oh the awkwardness that i would make them feel

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In honour of me just getting mine on, our bois when their s/o gets braces?

Sen: Congrats on your braces fam! I used to have them as well .w. Not that many people get them in Japan actually? I guess since they’re not covered by insurance or something. 


“Oh nice.” That’s about as much as he wants to talk about them. Not that he doesn’t care, but he’s heard about how people can sometimes feel awkward when first having them. He doesn’t want to comment in fear of making his s/o upset so he’ll just keep quiet about it.


He honestly asks why his s/o would get braces because he thought that their teeth were fine the way they were before. Despite this initial reaction, he won’t say much about it and is pretty calm with it. He’s made sure to be very mindful of this words since he knows that sometimes words just don’t come out right with him.


He’s very supportive and wants them to know that they were perfect before and still are perfect. He’ll end up looking up a lot of stuff as well, carrying around soft food in his bag and painkillers since he heard that tightening braces hurts a lot. He’s always read to listen to his s/o mumble out complaints. Mumble as well.


His s/o literally just became a ton cuter, though they were cute to him already. He’s constantly telling them how cute their braces look and how they should never be afraid of smiling. Honestly, if anyone dares to try make his s/o feel bad, he’ll make them regret it. He actually can’t fight but he finds other ways.


When his s/o first shows him their braces, he’s like an excited dog, but what else is new. He asks a lot of questions, like a lot. “Does it hurt? How long will you have them?” He’s also quite eager to give them a kiss but y’know the situation will turn out in any number of ways since he’s… Goshiki.


He used to have braces when he was a lot younger and he was pretty self conscious about it, hence why he doesn’t smile that much. That’s why when he finds out his s/o got them, he’ll do his best to make sure that they never ever feel weird about their braces and is always commenting on what to do and what not to do.


He’s indifferent to them but still supportive. His s/o could have literally dyed their hair blue or something and he’d still not have any strong opinion. He walks around with a tons of painkillers in his bag so he’s pretty helpful when it comes to having their braces tightened and they feel the pain in their mouth.


He’s pretty curious about them and thinks they’re pretty cool. If his s/o gets different colours in the bands, for some reason he wants to take pictures of the colours; he’s just really interested. Forgive this guy. When he realises that his s/o is uncomfortable, he immediately stops.

I always wear short sleeves at work because they keep it so warm (I’m a waitress) and customers always grab my arm and ask about my tattoos. like I’ll be putting down water on their table or something and they’ll just touch my arm or grab it and it’s so uncomfortable. literally 99% of the time it’s men that do it, and it makes me feel so awkward and like exposed kind of because I shouldn’t feel obligated to explain my tattoos to strangers. someone today even said “you must be a really good server because I don’t know anyone who would hire someone with those tattoos.” like how fucking rude can you be??

I know someone will message me and say “oh, but you knew when you got tattoos that people would be interested in them, you knew the consequences, don’t complain” and I do understand the possible consequences in workplaces but honestly whether or not I have tattoos, NO ONE should be touching me without my permission. it’s not okay to grab or touch someone’s tattoos without asking. if someone doesn’t want to talk about their art either, then don’t push them about it! just because I chose to get tattoos does not mean I shouldn’t be able to have the personal space someone else would have.