oh that sounds so dramatic but this scene just

That one scene from tonight’s Wynonna Earp episode between Waverly and Nicole made me tear up. That one scene where Waverly walks down the stairs, all smiles, with a beautiful dress ; while the person she loves (and loves her back) looked at her in awe. Except that time, that person was another woman. I teared up and sobbed and smiled so wide because of that little classic and romantic moment between two women in love. It’s a little trope I always loved. And I’ve never been one to fantasize about feeling like a “princess”, but now that I saw that scene, I think I might never have fantasized about it because I never felt it could be me. I never felt it could be me, or my partner, walking down the stairs slowly with gorgeous clothes and a smile so wide it becomes painful, because the equation always had a man in it. Those scenes were always gorgeous because, well, women are gorgeous, but something was missing. I knew what was missing. But when I got that very scene with Waverly and Nicole, I realized how much was missing, and I teared up. I teared up and smiled because that little cliché scene was finally whole.

Things I had forgotten about the LotR audio drama, episodes 2 and 3:

  • Whenever there’s a Ring Moment™ they play the sound of someone running their finger on the edge of a wine glass. That is the sound of invisibility/evil mind-control Ring magic, I guess.
  • How silly the Nazgul screams sound (”HOOOOOO-AAA”)
  • The Nazgul “HYAAAH” breath noise
  • The Lord of the Nazgul’s very un-eldritch voice
  • The random chanting of the inscription on the Ring whenever Frodo has a near-Nazgul experience, with the Lord of the Nazgul saying it in English while the other Nazgul chant it in the background in the Black Speech, sounding bored out of their minds.
    • “PUT. ON. THE RING.” “the ring” “the ring!”
    • “the riiiiiing. the riiing.”
    • “I’M FALLING, I’M FALLING, HEEELP MEEE” (dude, you’re a Nazgul, get some dignity)
  • The Hobbits apparently sang the same song all the way through the Old Forest, because the transition where it skipped that entire section is “singing and hoofbeats -> fade out -> fade back in -> singing and hoofbeats -> ‘Oh, there’s Bree!’”
  • The way Aragorn’s voice actor starts out copying a Bree-ish accent and then slips out of it when he notices Pippin being stupid on the other side of the room and never goes back.
  • When Frodo sings in the Prancing Pony tavern Ian Holm didn’t even bother to sing, he just, like, chanted it rhythmically.
  • ~Dramatic music~ starts up in the background when they’re reading the “All that is gold does not glitter” verse
  • How completely incomprehensible action scenes are
  • Aragorn swings a flaming branch and it uses the same sound effect as the Eagles’ wings for some reason
  • Glorfindel sounds so distressed all the time
  • The prophecy from Faramir and Boromir’s dream is inexplicably sung by a countertenor who rolls all his Rs really hard
  • Frodo apparently rings a bell to get everyone’s attention before announcing he will take the Ring to Mordor
Adrien watches SAO

This anime has been recommended to me so many times so I was like “I’m a complete nerdy loser and I have 36 hours to kill that sounds like a great idea” so here I go

  • ok so first off someone spoiled me a part of this shit and told me already that the villain is hiding in the game as a player, but didnt tell me who that player is. thanks a lot man
  • aw protagonist and red haired guy are making friends
  • boom! villain reveal
  • even after his big speech I have absolutely NO idea what his motivations are
  • dude wtf
  • also I’m pretty sure the police can find him or something
  • sexual tension between protagonist and red haired guy. red haired guy will now be referred to as “gay best friend”
  • why are people so mad at beta testers for being… you know, beta testers?
    did I miss something?
  • kirito u fucking nugget
  • black dude knows his shit. all hail black dude
  • I have been informed that his name is agil. it kinda sounds like the french pronunciation of “agile”. why  not
  • new girl character spotted
  • obvious love interest is obvious
  • kirito dude why do you have to be so dramatic just tell them the truth
  • there is literally no good reason not to say “this boss was different in the beta, no one could have predicted that”
  • u fucking drama queen
  • y u gotta be alone
  • “i’m a solo player” *eye rolls into infinity*
  • oh wait you just accepted to be a member of that guild?
  • oh boy
  • they’re gonna die aren’t they
  • … why the bed scenes plz let the other girl character be useful
  • yep ded I called it
  • oh no another girl falls for kirito
  • are you fucking serious
  • um ok love interest is a fucking badass?
  • wait I’m confused this is supposed to be an action show, not an investigation one
  • yet another girl has the hots for kirito
  • plz stop
  • wait it’s neither action or investigation now it’s slice of life
  • what is this anime
  • *generic annoying cockblock guy appears*
  • *generic annoying cockblock guy is defeated*
  • yay action!
  • kirito is a marty stue double triple quadruple infinty-le confirmed
  • another duel? he’s the hero, he should win
  • nope nevermind scratch that the commender did something fishy and won.
    pretty sure that’ll be important later
  • ok so I just checked and in this episode asuna is like 17 and kirito 16 so that’s not as weird as I thought BUT STILL
  • anyway they didn’t do the diddly do
  • um
  • UM
  • OKAY
  • ???? did love interest and main guy just get suddenly married after spending 9 episodes shitting on eachother? ok
  • wtf kind of slice of life shit is this
  • little girl lost in the woods, never a good thing to have
  • this whole “daddy” and “mommy” thing is making me exTrEMELY UNCOMFORTABLE
  • she’s not your daughter stop it
  • oh thank god she’s dead now the awkwardness will stop
  • wait shit no she’s not
  • fuck
  • “and that was a slice of life sequence. now, with absolutely no transition whatsoever, this is now an action episode” ok
  • did I ever mention how much I love agil and gay best friend? well now I have. I’m starting to wonder if any of them is secretly the villain tho
    btw kirito+asuna+gay best friend = ot3
  • SAO? more like “well that escalated quickly”, the anime.
  • so obvious and yet… no actually it was just really obvious and I missed it. sorry.
  • there are deus ex machinas and then there’s the mid season finale of SAO.
    wtf writers
  • this makes no sense

alright this is getting long I’m making another post now

there it is

I Saw the Light

I went to one of the viewings of I Saw the Light last night at Lincoln Plaza. I trekked into the city right after work, and made it on time for the 7:15pm showing. 

For the movie, it’s sooooo much better during the second viewing. I saw the movie back in October, and I felt a little more prepared for the emotional moments. It’s Abraham’s style of story telling, to leave the audience reeling with emotional whiplash, while maintaining the energy of the story.. I still want the emotional payoff of some of those moments though, that’s the thing I miss when watching the movie. The audience is always one or two steps behind, and from a story perspective, I’d like to follow along, pace along with it. I understand the constraints of getting so much in there within two hours, maybe a separate writer and director combo would’ve helped tell this story better?

Tom’s performance leaves me breathless. He is so good, so invested in it. It’s remarkable how much he brings out of the script. He pulls out so many nuances and small moments, as well as the big dramatic beats. I think the highlight of the movie, one of his best, is one of the scenes when Hank is dreadfully sick and forced to perform, appearing as Luke the Drifter. The tension in that scene between the audience expecting this rousing performer but gets a dramatic recitation of poetry from a visibly, painfully ill Hank. Not only did Tom nail the vocal resonance of it, by holding out some of the sounds, but the audience is left with the feeling of OH-MY-GOD-IS-HE-GOING-TO-PASSOUT?!  

I love Tom’s singing in this! Truly. There’s this innocent and pure quality to it that’s just so beautiful at times. As some of you know, I’m very into vocals, and classically trained singers. There’s this unblemished clarity to his sound that just makes you feel good…  like an inflatable balloon filling with air and floating off. It makes me giddy to hear that.

Wrenn Schmidt and Tom Hiddleston came in during the credits to talk about the film and answer questions from the audience. I couldn’t tell you everything that was said, because being in the presence of Tom kind of stuns. In the I-don’t-know-my-name, what-am-I, and am-i-breathing kind of way. I shared the same breathing space as him, and that truly terrifies me.

Aside from all that, I did manage to snap a few pictures, all of which are complete and utter crap. The lights were low, and I was nearly liquid form. Wrenn was absolutely darling and Tom seemed subdued. I can’t blame him, since this schedule has been brutal. He did crack of few jokes and basically had the entire audience (men and women, young and older) eating out of his palm - par for the course with this man. His natural radiance had some falling out of their seats, quite literally - I hope she’s okay.

Security hustled Tom out of there quick so there wasn’t time for pictures or autographs, which felt like a good call. This movie theatre wasn’t equipped for it. I’m surprised that they picked this house, rather than some of the bigger ones in Manhattan, like the ones on 42nd Street, or the Ziegeld or the huge AMC (is it the AMC?) in Union Square. The Lincoln Plaza Cinemas have seen better days.

The quality of these pics are really, really poor, and can’t even say there are really any good ones.