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“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

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That season premiere was everything. It broke my heart to see Cameron hurting for having to hurt Kirsten in order to bring her back. But that slap though. She slapped him so hard his head spun. Kirsten goes on a rescue mission to save the team when they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They up there eating popcorn and cooking crepes. Oh and rest in peace to Linus’ father. It is so sad because he missed the funeral and didn’t get to say his last goodbyes. Kirsten and the team try to escape but get captured again. Mitchell calls the team to the lab so Kirsten can stitch into his son and find out who killed him. Oh and Mitchell trying to threaten to kill Camille, not cool. Don’t touch Camille! Turns out Kirsten and Ivy’s father Stinger killed him to send a message to Kirsten. Kirsten goes in secret to talk to the admiral who knows a Stinger and Mitchell. She says if the team stays and Maggie runs the program she won’t tell the world about stitching into dead people. He agrees of course. And last but certainly not least… CAMSTEN LIVES!!! That kiss was so filled with feeling and I was jumping and screaming for joy. Next Monday can’t come fast enough. Till next time babes!

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Grumpy Adorable Idol.


Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress,
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you’ll see me again
Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams ¸¸.•*¨*•♫

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PJO AU question!! So I am in love with this AU and was wondering, how would everyone react to Sheith's fist kiss??

Oh damn OTL I already made them have their first kiss though. :((( However, I can still work with this, same gist and all that. :D

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (their first kiss in private)

How everyone reacted to Sheith’s first kiss—in public.

They were playing capture the flag, though Keith found it ironic that “playing” doesn’t even actually describe it because, gods, a son of Apollo literally just shot a daughter of Aphrodite in the stomach with his arrow, causing her to fall down but not without a final jibe “Night night, doll face!” So, no, “playing” was definitely not the word for the game, more like “battle to the death.” 

And Keith was more than annoyed than ever because Shiro and him were on the opposing teams. Shiro, Pidge and Allura were on the same team while Keith, Lance and Hunk were on the other. Keith would’ve loved the fact he had another Big Three demigod in his team but it was Lance, and Keith could hardly stand him—apparently the feeling was mutual but they had to get along if they wanted to win this game.

“You seem agitated, Mullet Head,” Lance said.

Keith’s ability to restrain himself from burying the guy 6 feet under the ground should earn him an award or something. “Just concentrate, will you?”

Lance and him were guarding the flag near the stream because as much as possible Keith would like to utilize Lance’s water abilities. One could never know if they needed a tsunami to happen, better safe than sorry.

“Heads up!” Keith looked up and there was Shiro flying in the sky like an angel that he was, but this wasn’t the time for Keith to appreciate the beauty that was his boyfriend, gods, Shiro was his boyfriend and just—no, he needed to concentrate. He shook his head and shouted, “Whenever you’re ready, Lance. Silver Bird in the skies. So any minute now.”

“A little busy here, Mullet,” Lance struggled and Keith saw that he was fighting the daughter of Ares. Allura. Keith clicked his tongue. Why did they have to be in the same team? Of course Pidge, Allura and Shiro had it all planned. 

Gods be damned. He hadn’t done it before so he hoped to Hades that it would work. His sword in one hand, he bent down on one knee and touched the ground. “Dad, please let this work.” He shut his eyes and suddenly the ground grumbled and dark smoke surrounded them causing the son of Zeus to startle in confusion in the air. 

Suddenly the grounds opened up and skeletons of pre-historic animals emerged, towering all of them. Extinct mammoths, carnivorous dinosaurs and holy shit, a megalodon just emerged from the waters and suddenly everyone started panicking. It didn’t hurt that these skeletons could actually even produce their terrifying sounds.

“Hell yeah!” Keith shouted. “Uh, I mean, Underworld, yeah!” 

“Keith?! What the hell?” Lance screamed and then he saw the megalodon and started to laugh, somehow forgetting he was still fighting Allura. “That’s so fucking awesome, man!! Ouch!” Lance got pinned down by Allura as soon as he got distracted.

Keith looked up and saw Shiro battling out what Keith could recognize as the Deinotherium. 

“I gotta hand it to you, Keith,” Shiro shouted in the air. “You’re getting really good at this. I didn’t even expect you could… summon… these… Oh gods.” Shiro lost his balance as the Deinotherium swung and hit Shiro, causing him to fall into the ground.

“Oh gods! Shiro!” Keith cried out in horror, running as fast as he could towards his boyfriend, getting rid of all the skeletons he summoned in the process. Keith was too preoccupied that he didn’t get to hear that their team got the flag of the other team and they won the game.

“Shiro, I’m so sorry,” Keith bend down and cupped Shiro’s face. 

“Hey, I’m fine,” Shiro chuckled. “Just a sprain, I think.” He winced as he started to move his leg. He grabbed the back of Keith’s head and let their foreheads touch. “You were so great out there. You didn’t kill Lance today,” he added a laugh.

Keith rolled his eyes, tears starting to form around them. “Yeah, well, almost did though. But instead, I almost killed you.”

“Keith,” Shiro started softly. “Look at me.”

He looked into Shiro’s eyes and he could see how proud the son of Zeus was of him and the next thing he knew Shiro closed the gap between them and he felt Shiro’s lips on his. He closed his eyes and smiled into their kiss.

“OH COME ON!!!” Lance shouted. “Can you not do that here?!”

“I think it’s adorable, Lance,” Hunk cooed. “About time really that they kiss.”

“About time?” Pidge snickered. “I’ve seen them kiss a hundred times in private.” Allura just nodded in agreement. 

“AND THEY SHOULD’VE LET IT STAY THAT WAY!” Lance was just clearly scandalized. “No one wants to see lewd stuff like that! Especially from someone like Keith!”

Keith rolled his eyes, and showed Lance his finger, not breaking the kiss. Shiro chuckled though as he brought down Keith’s hand.

“Uh! RUDE MUCH, KEITH!” Lance scoffed. “That’s it! I’m reporting you to Coran for your obscene behavior!”

Okay but a HoO Enchanted AU, with a mix of mythology and fairytale references??

  • Where the demigods (or maybe minor gods??) Annabeth and Jason seem so perfectly suited for each other, obviously they’re made for a fairytale romance in Olympus.
  • But Jason’s stepmother Hera hates Annabeth and sends her to Earth, where the monsters who do Hera’s bidding should be able to get rid of her with relative ease.
  • Annabeth isn’t beaten that easily though. She escapes the first round of monsters but ends up hopelessly lost.
  • Percy Jackson sees her scaling a billboard (to get a better vantage point) and assumes she’s in trouble. In the process of trying to save her, he causes her to lose concentration and fall - right on top of him. “One of the many reasons I hate heights,” he says.
  • Percy takes her home, because he’s not going to leave a poor girl in a torn up dress alone on the mean streets of New York.
  • When it becomes apparent that she can’t be trusted alone in his apartment (she keeps building miniature cities out of everything she can get her hands on), Percy takes her with him to his job as a teacher; where her stories rile the kids up a little bit too much.
  • He almost tells her she needs to leave, but the absolute awe in her eyes as they walk around New York makes him breathless, and he’s way too much of a softie, anyway.
  • He gives her the teasing nickname of Princess.
  • Meanwhile, Jason has gone looking for Annabeth, aided by their friends: one of whom is actually a spy working for Hera, thwarting him every time he gets close to finding Annabeth.
  • Percy has an absolutely epic bromance with Piper, which Annabeth keeps confusing for romantic love, leading to many hilarious misunderstandings and Piper making snide remarks about Percy being so clueless he wouldn’t recognise true love if it hit him in the face (cue Annabeth accidentally punching him).
  • No one has ever infuriated Annabeth like Percy does, and sometimes she wants to judo flip him, and sometimes she wants to kiss him…
  • Oh dear.
  • Jason is a charming hero, though, so of course he eventually finds Annabeth and sweeps in to take her back home where they can get married immediately.
  • Annabeth feels confused though, for the first time in her life. She asks Jason to take her on a date, because that’s what Percy said couples do, and Jason, ever the perfect gentleman, agrees.
  • Their date is meant to end at the Gods and Goddesses Ball.
  • Annabeth goes to Piper for help getting ready. Cue amazing bonding while shopping montage, because it turns out Piper hates shopping way more than Annabeth and is hopeless for most of the trip.
  • Until they have this big heart to heart about Percy and Piper realises Annabeth loves him as much as he loves her, and Piper determines that she’s gonna get them together.
  • Annabeth is absolutely stunning at the ball. Percy realises just how much he really loves her, but he still believes she’s going to go home with Jason, so he doesn’t tell her, because he can’t bear the thought of that rejection.
  • Then there’s a mishap with a golden apple, and Annabeth needs to be awoken by True Loves Kiss™.
  • Jason is unsuccessful, and Percy fully expects him to be furious - but instead he’s just desperate for Annabeth to be saved, and begs Percy to kiss her.
  • He does.
  • She wakes up.
  • Hera is furious and arrives to smite them herself; but Annabeth and Jason are trained warriors, Piper makes up for lack of training with pure guts, and now that he knows how she feels there’s no way Percy is ever letting Annabeth go. Plus he’s rather fond of NYC and doesn’t want to see it blasted off the map.
  • There’s an epic battle atop the Empire State Building, that begins with all of them fighting the goddess, dwindles to just Percy and Annabeth, and then leaves Annabeth to face Hera alone.
  • She outwits her, outmatches her, and takes the goddess down.
  • And then Percy slides down the roof and falls on top of Annabeth.
  • And it’s pretty much the best kiss in the rain of all time.
  • Jason looks strangely familiar to Piper. She’s still trying to figure out where she knows him from when they run back to Olympus for their own fairytale wedding.
  • Annabeth goes to school to study Architecture.
  • Percy writes a best selling children’s book about a princess from another dimension who defends Earth from monsters.
  • And they live Happily Ever After.
EXO Reaction To You Never Having Your First Kiss And Is Too Shy To Kiss

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Xiumin // Kim Min-seok:

*When you told him everything about you never having a kiss before and being too shy to even kiss him, he laughs at you and gives you a face like he didn’t hear you right. He asked if it was true, and you nodded covering your face from embarrassment. Instantly, he feels bad and assures you that it’s okay and how it’s nothing to be embarrassed about by placing a thumb kiss on your cheek. He even offers to help you learn how to kiss.*

MINSEOK: *Chuckling* “What?… really?”
YOU: *Pouting* “Y-yes” *Cheeks turning red* “Ahhhhh… this is so embarrassing!”
MINSEOK: “Aww, no jagi!” *Kisses his thumb and places it on your cheek* “It’s okay. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! I’ll teach you if you want, I’ll take it slow. I promise jagi.” *Sweetie Boyfriend*

Luhan // Lu Han:

*At first, he looks at you, like he didn’t hear what you said correctly. You explained to him, why you didn’t want to kiss him, and it was all because you were too shy. Turning into an embarrassed ball, you tried as hard as you can to push the big news away and tried to make him continue the walk. But he stood still, not moving anywhere until you have your first kiss on the spot and with him. You tried once again, but he stayed as the stubborn little deer he is.*

YOU: “Lu, why aren’t you moving? Can’t we go now?” *Tugging his arm but he’s still not moving*
LUHAN: “Ahem, no jagi. We’re staying right here, until you let me be your first kiss”
YOU: “Luhan! Can’t we do this when I’m not an embarrassed wreck in front of everyone!?”
LUHAN: “Did you not hear me? We’re not going ANYWHERE until you get your first kiss with your baobei.”

Kris // Wu Yifan:

*He looks at you like you’re joking around because what just came out of your mouth just surprised him. When you told him from you never having a proper kiss or boyfriend to you being extremely shy to even kiss him really caught his attention. You sat there blushing as he laughs at the truth, but not over you never having a real kiss or boyfriend, it’s over how you’re too shy to kiss him. Soon he stops and scowls at you for being afraid to him, a boy who’s crazily in love with you and just can’t get over the fact you’re too shy to kiss him.

YIFAN: “Wait. What? You’re joking! Right?”
YOU: “N-no…”
YIFAN: *Laughs* “Are you kidding me (Y/N)?”
YOU: “…”
YIFAN: “I love you so much, why in the world would you be afraid?!”

Suho // Kim Jun-myeon:

*He would be begging and asking you, constantly as to why he couldn’t get a smooch from his own girlfriend. When you two started dating, you never told him that you never had your kiss before and now he wants a kiss from you, without realizing you were screaming inside. He started to do aegyo, and continued asking why he couldn’t get a kiss in a very a cute manner. You stared and you found it so cute! You soon spilled, and he dropped the cuteness for a second. He then connected things together before doing the aegyo again for you to allow him to kiss you. *

JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo* “Ahhh jagiya, look how cute oppa is! Please tell me why you won’t give me a kiss!? Please!”
YOU: *Dying from cuteness* “Aisshhh, fine.”
*You Explain Everything*
JUNMYEON: *Stops doing aegyo* “Oh…”
YOU: “Yeah…”
JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo again* “Well, we could change that if you let me give you a kiss! Please! Jagi! Jagi!”

Lay // Zhang Yixing:

*When the secret was out to him, he wasn’t really fazed about your little secret. He understood your reasoning and respected it. You wanted your first kiss to be special and with the right guy. He told you, if you want a real kiss from him, tell him that you’re ready. But as for now, it’s going to be only small kisses from him, which you appreciated very much.*

YIXING: “Ah, I understand.”
YOU: “You do?”
YIXING: “Yes, of course! I respect it baobei!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you, baby. Thank you.”
YIXING: “It’s not a problem (Y/N). But for now on, until you’re ready, it’s going to be only small kisses from me!” *Kiss behind your ear*

Baekhyun // Byun Baek-hyun:

*After explaining to him how you never had your kiss before and all of that, he slowly encourages you to let him be your first kiss. First, he gives you a list of reasons as to why he should be your first kiss, that included “I’m Byun Baekhyun from EXO, famous Kpop group.” He then showers you in sweetness and the cutest aegyo. Soon, you gave in and gave that boy a sweet little kiss. Him being the dramatic person he is, he jumps in surprise, saying it was spicy even though it was the softest kiss ever.*

“Oh jagi! That was so spicy! Who knew you had it in you!? Woohoo!”

Chen // Kim Jong-dae:

*He would be listening to you telling your story with a small smile on his face. As you inched closer to the real reason as to why you won’t kiss him, he still wore that smile, still oblivious to as why you wouldn’t kiss him. Until you straight up told him you never had a kiss before and that’s when his face changed. His smile turned into this very shocked and confused face. He was so surprised, that all he did was blurt out questions as to how in the world didn’t his beautiful girl never had a kiss before.*

“What? How?! How does that happen?! YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL! I don’t get it!”

Chanyeol // Park Chanyeol:

*The topic was brought up from him when the two of you were bored one day. For him, it was easy for him to tell about his experience. Then it was your turn. You were nervous when it came to your answer mostly because you never had one! He notices your struggle and asks what’s wrong and that’s when you told him. He understood instantly, but that didn’t stop him from teasing you, and hinting at that fact he wants to be your first official kiss.*

CHANYEOL: “Oh! I understand. Don’t worry jagi!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you Chanyeol baby. Thank you!”
CHANYEOL: “But you know jagi… I’m right here. Snuggly, squishy and cunie. I kinda am perfect for your first kiss jagiya.”

D.O // Do Kyung-soo:

*He would try to hold in his smile and his small giggles when you first tell him that you never had your first kiss. You have spent the past couple of minutes telling him small snipets of your past calmly and relaxed, but he sadly couldn’t pay attention to your stories. Instead, he was only thinking about how he would eventually be your first kiss.*

“huhuhu… uhm… wow… I can see a kiss in the nearby future (Y/N).”

Tao // Huang Zitao:

*He would find you so cute and pure at your blushy face when you tell him that you haven’t been kissed before. After years of knowing each other, he would have thought you would at least been kissed, but it turns out you haven’t! He starts giving you smug looks, and air kisses ever since then, because his view of cuteness over you has skyrocketed.*

*Blows you a kiss* “To my cunie baby aghhh! hehehe!” 

Kai // Kim Jong-in:

*Once you told him your story about your “almost” first kiss, you ended up blushing and being very flustered. He didn’t notice your flustered, rosy cheeks until he looked up from his Korean pork belly to see your face hidden by your long sweater sleeves. He starts to laugh, not only from your pure innocence but at the fact you’re embarrassed that you still hadn’t had your first kiss. He honestly feels it’s not even a big deal.*

*Laughing* “Oh my god, jagi. It’s no big deal! Don’t be embarrassed!”

Sehun // Oh Se-hun:

*When the secret came out clean, he was instantly teasing you, as a joke of course. Even though he knew it was a bit personal and something crazy, he couldn’t stop himself from teasing you. No, it wasn’t making fun of the fact that you haven’t gotten your first kiss, it was something else. It was more like, him teasing you over how he’s right here, ready to be your first kiss.*

“It’s now or never jagiya.”

A/N: LOOK WHO’S BACK?! Me, Michelle huhuhaha! I’m so sorry for the inactive work on my blog >.< School, friendships, anxiety, and depression has been getting in my way more than ever! But luckily, I’m procrastinating my tutoring homework for this. I have had this reaction in my draft for months and I finally have… the strength? to complete this! I hope the anon who requested this enjoys this, and hope it does well! I tried my very best. I haven’t written one in a very long time, so it’s  going to be crusty haha. Requests are open! Send them in! and I will complete them!! I love you all!! xx


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