oh that kiss though.

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thorloki and 25 (:

25. Butterfly kisses

“What are you doing?” Loki laughs, batting Thor away and almost spilling the bowl of popcorn that is perched on his lap. He was absorbed in the movie they are watching when Thor startled him by leaning close and then tickling Loki’s cheek terribly.

“Giving you a kiss,” Thor says triumphantly.

“Oh really?” Loki laughs, though something in him twitches painfully. “I thought usually kissing involved lips.”

Thor did not kiss him. Loki would certainly notice that.

“It’s a special kind of kiss,” Thor whispers into his ear. “Meant for brothers who really love each other.”

“Oh, shove off, and watch the TV,” Loki complains, though his heart is beating. Thor is silent for a moment but Loki knows he has not turned to face the television yet; he is still staring at Loki.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

Damn. He absolutely should say no. Snip this at the bud. Thor likely has no idea what he is doing anyway.

“Yes…” he says eventually, cursing himself. He feels Thor leaning closer and then, as he deliberately closes his eyes, he tickles Loki’s cheekbone with his long, thick eyelashes. Loki giggles quietly.

“That’s nice,” he admits. Thor scoots closer to him and puts his arm around Loki’s shoulders.

“I know.”

a poem

It’s like a chord torn prematurely from these reaching arms are lost so much i embrace must be stepped on breakers, loose connections connected by the bittersweet desire of this fractal code, weary of control.
This is a kiss, this dream of karma, crafted rose.
Oh moon, though pluckest me.
Four letter invitation.
Yet below the slaves are strong beyond measure, there there’s a need to faraway laughs you’ve never to slight the poem.
I look rather than merely see only gray.
I put down, unto us the inhibitions of control.
I propose a warped sense of something real.
I melt with ghosts and fall with textures.

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☆:Have you ever played games such as 'Spin the Bottle'?

All the time growing up, actually! And every time it would be super scandalous. I remember we played a variation where it wasn’t just kissing, but with a truth or dare aspect to it. People would always start with the super awkward and obnoxious question “WHO DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON.” and if you’re that first pick, oh boy, it was so uncomfortable. Though yes. I had my first kiss ever from a spin the bottle game, actually! /Nostalgia. Wasn’t even the person I wanted to kiss but hey, 13 year old me wasn’t complaining :P

kharrisdawndancer Thank you qt.

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I'd look into your eyes, slowly pull your face toward me and try to have one of those romantic cheesy kisses oh my gosh this weird. I'm sorry I just have this little crush on you and I saw this post and got nervous :)

you are so freaking cute man like i’m sweating this is adorable oh god who r u though

tell me how you’d kiss me!

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✿ 1: aggressive kiss

head banging, that’s all the lad wished to do right this instant. there he was, stuck with a beautiful young lady which had most definitely caught his eye, but god was it annoying to hear her talk over, and over, and over again. she was talkative, that’s for sure, but a little too much for his taste. what was she even talking about half of the time? ah, he should’ve at least tried to capture a few words and figure out what exactly she was saying, but it was too late now. 

grabbing a hold of her wrist, his orbs lied on hers, locking their gazes. lips pressed in a thin line, he made sure to show her how discontented he was, having to hear her blabber all the time. sure, he was like that as well, but a little part of him hoped he wasn’t as bad as her. “you’re a dazzling lady, you know, but truthfully…” he shut his eyes and took a deep breath. “i don’t care about what you’re talking about.”

jongin could predict easily what was yet to come, and he made sure to anticipate it - well, up until he pressed her lips harshly against hers, kissing her as if she had just committed a verbal crime. the male didn’t care if she was to debate, as he was there, putting all his emotions into the actions his lips were doing. no good was up, as he was basically biting on her bottom lip, but after all, his mouth was doing the talking.

 pulling away before hurting the girl any further, an innocent smile graced his lips, as if nothing had happened before. “now, let’s get you some food so i can annoy you as much as you did right now.”


Hi. Have you read the manga or watched the anime of Kannazuki no Miko? They (Chikane x  Himeko / Chimeko) resemble Reinako. I recommend to read the manga first.

They were reincarnated in another anime/manga (Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora/Shattered Angels) as Kaon & Himiko.

No, I haven’t ever heard of it, but HAHAHAA guess what I’m going to watch next! Oh my god those hugs though! THAT KISS. Thanks so much for the heads up!

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*laughs* Oh god baby.. *chuckles, kisses your cheek* I was pretty nervous though, did you know that? -N

You were? *frowns* You seemed hella confident! *laughs* I was so nervous, I gave you my V card. *winks*

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you're an absolute dream. I'm so jealous of whoever gets to cuddle with you, hold your hand, and kiss you. <3

Oh well thank you ! Even though none of that actually happens 😂

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Hey baby, I didn't know we had similar hair. It totally looks better on you though! /kisses your cheek/ -Jimin

/blushes; oh gosh.. no no sunshine. I like it much more on you.

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All the numbers!

Oh lord, all of them? Alright, alright. Here we go.
1. any scars? Plenty. None that really tell a story though.
2. crush? Skulls? Oh totally.
3. kissed anyone? My children. My dog.
4. coke or pepsi? Neitherrrrr. I don’t care for soda.
5. someone you hate? Oh lots of people. I loathe the world.
6. bestfriend? Irrelevant. They don’t stay around long enough to gain the title.
7. dream job!? Haven’t really given it much thought. I’ve no clue what I could stand to do for the rest of my life.
8. ever been in love? Time and time again.
9. last time you cried? The other day.
10. favorite color? Green. Cool colors really. Blues, greens, purples.
11. height? Short for California. Average about everywhere else.
12. birthday? March 29th
13. eye color? Hazel.
14. hair color? Natural- brown, right now? A plethora of color.
15. what do you love? Many things. I could name only one.
16. obsession? I don’t get obsessed over much. Some tv shows, art/artists, animals
17. if you had one wish, what would it be? To be content..
18. do you love someone? Yes
19. kiss or hug? Uhm.
20. nicknames people call you? Ash, Grumpy, Grouch, Ashlander, Bratlynn. Got quite a few negative ones from my mom.
21. favorite song? Oh too many. But I guess one that I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato.
22. favorite band? Seether
23. worst thing that ever happened to you? Being near death lying in a hospital bed and being told I couldn’t keep my new born daughter with me in the room and then having to say goodbye to her thinking I wouldn’t see her again.
24. best thing that ever happened to you? My kids. They turned my life upside down but they showed me who my real friends/family are.
25. something you would change about yourself? Nothing appearance wise, but i would love if my body would stop falling apart at 22 years old.
26. ever dated someone? A few.
27. worst mistake? Befriending a two faced liar thinking everything would be kosher.
28. watch a movie or read a book?book. I need more books and more free time
29. ever had a heartbreak? Oh my yes.
30. favorite tv show? Futurama.
31. best day of your life? I’ll let you know when it happens.
32. special talents? Ehhhh
33. do you ever wish you could start over? All the time.
34. any bad habits? Several.
35. ever had a near death experience? Once. That I can remember.
36. someone I can tell everything to? @bradengoins
37. ever lost a loved one? No one I cared about has ever died, if that’s what you mean.
38. do you believe in love? Yes.
39. someone you miss? A few people
40. am I okay? Lol no.
41. someone I wanna hug right now? My puppy..
42. any sister or brother? An older half sister.
43. lefty or righty? Right mostly. But I can use my left hand with like 50% accuracy compared to my right.
44. favorite animal? Real: Wolves. Or those adorable screaming wood mice. I forget what they’re called. Mythical: werewolves, fauns.
45. favorite place? I answered this one yesterday. “Haven’t found it yet” I think was what I said.