oh the brotherly love

*Drools over Donnie, is always around him, every moment is good to remind him how smart, cool and perfect he is, tells him he’s his favorite, tells him he likes when he’s wicked, looks for phisical contact*

*Blushes like a schoolgirl, is always like “Oh stop it, you ♥ ”, protects him, escapes with him in the middle of a battle ‘cause he doesn’t want him to fight with an injured leg, creates crazy stuff just for him*

Oh, brotherly love is so beautiful!



A very good thing I found on my travels.

~ Assume that everyone went to bed as normal and fell asleep in their usual spaces, except Jyuushimatsu who stayed up to wait for Santa.
~ They all move around in their sleep and Karamatsu ends up sleeping ontop of Osomatsu.
~ Jyuushimatsu wakes them up and Osomatsu pushes Karamatsu off. Karamatsu is half asleep and just lets Osomatsu gently nudge him over.
~ After Osomatsu shuts the window and they all go back to sleep, instead of sorting themselves back into their original spaces, they fall asleep where they woke up - Karamatsu and Osomatsu voluntarily going back to sleep piled together again.

This isn’t important at all and no one asked for this but MAN, the small stuff gets me xD
The little things get to me the most. This was a good thing.