oh that riker



Sorry the Riker picture isn’t very clear 😂 just so you can get an image of what they look like!

****Imagine your favorite character keeping a hand over your mouth to muffle your moans of pleasure while they fuck you or go down on you because your friends/family are in the room just around the corner.****

So it was game night at the Lynch house and my boyfriend Riker and I were getting a little bored. We loved the card games, the dance and video games but now it got to board games we got tired. Sitting around the dining table, the family including Ell, Sav and Brandon and Alexa were taking part in Monopoly. I sat next to Riker at the head if the table, and my head slumped against his shoulder. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of taking him into another room and doing him against the wall. Of course, with his family being right here, that couldnt happen.

But it wouldn’t stop me having a little fun right? Slowly trailing my right hand along Rikers left thigh, I reached his zipper on his jeans and looked up at him, desperate to see his reaction. All he did however, was look down at my hand, look at my face and then back at the game. Ha, okay. Let’s step it up a notch.

I leant back in the chair, making sure everybody’s attention was on the board game. Lifting my hips I pulled my boy short panties down from under my skater dress and took them off. Riker was still watching the game, suddenly rolling the dice for us. We only moved two spaces and ended up paying rent to Ryland. Riker just sighed and looked at me, his eyes widening when he saw my panties in my hand. I could only smile at him, but I thought I’d hand them to him under the table. He stuffed them into his pocket and gave me a deep kiss pulling back when Rydel cleared her throat. “Excuse me lovers, we have a game to play. Please refrain from playing tonsil tennis at the table.” I just laughed but Riker had a straight face.

“(Y/N), what do you think you’re doing?! My parents are right across the table!” He whispered into my ear, a little desperation in his voice. “I really want you Riker, but it’s not like we can go in another room and fuck is it?” I replied, kissing his cheek and leaning back again. He just bit his lip and stared at me, not knowing what to do.

But five words were whispered into my ear that changed the tension between us. “Touch yourself for me baby.”
“Riker! I’m not getting myself of in front of your family!”
“Fine. I’ll do it then.”

I couldn’t believe it. Yes I had some sexual frustration building up inside me, but Riker getting me off in front of his whole family wasn’t my idea of release. My thoughts were haltered when Rikers left hand trailed along the inside of my thighs and spread my legs. I just coughed a little and opened them wide enough for him to pleasure me. In the corner of my eye I could see him smirking but still watching everyone playing the stupid fucking game. My concentration was getting more and more limited while his fingers ran up and down my slit, gathering wetness and spreading it around over my lips.

Rubbing anti-clockwise circles on my clit, Riker sat up and grabbed the dice and threw our turn. I got nervous as soon as I made eye contact with Ross, a puzzled look upon his face as he looked at Rikers arm. “What is he doing?” He mouthed to me.
“Nothing.” I mouthed back.
His eyes widened and he gulped as soon as he realised what was happening. It was his turn and he kept his eyes on me and Rikers arm whilst he rolled the dice. One fell to the ground, and he just groaned and went under the table to fetch it.

Riker smiled and rubbed faster, bringing me right to the edge. I couldn’t move or make any noise but my thighs clenched together around his hand, his actions not stopping. The table moved a little as Ross bumped his head, rising from underneath with a pink blush spread across his cheeks. He just cleared his throat and moved his piece along the board, not making eye contact with anyone. “Ross saw everything you know that!?” I whisper-screamed into Rikers ear, my legs shaking a little while I sat up. “Mhmm.” He replied, taking his fingers and bringing them to his lips, making sure Ross could see what he was doing. Ross just gulped again and his hands started to shake a little.

“Guys, I’m really tired. Should we stop this now?” Ross spoke up, looking at me and Riker then at the rest of the family. A few nods and some agreements came from the guys and we ended up packing the game away and saying our good nights.
I headed into the kitchen to get a glass of water and sat up on the breakfast counter. “That was so hot (Y/N).” Turning my head I saw Riker walking in shirtless, running his hand through his hair. “Thank you. Come here please.”

He stood in between my legs and pulled me right to the edge of the counter. “You were such a good girl being quiet for me like that. You’re going to be quiet again for me okay?” His lips ghosted over my ear and began leaving slow kisses down to my shoulder, fingertips gently pulling my straps down. He was serious about this, Riker was actually going to fuck me in the middle of the kitchen of his family home.

As soon as the straps were just below my bra, a cough came from the doorway. I jumped and covered myself, turning around to see Ross with his hands in his pockets. “I just needed a drink.”
“Get one then.” Ah brotherly love. There was a hint of anger in Rikers voice, evidently mad that his little brother interrupted. “Sanitize after, you dirty bastards.” He just giggled and left, his left eye dropping into a wink before walking away.

“He’s gone Riker. Look at me.” I tried to calm him down a little, I didn’t understand why he was getting so mad. “He fucking wants you (Y/N) I can see it in his face.”
I just snorted and pulled his face close to mine. “Well he’s not the one that’s going to be bending me over and fucking me in this kitchen is he?” “Oh fuck I love you.”

Our lips smashed together and our tongues rubbed against the other, savouring the taste of each other’s mouths. Riker hitched my dress up and bunched it around my waist, unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. I jumped down off of the counter, and felt Riker push me to face the other way, pushing my top half down onto the surface. Gripping my hips he pulled me in line with his cock, rubbing it up and down my slit and letting out a moan at how wet I was.

“Jesus baby you’re dripping. Something about being in public turns you on huh?”
I couldn’t speak, I was too caught up in pleasure and fear that we could possibly get caught. “Talk to me baby.” I just let out a moan and nodded at him. “Yes Riker, oh my god. Please just fuck me already, please.” My body started to ache with need and I jutted my hips forward, feeling him slip inside me filling me to the hilt. A loud moan left my mouth and Rikers hand traveled to it keeping me quiet.

“You gotta be quiet for me baby.
You feel so warm around me (y/n), so tight, it’s so fucking good.” I nodded and he pulled his hand away, grabbing my hair and pulling me up. He pulled out and spun me around, lifting me back onto the counter, I knew he did it because he likes eye contact and watching my face when I cum.
“Oh Riker, I fucking love it when you talk to me like this. Please don’t stop.”

His words got filthier as his thrusts got deeper. The pace stayed the same, deep and hard and not too fast. “You’re so dirty for me (y/n), making me finger fuck you in front of my family. You liked it huh?” He said, growling. “Mhmm, it felt so good, I love it when you make me cum. Oh my god, Riker please, don’t stop please don’t stop!” With one arm wrapped around my waist and a hand in my hair, he pushed his lips on mine whilst we came, knowing if he hadn’t, I would’ve screamed the house down.

Slowing his hip motions down, he pulled out and hoisted his jeans up. “Stay there.” My mouth just opened and closed like a goldfish while I pulled my dress back to normal and sat on the top, still coming down from my orgasm a little. Faint whispers could be heard from outside the kitchen and I would have been so embarrassed if the family walked in and knew what had just happened.

But Riker just walked in, in sweats this time. Followed by Ross. Ross was simply in his pink striped boxers and a shirt and was smiling in a devious way. Riker pushed him towards me and he stumbled a little but stood in front of me. “Riker said I could do this.” “Do wha-”
He kissed me. Full on tongues and everything. I didn’t know how to react so I just pushed him back and kept my hands on his shoulders, looking straight at Riker. He was leant against the fridge, his mouth pursed together and his eyebrows raised. “Really? Why?” I asked, really confused as to what was happening. “Look at his raging fucking hard on for you, that’s why. He was being a pervert and he saw us. So I agreed to let him have you just this once. Y'all have fun now.” Riker just smiled at me, gave a glare to Ross as if to say be careful and threw him a condom. “I love you (y/n.”

Okay. So here I was, legs spread with my boyfriends younger brother in between them. “I’ve needed this for a long time okay. I’m sorry. You’re just so ho-”
My hand pressed against his mouth and I jumped off the counter, sinking down to my knees. “Be quiet for me Ross, and I’ll make it worth your while.” Ross bit his lip and nodded.

I pulled his hard length from his boxers and jacked it off for a little while, running my thumb over the sensitive tip before replacing my thumb with my tongue. He jerked his hips forward and let out a small groan. So I stopped and sat back on my heels. “I said be quiet Ross. Make one more noise and I’ll leave.” His face turned into a desperate expression and I felt kinda bad for him. So I gave him the best head of his life. Just before he came however, I stood and like his brother, he towered over me. I looked up into his eyes and stood on my tippy toes, our mouths about an inch apart.

“So are you gonna fuck me or what?”
“Heck yeah.”

Ross grabbed the condom from the table top and slid it on. Then he gripped the back of my thighs and lifted my legs around his waist. He pushed me against the wall and naturally my dress had ridden up just enough for him to push straight inside.
“Holy shit. Oh my god you’re perfect.”
“Thanks Ross, I won’t lie you’re not so bad yourself.” He chuckled and blushed, so I kissed him really slowly and let him savour the moment. I gently slid my tongue inside his mouth and smiled into the kiss when he reciprocated. “Move Ross.”
He was shocked I think, hence why he stilled inside of me. But then he began to thrust and hit my g-spot perfectly. Talented and young, Ross was lucky and he was so gonna get girls in the future with his little smirk and his massive cock.

“Cum for me Ross. Give it to me like you’ve always wanted to. Come on I wanna feel it baby.” I encouraged him, watching his face screw up in concentration and his teeth sinking into his bottom lip. “But - I, I haven’t ma-made you cum yet.” He stuttered, one of his hands dropping down my body and rubbing at my nub. “oh god Ross. Baby, I already came twice tonight. I’m too sensitive it’s okay. You cum.”

He just moaned and whimpered a little, signalling he was close. I pushed him away and jumped down to my knees, gripping his cock in my hands and pulling the condom off, kitten licking the tip before sucking him all in down my throat. “Ugh fuck yes. I’m gonna cum (y/n). Oh my god I’m gonna cum.”

I pulled my head away, and jerked him off, watching as he threw his head back and moaned. Hot spurts of cum landed across my chest and he looked down and breathed out a moan. “Fucking hell (y/n). Thank you so much baby. You’re so perfect.”

“It’s okay Ross. I’d say anytime but Riker has a little ban on sharing me.”
Ross laughed and tucked himself back into his boxers, admiring me from afar whilst I pulled my dress down and grabbing some kitchen tissue. Wiping the liquids from my chest, I pulled my straps up and grabbed two bottles of water, chucking one to Ross. I walked back to him and looked up into his eyes, his eyes watching my lips as they grew closer to his. But just before they could touch-

“What the hell are you two doing down here?!?!”
Ross nearly jumped a foot in the air when Rydel whisper-shouted from the doorway.
“I was just getting some water and Advil for Ross, he came down with a major headache and was moaning about it.” I rolled my eyes and handed some painkillers to Ross, giving him the face to just go along with it.
“Yeah, it actually hurts so bad.”
“Well hurry up and go to bed guys, it’s 3am.”
Rydel jogged upstairs and as soon as I heard the bedroom door close, I let out a breath of relief. Riker walked in with an empty bottle.

“How was it?” He asked Ross, walking past him and filling up his bottle. “Man, it was awesome, she feels so good, oh my god like, she gives head-”
“Yeah okay Ross, he gets it.” Riker took a sip of his water and grabbed me from behind, placing a cold and wet kiss to my shoulder. “Cool.”
Ross just had a massive grin on his face while he thanked me and Riker. I just giggled at his stuttering and his excitement, and Riker slapped my butt, making me shut up straight away.
“Same time tomorrow?” Riker asked Ross.


Riker Drabble for keatycatforlife (5, “Wait, are you jealous.”)

Moving to LA you were a little fish in a big pond. You never thought you were going to make it in the business. Then suddenly after months, and months of persevering you finally scored an audition, which was quite an accomplishment without having an agent. The audition went great, and the casting director took to you so well he called you back in a few days later for a reading for a bigger role in the alleged movie. It was all uphill from there. You soon got connected with an agent, and a few other important people and ended up getting a role as the lead love interest in the movie.

When you were sent the script you were informed your co-star, and love interest in the movie would be none other than Ross Lynch. You had heard of him before some from R5, and his TV show Austin, and Ally. The first day you met him was definitely interesting.

“Oh my gosh, you’re Ross.” You exclaimed a little more excited than you would like to admit.

“Yup, that’s me.” He joked.

“Sorry I’m not used to meeting famous people yet.” You admitted.

“Its fine, I’m used to it.” Ross chuckled. “So how long have you lived in LA?” He asked.

“Just a few months, its a lot different than I imagined.” Ross nodded.

“Oh yea, I remember moving out here when I was like 12, it was a bit of a change.” Ross paused for a second. He seemed very genuine already. “Well if we’re going to be starring in this movie together, we should probably get to know each other. I don’t know if you’ve heard of my band, but we’re having this barbeque Saturday if you want to come.”

“Sure sounds fun.”  You replied. What was even more interesting than that day was falling for your co-star’s older brother Riker. You attended that barbeque, and met all of Ross’s family including Riker. You immediately took interest in each other. Ross seeing the future relationship budding thought it was adorable, he didn’t have any troubles with you dating his brother.

The next few months after that were unique, you had to go to work, and practice pretending to be in love with Ross, then go home, and be in actual love with his brother Riker. It wasn’t a big deal for any of you though, you had a great plutonic relationship with Ross, all romance between you two was completely acting.

You, and Riker were making out on the couch in his house when footsteps trailed over to the couch.

“I hate to break up this love fest, but we have an interview in an hour.” Ross spoke. You pulled away from Riker and giggled as you saw the scowl on his face.

“I have to share everything with this kid.” Riker grumpily joked. You laughed.

“Hey I’m the reason you two met, you should be thanking me.” Ross added. Riker rolled his eyes as you stood up from the couch. You reached out your hand, and pulled him up off the couch.

“Come on grumpy, we should probably get going.” You chuckled once more.


“The movie has an interesting storyline; could you tell us more about that?” The lady in her mid forties wearing a red dress asked before taking another sip of her coffee. You and Ross were being featured on the local morning show.

“Yea, without giving away too much of the storyline its basically about this really bad boy that…” Sometimes you would tune out Ross during interviews, you loved him to death, he had become your best friend over the months but boy could he blab. On, and on, and on. It wasn’t bad by all means, it meant you wouldn’t have to answer all the awkward, and sometimes embarrassing questions and make a fool out of yourself. It was more or less something you joked about with him. You looked over to the side of the stage where Riker was standing. He opened, and closed his hand a few times making a gesture that was mimicking Ross for talking so much. You tried to contain your giggle seeing you were on live television. You kept watching Riker as he distracted you from the interview. He would try to do that quite often actually. Riker bounced his eyebrows up, and down a few times, and smirked. You had to purse your lips together to not laugh.

“And I heard you guys have a interesting little love triangle going on, is that right.” Your attentions immediately directed back to the women. You blushed, you hated it when people called it that.

“Sort of, not really.” Ross chuckled.

“How is it doing big romantic scenes with Ross, while being in a relationship with his brother?” you cringed. You hated when they directed questions at you.

“Well…I…Its” you stuttered.

“Its not hard at all for us, because our relationship is strictly professional. We’re really good friends, and all but we’re completely plutonic.” The interviewer grinned.

“So, who’s the better kisser Riker, or Ross?” The interviewer asked. Your face turned beat red.

“Uh…well, I don’t know.” you nervously muttered.

“What she means is it’s a very different type of situation our scenes are all scripted while they’re real. You can’t really compare them.” Ross saved you again.

“Well thank you guys for coming today.” The interviewer said finally wrapping up the interview. She looked into the camera. “We’ll be right back.” She said, and the crowd cheered. You, and Ross stood up, and walked over to the side where Riker was offstage. You took a deep breath.

“Hey baby.” You said wrapping your arms around Riker. Riker removed his hands off of you.

“Don’t ‘hey baby’ me.” He replied almost stern. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“What’s wrong with you?” You replied.

“You don’t know who’s the better kisser?” He defended, crossing his arms. You gritted your teeth.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know if you liked kissing me, or Ross more?” He said defensively.

“Well no, I said I couldn’t compare them.”

“Oh no, Ross said you couldn’t compare them, you said you didn’t know. Its different.”

“Oh come on Riker you know how I get in interviews. I froze, I didn’t know what to say.” You tried to defend.

“Well you could’ve said you like kissing your boyfriend more than his brother.” Riker retorted. You looked at him, and chuckled lightly.

“Oh my gosh wait, are you jealous?”  You smirked. Riker scoffed. His stern expression suddenly turned into a blush.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” He defended.

“Yes you are! Oh my gosh! YOU are jealous.” You reached into your pocket, and pulled out a $20 bill. “Ross come here.” You asked, and Ross trotted over towards your way. “Here.” You groaned, and held up the bill for Ross to snatch it out of your hand.

“HA! Knew it!” He boasted. Riker looked at you, then Ross, then you again confused.

“What…What just happened.” He puzzled.

“When You, and I started dating, me and Ross might’ve made a bet that you were going to get jealous. I lost.” Riker’s jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe you guys.”

“Hey I had faith in you, but Ross said you were his brother, and he knew you.” You attempted to wrap your arms around Riker again. “Don’t worry, I think its adorable that you’re jealous. It means you care.” You admitted. Riker couldn’t help but smile.

“I guess I just have a habit of being protective of the things I love.” Riker admitted, and smiled. You reached up, and pecked Riker on the lips.

“Come on lovebirds we’re leaving.” Ross called. You entangled fingers with Riker, and walked out of the studio together, in all of his adorable jealousy.

Ross Lynch Imagine: Airport Sickness.

Today wasn’t the best day for Ross. He was sick, kept having headaches, throwing up, and so on. Currently, we’re at the airport waiting for the tour bus to arrive so we could go to Canada. It was suppose to be here when we landed, but sadly it’s not. “Ross maybe you should get some rest before you go to that interview.“ I told him. “I know baby girl, but that’s kinda hard to do with these fans making all this noise.” He replied back. I offered him to sit in my lap to make it a comfortable position for him and he agreed. So, he climbed over and sat in my lap with his head on my chest and wrapped his arms around my waist. I grabbed a blanket and draped it over us. “Just try to block ‘em out, okay?“ I asked kissing the top of his head. He nodded. He grabbed my right hand and put it on top of his head. That was a signal for me to start rubbing my fingers through his hair. I always do it back at home to make him fall asleep. He loves it. “Y/N?” He asked. “Yeah, Ross?“ “I love you.” He said looking up into my eyes. I giggled and said, “I really do wanna kiss you right now, but I don’t wanna get myself sick.“ He pouted and pretended to cry. I lifted up his chin and kissed his nose. He gave me the ‘Are you serious’ look. I laughed and whispered, “Go to sleep, Ross.” I continued rubbing my fingers through his hair. After 15 minutes he fell into a deep slumber. It wasn’t long before two fans walked over to where we were. “OH MY GOSH, IT’S ROSS LYNCH!!“ One of them exclaimed. “Could you please keep it down? He’s not feeling to well and he needs to be well rested.” I said trying to reason her. She gave me the evil eye and said, “NOBODY WAS TALKING TO YOU Y/N!!“ Her friend said. “Well who else were you talking to if you weren’t talking to me? It couldn’t have been Ross cause he’s asleep.” I asked. Ross shifted underneath me, and mumbled, “I have a headache.“ I kissed his head and said, “Ill handle it in a minute just go back to sleep.” Riker walked over and asked, “Is there a problem here?“ “OH MY GOSH, IT’S RIKER LYNCH!!” The two girls said at the same time. I covered Ross’s ears so he wouldn’t hear it. “Do you not see that my brother is trying to sleep due to sickness? He needs to get some rest and you girls are making it difficult for him to do so.“ Riker said. The girls looked shocked. “So, I think we would all appreciate it if you lowered your voice and walked away.” I added. Riker nodded in agreement. Soon they walked away, and Riker said, “Im so sorry Y/N.“ “Its okay. Thanks for the help, but could you do me a favor?” He nodded. “Could you hand me that bottle of Aleve D in my bag?“ He turned around and rummaged through my bag and finally found them. “Its like a hurricane in there!” Riker said and laughed. “Shut up. But thank you.“ I replied. “Rossssssss.” I said poking him. “Rossssssssss.“ I said for a second time. He whined and said, “Noooo.” “Fine then I guess you don’t want your pill. You know, the one that makes the pain go away up here.“ I said in a British accent while gesturing to his head. He sat up and stretched. “That’s what I thought.” He glared at me. “Okay, I’m sorry!“ He giggled and dramatically hugged me. “Your my new cuddle buddy!” He exclaimed. “New? Who was the old one?!“ I asked in shock. He looked up at me and scratched his head. “Umm, yeah. You know your stuffed animal, Mr. Vonderdangle?” I nodded. “Before you flew out to Spain, I kinda took him and I may have cuddled with him a little.“ “You monster!! I was looking for him when you were gone!” I said. He giggled like a little kid. “But if it makes you feel any better, the only reason I took him is so he could remind me of you.“ He smiled up at me. I motioned for him to get closer and I whispered, “That’s very sweet, but I swear if you ever take Mr. Vonderdangle without my permission, I will hunt you down.” I warned him. He put his hands up in surrender. “Now here take your pill.“ I gave him his pill and he swallowed it. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. “I love you Y/N.” He whispered. We both started pecking each others lips before I pulled away. “What?“ He asked. “You did that on purpose! Now I’m gonna get sick!” I said. “Maybeeee? But hey, at least we’ll be sick together.“ He said running his fingers through my hair. I smiled and stood up stretching. My shirt rose up a little and Ross walked over and pulled it down. “That’s only for me to see.” He said looking into my eyes. “Tour bus is here you two love birds!“ We heard Rydel say. I turned to Ross and kissed him. “I love you.” I said. He stole a kiss and whispered, “I know, but I love you more.“


*R5 Preference: On Your Period*

Riker: You shifted on the sofa, each movement causing a cramp to emerge in your stomach. Today was the worst day ever, in your eyes and so far it didn’t look like it was going to get better. “Honey, I’m home!” Riker sung, dropping his bag and jumping on the sofa next to you. “Oh for fucks sake Riker, I was trying to get comfortable you dick!” You spat, sitting up and moving to the further end of the the sofa. His eyes widened at your tone, and then his face fell into a sympathetic expression, realisation kicking in. “Come here, come on. I’m sorry, sweetheart I’ll fix it.” You stared at him, your mood settling and your body giving up and relaxing. You snuggled into him, your back against his chest and his warm hands slowly rubbing your stomach. The pain faded and you began to drift off to sleep. “I told you, I could fix it.” Riker said, kissing the top of your head.

Rocky: “Babe, that’s like the third bar of chocolate now, you’re gonna be sick!” Rocky said, watching you scoff down ridiculous amounts of chocolate down your throat. “So what! I can eat as much as I want!” You snapped, your mouth full of chocolate. All of a sudden, tears began streaming down your cheeks. “Rock, am I getting fat? Be honest with me, because I eat way too much and I can’t help it anymore!” You said between breaths. Rocky was a little confused at your mood changes, given that in the space of 2 minutes you nearly bit his head off and now you’re crying. “Period?” He asked, sighing when you nodded and wiped your tears away. You laid your head in his lap, and huffed whilst he played with strands of your hair, shushing you and calming you down.

Ratliff: “Ell? Do you know where my red and black heels are?” You shouted across the house, digging through your closet. “I have no idea! Look in the closet!” He replied from the kitchen. “I am!” You finally found them, at the back of the shoe box. Slipping them on, you checked yourself out in the mirror and nodded, pretty happy with your appearance. Tonight was a family dinner with the Ratliffs and you wanted to look smart yet gorgeous. You walked into the kitchen and smiled at your boyfriends response, his eyes travelling up and down your body and his eyes turning a little darker. As he walked over and grabbed you by the hips attempting to get a passionate kiss, you pulled back and shook your head. “As much as I want you right now Ellington Lee, I am on my period and shall not be satisfying you tonight.” You said, matter of factly tapping his nose and grabbing your purse. However the dinner turned out amazing and he decided to tease you all through it, knowing you couldn’t get what you wanted for a few days.

Ross: You struggled real bad with your periods, and you feared them every month. This one was especially bad, and you’d been sick and felt so ill you didn’t leave your bed. Ross hated seeing you like this and tried everything to keep you happy and healthy. He gave you strong painkillers and sang to you, rocking you to sleep and massaging your body to ease the tension. But this time round, you felt incapable of moving let alone taking tablets or drink. “Baby, I need you to drink this cup of water at least and I promise you it’ll make you feel better. Please? For me?” Ross coaxed, holding the water in front of you. However, due to dehydration and you feeling weak, you couldn’t hold the cup yourself and Ross had to help you. As soon as the cup was finished, you felt a little better but still weak. Ross got under the covers with you, and held you in his arms whilst you fell asleep. You were so lucky to have him, and however bad each months gave you, he always helped you feel better and healthier.

Riker imagine, your third anniversary; 

[Requested on wattpad] WARNING: major cute fluffiness with a dash of feels.

When you walk through the front door of your house that you share with Riker, you notice that almost all the lights are out. “Riker?” You call out. “In the living room, babe,” he calls back. You take off your shoes and jacket, then make your way to the living room. Riker is sitting on the couch with a large teddy bear in his lap. On the coffee table is a big bouquet of your favourite flowers, along with a box of chocolates. “Hey Y/N,” Riker says, grinning. You can’t help but smile. “Hey … what’s all this?” You inquire whilst sitting next to him on the couch. “Well, I thought to myself, what could I get Y/N for our anniversary that is super cheesy? So, I got this.” He hands you the teddy bear that’s almost as big as you. You giggle. “Aw thank you, that’s really sweet. But aren’t you afraid I’ll prefer to cuddle him instead of you?” You tease. Riker chuckles and shakes his head. “No, I’m a great cuddler,” he boasts. You smile and peck his cheek. “Yes you are.” He stands up, looks at you and says, “I’ll be right back!” He then bolts to the closet and rummages around inside of it. “There’s more stuff?” You ask, slightly shocked. You know that Riker always likes to go big and beyond, but you were half thinking that this anniversary would be relaxed and calm – as neither of you really spoke much of it before. “I got you one more thing,” he tells you, returning to the living room. He sits on the couch with a white box in the palm of his hand. You tilt your head and set the teddy bear at your feet, wondering what it could be within the box. The two of you are already engaged, so it can’t be a proposal ring. Riker hands you the small box. You open it and see a silver chain with a light gold locket on it. You pick up the necklace and open the locket carefully. Inside it is a picture of you and Riker on your first date, three years ago today. You feel tears brimming your lower eyelid. “Oh, Riker,” you whisper. He smiles. “Look on the back,” he says. You flip the locket over to see an engraving on it. I love you to the moon and back. A warm tear slips down your cheek. “Thank you, thank you so much.” You hug Riker tightly and bury your face in his neck. He smiles and holds you close to his chest. “Anything for you, darling,” he mumbles back.

After staying like that for a few minutes, you suddenly remember that you have a present for him as well. “One sec,” you tell him. You pass him the bear, then go to the spare bedroom where you hid his present. You come back a minute later with an envelope in your hands. “Here,” you say while you hand it to him. Riker smiles as you sit down and he begins to work at the seal. Once the seal’s open, he pulls a card out. On the front is a golden floral-spiral design with the words, Happy Anniversary. He grins and opens the card. When he does, a piece of paper falls out onto the lap. He reads what you wrote in the card first. “Aw, thank you babe.” He leans over and gives your lips a quick kiss. After the kiss ends, Riker picks up the paper on his lap and unfolds it. His eyes widen. “Y/N …” he mumbles, staring at the paper. You smile. “I called your dad, and asked him when your break was. He helped me arrange that,” you inform him. He looks from the paper to you, then back at the paper. You had saved up some money for a while and bought you and Riker a trip to the Caribbean. “I don’t know what to say,” he whispers. You smile widely and wrap your arms around his neck loosely. “You don’t have to say anything,” you reply. “You’re amazing. I can’t believe this,” he says quietly. “You deserve a break. And I thought that a trip down south would be great.” You smile. Riker kisses your face in many places, then brings his lips in front of yours. “Later tonight you and I will have a little trip down south in the bedroom, how does that sound?” He whispers. You smile and bite your lip. “That sounds great. Happy anniversary Riker.” “Happy anniversary baby. I love you so much.” “I love you too.”