray of drinks. Walking back to the table, your mind drifted off to your now ex-boyfriend, sure you would miss him, but how could he do that to you? Tears threatened to overflow your eyes when suddenly, the tray in your hand was pushed and the drinks had covered your body.

You looked up in shock and anger to see a man with gorgeous green eyes wearing a plaid shirt. You had to admit, he was extremely handsome but at this point you were more mad at the fact he had rudely pushed into you and still hadn’t apologised.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked with a joking but serious tone in your voice, “Watch where you’re going jerk.”

He blankly looked at you up and down before speaking.

“Oh I’m sorry, did Daddy’s little princess get her expensive designer shirt all sticky and wet?” Sarcasm laced his voice.

Wow, I didn’t think that it was possible to be that big of an arrogant dick.”

“Arrogant, no, big, yes.” He gave you a mocking smile before turning away still not even apologising.

You scoffed before walking back to the table your friends were on.

“You will not believe what just happened!”

“Yeah, I was a complete asshole,” he spoke, one hand resting around your waist and the other running through your hair, “but you definitely put me in my place when you rescued me and Sammy from them vampires. I guess you always have been the dominant kind,” he joked causing you to laugh pushing him away from you.

“You bet I saved you and Sam’s ass that night. You should be lucky your brother was with you, because there was no way in hell I was just saving ‘the jerk from the bar’.”

You bust open the door to the room, not even taking a glance at the hostages the vampires had caught before kicking, punching and slicing your way through all of them.

The last head rolled to the floor and the only sound filling the room was your panting breath. Eventually, you looked up shocked to see the asshat from the bar tied up, next to him was a man with long-ish hair, I guess it’s his brother or something.

Jerk’s face was filled with shock.

You laughed, oh this was too sweet, the things you could say to him right now.

“Oh my lord! Did daddy’s little princess just get her designer shirt dirty in order to save big dick’s life?” you joked, “Why on Earth would I do that when I can just get my butler to save-“

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled an apology which you obviously heard but you just wanted to saviour the moment.

“What? What was that? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’m sorry!” He said louder, his head moving upwards to catch his eyes with yours, “I was an idiot, I should have apologised there and then, I was stressed and I was stupid, and I took it out on you, so I’m sorry, really.”

The room was silent for a few seconds as you processed what he had just said.

“Okay,” you untied both of them before pointing your finger towards his face, “but if you ever talk to me that way again, or anyone else for that matter, I promise you I will cut of your big arrogant dick.”

“Deal,” he said smugly.

“Dean?” you asked quietly snuggling impossibly closer into his chest.

“Hmm,” he responded.

“When was the first time you knew that you liked me?”

There was a moment of silence as Dean thought.

“I think I always knew but I remember, you had been living in the bunker with me and Sammy for a month and a bit…”

You quickly turned the page of the book. It was 2am, you had been researching all night and day for where the rouge demons would strike next and you still had little to no idea.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened revealing Dean with a look of surprise on his face.

“What are you doing up Y/N?”

“I couldn’t sleep; I need to find where these demons are going to strike next.”

“Come on Y/N you need to sleep, or at least take a break, for me?”

You looked up into his green eyes.

“Fine, what do you suggest we do?”

“Want to get pizza?” he asked knowing that you could never say no to pizza.

“Yes, that is the best thing you have ever said to me Big D,” you jumped up from your chair slamming your research book closed.

“Again with that nickname, I said it one time when we first met, you’re never going to let me live that down are you?”

“Nope, now come on Big D, you owe me some pizza.” you joked

“Oohh! I remember that night we drove over 100 miles at 2am to find a pizza place which was open because you sir, was adamant that we had to have pizza,” you laughed poking his chest.

“Hey! I promised you pizza didn’t I, and you got pizza right?”

“Yes I definitely did.” You chuckled looking up into your boyfriend’s eyes and in that moment you realised how much you truly loved him as did he with you.

“Y/N,” nervousness seemed to lace his voice, “I- I love you”

“I love you too,” you replied, your eyes never leaving his as you leaned in to kiss him but this kiss seemed different to all of the others you had shared with him and anyone else in fact. This kiss was filled with passion and love. His arm snaked its was around your waist and your hand found its way into his hair and in that moment both you and Dean realised how much you both sincerely loved each other.

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list of kinks/fetishes for bokuto, kuroo, kageyama, suga, kenma, daichi?

So, this request made me realize that I am definitely NOT an expert in any sense on kinks or fetishes. LOL, so I’m sorry if this didn’t get as kinky as you were hoping, Anon, but I hope that you still ended up enjoying it!

Also, I decided to go ahead and do all six since they ended up being a single kink for each of them that I went into detail on?


P.s. I wrote all this filth while listening to You Are In Love by Taylor Swift on repeat, omg!

Bokuto Koutarou: Okay, this boy for sure has a thing for praise. Just, like, he loves to know that he’s doing GOOD. Especially when it comes to pleasing his partner, the thing that just gets him going is the words of “yes, you’re so good!” He even goes as far to enjoy almost pet like encouragements like, “good boy” and comments like that. Seriously, if they came home and just talked about how GOOD he did at his game or anything at all, the boy will get hard without even needing to be touched! Fuck, man, just try and see if maybe they can get him to come with praise alone and see what happens to that beautiful man’s face!

Kuroo Tetsurou: I like to think that Kuroo would be an absolute sucker for any kind of dirty talk. Whisper anything in his ear and he’ll be a moaning mess for sure. Oh! Even better, do it out in public, the poor thing won’t even be able to contain himself, chances are things might end up getting a little frisky in the shadows. If they just tell him when they’re going to do to him (”I’m going to ride you until you can’t even remember your own name”) or what they want him to do to them (”I want that hard cock to make me scream tonight”) thinks like that!

Kageyama Tobio: My mind immediately went to this small crow’s ‘king complex’ and decided to run with it. So, like all kings, they need to be in control, which is exactly Kageyama’s issue. And really, everyone’s true personality transfers over into the bedroom, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if he’s big on giving commands, like, “touch yourself for me” and he’d be sitting in a chair across the room. And then he’d totally be all over being on top at nearly all times and to show his power, he’d have no mercy. Get ready for a long night because this boy isn’t stopping until both are completely, one hundred percent, sated.

Sugawara Koushi: I am with a lot of people when it comes to thinking of Suga as the kinkiest motherf-er that ever graced this earth. But despite all of his fetishes - BDSM anyone? - his favorite, I think would be aftercare. Like, yes, he loves to be rough and tie them up and spank them and all that great stuff, but the real bonding and intimacy of the act is definitely when he’s caring for them after it’s all over. Boy loves taking them up into his arms and gently brushing their hair and washing their entire body in the shower. He just wants to care for them and he loves all of the emotions that comes along with it. Chances are it leads into another session just so he can experience it all over again!

Kozume Kenma: Um, I kinda had a hard time with this cause I kinda headcanon this boy as asexual. And when I do put him in a relationship, it’s pretty vanilla, but role-play? I mean, he plays so many video games, I can see him getting a thing for a character and wanting to see what would happen. He probably made a joke about it to his significant other and they just showed up in costume and he was hooked and seriously got into character. He probably keeps his eyes closed most of the time and just let’s his fantasies take over all of his thoughts whether he’s topping or bottoming. 

Sawamura Daichi: Public sex. Or semi-public sex more like. Like, I keep telling myself that this boy wouldn’t do that, but at the same time I’m like, “Fuck, he wouldn’t give two shits who caught them.” Maybe it’s more the idea of possibly being seen that gets him going, like, ‘yeah, I’m fucking a hottie and I know you wish you were me’ kinda mentality. So, imagine it, they’re constantly engaging in explicit activities all over the place - the volleyball court, the club room, the fitting room at the mall, the bathroom at a party, the back alley of that club they went to - ANYWHERE. The rest of the team has learned to check before entering ANY room, lol!

Preference "How they react when you start talking dirty to them" (NSFW)

(So i’m still going with the NSFW theme XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Yay for our fav being turned on…well most of them XD PS. I still took out Carl, Ron and Enid for this one…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be way more than turned on but still he’d try to keep it together for a while. However, he’d always fail to go through it completely and would just pin you down under him. “Careful Y/N…Saying things like how badly you want to ride me and how you’d be my dirty slut doesn’t come cheap…I’ll fucking make it happen…Oh yeah! I’ll do it…”

Daryl- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get distracted by you and would slowly stop doing whatever he was doing to grab your wrist and pull you closer to whisper in your ear. “You better stop it Y/N…stop it right now…I swear if you keep this up…Everyone will know about how much of a slut you are…right here…right now…”

Rick- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get turned on and let you keep going. He’d honestly felt somewhat flattered hearing you express this way and pull you closer to whisper. “You really have a way with words, don’t you, Y/N…you know exactly how to get to me…And let me tell you this…you might regret saying all those things right now…”

Merle- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get immensely turned on and would just want to make everything you were saying a reality. It wouldn’t even matter where you were, he’d start to undress. "Alright baby…let see how badly you want me…Talkin’ about getting on your knees for me…and being a slut…you think i’m just gonna let that slide…oh fuck no…”

Glenn- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, you’d peak his interest and he’d listen closely to your proposition, being interested that for once, you were the one initiating it. He’d then pull you away and say “Really, Y/N…is that all you’re willing to do for me…with me…getting all…and…You know what…let’s do it…now…”

The Governor- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and slowly feel himself getting more and more turned on. He’d then turn to you and aggressively kiss you to shut you up. “Y/N, stop it…you know I can’t handle you talking to me like this…I’m going to have to do something about this…Get on your knees…”

Abraham- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d find it endearing of you and actually think you were being adorable. He’d chuckle looking over at you and suddenly pull you into his lap . “Damn, Y/N…never expected you to be this turned on over me…I’m used to it being the other way around and you always being the pure and innocent one…Guess I was wrong…”

Eugene- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be surprised and would gulp and gasp at every word you’d tell him. However, he wouldn’t ever tell you to stop as he’d actually encourage you to keep going.“Wow…really…Oh my god…Y/N…you’re not usually like this…Oh…but I didn’t tell you to stop though…I wanna know more…”

Jesus- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d wondered as to what would get you in such a mood and try to figure it out. Only to slowly forget and get caught up in your words. “Y/N, what did I ever do today to get you all hot and bothered? I mean you wouldn’t really do all that right here and now…With me…right now…right?”

Dwight- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he wouldn’t be able to handle it and wouldn’t even try to deny it to you that he’d want to do you. “Fuck, Y/N…You really think i’m not gonna do anything after all that…Every fucking time you do this!…I just want to…and after you told me how badly you want me to touch you…No…Get over here…right now!”

Morgan- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d slowly feel uncomfortable over the fact you were both out in the public and grab your arm to warn you. “I’m flattered, Y/N…I really am…but this isn’t the right time for you to tell me that..you should keep that to yourself when we’re out…And remind me later in our room…”

Shane- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d immediately talk dirty back and just walk towards you to corner you while actually try to win over you. “Oh yeah…that’s what you’d do…Did you ever think about what I’d do…I’d rip those fucking clothes off and get you on the floor…then i’m gonna make you my slut…want me to tell you how…or should I just show you…”

Milton- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d get flustered and try to keep his mind to his work but the more he heard you, the more he couldn’t take it. “Y/N, please stop it…you’re really distracting me…go away…You know what, let it go! Don’t leave! I’m serious, don’t!Just lock the door! I-I want you badly, now! Hurry, get over here…”

Aaron- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d be impressed by everything you were saying and be in slight disbelief you felt that way over him. “Really? Wow! You want me to do that? That badly? Y/N…are you really serious about all of this? I mean I know you like me and all…but this…this is a whole different thing…”

Gabriel- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d try his best to not listen too much and think of anything else while telling you to stop but in the end always fail and give in. “Y/N, please stop it…it isn’t right…You shouldn’t be saying these kind of things to me…We’re not like that…Wait! I-I change my mind…don’t tell anyone…let’s go…”

The Wolf- The moment you’d start talking dirty to him, he’d smirk and feel confident about himself and just want to do everything you’d want him to. “Is that really what you want, Y/N? For me to do…and…all that…right now…Alright…get over here…I can do that! I’ll make it happen…”

Michonne- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d give you a warning look and listen to all you have to say before actually giving into you. “Is that all? Are you serious Y/N…you want me to do all that…just because you…feel that way…Alright then…Show it to me…Now…Here I thought you were an innocent one…”

Maggie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be amused by it and would smile and chuckle to every word you have to say. “Y/N, this is going to sound strange but…that is so sweet of you…I’m serious…I love knowing that you’d get on your knees for me…and do all that…I also like knowing that you’re willing to do all that right now…”

Andrea- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be turned on and grab your wrist to pull you along with her. “Get over here Y/N…You really think i’m just going to let you go…after you said all that…Oh no…Believe me…I’ll even make you regret saying those things…”

Jessie- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be stunned and shocked to hear you speak that way. She’d try to get you to stop and tell you “Oh my goodness Y/N…Stop it…we’re out in public…it’s not the time to say those things…keep it for later…Imagine if anyone else heard you…aren’t you embarrassed?

Beth- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d freeze and wouldn’t be to sure of how she feels about it. She wouldn’t hate it but she would’ve preferred to not hear so much. "Uh…well…I don’t know what to say after all that…It’s nice of you Y/N but…I don’t think it’s the right time for you to say all those things…”

Sasha- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d chuckle and laugh, shaking her head in disbelief over everything you were saying. "Wow…what’s gotten into you Y/N? You’re not usually like this…I’m used to you being all shy and innocent! What happened to that Y/N?! Well, it’s not like I don’t love this new side to you…”

Rosita- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d be entertained by you but would sarcastically reply only to further provoke you to make you talk even more. “Really, is that all you’ve got?! Come on, Y/N! I know you can do better…i’m sure you have dirtier things to say than just that…So say it…go on!”

Tara- The moment you’d start talking dirty to her, she’d start getting flustered and wouldn’t want to believe you were talking to her that way. “Oh…you’re serious? Like you want me to…and you’d do all that for me…If I…Wow Y/N…this is…a lot to take in…I don’t hate it…but I’ve never seen you like this before…”

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I love your daycare au! I would love to see more of it! Like they love mc so much

yes, of course!! i have ideas that i need to actually put it into action. y’ know, vanderwood was probably the only capable worker at the daycare before mc came along! every worker until then were w e a k because there’s no way they could handle the combined pressure of….

  • a rich brat who could easily leak every dirty secret they have on billboards across the country w/ a simple snap of his fingers. what if the rich br- i mean, jumin so much as steps on a lego and hurts his insured $$$$$$ feet??? would they get sued?????????  one little toe of jumin’s = more than their entire life savings! 
  • a redheaded genius who’d bring in “harmless” action figures that would literally shoot laser beams from the eyes, and let’s not forget that one time his flame-throwing stuffed animal burnt half of the daycare down??? “i wanted my lunch warm!” well, that’s why there’s a microwave, seven?? luciel?? saewhat??? ok, wtf is his name and who does he belong to and where did he come from and why does he have so many names-
  • the most handsome child in the world™ who they find hard not to show favoritism to. do you know how many times they’d forget to feed the other kids just because looking at zen feast instead was so… SO breATHTAKING?? he could poke his nose and make it look flawless, ok. don’t even get started on the parents who’d be invited to sit in on occasion. you know how hard it is to fight off parents who aGGRESSIVELY want to plan playdates w/ him and their kid outside of the daycare? “little zenny~, would you like to marry my dear bob one day??” pls s T O p.
  • and then there’s the last two (sweet jaehee and cutie yoosung) who are heaven-sent in comparison. they are normal and great and w a IT- jaehee, what r u doing on my computer??? are you trying to take my job from me??? o-oh, ur right, the schedule would totally be more efficient that way and whoa- yOOSUNG?? i know u wanna see ur cousin next door, bUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN U CAN CLIMB OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!11!!1

when mc came, vanderwood honestly didn’t have much expectation given past experience, but! surprisingly! the notorious bunch of kids were instantly tamed, and mc became his savior… or so he thought. weird things started happening to him shortly after her arrival. he’d find himself suddenly “farting” (thanks to strategically placed whoopee cushions)?? he’d hear ghostly wailing whenever he’d be doing his dirty business in the bathroom (looks like someone’s installed a specially built sound system in the above air vents)??? and he’s pretty sure a stranger (who may or may not be named driver kim) has been tailing him in and out of work??? rather than a savior, maybe mc is actually a curse??? 

Demon!Carl AU? anyone?

I don’t know if this has been done already, but I got kind of stuck on the idea of Negan realizing that violence doesn’t make Carl flinch so much, that even his father seems to avoid him somehow, feeling that there’s something not quite right with him, but not being able to put his finger on it. And it all just makes him feel even more intrigued about the kid. He’s not joking when he says “You scare the shit out of me”.

I imagine Carl laughing in Negan’s face when he asks what he should do to him (iron his face, chop off his arm…), and Negan leaning forward and asking, genuinely curious: “The hell is wrong with you, kid?”.

And then Carl would smile at Negan, his one eye going pitch black, and he would whisper, like confessing a dirty secret:

“Oh, so many things.”

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What would the twins do if you were texting them dirty pics all day when they get home 😏

I also got a message to include sexting, here is a little blurb with them together!

The swoosh of the text being sent sounded like music to your ears. You sat on the edge of the bathroom counter with jitters all over, the barely clothed ass picture was a little risky, but you were sure Grayson would appreciate it. The text bubble appears, the incoming swoosh sending your eyes immediately skimming the grey bubble. ‘Fuck bend over some more.’ You leaned forward, using your hand as leverage, snapping the picture, the pink thong hardly covering your core. As soon as the picture sent out, he sent one in, 'take them off.’ Taking a collection of photos while you undo every piece of clothing covering you, the blue bubbles fill a large space of the text thread. You anxiously await as the dots appear, then disappear, coming back again before it reads 'be a good girl and send daddy a video.’ You excitedly run for the bed, jumping into the covers before propping yourself up. You begin the clip by biting your finger between your teeth, running down every inch of naked skin before stopping right before your fingers made their way to your core, and out it sent. Minutes passed before his reply, you waiting impatiently as you wished he was already home with you. In it comes, 'meetings over and you’re about to be, get that pussy ready for me’

You and Ethan made it a normal thing to text at all times of the day. It could be six in the morning as your ride for work, sending a detailed text about your lips around his cock. Or it could be at your lunch time in the break room, explaining just how much you’d like for him to take you on your desk. It would make the distance seem smaller while he was away, and you’d look forward to every dirty thing written in grey.

E❤️ — you at work?
… yes
E❤️ — perfect. I want you to fuck yourself, right there, right now
… Ethan you know I can’t do that
E❤️ — oh but baby you can. Just think about me fucking you, pounding you hard and rubbing that juicy clit. I’d ram you from the back, pull your hair. You like when I pull your hair don’t you
… omg E
E❤️ — or how about you sitting on my face? My tongue driving you wild, you always grind on me don’t you baby. You can cum all in my mouth over and over. I’d love to taste you right now
… okay let me get to the bathroom real quick
E❤️ — yeah that’s what I thought. Shall I keep going?
… oh God yes
E❤️ — just wait till I get home, you don’t even know the things I’m gonna do to you

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Uhm... what about a... secret dating AU? I don't know how it's called but Pidge and Lance are dating and keeping it a secret from the rest of the team Or maybe a first kiss thing?

AHAHAHAHA i combined.. em… hope it’s ok qq

They had a list of excuses set up in case they got caught, because privacy was non-existent in the castle ship.

Cuddling? It’s cold in space.

Holding hands? Pidge was taking Lance to show him some cool stars.


To be fair, Pidge didn’t imagine their first kiss attempt to involve a witness.

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