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Hal taking you to the fair when it comes into town, he goes on all the rides you want to. Makes sure his hand is holding yours as you walk through the stalls. He even shows off to the other young men in town as he wins you a perfect stuff animal on the strong man mallet bash. You reward him with a gentle kiss on the cheek as you pull him over to the cotton candy stall “why do we need cotton candy baby? You’re already as sweet as it comes”

oh my god, cotton candy kisses though 

Hal Carter Day™

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When do you think that Gamora and Peter will finally kiss?

You mean on screen or in general? On screen, my money’s on Vol 3, either a rly casual ‘how was your day honey’ kiss or an ‘oh my god you could’ve died’ Dramatic Kiss. or BOTH. Though I’d love to see a forehead kiss or something in IW (I’d die actually…… pls now i want that rly bad) 

But for their like actual First Kiss, I think very soon after Vol 2. I’ve got like a dozen different headcanons about when exactly it could be, ranging from night of the funeral to a couple days later. A couple weeks at the latest. 


HE DOES. also that is the cutest thing i have ever read


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

BTS REACTION: asking them for a kiss during sex.

SO you guys are having the sex and you’re in the missionary position (he’s on top of you basically), he’s moaning and dirty talking and shit in your ear when you suddenly ask for kiss, this is their reaction.

would be confused on why you asked. he’d slightly smile through the kiss at your cuteness, who asks for a kiss during sex? He’d be thinking, he’d then be like “you shouldn’t have to ask me for that baby”, after your little make out he’d go back to thrusting into you whilst sucking on your neck.

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Would smile and kiss you, he’d probably stop thrusting just to make sure the kiss is passionate, after he’d be like “you okay?” Just Incase you weren’t, when you nodded he’d go back to your ear and start thrusting again.

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Doesn’t really see it as a big deal and kisses you anyway, he wouldn’t even react? It’d just be normal for him? He’d probably wonder why you asked but other then that he’d kiss you normally whilst still thrusting.

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He’d think you were too cute and kiss you when you asked, he’d then mutter a “I love you” into your neck after, still thrusting of course, jhope is a very passionate man and the little things mean alot to him.

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He wouldn’t cringe in a bad way but he’d get a little awkward, like he’d do that huge smile he does when he gets all shy, if he was in daddy mode though he’d probably tease you “oh you wanna kiss me? What if I don’t want to kiss you?” He’d tease. “Come and get it” he’d coo, he’d keep dodging your lips, after a while when you think to give up he’d kiss you passionately, including his tongue of course to say sorry.

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Would be like suga tbh, He’d probably wonder why you asked him in the first place but think it was cute, but he’d be too turned on to make a reaction if you get what I mean? Like he’d be too focused on pleasuring you to stop. But he would kiss you VERY deeply and VERY passionately.

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jungkook would smile at your request and kiss you. but not just a peck, no, it’ll be rough and passionate. he’ll wonder why you had to ask him, but ofcourse he’d brush it off and focus on making you feel good.

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Give Okuyasu kisses!!!

"You're hungover. You're not dying." {K.L.}

a/n: yo an imagine about kian

10:29. I sat in bed staring at the wall glancing at the alarm clock along side my bed listening to the laughs of my boyfriend, Kian and all his friends. Granted it wasn’t late.. and it was a Friday night. And to be honest I wasn’t trying to go to bed, Kian and I had plans to go out tonight, just to be together without J.C. or Bobby around, don’t get me wrong I love being around them, they’re some of the greatest people I know but spending some alone time with my boyfriend shouldn’t be an unreasonable request. Bobby and J.C. had managed to get Kian to want to stay home with them and hang out rather than going out with me.

Lately Kian and I haven’t been getting a lot of time together my career was starting to take off and by the time I got home I was tired and really only wanted to relax when Kian wanted to go have fun. So the only time we’ve been getting together is when we are both sound asleep in the same bed.

I groan getting of bed and deciding to get dressed in a pair of black leggings and a UCLA sweatshirt and throwing on some gray vans. I text my best friend, Y/B/F/N and tell her to meet me at the club. I walk down to the living room where all the guys were playing MarioKart, I smile seeing Kian getting all worked up about losing. It was so cute how we got mad about losing video games. I grab my phone and keys and walk over to Kian and kiss his check.

“I’ll be home later Ki.” I say wrapping my hands around his back as an effort to hug him.

“Where are you going?” He says pausing the game.

“Y/B/F/N and I are going out for a bit.” I comment. He lifts an eyebrow at me giving me a smirk.

“Okay baby, text me later, have fun.” I smile at him and kiss his check again. I walk towards the door before leaving I shout a quick ‘I love you!’ I hear a faint response as I shut the door. I jump into my ModelX Tesla and I was on my way to the club.

As I arrive I see Y/B/F/N car sitting out front of the club. I park and walk in really needing a drink, tonight I just really wanted to relax and have some fun. I see Y/B/F/N at the bar talking up some guy. I walk towards her and squeeze her sides knowing she’s
tickle-ish, she lets out a yelp knowing I’d get yelled at for ruining her chances with the guy she’s talking to.

“Let’s dance.” I giggle avoiding her swift attempt at hitting me. After ordering two shots we are off to the dance floor. I was a lightweight to say the least, 4 beers could do me in and set me up for a hell of a hangover. But I was out with Y/B/F/N until at least 1, but after 2 shots and a couple of vodka-sodas I was literally a drunk mess. Y/B/F/N wasn’t around and she had probably left with some random guy.

I was sitting outside the club because the music and strobe lights were becoming a lot, even for a drunk me. I heard a voice clear their throat behind me. I turned around seeing a tall guy with brown eyes and brown hair and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive.

“Yes?” I ask wondering what he wanted.

“Well I was gonna asked what a beautiful girl like you was doing out here all alone at..” He looks at his phone “1:23 in the morning?” He showed a staggered smile.

“Im bored.” I groan shyly. The drunk state I’m in didn’t prevent me from saying anything stupid and kept me from thinking of my boyfriend at home that I hadn’t texted all night. Judging by the look look he got on his face he got the idea that I was drunk off my ass.

“Well maybe I could take you home and we could make it so you weren’t so bored.” He winks at me starting to walk closer to where I was sat on a bench. I thought about the words he said furrowing my brows remembering Kian back at home.

I scoffed, even drunk as hell I knew better than to go home with some guy I didn’t know, “I think I’d rather not.” I say blandly. The guy starts to look a little angry. And almost as if on demand Corey, one of Kian’s best friends walks out of the club with his phone pressed to his ear. I smile beginning to run to him.

“Coreyyyyyyy!” I slur almost falling after standing up so quickly. The guy grabs my arm keeping me from leaving and thankfully Corey sees me immediately and jogs the short distance over to me. After Corey got into a slight argument with the guy that was talking to me he finally making him release his grip from my arm. Corey wraps a arm around my shoulder and puts his phone back to his ear.

“Yeah I found her,” He says into his phone. “I will bring her back just relax.” He speaks into his phone, hanging up after a second.

“OH MY GOD COREY YOU SAVED ME!” I yell, overly happily followed by some laughing. I had always been a very happy drunk. He gives me an annoyed look.

“Okay Y/N where’s your car?” I shrug giggling. He sighs and looks into my purse grabbing my keys soon locating my car. On the walk towards my car I was saying things like, “Can I go home?” and “I’m tired.” as well as “I miss Kiannnn.” To no surprise Corey ignored all of them just giving me a small nod. After getting into the car and Corey started driving I was out.

The next morning I woke up to a large glass of water and some I.b.proven on my nightstand. Barely remembering anything from the night before I groan groggily, and almost immediately after my hangover became apparent to me. I manage to sit up and drink my water and take my medicine, mentally thanking whoever put it there. I look to the side seeing Kian looking at his phone. I then remember how Corey had to bring me home and Kian didn’t sound very happy when they were one the phone together. Kian looks at me with a blank face, I honestly couldn’t tell how he was feeling.

“Morning Ki.” I lay back down facing him giving him a faint smile. I notice I was wearing one of Kian’s sweatshirts and a pair of cheeky underwear. I don’t feel dirty so I assume my makeup had been taken off and my teeth were brushed. Knowing I couldn’t have done it myself Kian must have done it for me.

“Thank you for cleaning me up.” I say quietly. He just nods his head, assuming he was mad at me for not calling or texting him the night before. I cuddle into him making it so he couldn’t focus on his phone. “Talk to me.” I whined.

“Wanna tell me why you weren’t with Y/B/F/N but with some guy? And you know you can’t drink a lot because you’re a lightweight. You could’ve gotten taken advantage of, or some shit. I told you to text me and you didn’t.” He says with annoyance laced in his words. I smile kissing him. “Did you know I love you?” I say not having an explanation for anything that happened the night before. “Y/N..” He sighs smiling a little. “You’re a pain in the ass.”

“I’m sorry baby.” I say genuinely. “This is why we should’ve gone out together instead of just me.” I inquire, still kind of annoyed he ditched me for MarioKart. “Oh shut up.” He hushes me kissing my head.

“Seriously though I’m going to die.” I groan. “You’re hungover. You’re not dying.” He says chuckling. We spend the day in bed cuddling and watching Netflix, finally getting our quality time together.

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Can i get the bidders as BTS songs please??

Sure lovely~!

Save Me

↳ Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Spring Day


↳ Not Today

I Need U

War of Hormone

House of Cards



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Warning: none… I think

A/N: Sorry i haven’t been active lately just end of school things but i am officially a high school graduate, however that also means that I have a lot of time on my hand. so please send in requests or ask me anything.

“I smell snow” I take a deep breath in.

“…What?” he asks. We’re both walking down the side walk his arm around my shoulder, mine around his waist. It’s early December and as per usual Tom and I are on our usual walk, for one hour every day we try to take an hour out of our busy schedule to just spend time with each other.

“I smell snow” I repeat, a wistful tone within my voice. “Alright, am I dating Lorelai Gilmore now?” he jokingly states, pulling me closer and kissing my forehead. “Oh shut up, can’t you smell it though?” I skip forward and spin around, grabbing his hands and pulling him closer to me. Winter has become my favourite part of the year, coming from a place that does not have snow all year round, then coming here, to London; the snow is magical. He chuckles at my excitement, wraps his arms around me “I believe that, that the smelling of the snow is a thing only you and a fictional character are capable of,” He states while pushing my hair back behind my ears, leaning forward placing his forehead against mine, “However I believe that it is one of the many things that I love about you” he mumbles, only I can hear it, and he pulls back slightly just enough to kiss my forehead. “oh really? What else do you love about me?” I whisper back, slightly in a daze by how intense his eyes are. “Well if you want to find that out we would have to go back to either your place or mine.” He smirks as soon as he sees the flustered effect that those words had one me.

Tom and I have been together for 2 years now, many people expected us to fail and break up already but they were strongly mistaken. We have a big age gap that my parents weren’t too happy about it but after seeing how well we communicate with each other mum and dad just couldn’t find a flaw to it. Being in the public eye was difficult, however it somehow never affected us.

We met on a small tv show, I just moved away from home, the most impulsive thing that I have ever done and although it was my first acting gig and it was a bit intimate Tom never once made me feel uncomfortable. Most people, once they found out about the relationship immediately thought that it was because of all the intimate scenes that we had together, however that was not the case.

As I was young, I am young, I took adjusting to the acting life a bit difficult. I over worked myself and I was in a bad place and Tom was the one to find me and help me he fixed me and for once I was able to open up fully to a guy and fully trust him with my heart and with Tom it was easy and yes that was scary but we got through it, together.

“Hey what’s going on through that pretty little head of yours?” Tom’s voice breaks through my thoughts. “nothing that’s important” I mumble back, pulling myself into him giving him a hug, “oh now come on everything thing is important to me when it comes to you” he pulls away slightly bringing me back to his side and continuing our walk. “wow how long did it take you to come up with that one?” I chuckle causing him to laugh along. After some silence I decided to give him an answer, “If I’m Lorelai Gilmore, does that mean you’re my Luke Danes?” in the most serious tone I can give. He looks to me confused at where the sudden question came from, “your question earlier? You asked me what was going on in my head well that’s what was going through my head” he laughs, a full belly laugh, with his head thrown back after a few moments of both of us laughing we calm down. “I pretty sure my exact words were pretty little head” after that the laughing starts up again.

We may have an age gap but we work well together. We get each other’s jokes and understand what the other is thinking and feeling.

I smell snow and the snow is such a magical thing.  

May  The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor {Lee Minhyuk}

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Prompt: For minhyuk an imagine where you take him home to meet the parents and they separate Y/N and him from sleeping in the same bed but he just gets hella desperate

Pairing: Minhyuk x Reader

Word Count: 7.134k

Warning: smut, oral -female receiving-, shower sex, PORN WITH PLOT, A LOT OF PLOT, 

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

**I don’t even know what happened tbh…

**This may be the last story I post for a while simply because school is starting up again and I will be busy with that…of course…please stick with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN !!!

**Did I ever say thank you for 1k? If not, thank you, babies!

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Grumpy Adorable Idol.


That season premiere was everything. It broke my heart to see Cameron hurting for having to hurt Kirsten in order to bring her back. But that slap though. She slapped him so hard his head spun. Kirsten goes on a rescue mission to save the team when they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They up there eating popcorn and cooking crepes. Oh and rest in peace to Linus’ father. It is so sad because he missed the funeral and didn’t get to say his last goodbyes. Kirsten and the team try to escape but get captured again. Mitchell calls the team to the lab so Kirsten can stitch into his son and find out who killed him. Oh and Mitchell trying to threaten to kill Camille, not cool. Don’t touch Camille! Turns out Kirsten and Ivy’s father Stinger killed him to send a message to Kirsten. Kirsten goes in secret to talk to the admiral who knows a Stinger and Mitchell. She says if the team stays and Maggie runs the program she won’t tell the world about stitching into dead people. He agrees of course. And last but certainly not least… CAMSTEN LIVES!!! That kiss was so filled with feeling and I was jumping and screaming for joy. Next Monday can’t come fast enough. Till next time babes!

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Soft Kisses - Guanlin Au

- admin xion

genre: fLUFF
word count: 1020
requested: nOPE
side notes: i wrote this at 11:51 on a school night in one go, are you proud of me?

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  • time lapse::
  • guanlin wasnt the type to show much pda
  • he’s dated a couple of times, but never lost his first kiss or did the hugging type of thing, simply because he’d feel like he’d mess something up or get too nervous like he always does
  • you’ve been best friends with him for about a year now
  • with a small crush on him of course, but you still support him to date simply to hide your feelings for him
  • and despite he wasn’t dating you,
  • he was so comfortable around you
  • and if you guys were to date, you feel like you’d mess that up
  • he tells you everything
  • and i mean, everything
  • even the embrassing parts of his dates where he becomes extremly flustered and becomes all shy and can’t even speak a work
  • you found it cute (lowkey)
  • but sometimes you’d imagine if you guys were to become something more than best friends
  • and if he did all those things he tells you he did
  • you’d only then slap yourself in the face onto how it was never going to happen anyways
  • guanlin wants to treasure his first kiss to someone who he thinks made an impact on his life
  • even if they dont like him back
  • he tells you, how he’ll just straight up kiss her and be satifsied
  • whenever he gets a girlfriend, you’d always ask
  • “have you kissed her yet?”
  • “no,”
  • “why n-“
  • “y/n, i’m not kissing (insert name.) or atleast not yet,” he tells you
  • you’d sigh to his respone
  • he might lose his first kiss to someone that isn’t you
  • but that’s fine
  • current time skip woosh
  • guanlin and you were walking down the street one day
  • and you notice him staring at a girl
  • “do you like her?” you blurted
  • guanlin chuckled and ruffled your hair sharply
  • “yaknow, sometimes i wonder if cute girls never approach me because you’re always with me,” he says
  • you tilt your head in confusion as he smirks
  • “i mean, i wonder if cute girls never come up to me or approach me because they think i’m dating you,” he adds on with a soft smile
  • you got flustered for a moment
  • dating him
  • you shook your head and srunched your nose
  • “eW NO, YOU’RE LIKE A BROTHER TO ME” you blurted, hiding your feelings
  • guanlin laughed
  • you both continued to walk down the street as you glanced at the girl he was looking at
  • she was pretty
  • “she’s not that pretty, so don’t worry about me asking her out,” guanlin says as he notices you glancing at her
  • “plus, how will i have a chance whEN I HAVE YOUR CLINGY ASS ON ME 24/7” he blurts loudly as you laugh
  • “trutru,” he replies
  • “but he doesn’t love you in that way” you said to yourself
  • “ahhh im hungry,” he says as he rubs his stomach
  • “when are you not tho?” you mumbled
  • “are you calling me fat?”
  • “no,
  • maybe,”
  • “there’s nothing wrong with being faT SO STOP SHAMING” you yelled
  • he threw up his arms into the air
  • “okok, i surrender, fair point” he replies with a smile across his face
  • as you two were walking, a question popped up in your head
  • “hey guanlin, are you and (insert name) still dating…?”
  • “no, why?”
  • “nothing,”
  • “…”
  • “do you happen to
  • like me?
  • “w-what? whatthefuck n-nO”
  • “hAH IM JUST JOKING WODKWOXPA” guanlin errupts laughing as you could feel your cheeks heat up
  • he wipes his eyes from a small tear that came out from laughing so hard
  • “i wanna lose my first kiss soon though,” he speaks
  • “oh?”
  • “have you found someone that made an impact on your life?”
  • “idunno, im still debating in it,” he says
  • a small joy within you danced around like a little girl
  • but then again
  • it may not be you
  • it can’t be you
  • guanlin just see’s you as a best friend, that’s all
  • “hey guanlin,” you speak
  • you both entered the familuar neighbourhood
  • “when you do lose your first kiss,
  • h-how are you gonna k-kiss her?” you asked softly
  • “what kind of question is that?” guanlin says with a soft smile
  • “i’ll kiss her softly, with passion. nothing intense and not a quick peck. just a kiss that she can know that she meant something to me, y’know?” he says
  • you could feel your heart beating a bit
  • or a lot
  • “how about you, mrs.single forever?” he asks, punching you softly in the shoulder
  • “idunno, probably the same as you,” you replied in a flustered tone (lol is that even possible?)
  • he walked you to the front of your house as you both did your traditional handshake you guys made up when you were 9
  • you both found it eXTREMLY COOL when you both were 9
  • but you found it funny how you still do it although you’re in highschool
  • guanlin insist
  • or in fact begs to do it everytime he dropped you off
  • and it evntually became a routine
  • “cya dork,” he says
  • “awhh, why you acting like this will be the last time you see me?”
  • “lol no- i’m skyping you the minute i get home,”
  • “i call bs,”
  • “nah, i swear,” he says
  • “hey y/n,”
  • “hm?”
  • “would you mind if i took your first kiss?” he asks with a soft smile
  • slightly pink cheeks
  • your heart was racing
  • you couldn’t even hide how red you were
  • “w-what?”
  • “answer,”
  • “…i don’t mi-”
  • “good,” he speaks as he quickly leans in
  • and before you knew it
  • his lips were pressed against yours
  • slowly melting in, you closed your eyes 
  • the way he explained it
  • was exactly how it felt
  • it was soft
  • not too long
  • not too quick
  • he soon broke the kiss as his cheeks were red
  • quickly covering his face, he mumbled the words
  • “okAY I GOTTA GO WALK MY FISH NOW BYE” as he ran away, leaving you standing there
  • flustered by his soft kiss