oh that light there

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Oh lord. I have a dear friend who's white: very light skinned, green eyes, naturally dark blonde hair. Hair that happens to be naturally curly (and super cute). She's just told me that people have gone up to her and told her that her hair is cultural appropriation because it's curly and she's white. lord give me strength ugh


Alright. That’s it?”
No - …I need you to punch me in the face.”

Gifland 3.06: Oh Look Mikey You’ve Put the Light Back into Johnny’s Life

I originally did this off the preview in case I can’t get the logoless this week ‘cos Gratuitous Slow-Motion Close-up was too good to miss…but then I couldn’t resist just putting that in a separate post to stare at for all eternity. But the reason I gif’d the entire sequence was ‘cos these jeans are showcasing his glorious posterior quite nicely, so here it is anyway.

Preview linked on Tumblr by imgladtobeonyourteam here.

  • Mom:When you are older you are going to be a doctor, or a lawyer, and make tons of money.
  • Me:Sounds great!

“So baby now, take me into your loving arms…kiss me under the light of a thousand stars…oh darling, place your head on my beating heart.”

This is what I want for robron…I just want Robert to wrap Aaron up in his arms, tell him how much he loves him and he’s never gonna leave his side again, then they lie on a blanket under the stars where Aaron is lying on Robert’s chest and they’re happy in that moment because it’s just them two in their own little bubble.

I heard the splatter
of raindrops on the roof,
I was waiting,
for the blue moon.

I soon recognized
the agony I felt
while looking into
the star-less night skies.

I knew that feeling.
I felt it when I was
in the middle of a crowd,
searching for that familiar face.

The feeling I have accustomed
the night I was
waiting for your embrace.

Can you be my blue moon
even just for tonight?
I know, I know,
a blue moon appears
after a couple of years.

But, darling, I’ve been sitting here
in my dark room,
for you
for a hundred years.

You said you’ll be back,
but I’ve never heard a knock.
Just like how
the sun promised
today won’t be star-less,
but I never saw
a hint of your light
in tonight’s sadness.

Oh, blue moon,
my blue moon,
will I ever
see you shine again soon?

  • Me:how can I help you?
  • Costumer:could I get a cappuccino with extra coffee?
  • Me:like, would you like an extra shot of espresso?
  • Costumer:oh no, two is enough.
  • Me:would you like me to put some of our drip coffee in it?
  • Costumer:no, no, whatever you already put in there is fine.
  • Me:that would be two shots of espresso.
  • Costumer:ok, that's fine.
  • Costumer:OH, go light on the milk please!
  • Idk what's going on anymore..

Light’s Catching Up, Conkle’s Hollow by Mat Marrash
Via Flickr:
Containing three miles of hiking trails, a deep (for Ohio) gorge, and plenty of wildlife, Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve is a location worth visiting and revisiting! To get this view, one has to choose the more challenging Rim Trail, and hike up and down the rock face surrounding the gorge. You’ve got to be up pretty early during the Summer to get the light just how you want it, but boy is it worth it! 

I looked over and saw it was getting light out…. oh SHIT IT’S GONNA BE 6AM AND I’M NOT REALLY TIRED OH NO

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs! Then tag 20 people!

tagged by missanthropicprinciple (the nerd ♡)

  1. C O O L - LE YOUTH
  2. Is it Any Wonder - Keane
  3. When We Escape - Minus the Bear
  4. Forget - Twin Shadow
  5. Yellow Light - Of Monster And Men
  6. Cameo Lover - Kimbra
  7. One Minute More - Capital Cities
  8. Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups
  9. Tennis Court - Lorde
  10. Marathon Runner - Yellow Ostrich
  11. The Fix - Minus the Bear
  12. New York - Angel Haze
  13. Live and Die - The Avett Brothers
  14. Los Malaventurados No Lloran - PXNDX
  15. You’re On - Madeon
  16. Esmeralda - Ben Howard
  17. Daylight - Oh Land
  18. Seven Light Years - RJD2
  19. Hit’ Em Up Style - Carolina Chocolate Drops
  20. Helena Beat - Foster the People

I tag none bc i don’t feel motivated enough to do it but you can do it if you want to! follow ur dreams

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Seath {words of praise for the Duke, mayhaps?}

Vision, oh vision, guiding ethereal light
Grant us thy wisdom, while we be thy sight
From days of ancients, to fire of flame
Bend the soul and its will, and magic you tame
Grant your power, the spells that you weave
Grant us your guidance, that we may believe
Open our eyes, as we open yours
Become our voice, as you speak to our cores
The halls will echo with laughs and your chortle
Lead us on oh Seath, everlasting immortal