oh the chemistry puns


TOP and Ueno Juri talked about their first time texting each other

So I decided to post up another one...

This time it’s Bumblebee’s turn. A small preview before you read:

“Most of the time due to the atmosphere of the library they had to sit close together, chair arms stuck to one another like glue. Blake liked the closeness of the blonde next to her. She felt relief and comfort like she was in some kind of aura surrounding her.

"Often times, Blake stole glances of Yang and she wouldn’t notice. Her heart would melt like the first time Blake laid eyes on Yang. That feeling continued every time, and Blake loved it.

"Blake looked away from her paper and peeked at the ever so beautiful blonde.

"Her timing couldn’t be more horrid.”

Enjoy. Oh and lot o’ puns ahead.

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Greyson gets an F in school and has to explain it???

I had too much fun looking up chemistry puns tbh

Calum had told him he would need to study. He was so insistent that Grey needed to take some time and study for this test. Did Grey listen? Of course not. And now he was about to suffer the consequences.
For one thing, chemistry is not the type of class that Grey usually slacked in. He paid attention, he did his work, he participated in experiments. He actually really liked the class.
But his confidence in his knowledge of what was going to be on that test exceeded the actual amount of knowledge he had. This fact he didn’t realize until he was seated in class and the test was laid in front of him.
None of the questions sounded familiar to him. His arrogance had gotten ahead of him somehow, and he’d missed all of the essential information for the past chapter they had gone over. He should have gone to class the day of review. He should paid closer attention.
He should have studied.
He should have listened to Calum.
And now he was surely going to fail.
“How was the test?” Calum asked as he entered the apartment. He was just getting off work after a long three day shift. He was exhausted and ready for a shower and a long night of uninterrupted rest. But first, he needed to hear about this test that Grey had been so sure he’d pass with flying colors.
The guilt-stricken look on Grey’s face said it all.
“That good, huh?” Calum smirked, leaning against kitchen counter and looking at Grey expectedly.
Grey let out a reluctant sigh, stirring around his cereal with a spoon as he tried to come up with a valid answer. After about a minute, he was still coming up blank. So he gave in. “I thought I had it. Clearly I didn’t. I had to guess for the majority of the test.”
Calum pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. Surely that wouldn’t help this situation at all. “I guess you just weren’t in the right element.”
Grey looked up at Calum in disbelief. “Was that a chemistry pun?”
Calum was having a very difficult time not laughing at this point. “Guess you’re kind of like an atom. Making up everything.”
Grey groaned as he got to his feet, starting to storm towards his room.
Calum called out, “You probably didn’t get that question about sodium hypobromite right! It was probably all like, NaBro!”
Grey whipped around to glare at Calum. “That’s not even funny!”
“Oh come on! I spent a whole hour looking up chemistry puns for this exact moment!”