oh that's... nice

  • me, with a new clay-tempered $600 sword: *loudly but casually unsheathes it*
  • my friend, clearly peanut butter and jealous: oh. thats nice. is that c-
  • me: clay-tempered? yeah. it is.

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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monsta x getting pulled over


  • i cant see him getting pulled over for anything ever
  • probably gets a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt because it doesn’t fit over his shoulders
  • cop feels bad and asks him if he wants to join law enforcement bc damn those shoulders
  • becomes the most respected police officer in the county


  • will scream when he sees the sirens.
  • tells himself to calm down and gets ready to flirt with the officer
  • cop turns out to be a married man in his late 50s
  • tries anyway
  • gets a ticket for insulting an officer


  • will befriend the officer
  • “yes, im sorry officer, what is your name? you have nice eyes and oh thats a nice badge, how’s your work along this road, isnt it dangerous out here at night?”
  • cop realizes he is a bundle of puppies and sunshine and lets him off with a warning
  • probably knows all the officer’s names in the area and never gets a ticket


  • old lady panicked screaming like the one where they were playing the basketball arcade game yes that’s the one
  • “im a good noodle i have a clean record and straight a’s and go to bed before ten”
  • will get severely disappointed in himself when officer tells him he was speeding
  • “I. am. so sorry officer. i should be ashamed, ASHAMED it wont happen again”
  • will drive 10 miles under the speed limit from now on
  • gets another ticket


  • gets pulled over because cop thought he was drunk
  • actually couldn’t decide what lane to go into so kept switching between all three
  • registration papers are in the dashboard compartment but he cant open it
  • tells the officer he forgot them instead so he doesnt look like a nerd.
  • gets his car towed


  • will first think the police have snuffed him out for being a low key gangster that hasn’t done anything illegal
  • realizes he doesn’t have an alibi and starts crying
  • but stops when the officer only tells him his headlights were off
  • gets disappointed because its not as cool
  • tries to do the kuku kaka to get out of the ticket
  • gets 3 more tickets instead


  • notices the police sirens behind him
  • will engage in a high speed car chase because it was always his dream
  • will dodge hundreds of cars going 200 mph and end up having 20 cop cars and two helicopters hunting him down
  • chase is filmed on national television until he finally gets caught
  • known as the dude with the cleanest record and ran from the cops who are still trying to work out why
  • he’s not talking
  • police end up letting him off with a speeding ticket
  • cries with jooheon

Nardo & Sascakes smiling into their kiss😚😄  

Think it was about time I do a screen redraw with my non-consistent style. Might do more (even if the background takes me hours XD).

Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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  • me about my otp: i didn't mean to ship that!
  • my life: ship happens.

Thank you all for forty followers

I was going to wait until I hit fifty, I couldn’t help myself I want to thank you all for following me, to think that there is forty people out there who think I’m worthy of following is pretty cool and heart warming.

@cloudyloudy thank you for being my first follower it means a lot to me and thank you to @msfovercast for being my first friend here and showing me how Tumblr works I’m still new and still learning new things about how it works. I want to thank @spamjamz for helping me out when I needed art done for my fanfic.

And of course I want to thank @applepiesforfree @hunn-bunny @yukemega @sonnyboy2424 @kacyk @hammytotherescue @fourthdimension99 @esmeralda4evahh @clidoser @chernwei5784 @bokunopicodemayo @zootopiafanatic82 @the-weird-thing @tuslar @famestand2 @freezingfire-at-your-service @alextheflyingkitsune @larrywolford @qualityhottubdetective @wafelkowiec @fbfeckers @mirandaawesome3 @devilvboss22 @holtx28 @iamthemewcat @blogtardismedia @crispyfactor for just being my followers. I hope to upload more content you will all like

Two completely different and unrelated people have called me funny within about 30 minutes of each other today. I always thought I was about as funny as the black plague i.e. not funny at all. Still. Humour is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

anonymous asked:

Tbh you're probably one of the most approachable artists on this site! And your art is top notch!! And i just love u and ur blog

oH goshh thats really nice to hear! <33