oh the awkward cuteness!


If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 

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//#3 with Luca (by Sweetie!!)

10. an assertive kiss

ok lemme just scream now cause i noticed you actually wrote a specified number AAAARRGHHHH

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tree bros prompt where evan works at a la mode and connor comes in with his family and is really shy and embarrassed bc oh look there's a new worker and he's really cute

yoyo mayo this got a lot longer than i planned it to be but hope u like it nd thanks for the prompt, anon!

Connor’s day went from bad to worse once his parents broke down the news that they’re going for a “family treat” at A La Mode. Once he saw the smiling face of his mother - and the calm one of his sister, and the content one of his father - his nose scrunched. Was it of disgust, or of annoyance - because it’s like they were rubbing it in his face that they’re all perfect, except for him - or perhaps both, he didn’t know. All he was aware of was the hopeful glint in Cynthia’s eyes while she looked at him as if she was begging him to go.

He sighed, putting down his phone (because “staring at your phone while someone is talking to you is very impolite, Connor!”) and facing his mom with a tired expression.

“Do I have to?”

Cynthia clapped her hands together, obviously delighted that she did not receive a blatant “no.”

“It could be useful.” She said. “You could meet someone!”

“Yeah. Maybe you find a real friend in a person. You know, a human being. Not weed.” Zoe added nonchalantly. “Besides, you could use some family time. You’ve been locked in your hole of a room since the beginning of the summer.”

“No one would want to have family time with someone like you, Zo.” Connor snarled, his hand already reaching for his phone so he can get up and get the hell away from everyone.

“Zoe. Don’t be mean to your brother.”

“She’s right, you know.” Larry interrupted, earning a glare from Connor.

Cynthia sighed (once again) and unclasped her hands to place one on Connor’s shoulder. “Look, Connor. You really should find someone to be friends with. It helps to not be alone.”

“Friendship isn’t going to cure me.” Connor scoffed, shrugging her hand away.

“I never said it would cure you. I said it would help.” Cynthia drew back her hand, a sad look on her face. “Just try it. Were going to A La Mode, and if you don’t like it there, you won’t have to go ever again, okay?”

Connor actually considered it. It was a pleasing offer, after all. One afternoon with this hell of a family and then never again? Sign me up!

“Alright, okay. Sure. Ill try it.”

“Good.” His mom nodded, happy and content and gross. “Go get ready, you too Zoe! I want you both in front of the car in 15 minutes!”


Connor regretted everything. The deal, what he decided to wear, his chipped nail polish… Everything was absolute shit.

The car was way too hot for resting in the sun all day, and the black leather of the seat stuck to him like glue.The seat belt was basically carving his chest, but he had to wear it because “Traffic safety is important, Connor!” Ugh.

Some obnoxious pop song was playing - thanks to Zoe’s terrible taste in music - and he thought his ears are going to bleed. Literally.

“Can you turn that shit down?” He yelled over it, annoyed and so done with this bullshit.

“That “shit” is the number 1 song on the pop songs chart, thank you very much.” Zoe retorted, and Connor saw red flash before his eyes.

“Alright, you two, we’re here.”

Connor felt like throwing up at the sight. Everything was pastel and cute and adorable and disgusting. More disgusting than he remembered. Baby pink posters poked his eyes like literal thorns, and the bright blue walls weren’t much better.

“Who designed this thing? A toddler?”

Cynthia flinched at the snarky comment, but said nothing except: “Be nice.”

Connor felt relief wash over him once he realized the place was mostly empty. There was a pair sitting in a corner and a girl sitting alone to his far left. He took the chance and ran for the table to his farthest right, not wasting any time on waiting for his parents and Zoe. He didn’t bother to look at the menu, they came here way too often for him to not be a regular.

The four of them sat in absolute silence for about 5 minutes, Larry being the only one who actually looked at the menu. “I want to try something new out.” He said, which was weird, because he was a pretty plain guy. Vanilla or chocolate. No joking around.

“G-good afternoon, can I h-have your order?”

“I’ll have, um, cookie dough.”


“Vanilla.” It was Larry, of course. That much about trying out something new.

“I’ll just have the regular.” Connor said simply, eyes still fixated on his phone.

“A-ah, um, sorry, I don’t usually w-work here…”

Only then did Connor actually look up, and to his surprise, saw that, yeah, that wasn’t the usual employee who worked here. It was someone much cuter.

The boy in front of him wore a blue polo shirt accompanied with a white apron, his eyes were soft brown - the prettiest brown Connor had ever seen - his hair was dirty blonde, and dear god, he had the cutest awkward smile plastered on his face.

Connor was at loss of words at this point, he kept opening his mouth - but nothing would come out.

“He’ll just have chocolate.” Zoe cut in, carrying an apologetic smile. “Sorry, he’s a bit awkward.”

“O-oh.” The cute boy stuttered, his smile suddenly dropping. “It’s okay! I-I am too!”

The the four of them (without Connor) shared a laugh before the adorable stranger left to get their orders done.

After a minute of being in a trance, Connor’s head whipped to Zoe. “I don’t even like chocolate!”

“That’s for the ugly remark about my favourite song.” She said, flipping him a bird from under the table.

Shit, Connor thought, I didn’t even get his name.

Thankfully, when he came back, Connor caught the name on the tag that sat on the strap of his apron. It was Evan. A cute name for a cute individual.

Evan smiled politely while handing the ice cream over to Connor, and damn, it was cute and aimed at him, the Connor Murphy who wore black chipped nail polish and smelled like weed half of the time and was a failure in practically everything, and a cute boy was smiling at him, just at him.

Connor ate his ice cream as if he had starved for months - which earned him quite a few brain freezes - and as soon as he was done with it, he scrambled up to his feet and walked to the counter. He leaned his elbow on it and gathered all the confidence he had to try and seem as casual as possible.

The cute boy - Evan - was in front of him as soon as he appeared, wearing that same smile, and god, it made Connor’s heart melt.

“Can I have a refill?” Connor slid his cup casually, despite his brain screaming at him that he’s going to fuck something up. “And your number?”

It took every single atom of strength in Connor’s body to prevent him from exploding at the spot. He expected rejection - the soft kind though, Evan seemed like that guy who would feel bad and apologize for rejecting you - and it was eating him alive.

Instead of spitting out a “no”, Evan just blushed and smiled even wider, and shit, Connor was far too gone now.

Once Evan came back with Connor’s ice cream, and seemingly nothing else, Connor’s heart dropped into his stomach. Evan handed him the cup - his hand was shaking just slightly, which made him even cuter - and Connor silently accepted it. You really fucked everything up now.

And then, out of thin air - or more precisely, the front pocket of his apron - Evan pulled out a yellow post-it note and planted it in front of Connor.

“I-I’m free every day e-except Mondays and Wednesdays.” He said, and Connor instantly put up a mental reminder to remember that.

“Uh, thanks. For the ice cream, I mean.” Connor grabbed the note, holding it between his fingers. “This too, of course.”

There was a beat of awkward silence and then: “I n-never got your name.”

Connor winced. “Oh! Of course, ah, it’s Connor. Sorry.”

Evan smiled again - dear lord he smiles a lot is he trying to kill me - and nodded. “It’s okay. I should expect a message, then?” He said, seeming almost surprised that he didn’t stutter.

Connor winked before leaning a bit closer.

“Turn your volume up.”

Evan flushed and Connor turned on his heel, walking away with a grin on his face and a post-it note in his pocket.

Maybe he should listen to his mom more.

Mass Effect

Me Before ME 1: Why does everybody love the cat-bird-dinosaur man?

Me During ME 1: Aw Garrus is really cute and nerdy, just my type but I can’t romance him, damn.

Me at the beginning of ME 2: Where is Garrus what the hell is all this wtf I just want my old crew. Why am I dead? Lol not dead?

Me after seeing Garrus again: I am romancing the fuck out of that. Send me down to Shakarian hell to be with my people.

Me learning there is a Turian LI in Andromeda: Lol nah I think I’m gonna romance the jellyfish cat man.

Me meeting Vetra: Oh fuck not again, she’s tall and cute and awkward and has a sad backstory.

Me romancing Vetra: I am gay as hell for this turian, she is my tol wife and I love her.

And this is how I figured out that I have a thing for turians.
Hamimagines Masterlist


Alexander Hamilton

Couldn’t Ask

Marked (you can probably tell by the title but yeah smut)

How to Play a Player 

Aaron Burr

With Deepest Affections


John Laurens

Stay Alive ( ANGST)



Fire (The world’s fluffiest smut)

Jilted (annnngst)

Tango (smut that’s the tiniest bit kinky)


Philip Hamilton

Taste the Rain

Midnight Delight

Helpless (don’t start this if you don’t like angst)

Beautiful (aaaaangst)


Always Here, Forever Yours 

Marquis de Lafayette

When You Smile, I Am Undone (My first one ever…you’ve been warned)




That Would Be Enough (SUUUUPER ANGSTY)



Number Three


Vitesse (smut~)

Lazy Day



Thomas Jefferson


Blessings Part Two

Blessings Part Three

Blessings Part Four


Namesake (what’s that? oh it’s smut)

Hercules Mulligan

The Story of Tonight

Wet (awkward cute smut)

Peggy Schuyler

The Candelabra

Angelica Schuyler 


King George III

Polished (kinky smut)




Lin-Manuel Miranda

You Ain’t Got No Skills

Sober (aka Lin Sin)

I Wish I Was Mad 

Anthony Ramos

Douchebag (SMUUT)

Daveed Diggs


Just You Wait  (kinda smutty)

Yawn (smuuuut)

Yes (Also smut wow I have a problem)

Amazingly Good (FTM reader)

Rafael Casal 

(’who’s he?’ an angel)

I’m Good  (smutty smut smut SMUT)


The Away Team 


Calor (Maria Reynolds POV)

Paris (Daveed x Rafa x Reader) ((or should I say Rafa x Reader x Daveed ayyyeeee))

My Dearest, (Reader x Thomas Jefferson OR Alexander Hamilton) ((love in the shape of a triangle))

Dessert (polyamorous Lafayette x Reader x Maria Reynolds)  ((oh also smut))

Haven’t drawn these cuties in a while.

Idek >.<

So imagine that at one point in time Nate was really insecure about his smile and dimples. To the point that Nate tried not to smile at all for fear of his really obvious dimples showing.

So cut to when he met Hunter and they were just starting nateanddookie and Hunter was just watching Nate as they played a game and watching Nate cover his face anytime he smiled and also trying to smile very small smiles that didn’t show his dimples (it wasn’t working all the well Because Nate’s dimples are HUGE.)

Eventually Hunter told Nate that his smile and dimples were one of his best features and that he should never be embarrassed of his smile ever. No matter how much Nate protested.

“Dude, you have no idea how adorable you are when you smile.”

And there was the one time Hunter literally pinned Nate down and tickled him until he was a laughing/wheezing mess under him. But more importantly, Nate was smiling.

He was smiling his now common dimpled grin that we’ve all come to know and love. Well, that was with the help of Hunter.

Every now and then Nate thanks Hunter for his help for overcoming his insecurity even though Hunter insists that there’s no need to thank him at all!


I feel like Caryl’s first love scene/all of their love scenes are going to be one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time. I mean, I could just picture my inner turmoil right now. 

While I’m watching it go down (pun intended?), half of me will think:

Oh my gosh, it’s finally happening. Finally! They deserve this, they deserve to be loved by each other. Awe, this is so cute and awkward and amazing and… oh my god they’re both naked… holy shit they both look hot as fuck… and hot damn I’m glad I’m watching this alone. I need to turn on the ceiling fan!

And then the other half of me will think:

You know, I feel really dirty for watching this. I should give them more privacy ya know? it’s a huge step for those two and watching makes me feel like a pervy Peeping Tom.

But of course, I will still watch it… and rewatch… and rewatch… until I consider the fact that I may have developed a problem… and rewatch it some more.

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The Walking Dead 7x10 New Best Friends

Fucking hate this savior guy leave Richard alone



“Morgan said you’re a bowman” yoU BET YOUR ASS HE IS


Who is Katy and why is her backpack here? Backstory pls

“Say her damn name.” OH FUCK ME

Daryl’s nervous trigger finger


The symbolism of the cowboy artwork on the semi truck

Scrapyard art.

Bunch of long haired hippies.

What up haircut?

Woman in the back with the long ass pony tail



Richonne’s hand hold

Poor sweet Aaron

Holy fuck this place is huge

Up Up Up?






So we got an army and a nail through the hand. What a day.

“We take, we don’t bother” well ya took Gabriel and bothered us.

Limping and bleeding and still smiling, it really shows just how fucked we’ve been lately.


“Why’d you go?” That hurts

Rosita just listen to Tara don’t go alone we gotta be patient, no more half cocked knee jerk decisions cause that shit gets you killed.


“Did anyone get hurt… is everybody okay?” No we’re not okay.

Are we seriously lying to her? I get it lets not make her feel bad for leaving. But when she finds out she’s gonna be pissed.

Cute awkward joke Daryl.



Shiva is a Daryl fangirl too






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Yo i just finished avatar n i need a really good fic (preferably rly long too)

i’m going to start this off by saying that i’m really only good for zukka fic recs because they are literally the only ones i’ve read in the fandom (can you tell i have a one track mind?)

that being said, i have quite a few that i really love and here are some of the longer ones, in no particular order.

1. For Peace and Zuko by beersforqueers

     two words for you. arranged marriage. also its by one of my favorite atla authors so theres that. its decently long and oh so wonderful. like just this great balance of slightly awkward and adorably cute and i’m making myself want to go reread it again (fourth time-ish?) just thinking about it. so basically. yeah. amazing. 10/10 stars.

2. Silk by Traxits

     very sadly unfinished and probably never will be bUT. gawd its good. basically if you like the idea of mild political intrigue and also Sokka in fabulous dresses this is the fic for you.

3. A Love United by  carmen_sandyeggo

     written by a close friend of mine and currently ongoing. i haven’t had the time/chance to read the whole thing yet but the parts i have read are excellent and i’m also maybe keeping up on the plot because she sometimes talks to me about it when shes writing. its full of angst and heartbreak and also smol children being cute. basically its very good and you should read it and leave tons of cool comments. 

4. Anything for You by beersforqueers

     angst. so much angst. also its a fake dating modern au and theres maybe a wedding. and some more angst. its so good.

so anyways i hope this helps some? and if you cant find anything you like, go out and write it! if its zukka totally send me a link.

( @omgbeersforqueers @carmensandyeggo i made a post talking about some of your writing because you’re both amazing <3)

ok so like I read a lot of fics where something QuestionableTM happens to either Nozomi or Eli and the other one is super jealous and “No! Nozomi/Eli it was all just a big misunderstanding ilysm!” and while that is fun and hilarious, give me a Nozoeli who isn’t even phased bc “Hmm? Some girl is flirting w/ Nozomi? I mean, if you’re worried, remind Nozomi to let her down gently, but she’s usually good with stuff like that.” or 

“Hey babe, my coworker is flirting with me.” 

“Oh? Who?” 

“You know, the one that sits by the window?”

“Oh yeah! The cute one! That’s kind of awkward.” *goes back to eating breakfast* 

“…You’re not jealous?” 

*blinks, like this isn’t something she’s considered* “Should I be jealous?”

“No, it’s just, this woman’s flirting with me.”


“And you’re not…”

“Elicchi, if you want me to fight this woman, I can, but  wouldn’t it be easier to just tell her no? Show off the engagement ring?”

Give me that Nozoeli! The we’ve-been-’married’-for-so-long-that-jealousy-is-a-distant-memory Nozoeli.

im bringing this back...

Can we have a talk about how Jisoo used to awkwardly flirt and awkwardly touch all over jeonghan in private during their predebut era……

and an awkward jeonghan is not having it …… ahahhahaa