oh that video made me all emotional

Things the Hogwarts Houses say

(loosely based on conversations I’ve had/overheard)

Hufflepuff -

  • “If you don’t start singing along to High School Musical with me in under 30 seconds you will no longer be my best friend" 
  •  "I swear on my chicken nuggets-”
  • “Yes I made that joke up by my self - no it’s not from Spongebob Squarepants how dARE YOU-”
  • “Speaking of Spongebob can we just take a few moments to discuss how much of a masterpiece that first movie was please”
  • “Ah yes, it’s 3 in the morning, time to get emotional and tell all my friends how much I love them”
  • “You made me chocolate??? Oh my God I love you so much thank you I’ll have some right no - THIS HAS RAISINS IN IT YOU TRICKED ME
  • “Oh my God yeah I saw that movie, my favourite part was when - oh shit wait there’s this adorable kitten video I meant to show you last week and I completely forgot let me get it up on my phone”
  • “Sorry I’m late I was up all night watching those videos where kids get surprised with puppies”
  • “Are you awake? Great, let’s start planning our future homes together, I have a pinterest board ready”
  • “This is my favourite photo album! It’s full of photos of all the cats and dogs I’ve made friends with on my walks, I’ve even given them all names”
  • (crying) “Stop calling me emotional God damn it”

Ravenclaw -

  •  "Of course I remember you said you liked the colour red, you told me at like 1:35 am last year in May"
  • “What? Simplifying equations? No, I can’t help with that but I do know all the words to every Simpsons episode in the first 5 seasons if that helps"
  • “Sorry I really can’t go out today. No I’m fine, I’m just stressed I’m doing something important. I’m trying to memorise all the words to this documentary about frogs - What? Yes of course it’s important!”
  • “I discovered and fully analysed that meme 3 weeks ago, step up your game”
  • “What do you mean why do I have a folder full of strategic plans on how to succeed at animal crossing, that’s not weird?”
  • “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been doing my own research and you’re getting all of this wrong. Well yes I know I’m not the teacher here but - Yes, actually, I’d love to teach the class my self I’ve already made a lesson plan, thank you”
  • No, I won’t come and see Jurassic World with you. Because it’s completely unrealistic! Do you have any idea what dinosaurs are actually supposed to have sounded and looked like? Even adult velociraptors weren’t meant to be that b - OK you know what, I will come, but I’ll be pointing out every single problem to you. No, it’s too late, you already invited me. I’m buying our tickets right now, don’t move”
  • “You really think you can beat me at Mario Kart? I have spent YEARS studying this game and honing my skills, spending hours upon hours training until my hands cramp and even my tv is judging the amount of time I’ve spent playing and you think YOU can beat me? Let’s fucking go
  • “I think these guys think I want to murder them because I followed them home but it’s only because I overheard them talking about what would happen if Pokemon is real and I wanted to see how good their logic was”
  • “Shut up? Shut up? I haven’t shut up for 17 years and I’m not about to start now”
  • (crying) "I just want Shakespeare’s ghost to be proud of me”

Gryffindor - 

  • “I’d love to have a sleepover but it can only be when there’s a thunderstorm so we can dance in the rain, let me check the weather forecast”
  • “Did that bee just try and sting you? COME BACK HERE BEE YOU COWARD I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UP - wait shit no run”
  • "What did you say? Don’t touch it? Alright.” (touches it as soon as the person turns away) “Sucker”
  • “Whaaat? Someone wrote on the desk? No it wasn’t me I would never do th - My name was there? Well, I’m not the only one in the world with my na - My surname was there too? What are the chances?!”
  • “Help me I started saying lmao ironically and I can’t stop”
  • “Before you say anything it wasn’t me - unless it was something awesome then I definitely planned the whole thing”
  • Excuse me? They said what to you? … I have to go for a second, I just remembered something completely unrelated. No, no, I’m not taking this fork with me for any particular reason”
  • “Um, did you just tell me it’s impossible to sing along to a guitar solo? Stand back. Your mind is about to get blown”
  • “I am so not drunk! I’m completely drunk! … Wait shit I meant sober”
  • “I bet I can stay up for longer than you - what no I’m not tired shut up - nO THAT WASN’T A YAWN I WAS JUST SHOWING YOU WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE IF I WAS TIRED - SEE I DID IT AGAIN TOTALLY ON PURPO - ok fuck you I’m going to sleep”

Slytherin - 

  • “Oh my God, just tell me what you did already so I can start complaining”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Did you say STOP saying fuck, or KEEP ON saying fuck?”
  • “Over your dead body? I was hoping you’d say that”
  • “If you even LOOK at them one more time I will take a stick as big as your ego and stick it right up your-”
  • “Don’t come near me or - OK fine, we can snuggle for exactly 15 minutes. I’m setting a timer now”
  • “Hey, I saw you posted a picture of us on instagram yesterday where my eyeliner isn’t completely straight? You’re gonna have to delete that, if anyone thinks my eyeliner isn’t drop dead perfect every day and that I’m not a literal make up goddess I’ll lose my reputation as the Regina George of the school”
  • “But keep the one where I’m wearing no make up so that all those bitches know I still kill it without trying”
  • “Oh come on, you know I’d never do anything to embarrass you! Speaking of which, that video I posted on youtube the other day of you falling down the flight of escalators in the shopping centre has reached over 1000 views”
  • “My dad told me tattoos were trashy so I got a giant tattoo saying ‘trashy’ on my back I’ll send you his reaction later”
  • “I’m not a sentimental person but if you touch my teddy bear I will turn you into a stuffed trophy to put next to him”
  • “What do you mean I look smug this is my normal face”

(Note: All real nhl teams are populated by fake fictional people in this fic.

Also note: I’m sorry this is disjuncted, I just needed to bang this out.

Triple note: yes this is a pride and prejudice au. 

edit: Part 1

“Brah, brah!” Shitty burst into Jack’s apartment. Jack was sitting next to his counter with a protein shake and smiling down at his phone dopily. “You gotta listen to me.” 

“The emergency key is for emergencies, Shits.” Jack sent a smiling emoji to the other person and received a string of unintelligible emojis in return. It was adorable. 

“There are two emergencies today,” Shitty said. “No, strike that, make it three. So the first emergency is that I wanted to see you.” 

“You can’t keep using that excuse to burst into my apartment whenever you feel like it.”

“Shhh,” Shitty put his hand over Jack’s mouth. “Just let me love you.”

“The second emergency is that I finally ran Chad Wickham out of Providence and I wanted to celebrate that with you,” Shitty plopped a bag of booze and snacks onto the counter.

“Shits, I’m not eating that junk,” Jack said, still looking down at his phone. “Anyway, Eric left some pie and pastries we can eat if you have to celebrate this.”

“That’s the third emergency, brah.” Shitty said seriously. “That bro is bad news. You gotta ditch him.”

Jack’s phone buzzed twice. 

Eric: Omg Shitty is there? Tell him hello from me! 

Eric: I left some banana pie in the fridge for him tell him to help himself!!! UuU

The two of them looked down at the text. 

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The Most Beautiful Phanfictions I've Read (Wattpad)

“Human -Phan”
Absolutely gorgeous, even for those who don’t understand ballet terminology. Thought provoking quotes have certainly changed my perception on a lot of things.

“Moving to London | Phan”
Excellent concept, v v cute. Be warned, it will play with your emotions…a lot

“Polaroid (a Phan AU)”
Another beautifal story. The plot intertwines with the history of their channels including how their first videos were produced, tied with a very artistic theme.

“Summer Camp | Phan” (the entire trilogy)
Oh. My. God. This is stunning. Its fluffy and adorable yet made me sob at some points. You will be so captivated in this series, you can’t resist the urge to continue reading. Stay until the end. I promise it’s worth it.

“Wonderboy” (one and two.)
This one plays with the emotions. Once again, spectacular concept, beautifully written.

One of those AU’s with a concept we have all imagined. Pastel! Phil and Emo Dan begin talking over social media, much like what actually happened. It is technically a historical fiction.

Philophobia, the fear of falling in love. Need I say more? Phil takes the role of the therapist and Dan the patient. Please note: it isn’t completely finished and waiting for updates will put you in physical pain.

“Transgender-Phan”/“Call me Dan-Phan”
This story (and sequel) greatened my awareness of the LGBTQ+ community with transgender people specifically. Very nicely written, better on a mobile device as every second, you need to flip the page.

“Phansexual (a Dan and Phil fanfic)”
Yes, it’s cheesy, but cute enough to make kittens look bad.

Not finished, but I squeal every time I see an update. Dan is colourblind in a world ruled by colour. This is one of the best books you will ever read guaranteed.

“Speak up Already”
Ah yes, *blows dust off book* the first Phanfic I’ve ever read. I remember reading it and tears rolling down my cheeks from heart ache. Don’t worry, there is some happiness, but oh boy does it break your heart.

anonymous asked:

okay, I know you're a Louis fan, so I wanted to just gush to you about this: I just now watched the Story of My Life music video for the first time and Louis' picture just fucked me up oh my gosh the way he grew up and then his parents, and then (his grandparents I think? I wasn't sure) faded away and he sat in their place and he looked happy but sad my life has been ruined oh god. Was that just me?

NO NO. NOT JUST YOU. That video was not okay. Especially for Louis fans :(


And his story was the most emotional imo. It really hit home. Yes, those were his grandparents. He was like a cute little button when he was young.

Then he grew up and you realize that two of his grandparents passed away. 

I wasn’t expecting it. It was just real. And honest. It made me tear up. I’m tearing up now! This video ruined me

Scandal Review: Baby Made A Mess, Episode 407

Jenna Bans and Oliver Bokelberg did the damned thing y'all.

Slow claps for everybody involved in this episode. (Well, you know, except for Scott Foley)

From Kerry with Darby flexing her acting muscles, and breaking my heart:

To Kerry with Brian Letscher showing us who he is acting-wise,

and to Tony Goldwyn and his amazing oral skills

This was truly the Scandal that I love. 

People, that was simply the best hour of TV since last season’s Good Wife episode, Hitting The Fan. It was everything and a bag of chips y’all.

Without further ado, let’s get started shall we?

What I Hated

1.  The fact that Jake is a character on this show.

2.  Mellie and her constant need to be Joan of Arc when she’s been the architect of her own destruction for so many years.

Enough with the woe-is-me Mellie crap, go catch a freaking brick already. Or you know…file for freaking divorce.

3.  Charles ‘Chip’ Putney

 Douchebag extraordinaire. 

What I mildly disliked

1.  The fact that Fitz literally can’t see anything but Olivia.

He is literally Dug from Up. I need him to do his job, and stop pining over Olivia so much. Shonda, are you listening to me?

2.  "Are you sure you don’t have time for round two?

Jesus Cyrus, how have you not sicced Charlie onto this guy yet? I’m patient though. I know it’s coming.

What I Freaking Loved

1.  Abby.

External image

Oh the tears. I take back every horrible thing I ever said about Abby. 

Darby was just brilliant as Abby tonight.

Her foundations were shaken to the core, she  was vulnerable, and real, and in pain, and glorious, and strong. Darby Stanchfield finally got a chance to flex her acting muscles, and it was sheer perfection. I cried so hard at the Abby and Liv scene when she  was cowering behind her desk. Man,…. 

External image

I’m crying now just thinking about it.

2.  ”Leo, I didn’t see you there, don’t you look well rested since the election. I wish I could have some down time, but too busy here at the White House.

Oh the shade of it all Cyrus, the shade of it all.

3.   Senator McDonnell in diapers.

People were disgusted, but don’t think that politicians who are into this kinda kinky shit don’t exist. Give it twelve months and a video of a Republican politician getting paddled and having his diaper changed will come out. Seriously.

4.  ”What do you want?“

I love Olivia Pope. This is her show again, and I am overwhelmed by emotion. The sisterhood that her and Abby have shown each other has really made the show for me. Over a clif, Liv, over a cliff.

5.   The look of disgust when Olivia went to Susan Ross’s 'campaign head quarters’ and interrupted her "rally”.

Oh the shade, the shade.

6.   Leo and Abby. 

I’m shipping it so freaking hard. Of course we all saw their chemistry last season, but this ship,is about to set sail people!

7.   Fitz dealing with an actual political crisis.

Bring on the West Angola crisis for our president to deal with, yeeesss!

8.   Mellie’s utter boredom with her life and her place in the White House.

Bitch leave your freaking husband, and be great by yourself.

9. Mellie’s deep voice while she was talking to Elizabeth.

Was I the only one who noticed that? What was going on there then?

10.   Mellie the insanely smart political strategist obviously being used by Lizzie Bear.

Damn she’s stupid.

11.   “This isn’t Jailhouse Mingle.com

David made a funny guys! So many lols.

12.   “You already have a plan don’t you? I’ve been poped and I don’t know it”.

Aww David, never change your loser ways.

13.   The entire Olivia and Tom scene.

Wow, there was so much to unpack there. I know we’ve all been curious at one time or another about Tom’s thoughts about Fitz and Olivia. Well four seasons on, and we finally got it. And it was glorious. I have to write down this entire dialogue because it was that freaking good.

Olivia “Hello Tom

Olivia “Warden Roberts generously allowed me the use of his office. This way I didn’t have to sign in as a visitor and we get to keep this meeting off the books.”

Tom: “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to stare, it’s just, I don’t get to look at you very often. Just look. I’m usually working, scanning the perimeter, protecting my president the way I do, I mean, I’m in the room, but I’m never in the room. You’re usually in the corner of my eye, I’ve never… Seen you. And you….are….beautiful. The face that launched a thousand ships.“

Olivia: “Tom, I need you to tell me the truth about who ordered you to kill the president’s son. I need to know..

Tom: “Why did you leave him?”

Olivia “Tom, I need answers.”

Tom “So do I. I have had so many questions for so long that I’ve been wanting to ask. Like, what is it that is so special about you? You have so much power over him. He revolves around you. So I don’t understand, why did you leave him?

Olivia “I’m not answering these-“

Tom  ”Was this an order from Command?”

Olivia “My father doesn’t give me orders.”

Tom  “You think you… Oh You think you have a father? I am so sorry, but you don’t have a father, you have Command, and you were raised by Command. Command doesn’t have a family, Command has soldiers. You take orders like any other soldier. You’ve been taking orders from Command since the day you were born.

Olivia “Who made you kill the president’s son?

Tom “He came to your apartment once after you’d left him. He insisted. So we brought him, middle of the night. Not even a follow car, just four agents and my president. I think he had to see it for himself, see that you were really gone. We had a key from the landlord. The president went in and he just …. The other three agents stayed outside in the hall, but eventually I went in too because of the sound. He was making this noise. Not crying, more like… I don’t know, I’d never heard a noise like that before. He stopped when I came in. We just didn’t talk about it. He’s my president, he needed you, he was in pain, he wanted to die. He tried you know. Once. I could protect him from everyone except you. I could never protect him from you Miss Pope.


Tom:  "You are beautiful. But really it’s what’s behind your eyes. I can see it. And you know they all love you. My president, Jake, Command. They all love you, and I can see it, I can see why. Helen of Troy. The face that launched a thousand ships. She didn’t have a father either. Her father was a god”.

Now why can’t the writers write this kind of shit for Fitz to say to her, rather than constantly relegating their interactions to sex? 

I love the Olitz sexual encounters as much as the next person, but this monologue coming from Fitz, would be romance gold. One would be forgiven for believing that it was Tom who was in love with Olivia. And in a way, he probably is.

Honestly, what I loved about this scene between Liv and Tom, was that for the first time in the entire show, there was somebody who wasn’t judging Fitz and Olivia’s relationship. That has literally never happened before. Tom, who’s been privvy to most of their most intense private moments believes in their love, and damn, but I never thought that this was something I was missing until the writers gave it to us in this episode. 

Of course the dichotomy is that he’s obviously ride or die for his president, yet he killed his son on orders, so yeah, there is that…

This scene was so great though. Just fantastic.

14.   Olivia using Susan Ross’s daughter for their TV ad campaign.

Awesome idea. Because honestly, Susan Ross herself was a mess. Casey Ross would have been a better candidate herself. I’m not even kidding.

15.   Abby pulling the gun on the son of a bitch she married.

You go girl. Honestly, if she’d shot him, I would have applauded even more, and I’m not sorry about that.

16.   The scene between Olivia and Abby after she pulled the gun on Chip.

The fact that women are always blamed, even when they are the victims. Even when they stand up and tell their story. There was so much to applaud in Olivia trying to encourage her friend to tell the world the truth about her husband, but Abby was right, honesty has not always been the best path for wronged women, or women who stood up to their abusers. 

Jenna Bans…listen… girl you are…

The message of this entire episode was so strong, and the feminist bent really made my heart soar. Gah, I loved it so much. Why couldn’t we have had this quality last season? 

Whatever, I’m just glad that the writers put down the crack pipe long enough to go back to writing awesome Scandal episodes.

17.   The beginning of the Olitz phone call between Olivia when he tells her exactly what Jake is eating. This is Fitz, all day every day:

We see by now though that her main concern is Fitz. She wants to talk to him about what Tom told her. 

18.   ”What’s wrong.“

I always love when Fitz asks Olivia what’s wrong,  and vice versa, because there is always that fundamental understanding and knowledge of each other, that the writers explore every now and then, but has been missing for so long in their interactions with one another. He knows when there’s something wrong, even when they’re on the phone. That knowing right there, is why some of us fell in love with them in the first place.

Can Fitz hurry up and get divorced so that we can have our Olitz back?

19.   ”He said you tried to kill yourself“  Woah. How amazing was the camera work on Fitz during the silence that ensued after Olivia asked this question?

I could literally feel Fitz’s shame here. He would have never wanted her to know this truth about him. That he nearly succumbed and took his own life. Tony’s acting here was superb. I felt so itchy and uncomfortable for him. Fitz obviously hasn’t dealt with his issues, so he of course changes the subject. I hope this trend doesn’t continue, because our boy needs to face his demons head on.

20.   ”I want to talk about what “hope” means.“ And the. ”That depends on how much hope there is

Fitz needs to abandon hope and file those divorce papers. This action would do more for him and Olivia’s relationship than hope ever could, or would.

By the way, did anybody else not have a clue how that conversation was going to end? Me neither. Shonda girl, you’re a dirty bird, and you don’t care who knows it.

21.   ”I’d kiss you on the mouth so you could taste yourself“.

Inappropriate phone sex is hot. Post divorce phone sex will be even hotter. But daaaamn…

22.   Huck going to meet/not meet his son…

I really need a happy ending for Huck and Javi guys. I. Need. It. But yes, this is Scandal, where there’s no such thing as a happy ending. 

23.   Honorable mention of Ethan’s puppy like eagerness.

He’s so  adorable though.

24. ” My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks and I still have a pin in it that gets me a sympathetic look every time I go through security at the airport. Two of my front teeth are fake and my collarbone hurts whenever it’s going to rain. Charles did that to me, so yeah, you won. Yahtzee.

Abby broke my heart this entire episode. So many damned feels. Bravo for telling Leo her biggest secret though. Scum like Charles don’t deserve to live, let alone be allowed to play in the political arena.

25.  The scene between Rowan and Olivia in her apartment.

But damn Kerry and Joe have the most awesome on-screen chemistry. Of course Kerry has chemistry with everyone except for Jake Dullard.

26.   ”You never ever again choose one of them over me. I won’t have it"

Sooooo Rowan, maybe we need to talk about this obsession you have with your daughter? She’s your child, not your possession dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?

27.   “What’s clear, is that you seem to have wasted a lifetime doing all the wrong things.”

Basically Daddy, you’re a mess.

28.   “Olivia, against me, you will lose

Dammit, I need Rowan to die so much. He’s such a hateful villain, I need him gone already. This man better be dead by the time the winter finale is over.

29.   Tom getting the message from Command.

Did anybody else think he was dead? Me too. I was actually quite relieved when he was shown in hospital to still be alive. Yes I know he killed a kid, but we didn’t have time to get invested in Jerry. Plus he was following orders. Rowan on the other hand.. he just needs to die, regardless. 

30.   Mellie doing what Mellie always does and overstepping her boundaries on national television.

Bitch would you just go and sit down for a minute? Or you know, get a divorce and start your own career. Properly.

31.   “I know all your weaknesses now Cy”.

Methinks that Michael is not long for this world. I hope he dies a painful death. I hate Cyrus, but I’m not down for him being played by Elizabeth North’s ho.

32.   Abby and Leo.

Leo did something noble and nice guys! They are a way hotter couple than Abby and David “I need a Wet nurse” Rosen.

33.   “I can’t believe I just let you kiss me”

“Have some more bourbon and I’ll touch your boob”


By the way, I’m pretty sure in one of my old reviews from the season that we shan’t mention, I predicted that these two would get together. I think we first got the inkling that there was potential with them in the episode when Leo accompanies Abby to see Gov. Reston’s wife who was serving time in jail.

34.  The shot of Mellie and her big hair, wearing that red dress on the balcony.

It was actually a beautiful shot, and once again, I’m convinced that Mellie won’t be the one asking for divorce, because there would be no drama in that. Mellie’s out for blood now. I can get on board with this version of Mellie, the Mellie that we used to know and love to hate.

By the way, was I the only one wondering if Bellamy Young was wearing some sort of fat suit to plump Mellie up? She seemed a lot bigger in that dress than I remembered. I have to say, if this was done on purpose, I’d be mightily impressed with the Scandal crew, because we know she’s been eating a lot of fried chicken over the past two months, and it would stand to reason that she’d gain some weight. 

A girl can dream about that kind of attention to detail, right?

35.   “I’m back Baby. Real Mellie” I feel like Shonda got tired of taking shit for the retcon job that she did on Mellie Grant last season and decided to take her back to who she used to be. She may have been listening after all guys. 

36.   “I have been holding you up for twenty years and I never complained

Mellie, two things, yes you did complain, a lot, and secondly, Fitz never asked you to hide your rape so that he could be governor and then president. Fitz never asked you to withhold vital information from him, information that could have possibly saved your marriage. Fitz never asked you to make decisions on his behalf. Fitz didn’t ask you to help rig an election for him. You never once talked to him about any of it. So don’t play that tired old ’Everything I did was for you’ card because the truth is, everything you did was at least 90% for yourself. Now sit the fuck down and try to come up with a plan to extract yourself from this toxic marriage without looking like the crazy person that you are.

37.   “He’s a B613 agent. I handled him, the way my father would have.”

I have literally never been so freaking proud of Olivia Pope as I was at this moment. Is she like her father? Maybe, but damn, give me this version of her, over the sniveling, whiny woman being beaten down by everybody and his pet dog, any day of the damned week.

My baby is back y'all.

38.   “I found you. I tracked you down by your IP address. Pretty easy


Please Shonda, let Huck have his son back in his life. It might humanize him somewhat.

39. “Hi. Hi. Hi.”

Bunker scene with Olitz and Jake Dullard! I am so freaking excited. Yes even with Dullard there. I literally cannot wait until next week. 

Stray Observations

1.   As exasperated as Olivia was, did y’all notice that she was waiting for Fitz to ring? Yes, she was Olakers, yes she was.

2.   To all the people who were losing their shit over a 30 second sneak peek on Wednesday:

3.   That balcony sure has had a major work out this season. They sure got their money’s worth from that set.

4.  "You can’t stop what’s coming. Sorry, I can’t help you". Welp

Who the hell is hunting Olivia Pope, is this going to be part of the arc for season 4B?

5.  West Angola - East Sudan. Both countries that don’t actually exist, but I see what you did there Scandal. Lol

6.  Did y’all notice that Olivia had episode 101 clothes on? That grey/light blue chiffon shirt and pants?

7.   Olivia’s coat when she went in to see Abby.

8. There was no Jake Dullard in this episode and it was glorious. 

Anyway, dammit, this episode was just sublime. For me, it goes down as one of my top five episodes in Scandal’s four seasons. It was truly brilliant. I bow down to thee Jenna Bans and Oliver Bokelberg. You too Shonda. 

I love how good this entire season has been up til now. And I love how every episode keeps getting better and better.

By the way, do we think that this is heading towards Olivia Pope becoming Command? Surely not?

No smutty Outlander gifs today, because this episode doesn’t need the allure of Jamie and Claire, because actually, everything was brilliant, and nothing hurt. 

Well, plus there was this of course:

I do however feel the need for a good drink though.

Surfbort. Lol.


Our acoustic cover of the Gravity Falls theme :) We worked really hard on this cover, and we wanted to share it around with Gravity Falls fans. We hope that you’ll end up liking it! 

Oh my God.

I’m actually crying right now. This is SO beautiful. Please listen to this. The Gravity Falls theme is so gorgeous and nostalgic, and you’ve made it even more nostalgic and beautiful. Listening to this, I could actually see the characters in my head, walking around, talking, having fun, all under the summer sun.

This might sound so insignificant or stupid or something, but I’m actually so emotional right now. Thank you so much. Thank you for submitting this to me. This was so beautiful. You both are lovely and talented people, and I’m having so many feels right now. :’)

It’s important to be around kinfolk

Part of being Black in an all white space is knowing what issues are worth the headache and knowing what issues to ignore. You get to hear a lot of white nonsense and it is up to you to decide whether you should ignore what you heard, or bring it up and ultimately end up no where. You end up ignoring a whole lot either way, not because you are a coward or fear confrontation, but for your sanity, peace of mind and survival. Some things are not worth the aggravation. Escalation or “checking” people only works if the other person is receptive. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should ignore serious matters. Not at all. It’s just that after a while, you’ll arrive at a place where you will realize that some things are just not worth the hassle.

White people generally aren’t receptive to criticism of any kind from Black folks, especially when it’s criticism of whiteness and their obtuse views on race, or the ridiculous things they say. This is very true for progressive whites. I can deal with open white racists in that they are what they are. There is no ambiguity there. What I cannot deal with is the white liberal who thinks that their progressiveness means they cannot be racist or that everything they say or do is fine. I generally don’t engage or argue on matters of race, but today was a rough day. I swallowed a bit and let it go. I made the right decision. Never do or say things when you are angry. Try to calm down a bit if possible. Hey, I came home to fry plantain, so life ain’t so bad.

Anyway, there’s a certain flavor of benevolence towards Black people with most white progressives that just rubs me the wrong way. It always manifests when there is a discussion about race, and they make it seem like you should be thankful for their progressiveness, as if they are doing you a favor. For this reason, I never bring up race talk with white people. It’s neither worth my time or effort, and I gain absolutely nothing from it.

The problem is that progressive whites always want to bring up race talk with Black folks, you know, to show how “progressive” they are. It’s almost like it’s performance art for them and they’re playing an activist character. They don’t view me as human. I’m just supposed to be “on” all the time. I’m supposed to be a raging volcano, snarling and angry 24/7. I can’t be happy. I can’t be the happy, upbeat person that I genuinely am who likes to crack jokes, laugh and listen to music all day. I can’t be relaxed. I can’t look forward to an upcoming date. I can’t look forward to dinner. I can’t look forward to cooking. I can’t look forward to just getting lost in the city taking photographs on the street. I need to be surrounded by Black death, Black pain and Black suffering because that is my purpose in life. I’m meant to be angry and progressive whitey over here is being an ally.

Here they go being an ally, shoving Black suffering down my throat. It’s why I exist you know. I’m meant to just watch videos of Black people dying all day. I’m supposed to tweet and make tumblr posts about it all day. Message after message. Email after email, they eagerly share the death of people that look like me like it’s nothing. “Hey, watch this video of a Black man getting his brains blown out by a cop. Isn’t it outrageous? I noticed you haven’t posted anything about it yet. How come? Did you see it yet? I want to know your thoughts. Let me send it to you in HD. You’re Black, how do you feel about that? I’m white and I’m annoyed. Oh, here’s another video of another Black person being killed. Oh, here’s a link to this article of a cop beating up some random Black person. What are your thoughts? You haven’t posted about Boko Haram in a while. Here’s a video of them slitting a man’s throat.” Rinse and repeat.

They pass this around like a soundcloud mix. I’m supposed to be this machine made of iron, void of feelings and emotion. I’m just supposed to watch Black people dying all the time. It never occurs to them that I don’t want to watch it. I’ve watched enough. Sometimes I wonder if some white people are human. How are they this oblivious? How? Clearly, these videos don’t affect them the same way they affect me. I wonder about people who aren’t affected by videos of murder and death. How can you consume this day in and day out with no effect? Are you human?

You want to know my thoughts. What do you think I think about Black people being killed? What do you think I think about state sanctioned extrajudicial murder of Black people? What do you think I think about Boko Haram? If I don’t say anything to you or make a post, does it mean I’m not aware? Must I give commentary? Is this my job? Is that the reason for my existence? Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I am tired of watching Black death. Maybe I have nothing else to say. Maybe other people have said things far more eloquently than I could. Maybe my voice is broken, and I choose to focus on what makes me happy, because I could be a hashtag tomorrow. Look, just walking by cops makes me uneasy, and I shouldn’t feel uneasy because I didn’t do anything wrong, but yet I am. Just the mere site of them makes me uncomfortable. Please, let me have some joy in my life while I still have a life. Do you my dear white allies ever think about any of this before shoving Black death down my throat? Do you think all Black people want to watch Black death all day? Can we get a day off? Can I get a day off?

For this reason, I am grateful for family and friends. I need time to decompress, and this happens when I am around my kinfolk. I have to be around Black people. Daily microaggressions can really wear you down and if you’re a Black person surrounded by this daily (school, work, social media, neighborhood etc), this can wreck havoc on your sense of well being.

I like getting away and getting lost in personal projects, taking photos of African musicians performing and backstage, taking pictures of friends and family, and documenting things, listening to vinyl, eating good food with friends and family, and socializing. I want to focus on life and a lot of that is with a camera. Little moments, big moments, casual moments, fleeting moments, encounters with strangers on the street, I want to focus on the beauty of this. I want to focus on my art. Yet, here you are reminding me of Black death. Apparently, I can’t focus on those of us you haven’t killed.

I like being around people like me because they make life worth living. Try to be around people like you, or rather, kinfolk that love and appreciate you. It’s the antidote to a lot of white bullshit, and I’m neck deep in white bullshit. You probably are too.

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your tags about ygo being abot friendship and uniting were beautiful ;u;

Thank you! I just wanted to remind people what this series really stands for, and how that reflects upon the fandom. Of course, your otp is beautiful, and your fav is a cinnamon roll, but ultimately what yugioh truly stands for is friendship; the bonds that we make today and the bonds we’ll make tomorrow shape our future, and we depend on them for strength.

“This manga’s been running for over two years now. Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and video games and all sorts of things have been released, but stuck here sitting behind my desk, I can’t watch people playing them. I wish I could see you guys enjoying them. But if you’ve made a friend through shared interest in Yu-Gi-Oh!, then I’m happy that I made this manga. That’s what brings me the most joy.”

-Kazuki Takahashi

Whether it’s card games or emotional, day to day strife, we owe it to ourselves and Kazuki Takahashi to lend strength to one another.


My mom died when i was born, (she was actually really really hot, but this isn’t about her. i guess that’s messed up to say, but oh well) i actually grew up with my dad’s family, because my dad has all sorts of emotional issues and he left me before i was born. So you can see, my childhood was really kind of messed up.

Anyways, growing up i felt like there was always a lot of distance between me and my sister. When i was about 17 or 18 i first noticed my sister was a hottie. I don’t want to go into too many details about it, but basically what happened is that i accidentally found a video she made of herself. i knew she didn’t make it for me, but i thought she was so beautiful that i watched it twice. (i probably would have watched it a hell of a lot more, except that like right around the time i found the video, all this crazy stuff went on and i had to leave home. (My dad’s family who i was staying with got in bad trouble with the law. i never talk about it).

Sooo… I was totally lusting after my sister at that point. She was also having bad trouble with the law. She was actually in custody when i left home. My friend and i went to go pick her up. When i saw her that day, after seeing the video, i have to be honest, i just wanted to have sex with her so badly. Looking back on it now, its pretty messed up, but i think she had feelings for me too. She actually kissed me right after we came to get her… and it wasn’t a sisterly kiss, i mean, it wasn’t ridiculously sexual or anything, but it definitely wasn’t sisterly.

After we left, we all went to my sister’s friends, On the trip there, my friend sort of implied that he wanted to get with my sister, and i got a little jealous. He’s a good looking guy, and even though she was my sister, i felt like he was competition. Not much else happened between us for a while except some maybe sexy hugging.

Pretty much everyone in my life at that point was wanted by the government, so we all moved around a lot. I’m not saying that i’m proud of it or anything, but it was kind of an awesome time.

My friend and my sister never hooked up i don’t think, but i thought there was some serious sexual tension going on between them. It was around that time that i got really badly hurt in an accident. i was fucked up. i alsmost died. But when i was in recovery my sister came to see me, and out of the clear blue sky she started giving me this awesome, slow, passionate kiss on the lips.

Sadly (although, i guess it was for the best) nothing ever came of it. We spent some time apart… and i started to get really religious, so i tried not to think of her that way. It was actually going well for a long time, like i was completely over her. But i have to say, about a year or so after all that stuff happened, we were out sailing (not like a date or
anything romantic like that), and she was wearing the sexiest bikini i’ve ever seen and it brought back all the old feelings. *sigh*

A little while later she actually wound up with my friend from before. i can’t say i was suprised. But even after she was hitting it up with my friend, there was one time we were at a party… my friend was inside, and my sister and i were outside alone. It was a really intimate moment. i think something might have happened, except i killed the mood when i told her that Darth Vader was our father and that i had to go face him…

Your Daughter Gets Her Period While You're Away

He’s basically at home with your daughter as you’re away on a trip! This was requested!!!xx REQUEST!!!!


Niall: You left about two days ago with your girls to the city of love; Paris. It was a little vacation Niall hooked up for you to get some relaxation time. The day you found out about the tickets and that you could take your friends along, was a very thrilling moment for you! He was left at home with your twelve year old daughter, Mia. He was happy as well getting some father-daughter action as it is father’s day. Mia and Niall had been working up a sweat outside playing football (soccer). “Alright M, this is your final chance.” “Oh please dad, you’ll be on your knees begging for mercy.” “Oh look at my little one, ya know you’re just like your mother.” With her swift legs sprinting towards the ball, in one quick movement the game was over! “I WON!” She screamed doing her little victory dance. “I won, I won, oh yeah, can’t touch that! Because I won, that’s right,” she sings still doing her dance. “Uh sweet heart?” “Yeah dad?” “You’ve got uh, y-you’ve got something on the back of your pants.” “Eh probably just some dirt or a bug-,” “No sweetie I think it’s begun.” “W-what?” “Your period,” Mia’s face went pale as she quickly put her hands back covering her bum. “Oh my gosh, call mum! What do I do?” “I don’t know!” “What do you mean you don’t know, aren’t you married!” “Y-yeah but I don’t pay attention to that!” ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?“ She hurriedly went into the house grabbing her cell hoping she didn’t cut into your relaxing time. "Hey sweetie everything going ok,” you say through the phone. “Oh just dandy mum, nothing like starting your period after you beat your father at football!” “Haha that’s good- wait what?” “My period what do I do?” “Oh this is too soon, okay first go through my cabinet and get some of my pads, also take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You’ll be fine it happens.” “Thanks mom atleast I have someone to count on.”

Harry: “Where is mum again?” “At some fashion show in Milan.” “Who needs fashion shows when we could strut in our clothes all day?” “Eh her friend invited her.” “The one we don’t like?” “Yep, that one,” Harry and thirteen year old Kelsie stayed on the couch in the basement having a movie marathon. It was pretty cool with just the two of them having some bonding time. After watching countless disney movies Kels asked if they could watch a scary one. “Dad lets kick it up a notch-,” “The last time I did that your mother was pregnant.” “Wait what?” “Nothing baby girl, what do you want to watch?” Kels furrowed her brows at her father’s mumbling not picking up a word he said. She shrugged it off crawling towards the tv stand digging through the movies. “Hmm lets see, we have Straw Dogs-,” “Boring.” “Mama-,” “Weird.” “Texas Chainsaw-,” “Nope.” “Insidious-,” “Too paranormal.” “I agree, Evil Dead?” “Yeah I guess put-,” he stops abruptly looking at your daughter’s mess. “Dad?” She looked back at him as she saw him with a shock look. “Kelsie, you um, have a little something-,” “On my face!” “No your pants,” he stutters. She turned to look at her pants and sure enough, the evidence was there. “Oh is this what a period is?” “Yes unfortunately, wait a minute if the stain is that big, then,” he looked at the couch and saw a small spur of red sitting proudly on the couch. “Damn.”

Liam: “Lets be rational about this-,” “There is nothing rational about this game dad,” it was a cold, rainy day and the two of them only wished you were doing ok in Las Vegas. “It’s your turn,” Cam says using her weird dark voice. Liam crosses his fingers hoping he would win her card. “Dang it!” “Ha, ha,” she says greedily snatching his card and hers putting them in her deck. Speed the card game was like russian roulette only no one was dying. That’s how Liam saw it. “Ok, snack time,” she got up and Liam ordered his drink and type of snack he would have for the rest of the game. “And sir that would be approximately one thousand dollars and seventy five cents,” Cam says serving him his food. “What a rip off!” “Sir do I need to escort you out of the restaurant?” They both laugh and she heads into the kitchen to put away the tray. “Alright Cam this time you won’t, you won’t oh god.” “What? You alright dad?” “Oh my god, it’s beginning you are a WOMAN NOW! MOVE OUT!” “DAD! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!” “YOUR PERIOD!” “OH MY GOD IS IT BAD!” “NOT REALLY!” “WHY ARE WE YELLING!” “I DON’T KNOW!”

Zayn: “Can we hurry dad, I want to watch The Walking Dead,” Peyton whines through the store. They were out getting some groceries for the evening along with her older brother Mike. “Stop whining.” “Shut up Mike.” “Hey be nice, your brother just got back from college.” “Ugh why couldn’t I have gone with mom? This is apparently a guy’s weekend and I’m the only female present in the house!” “Make your self useful and grab some bananas.” Having nothing else to do, she follow s her father’s orders and heads off to the produce section. Passing the sugars and fats she made it there getting six of them. At the corner of her eye she saw a cute guy walk up as well seeming to be her age. Trying to contain herself she slowly puts the bananas in the bag. He walked off not even looking at her and she went straight into a pout. “Um Peyton,” Mike calls out worriedly. “What Mikey?” “You need to come here right now.” She rolled her eyes and looked toward him. “I just have-,” she noticed a couple of people were by her staring at her but she just thought she was just Zayn Malik’s daughter people were gonna stare! “Peyton please,” he headed towards her. “Why is everyone looking at me?” She even noticed they had their phones out! “Mikey what’s going on?” “Um you kind of started your period.” “I WHAT?” She was furious and upset! No one told her and they’re here looking at her! “AND YOU ALL JUST STAND HERE TAKING YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS WHILE I AM HAVING MY PERIOD? HOW MATURE YOU DUMMIES! UGH I WOULD TAKE YOU ALL TO COURT DUE TO EMOTIONAL DISTRESS BUT I’M GOING TO GET SOME PADS FOR MY PERIOD!”

Louis: “Be polite.” “Be polite? I don’t, I don’t know-,” Bria and Louis were out in public at a little shop eating. Paparazzi was there as always taking every picture of her. She felt weird getting this much attention. “Is this what it felt like back then with your fans?” “Oh yeah all the time. I remember me and your uncles went shopping and as soon as we made it inside the shop, outside was flooded with hundreds of fans! It was amazing, this is nothing.” It was pretty cool to hear about Louis’s past. Bria really enjoyed listening to them because she found it interesting. “Wow I don’t know if I could do that.” “Well believe it or not, you’re doing it now.” “Hmm,” she hums squirming in her seat. “You ok boo?” “Uh yeah just,” her cheeks heated up, she didn’t want to tell her father she was experiencing weird stuff, down there. “What is it your cheeks are going pink!” “I just, I don’t know-,” “Come on you can tell me anything.” “Dad, I think it’s started.” “What?” “My you know what.” “Oh, woman hood?” “Call it that but yes.” This wasn’t the place or time. There were people outside taking photos! “What am I going to do?” “Don’t panic.” “What do you mean don’t panic? How am I not supposed to panic dad I have people outside taking pictures!” “It happens to every woman.” “I’m only thirteen! Don’t you think I’m too young?” “I don’t know ask mother nature!” “She can’t help me right now!” The two of them struggled to figure out what to do next…