oh that walt


Oh, What a Knight

20 in 26 of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series
animated short film history
Release: May 28th, 1928
Country: USA
Director: Walt Disney

“Oswald is riding along on his horse having a merry old time when the two of them fall down a hill, right up to a castle. Oswald whistles for the princess, who blows him a kiss as she appears on a balcony. He reaches her by lassoing the balcony and tying the other end of the rope to his horse’s tail, using it as a tightrope. A rival knight suddenly appears and Oswald falls off the balcony, startled. He manages to climb back up and the two fight for the princess.”


Oh, What a Knight is available on YouTube.

But Imagine This...

A place-an island-covered in towns and cities and parks and forests and lakes and even more things I can’t even imagine it. And in the heart of this island there’s a building-a school-an academy, large, massive, grand, reaching to the sky it could put Hogwarts to shame.

But it’s the students who are the true wonder: Magic users, princesses, street rats, elite aristocrats, animals.

Now imagine a girl with long flowing yellow locks excited to be there even though she had to beg her overbearing  mother to let her go.

A mute redhead who appeared at the docks soaked to the bone but smiling and holding a fork and wanting to see what the surface world is really like.

Imagine a girl only attending cause the school didn’t apply their students maids.

Imagine a small town girl who got there with nothing but hard work and can’t stand the obnoxious rich pretty boys who don’t even appreciate that their there.

Imagine a girl who is there to not only learn how to be a queen but to control a gift that is more like a curse.

Imagine a girl who spends more time at the sea than in school.

Imagine the other small town girl who got there on a scholarship and hears of the ‘beast’ hiding in the dungeons of the school.

Imagine the anthropomorphic animals excited to join the humans with magic in their blood and crowns on their heads but are still looked down upon, especially when you’re a bunny wanting to be more than the world says you can be.

Imagine a mean and snobbish girl who might as well be a sea witch becoming the queen bee of the school. A boorish pretty boy whose bucket list is to date every girl in school. A handsome but deceitful prince who wants to graduate with even more power. A sheep who thinks there are some creatures that are above others.

Imagine the possibilities, the love stories, the adventures…


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Church Lady Deviled Eggs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

it’s 3AM and hunk and keith are sharing a bed

hunk: starts giggling

keith: what’s so funny darlin’

hunk: it’s fucking… walt disney. walt disney was a furry. he was a fucking furry, keith, oh my god. walt disney was a furry.

keith: holy shit.

now they’re both laughing. they’re losing it. everything is good in the world.


Last night at Madison Square Garden, John answered the age-old question that has caused much debate: Does Walt Grace live or die? The answer: HE LIVES! During his performance of Walt Grace’s Submarine Test January 1967, John said “He totally lives y'all,” putting the debate to rest.

  • Sadie: Hey, Walt, what do you think of my dress?
  • Walt: Oh, uh, you look fine.
  • *Sadie suddenly grabs Walt and forces him to hold the Feather of Truth*
  • Sadie: I said, 'What do you think of my dress?"
  • Sadie: Hm, well, can't say you were wrong.
  • *Sadie goes upstairs to change*
  • Walt: Real help you were there!
  • Anubis: Hey, do I look like someone who wants to die?!

“I can’t deny that Brave has a special place in my heart. While I grew up with a single mother all of my life, my reality mirrors Merida’s in how as we grew, we would both clashed with our mothers over trivial things, but it’s all a part of growing up. I always tear up when Merida breaks down before her mother switches back to human. I tried getting my mom to watch it with me, but she fell asleep. Oh well.”

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
                        But O heart! heart! heart!
                           O the bleeding drops of red,
                              Where on the deck my Captain lies,
                                 Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
                        Here Captain! dear father!
                           This arm beneath your head!
                              It is some dream that on the deck,
                                You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
                        Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
                           But I with mournful tread,
                              Walk the deck my Captain lies,
                                 Fallen cold and dead.

—  Walt Whitman, “Oh Captain! My Captain!”

Outfit # 170 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Breaking Bad S05x06 “Buyout”

“Stay. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

FFS, where do I start? This shirt is unbelievably ridiculous on him. I can’t help but think that in a fitted cut and paired with tight jeans in a decent wash, this shirt would be hot. BUT, it’s just so Jesse Pinkman here I die. It’s oversized, and in that top shot you can see his jeans bagging around his ankles above his skate shoes. *giggles* You can also see in that shot how Mr. Paul physically brings Jesse to life from head to toe through posture and stance. When he’s at the dinner table, he twirls his fork around like a heathen, and holds his glass of water claw-handed.

Jesse’s anxiety around meeting Walt at his home, and then being forced into this Hellscape dinner, has amplified his lack of manners, which brings me to one of my forever-conundrums of Jessedom. If we know Jesse’s parents and his younger brother to be unbelievably “civilised,” why doesn’t Jesse snap back into that in certain circumstances? Is it possible Jesse got into drugs and rejected his family’s values so young that he skirted keeping his parents’ behavioural norms altogether? This is probs just comedic license on Vince’s part to give us this gem of a scene, but please feel free to argue this out.

“It’s like, yo, whatever happened to truth in advertising?”

Jesse’s silence-filling lasagna scab tangent has forever changed my lasagna eating experience, but I like to take his bumbling conclusion as a little knock toward what Walt is about to drop on him. Walt admits that his kids have been taken away from the house, and that Skyler is waiting for him to die, and so he’s only living for his meth business. Suddenly, neither Walt’s motivations nor his life are what Jesse thought they were. 

I love to imagine how this dinner eventually ended. Was there an enforced desert? Did Walt drink more scotch and ramble about weird things. And, what sort of excuse could Jesse conjure up to leave? Dude has no life except Walt. Oh, ma creys. ¯\(ツ)/¯