oh that horse eyes


“You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”
“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.
“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am." 

@litladiesnetwork‘s second eventfavourite minor female characters. luna lovegood, harry potter saga 

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The hero has dark hair, and the Jean blond hair. Could this be Hanji?

For what it’s worth, Jean is the Survey Corps’ official wigmaster and masterclass actor, if anyone can fool the entire world into thinking he’s some fake heroic warrior, he’s the man (or horse?) for the job!

Commanders Niece

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Fandom: Game Of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow

Reader: Female

Warnings: Smut, swears, the usual shebang

Note: this is my first GoT fanfic so I hope its good, I plan on making many more for different characters and if you have any character suggestions that should be done first let me know!

You were never really innocent, like far from it. You never acted like a lady but you were forced too, until you dishonored your father, he sent you to the Nights watch to be their fuck toy or something along those lines. At least you got to go to the wall, you could handle yourself very well, and your uncle was the Commander there so you would be treated fairly well.

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“It’s alright” said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”

“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.

“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.” Smiling faintly, she climbed into the musty interior of the carriage after Ron. Not altogether reassured, Harry followed her.

Misery Business

Synopsis: You are in love with Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes is in love with Natasha Romanov.  Natasha Romanov does not love him back.

Warnings: Somewhat unrequited love, Natasha can be a real bitch, language, College Student AU, Angst, (I know I originally said no smut but I started typing and WHOOPS) SMUT- no actual intercourse, but heavy petting, and making out.  Don’t read this at work.

A/N: (I do not hate Nat - you all know this - but this fic is a bit (A LOT) anti-Nat, or at least anti-this-interpretation-of-Nat) This is somewhat based off of a situation that actually happened to me, and a girl who I thought was my best friend and the man I’m currently seeing. (Though we’ve had a happier ending…so far)  Don’t play with people’s feelings for your own benefits, y’all. (ALSO LOVE AND RESPECT YOURSELF.  YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD.  NEVER EVER EVER FORGET THAT!!!!!)


Alternate Ending 1 || Alternate Ending 2 (Coming Soon)

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You watched the amber liquid swirling around in your glass before tipping it back and swallowing the shot in one gulp. It burned the whole way down, the whiskey scraping its way down your throat. The pain was a welcome distraction, however, from the two people swirling in and out of your mind.

Across the bar, Natasha - in all of her perfect glory - is flirting effortlessly with men neither of you has ever met before.  Nat’s perfectly manicured fingers traced the large muscles of one of the men chatting her up, and you toss back another shot.  Natasha had a way with men, between her perfect body and siren like personality, it was all but impossible to resist her charms.  You had met her the first week of freshman year of college, and she was quick to sweep you under her wing.  She taught you the ins and outs of the school.  She helped you break out of the awkward shell you had been toting around since high school.  She helped you come into yourself.  

But that was never enough.  

Not when she was the way she was.  

She had a flawless hourglass figure that you would kill for, curves in all the right places, smooth muscles that teased the beholder beneath soft skin.  She was what you had always wanted to be.  No man was immune.

Not even James Buchanan Barnes.

About three weeks into your Sophomore year, you met Bucky.  Well, you met Steve, Sam, and Bucky, but the latter was the one who took up the most residence in your mind.  From the moment you saw him, you were done for.  He was suave and handsome, and funny, and beyond intelligent.  He was everything you had ever wanted and in just one perfect moment you fell.  That moment was immediately followed by your beyond perfect best friend saying “dibs!”

And once Natasha set her sights on someone, she sunk her claws in deep and they were hers for as long as she wanted them to be.  Bucky was hers with a few bats of those deep blue eyes, and suddenly you faded into the back ground.

Now, here you were, a few weeks after your college graduation, at a bar across town with your best friends, celebrating the beginning of life in the new, ‘grown-up’ world.

Well, most of you were celebrating.  Everyone but the man wallowing at the end of the bar, and yourself.  Your eyes were glued to him, and his were glued to the redheaded vixen flirting her way through free drinks.

The pain in his gaze speaks volumes, and every time his beautiful eyes follow her figure your heart breaks a little more.

As always, Natasha had grown bored with Bucky.  And when she grew bored, she did what she does best.

She broke James’s god damn heart.

Only, this time was different than the others.

This time, she didn’t quite let go of him.

But it would’ve been better if she had.

Oh, of course she didn’t feel for him the way he felt for her - that much was obvious as she told everyone who knew the two of them that she was done with him and the mass of emotions he was.  No, it was no secret that she had no love for him in her heart.  In her bed, however, she sang his praises daily and nightly.  ‘Best I’ve ever had!’  She’d brag.  ‘No way I’d give that up that easily.’

Like the practiced little serpent she was, Natasha would grow lonely - or as lonely as a woman like her could be - and she would invite him over again.  He would fight her at first, demand to know why she continued to play with him.  But time and time again, she lured him under her covers with promises - empty promises - to love him again.  Like a love sick puppy, he would believe her, and when morning came and she was sated, she would dismiss him again.  Every time he left your shared apartment, he would leave a little bit more broken than the time before.

She knew how you felt about him, she was your best friend after all.  But every time you lay in bed at night, kept awake by the sounds of their passion, you found it harder and harder to forgive her.  ‘Oh, come on.’ She said when you’d accused her of using him for her own sexual gratification.  ‘He’ll get over it.  He should consider himself lucky I even still sleep with him - big baby that he is.’

Now it seemed she was ready to quit using him altogether - a development you were incredibly relieved to hear.  That is until you’d gotten here tonight to receive a front row seat to the man you loved your best friend lose his mind over the woman who had been playing with both of your emotions for months.

“She’s perfect.” He mumbles, defeated, and you don’t have to look to know exactly where his eyes are glued.

“Sure she is.”  A shot is suddenly in front of you, and your realize the bar tender has a pretty good handle on what’s going on at your end of the bar.

“She is!” He says.  "She’s funny, and smart, and quick, and her body-“

“Yeah, Buck. I got it. She’s perfect. No one compares.  She’s the only one for you. Thanks.”

“Why’d she ever choose me?” He asks, well slurs. “I mean it isn’t shocking that she left, but why’d she ever choose me in the first place?”  

This stuns you.

You tear your eyes from your drink, having to bite back a scoff as you look over him.  Even torn apart, Bucky is gorgeous - body and soul.  Besides the body that won’t fuckin’ quit, he’s one of the best men you’ve ever met.  He cares so deeply for every one of his friends, even when they wrong him so.  He so desperately wants to see the best in everyone but is thoroughly convinced there isn’t any in himself.

And now here you sit, slack jawed, wanting to slap the stupid out of this wonderful man.

“Has it maybe occurred to you that maybe she isn’t entirely perfect?”  His smooth, broad brow creases as it furrows in confusion.  

"Never.”  No, of course not.

“Yeah, well. It’s occurred to me.”  Courage bubbles in your chest and you’re not sure if it’s that you’re tired of seeing Bucky being treated like shit, being treated like shit yourself, or just the liquor but you are done. “She’s not.  Far from it actually.” You grab the bill that has been placed in front of you, pocketing your credit card as the bartender closes your tab. You’re gaining momentum as you ramble at your stunned friend with no signs of stopping and leave a drunkenly generous tip.  “If she were perfect, she wouldn’t treat her friends like shit. If she were perfect, she’d realize that what she’s doing is wrong.  If she were perfect, Bucky, she’d see what’s right fucking in front of her.”

You’re up on your feet in an instant, slamming that one final shot before grabbing your purse, throwing one last pointed glance at the dense fucker sitting beside you, and stomping toward Natasha.

“You,”  You jab a finger in the face of the shocked woman, ignoring the looks you get from her companions.  “You can find another ride home tonight.  In fact,” you amend, “why don’t you just find another place to spend the night?  You’re good at that.”

The venom dripping off of your final words even gives you chills as you push your way out of the bar and onto the street to hail a ride.

It’s mostly a blur of tears and the spins from the obnoxious amount of drinks you’d had, but you’re home soon enough.  Your purse finds its place on the couch when you walk through the front door, throwing the item as hard as you possibly can.

Your chest is heaving, your eyes are tearing, and now your stomach hurts.

So maybe you shouldn’t have had that last shot… it wasn’t your fault Bucky was such an idiot.

Aw well, nothing better than comfy pajamas, ice cream, and shitty 80′s chick flicks.  

The slamming door of the apartment pulls you from your Friends marathon, sighing at the telltale clicking of Natasha’s ever approaching heels.

“What the hell was that?”  She pauses in the entryway at the pitiful sight of you binging alone on the couch.  “What’s wrong with you now?”

If looks could kill, the glare that you give your friend while you paused Netflix would have knocked her out cold.

“Oh, you care about someone other that yourself?  Huh.  Could’ve fooled me.” You didn’t have to even look at her to just hear the eye roll you received.

“Oh, fuck off your high horse Y/N.”  She snaps, kicking off her heels to plop down on the couch beside you and pressing play.  “What’s this about?”

“What’s it about?”  Once again, Rachel froze mid-screaming at Ross on the screen as you shoot to your feet, throwing the remote down where you had just been sitting.  “It’s about the shitty way you’ve been yanking Bucky’s chain!”

“God, this again?”  Her groan only pisses you off more.

“Yes!  ‘This again’!  Because it’s shitty, Natasha!  It is shitty the way you’re treating another person!”  You’re sure your neighbors can hear you loud and clear as you pace the living room, but you can’t be bothered to care.

“It’s just Bucky, Y/N.”  Your feet immediately come to a halt.

Excuse me?

Just Bucky?! Do you even hear yourself?  Jesus, Nat!  He’s a person!  An amazingly kind hearted who puts up with way too much of your bullshit!  He’s more than his dick - which you can never shut up about!”  The apartment is suddenly too small for this.  You are so mad - and drunk - that you feel like you could crawl out of your own god damn skin.

Natasha’s sour giggle makes you want to claw her out of her skin.

“You don’t have to be such a jealous bitch, y/n.  Everyone knows you want his dick.”

Oh, so she wants to play it that way?


“You know what, you’re right!  I am jealous!  I do want his dick!  I want all of him!  I want to wake up next to him in the morning, and watch stupid cartoons together!  I want to share food and laughter and tears with the mother fucker!  I want him and all that he is.  It’s you who’s the jealous one, Nat.”

“Oh don’t be absurd -”  The usually in control redhead all but flinches at your humorless chuckle, the eoutburst cutting her bullshit right off. 

“You’re right.  Stupid me, you’re not jealous.  How could you be when you’ve got him wrapped around your fucking finger?  You treat him like dirt, Nat.  It’s disgusting.  But I know you.  I know that you are jealous.  Because he can be happy without you!  And you. can’t. stand it.  So much so that you’ve got to try to ruin any chance at happiness the poor guy’s got!  You chew people up and spit them out because you can’t fucking be happy with yourself, so no one else can!”

The silence lasts a few moments, your words sinking in to the two of you as you stare each other down.

Natasha is the first to move, her toned body coming to standing after replacing her shoes and grabbing her bag once more.

“Fine.  You know what, wallow here y/n.  But I’m not going to just sit here whining about what could’ve been.”  She snaps coolly, towering over you as she parades to the door.  “You forget, sweetie, I know what could’ve been - I lived it.  He would have worshiped you, y/n.  Ruined you for any other man.  But guess what? He. Chose. Me.”

The click that echoes through your lonely apartment is like a punch in the gut.  The woman who you considered your best friend for the past four years had never spoken to you like that before, nor you to her.  But you’d had enough.  You tell yourself that if she had done it to anyone else, you still would’ve stuck up for them too.

But you know that was a lie.

You stood up to her because when she broke Bucky’s heart, she broke yours too.  And you couldn’t stand it anymore.

You take a deep shaking breath, realizing for the first time that you’d been crying, and return to the count.  Friends doesn’t hold quite the same appeal now as it had just a few minutes ago, but you press play anyway, hoping for a momentary reprieve from your own drama.

The knock on the door has other plans for you.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”  You cry, mashing down on the pause button and rising to your feet.  You cast your eyes to the offending door, anger boiling higher and higher with every step.  “What the fuck is it now, Natasha?”  You snarl as you rip the door open, but any malice you’d have left dies on your tongue at the sight that greets you when you open the door.  “Bucky?”

“Did you mean all that?”  He asks.  His voice is raw, his eyes red.  He’d been crying too, you gather.

“I don’t know what you’re talking -”

“Don’t bullshit me, y/n!”  A heavy fist makes your door shutter against the frame, a whimper barely disguising the yelp that wants to fly from your lips.  “I heard you.  Did you mean what you said?  Do you…do you want me?”

Suddenly you feel all too naked in your thin pajama shot and your Hogwarts house tank top.  Here stands the man you’ve loved for years, broken and begging for the truth at your door after being lied to for so long.

How could you deprive him of it any longer?


He’s on you immediately.  Pressing you to the wall, lips sweeping in to capture your own large hands cupping your ass as he pulls your legs up to wrap around him.


Bucky doesn’t waste any time.  Once his lips and hands are on you, he’s walking - well, running - to the nearest flat surface.  The second he’s got you on the kitchen table, his jacket is left in an abandoned pile on the floor.  Hands tug and push at the layers of clothing keeping the two of you from each other, heavy pants of air blowing from each of your lips.

He doesn’t moan or really talk much.  Just groans, whines, and growls into your neck like if he doesn’t get inside of you soon, he’s going to die.

And it is the hottest thing you have ever heard.

Your name is sighed out through swollen lips, spoken against the skin of your neck as he rids you of the tank top you were wearing.  Upon seeing the distinct lack of anything beneath the offending material, Bucky growls, dipping his head to lavish all over your breasts when his hands drift lower to your waist.


He doesn’t have to say anything to play you like a violin.  Just taps against your hips and then you’re raising them, giving him access to pull your shorts and panties straight from your body.

Somehow, in your fog of pleasure, you miss when Bucky rids himself of his own pants.  That is until his bare hardness is dragging across your lips.  The sensation sends shock waves right through you, bowing your back as he rocks against you again and again.

“You like that baby girl?” Whimpers bubble up in your chest, your hips trying to find purchase and rhythm against his. “Words, y/n.”  He growls and you swear you could cum right there.

Yes, Bucky!  Don’t stop!”

“Good girl.”  He coos, large hand splaying out across your torso to hold you down as his slow and torturous tempo wreaks havoc on your clit.

His fat head pokes at your folds, the animalistic grunts falling coming from him sending shivers down your spine.


He is hands down the most passionate and enthusiastic man you’ve ever come in contact with.  No wonder Natasha didn’t want to let him go…

And it’s exactly why you have to.

“W-wait, Bucky…we can’t do this.”  You say, immediately wanting to slap whatever sane part of yourself decided to just now take control when you were seconds away from the best sex of your life.

When he looks to your face, lip tugged tight between his teeth, you have to steel yourself to sit up. The primal look in his eye hasn’t quite dissipated as he stares down at you and it makes rejecting him that much harder.

“Why not?”  He says, rolling those fucking hips again.  “I want you y/n.  Please, baby.”  Stamping down the way your eyes flutter and your body reacts to him, you somehow find purchase against his broad chest and push back.

“And I want you, Bucky.  But I can’t sleep with you when not three hours ago you were drinking yourself stupid over another woman.  That woman being my roommate and friend.”  Though you weren’t sure you could really call her that anymore. “I won’t be the rebound, Bucky.”

“You would never be the rebound, y/n.  I care about you!”  Sad eyes search your own, and though you know there’s some truth behind those words you find Bucky’s shirt beside you and hand it back to him.

“Bucky, you’ve been in love a woman who’s been using you for nothing but sex.  Would you do the same to me?  We’d only be taking advantage of each other.  But Bucky, you’re my friend.  I could do that to you, and I won’t do that to myself.”

You don’t even bother to put on your clothes, just grab them in one giant heap and get up from the table.  As your numb legs make your way to your room, you hear the jingle of a buckle, the tell tale sound of a zipper, and the click of an opening and shutting door.

Alternate Ending 1 || Alternate Ending 2 (Coming Soon)

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Animals of Ziost, 5.


Quadrupedal avians from Ziost, freylas can be found roaming in herds across the planet’s landscape.

Freylas are highly intelligent and versatile with clawed feet allow them to maintain traction throughout the various, cold environments. This makes them the ideal mount-animal on Ziost.

Generally freylas are not eaten, with a few rare exceptions once in a while. Imperials mostly use them for recreational purposes, racing, sporting, or for working on the farms and ranches.

The Sith on Ziost own many of the pedigree lines, with some freylas being valued in the tens of million credits. For the Sith, these animals are just another way to flaunt wealth and status among their kind. With the pureblood Sith, it is said that they will dress the freyals in ornate decorations for cultural ceremonies.

Aside from being mounts, their feathers are often collected and used. Coming in a rainbow of colors and often with different patterns, freylas have large plumage on the head and tail. These feathers are often turned into large fans for cantina dancers.

With the recent inclusion of aliens into Imperial society some Miraluka have crafted their “eye coverings” from the smaller feathers. These small feathers are typically plucked from the forelegs, which are just as colorful as the tail and head, and arranged into miniature wings that cover where the eyes would be.

wool - red meat - “bacon” - dairy - eggs


bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

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the way he welcomed you was smooth that you didn’t believe what he said an hour later he was firmly refusing you working in here 

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The Plague of Farawaia (Prinxiety Fanfic)

Also: posted on Archive of Our Own

General Audiences

Sum: The Prince of Farawaia is convinced that an evil warlock had caused a plague that has caused the King (Thomas) to become ill and bedridden as well as their darling healer, Patton! He sets out to find the Warlock and break the plague!

Or The time Thomas got the flu.

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The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 3

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2.9k

Warnings: none

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Here is the next chapter for you guys! I really hope that you guys will like it! If not just tell me, you can send me criticism, in order to get better! haha This chapter  is slightly shorter than the other ones (only 1k),but I hope you don’t mind?<3 Idk what to say more other than HAVE FUN!

<<previous chapter | Chapter 3 | Chapter list

Taehyung showed you every corner of his magnificent castle. His home was so bright, flooded with the light of the sun. Much different from your home, where it was dark and cold, but Taehyung’s home was so warm and colorful.

“After all this mess, I forgot to ask you what your name is.” Taehyung asked out of nowhere and he was correct. You totally forgot to introduce yourself to him or even Patricia.

“Oh! You are right, how could I forget something this important?” You told him and you felt horrible. “My name is y/n!”

“Y/n.” He repeated, “that’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you!” You smiled at Taehyung, making him smile as well.

“Taehyung? Where were you, I have searched for you-” you heard a unfamiliar voice. The voice belonged to a man and it sounded deep but it was also innocent and soft. You turned around to see a young, tall man standing behind you. His voice definitely suited his looks. He had brown hair, big, round eyes and was well build. “Oh, your little mermaid has awaken from her sleep.” The man told and your eyes widened. He knew that you are a mermaid? Has Taehyung told him or did he see you in the water?

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Pairing: Shatt Prompt: “A.... horse wedding?”

oh, my god

“You’re joking, right?”

Matt says nothing, eyes firmly on the tie that he’s currently tying for his boyfriend. He can barely keep the smirk off his face, and he can feel the way Shiro’s chest rises and falls beneath his fingers. Ah, what a lovely chest. Mmm. He presses on him to keep him from moving, and finishes the tie.

Glancing up, Shiro is looking at him with worry and a bit of confusion.

“You are kidding. Right, Matt?” He asks again and Matt can’t hide his smile and laugh.

“I’m not.” He says, laughing wildly for a moment. “It’s a horse wedding.”

“Why are we going to a horse wedding??” Shiro asks frantically, and Matt just laughs harder. It’s clear something’s confused between them.

“They’re horses!” Shiro continues, and it has Matt nearly in tears.

“Shiro.” He says, once his breath is regained. “Shiro.” He says again, running a hand up over his shoulder and pecking his lips with another laugh. “It’s horse-themed.”

Silence. Then-

“Oh.” Shiro says, face flushing red for a moment and then he’s cackling and they’re both laughing, ties askew again already.

Coming Home

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Taehyung as a single parent. He was looking for a babysitter to help him raise his kid and then he met you.

Taehyung had a short 3 days back home before he has to return to practice and prepare for the next comeback. He spent the next morning sleeping in and waking up only at noon to find that the house was empty. 

He was using his phone and scrolling social media in bed for an hour before he decided to get up. When he walked into the kitchen, he saw some covered plates on the table with post-it note that said, “Out to buy some stuff. Will be back soon. Eat lots! <3″ 

He smiled as he put the post-it down and lifted the cover of one of the plates. He took the plate and placed it in the microwave, heating the food up before sitting down to finish it. 

After he finished his meal, he realised that you were still not back yet. He took his phone up and texted, “where are you?” 

“On the way home.” 


“At the bus stop.”

“Which bus stop?”

“The one outside. At the main road.” 

“I’m coming.” 

You giggled to yourself a little after reading Taehyung’s text. He was always so obsessive and afraid of missing out. 

“Tae-oh ah appa says he is coming. Shall we wait for him here?” You were pushing Tae-oh in a stroller and you stopped and squatted next to him to tell him that his father was on his way to find him. 

Tae oh blabbered something and started to bounce in his seat, pointing his hands excitedly at something. You looked in the direction and saw that he was referring to the playground opposite. 

“Let’s wait for appa for awhile here. If we leave he wouldn’t be able to find us.” 

Tae-oh started whining and you were afraid that he was going to burst out crying. The recent episode at the clinic was still very raw and traumatic so you relented and pushed him to the playground that he was pointing to, thinking that you would just drop Taehyung a text to let him know where to find you. 

The playground was a neighbourhood playground and somehow it was crowded when you got there. It was probably because it was after school hours and the kids who got off from the school buses at the bus stop that you came from wanted to have some fun before heading home. 

You found yourself a small corner to park the stroller and carefully lifted Tae-oh out of his seat. The child could barely walk so you had to guide him as he stumbled his way to the different facilities of the playground. He was attracted to the rocking horse which he saw some older kid riding on and you told him to wait for his turn as the older hyung was still playing on the horse. When the older child saw Tae Oh eyeing his ride, he rocked a few more times before running off to the tall slide. 

“Gomawo hyung,” you said as you led and lifted Tae oh up on the seat and made sure he held on to the two handles before you started rocking him back and forth. The child was amused and he swept your hands away, wanting to rock the horse on his own. You took the chance to text Taehyung quickly, “we are at the playground opposite the bus stop”, and slipped your phone back into your pocket quickly and kept your watch on Tae Oh again. 

Tae Oh didn’t have much chance to go outdoors because nobody had the time to take him out. You had to admit that it was a hassle bringing a toddler out. Even a short visit to the convenient store down the street required you to dress him adequately, prepare his stroller or a baby carrier which were bulky and not easy to bring out. A longer trip out would require probably 10 times the work and energy. Furthermore, it was a great responsibility taking someone’s son out, even if the person was your own grandson. The burden of ensuring that the child was unhurt, and having to be on 24/7 alert for potential danger or hazards, it would be much safer and less emotional stress to just stay at home. But as a qualified early childhood educator, you knew the importance of active play and outdoor experience for young children and you hoped that Tae oh would get to experience as much as he could at his age. You also hoped that the vitamin D that he gets from the sun would allow him to become more extroverted and less irritable. 

Tae oh was playing a few rounds on the swing, slide and see-saw when you realised that you have been playing for quite some time and Taehyung was still not here yet. You began to look around and texted him, “where are you?” 

Your phone suddenly rang and it was Taehyung calling.

“Oh where are you?” 

“I’m at the playground.” 

“I don’t-”

“Look to your right” 

You looked to your right and did not see him around. You looked for a little longer and realised that someone was standing behind the tree and waving carefully at you. Taehyung was not at the playground itself but he was by a tree that was behind the fence surrounding the playground. Taehyung was watching from behind the tree. No he looked like he was hiding behind the tree as he only peeked his head out and waved when you looked into his direction. He was wearing a black cap and a black mask. 

It suddenly hit you that the playground was very crowded. There were children playing, screaming, running and laughing everywhere, a few mothers were talking to one another while sitting on the benches at the side. Some mothers were playing with their children, waiting for their child at the end of the slide, standing behind to push their child on the swing. Some children were brought here by their grandparents. If Taehyung were to walk in, he would have attracted alot of attention even though you doubt that the audience at the playground knew who he was. But you knew he could not take the risk with the number of people there. 

“I will tell Tae oh to stop then we can go home now”, you said to Taehyung over the phone. 

“No! Let him play, there isn’t much chance for him to play like this. We can go home later.”

You felt a little sad all of a sudden. You saw Taehyung watching Tae oh from behind the tree and snapping pictures of Tae oh from afar. Although he was wearing a mask, you could tell from his eyes that he was smiling as he watched Tae oh enjoyed himself on the slide. He was wary of the people who walked by and he would look down or away when he saw college or teenage girls nearby, hoping that nobody would recognise him. 

You continued playing with Tae oh, helping him up and down the slide but your eyes would constantly go to the tree where Taehyung was standing. You finally decided it was enough and told Tae oh that it was time to go home. The child was reluctant to leave but you told him that you would give him ice-cream on the way home and he allowed you to put him in the stroller and pushed him out of the playground. 

You pushed the stroller out of the playground to where Taehyung was, but the idol looked around, pulled his mask down and said, “you go first, I will see you back home.” He looked at Tae oh and clicked his tongue while caressing the baby’s face. He smiled and said briefly, “had fun?” He then looked at you and signalled for you to quickly leave. He looked around again and put on his mask and crossed the road to the opposite street. 

You looked around and saw that there could be no potential danger of any scandal or news being released as there was nobody who looked like they were particularly interested in who Taehyung was. You pushed the stroller and continued walking. 

Message from Kim Taehyung: “Why are you walking that way?”

Message from Kim Taehyung: “That’s not the way home.” 

“I promised to buy Tae oh ice-cream. You can go home first.” 

You hit send and slipped your phone back into your pocket and ignored the next message that came in. You were walking down a different street and you decided to go to the convenient store that was further and out of the way from home. You did not know why you were feeling annoyed. You know fully well what Taehyung’s job meant to him and what it entailed. His private life was constantly on the edge of being exposed and he could not afford for that to happen. He was not even supposed to get caught outside, and to get caught outside with a woman and a kid? His career would be over and that was the last thing that you would want for him. Yet, you cannot explain this feeling of annoyance. Maybe it’s because it sucks knowing that he can never openly spend time with his loved ones, maybe you will always be second to his job, or maybe third because Tae oh would always be number 2. But if he truly loved you, why can’t he be seen spending time with you and his child? If he could hide his child like this, he could hide you too. What were you to him? 

The more you thought about it, the more irritated you got. You decided to stay outside for a little longer so you took Tae oh to the cafe instead of just buying something for him to bring home from the convenient store. 

You got a table next to the window and you placed Tae oh inside and sat next him. While you were feeding him the ice-cream that you ordered, somebody knocked on the window and you looked out. It was Taehyung in his black cap and mask. You made eye contact with him and ignored him as you continued feeding Tae oh. 

The bells on the door chimed and the staff greeted, “welcome.” The person that walked in went straight to your table and sat opposite you. He pulled down his mask and said, “why did you suddenly decide to bring him here?”

“Why not?” You replied casually, trying to not sound petty or angsty. 

Taehyung looked around as you answered him in a rather loud voice when he tried to speak you to you quietly, hoping that he would not attract any attention and that nobody could recognise him through his voice. “I thought you were buying from the convenient store…” Taehyung said softly, he could sense that you were not very happy, but he did not know why. 

“Didn’t feel like it anymore. But i think this is a great place, you have any concerns about me bringing Tae oh here?” You spoke in your normal voice and you didn’t know why you were trying to pick a quarrel with him. 

“No no, I just thought… nevermind…” 

“Tae oh what are you eating? Is it yummy?” Taehyung immediately diverted his attention to Tae oh to avoid the tension that was building up and you went to order another cup of ice-cream to eat by yourself. 

Taehyung paid attention to Tae oh and you were getting more annoyed as you sulked and stuffed yourself with the ice-cream. Was he like this to Tae oh’s biological mother? 

Tae oh’s mother was someone that you wondered about quite a lot nowadays. You wondered what kind of person she was. Was she pretty? Was she cute? Was she kind-hearted? Was she bitchy? Was she submissive? Was she demanding? Why did she leave? What kind of person was she? What did she do? Did she leave shortly after Tae oh was born? Did she break up with Taehyung? Did she walk out on them? Did Taehyung miss her? Was she someone Taehyung would give up everything for? 

There were no traces of Tae oh’s mother in the house. Not a single photo, clothing or accessory that you had came across that could possibly tell that it belonged to Tae oh’s mother. So you guessed that it must have been a tough break up that made Taehyung remove every single trace of her existence. It probably was considering how defensive Jimin was when he heard a female’s voice that night when you called Taehyung. 

All these thoughts about Tae oh’s mum were running through your mind as you walked home with Taehyung and Tae oh. Taehyung was pushing Tae oh and you were walking by the side, tucking your hands in your pocket and looking on the ground the whole time.  

Taehyung paused in his steps and you looked at him, surprised that he stopped instead of hurrying back home. “Let’s stop here for awhile, the weather is nice tonight.” 

The small uphill back home overlooked the night scene. The many houses below were all lighted up and the night sky was dull. There were no stars, there were barely any stars in the city but the night air was cool. Tae oh was quiet in his seat, he was probably sleepy as it was near his bedtime soon. Taehyung pulled down his mask and breathed in deeply, enjoying the breeze as he closed his eyes. 

“Are you okay?” he asked. 

Maybe it was the gentleness of his voice, or the coolness of the night breeze that calmed you down, you felt less quarrelsome now. 

“Yeah” you whispered. 

“Anni. You are not. You finished a whole bowl of ice-cream by yourself just now.” 

“I was not. But now I am fine.” 

“Why were you unhappy?”


“Fine.” Taehyung sounded a little annoyed now. 

“The person I entrust my son to is upset about something and doesn’t trust me enough to tell me.” 

“Okay i will tell you. Don’t be angry. I was just… thinking about Tae oh’s mum…” your voice trailed off towards the end. You were unsure of how Taehyung will react as this was the first time you were bringing up this topic. 

There was a long silent. 

“I was just thinking about how things would be if she was the one looking after Tae oh now….” When the words came out, you immediately regret it as it seemed to have made the matter worse rather than helping to alleviate the tension. 

Taehyung did not say anything. He looked down and hid his face in his palms, rubbing it before he groaned and breathed deeply again. 

“Let’s go”, he said as he stood up and pushed Tae oh’s stroller. You got up quietly and walked alongside. The rest of the walk home was silent and you felt horrible for ending the night in this way. You could have ended it on a different note if you allowed yourself the chance to flirt with Taehyung a little and get him to cheer you up but you had to dig up a sore spot and ruin the chance. 

Taehyung carried Tae oh into the bedroom and tucked him into the bed. The boy had fallen asleep on the way home and Taehyung watched him for a little while before he kissed the child’s forehead and left the room. You just got out of the shower when you saw Taehyung sitting by himself in the kitchen drinking a bottle of cold coke. 

“Are you going back to work tomorrow?” you asked casually, trying to test Taehyung’s reaction and make some small talk with him. 

“No i’m not but i will be out tomorrow.” He took another sip from his drink. 

“Oh” you said and stood awkwardly for a few seconds before deciding it was best for you to just go to bed. 

As you lay down on the bed, you were pretty sure that Taehyung went through a bad break up with Tae oh’s mum and somehow your curiosity increased though your feelings of unexplained sadness also increased. 


‘Hadn’t had a good time since you know when.
Got talked into goin’ out with hopes you were stayin’ in.
I was feeling like myself for the first time, in a long time.’

‘Then you roll in with your hair in the wind, baby without warning
I was doin’ alright but just your sight had my heart stormin’’

The rain pelted against the roof of the training chamber, thunder echoing in the distance as Vegeta wiped the ever pouring sweat from his brow. He’d long since lost track of time. Once the weather report that morning had called for near emergency conditions he’d decided now was a better time than any to lock himself away for several hours in the metal room; if anything to at least to burn off the cabin fever creeping up his spine. He could only sit still for so long without wanting to murder something, so he felt as though he’d done some sort of benevolent service to the world.

The only irritating thing about locked away for so many hours were the thoughts, the somewhat repressed memories that came rumbling as deep as the storm overhead. He’d been practically taken prisoner on this God-forsaken planet; had been unwillingly integrated into some silly band of misfits determined on saving the world. Their leader Kakarot was of the same lineage as him, but had all the grace and poise of the village idiot. How that miscreant lower class Saiyan had surpassed him, the Prince, in raw power to become a super Saiyan was beyond him. But that was why he instructed the earth woman called Bulma to build him the training chamber. Despite her hostile and aggravating personality she’d agreed and encouraged his endeavors. Surely she was aware of what he was intending to do; his plans of immortality had gone awry on Namek but there were Dragonballs here on Earth as well. It was his duty as ruler of his people to be placed back in power again and becoming immortal would only assist him in that endeavor. Earth, while a lowly little planet could in fact be of some use to him. Frieza was no more, so what else was there to stop him? Kakarot perhaps…but once Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans achieved the super level there would be no one to stand in his way.

Vegeta exited through the electronic doors, the sounds of the storm even louder now. Capsule Corp was one of the safest places to be in conditions like this, so he wasn’t the slightest bit concerned. He’d had worse. Much worse. Although, he noted as he passed by a shatter proof window that the sky was pitch black, no stars to be seen. A quick glance at the watch on his wrist (a gift from the annoying Bulma who insisted they were a necessity) told him it was almost midnight. Perfect. He would be alone if went down to the kitchen to raid the pantry.

He outwardly growled however when he noticed there was indeed a light on, the sounds of a radio on low. The music was absurd; whomever was singing had an odd accent he’d never heard before. He managed to creep to the doorframe, peering in to see Bulma, mug in hand on a barstool. And per her usual MO she was wearing hardly anything: a loose fitting white shirt and a ridiculously tiny pair of pink sleep shorts. Vegeta sneered, arms crossing. He didn’t understand it. Clothes were meant to be functional. They covered your body to protect it. And here she was, nearly naked just waiting for some predator.

Just as he was about to turn and leave without being noticed, a loud clap of thunder hit shaking the house and Bulma actually yelped. She jumped up, knocking over her stool and whatever liquid was in her cup came splashing out all over her flimsy night shirt.

“SHIT!” She swore through clenched teeth, pulling away the dripping front of her clothes. Vegeta couldn’t help it, he barked out a laugh and her head snapped to the doorway, eyes narrowed, “Yeah, yeah… Laugh it up you stupid jerk.”

Since he’d blown his own cover there was no use hiding anymore. Vegeta plastered on his best smirk and strode into the kitchen, “Ha. I could have guessed a weakling like you would be afraid of thunder.” He pulled open the fridge, seeing there was a platter of steaks with a yellow post it note right on top with his name scrawled across it. At least the blonde woman Bunny (unlike her obnoxious daughter) was good for something. He pulled out the entire thing, shirking utensils and instead grabbed a whole slab of meat with his hands and ripped out a large chunk with his teeth.

Bulma made a disgusted face, reaching down and picking up her stool, “Ew. You could have at least washed your hands you heathen.”

Vegeta’s face grew hot as Bulma bent over, her shirt riding up her back giving him a particularly nice view of the rounded underside of her ass cheek peeking out from beneath her shorts. He coughed and waved the steak at her, averting his eyes back to his meal so that he would no longer be distracted, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m not the one covered in liquid. Speaking of, it’s all over the floor. You might want to mop that up.”

Ah yes. That was the perfect comeback. Point for Vegeta.

“Shut up you ass-” whatever other insult she was ready to let loose was cut off by another loud boom. Bulma cowered on her stool, covering her ears.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, still chewing, “Seriously?”

“I-it’s just loud.” She finally managed to whisper, “I’ve always hated thunder storms.”

“Tch,” He’d already finished the first steak and was starting on the second, “weak.”

“Whatever.” Bulma mumbled, turning the dial on the radio to make it louder. It was that music again; Vegeta realized with some annoyance he didn’t mind it as much as he should have. Not that he ever listened to music anyways. The Saiyans were not known for their love of the arts.

Against his better judgement, curiosity won him over, “What is this?” He mumbled, gesturing with the steak again towards the radio, trying to not sound interested.

“Oh, do you like it? It’s country.” Bulma said, her voice bright, “I like it because it’s romantic.” She sighed, “I’m still waiting for my cowboy.”

“What in the actual fuck is a cowboy? Sounds stupid.”

Bulma rolled her eyes, “Oh please. They’re hunky men who ride on horses and wear tight jeans and chaps.”

Vegeta scoffed, “Sounds stupid to me.”

“You don’t even know what any of things are! Actually,” Bulma smiled, waggling her eyebrows, “you’re a little bit like a cowboy, all handsome and rugged.”

The Prince froze mid chew; despite the fact that he knew she was teasing him, he was alarmed by the warmth behind her words. And that smile… What was she getting at? Feeling his cheeks heat up, he turned back to the fridge, looking for something…anything to get away from her gaze, “I’ll take that as an insult.”

Bulma sighed, “Huh, that’s too bad,” Her voice was suddenly soft behind him, “I really did mean it as a compliment. You’re a tough guy, but I know there’s more to you than that-”

He spun around and within milliseconds his hand was clutching her throat across the kitchen island. Bulma’s eyes went wide, their blueness startling. There was a glimmer of something akin to alarm in her face, but it was quickly replaced by that warmth again. She didn’t fear him. She never had. He could crush her right now and she wouldn’t care. For some insane reason she trusted him; knew he wouldn’t harm her. It made him feel weak. His fingers twitched around the softness of her skin, feeling her pulse throbbing… he was trying to will himself to squeeze and it just wasn’t happening.

What was wrong with him?

Her hand wrapped around his outstretched wrist. It was so small…her nails painted a pale pink nearly the color of her shorts. The touch was light and for a brief moment he welcomed it, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been touched when it hadn’t hurt. Her fingers moved and she brushed her thumb soothingly over his knuckles.

“I could kill you.” He said darkly, fingers twitching again, “it wouldn’t take much. You are-.”

Bulma’s thumb continued stroking his knuckles, “Weak, I know. But if you really wanted to, you would have done it already. I told you, I know there’s more to you.”

“No, there’s not-”

“YES there is.” Now Bulmas other hand was touching his face, brushing down his tightly clenched jaw. Vegeta squeezed his eyes shut and with near desperation tried to resist. But it only took a few moments before he pressed his cheek into her palm. Damn it. What was happening? “Come on cowboy,” she whispered, “let me in a little.”

“I…” He could feel his fingers slowly releasing her throat, trailing them down to her collar bone and running across them with a touch so soft if he didn’t know better he would swear it wasn’t his hand. Bulma breathed something that sounded like his name, her hand leaving his face and running through the onyx hair at his temple. The music was still playing in the background, and she was still looking at him in that way that made his stomach feel sick. If it wasn’t for the island separating them he might just…

He retracted with a snarl, knocking over his platter of steaks to the floor with the sudden movement and stormed out of the kitchen hearing her call his name behind him.

He didn’t turn around.

He couldn’t face her.

That tiny woman had made him lose his composure even if it was only for a moment. He was a prince, one of the last of an extinct race. His reputation needed to stay intact. Any distractions were unwelcome…

But her hands were so soft.

Unwelcome and unwanted…

But her eyes were bluer than any sky he’d ever seen.

He couldn’t afford to be taken advantage of again.

But oh how he wanted her to break him.

That last startling thought caused him to stop in his tracks right in front of his bedroom door, hands tightening into clenched fists. The same hands that had killed thousands she had caressed as if I were the most natural thing in the world. What on earth was this insignificant earth woman doing to him? The door almost buckled after he entered and slammed it shut.

After a time Vegeta managed to lay on his bed staring broodingly at the ceiling, fingers twitching restlessly behind his head. The sound of the rain was making him anxious. There was a time where he would have had no issue eliminating a woman like her; she was brazen, outspoken, dangerous. A Prince like him could not afford to be distracted with such treacherous feelings.

And yet…

Why did she consume his thoughts? He’d done his best to berate her, ignore her, curse her, tease her and yet here she remained. She claimed to see something in him, but what?

A heat began radiating through his palms, an outward manifestation of the turmoil raging inside of him. He needed something, a distraction…

The radio he’d never used on the desk in the corner caught his eye. Deciding that Bulma was probably asleep by now and wouldn’t hear the music he rose and made his way to it. The copious amounts of buttons threw him for a moment (obnoxiously unnecessary if you asked him), but after some button mashing the radio blared to life, his fingers rotating the station knob scan until…

There was that music again. The one he didn’t mind. He turned the volume down until it was barely audible and this time pulled the blankets on his bed down and crawled beneath them. Wishing these new and unwelcome emotions gone, he shut his eyes and tried to block out his thoughts.

There was a soft knock on the door and Vegeta stiffened. Damnit.

“Vegeta? Are you awake?” The voice was muffled through the door, but he knew it was her.

He was at the door in an instant, pulling it open and seeing her large eyes staring at him. Bulma looked startled, but quickly composed herself, “Hey look, I’m sorry. I don’t say that often but-”

He grabbed her around the waist, pulling her inside his room and closed the door behind them. Vegeta pressed her back against the wall, lips seeking hers in the darkness of the room. She let out a gasp, fingers winding into the hair on the back of his head.

“Damn you,” he murmured against her lips, hands already pulling down her sleep shorts and palming her wet heat. She mewled, hips bucking, hands trying to pull down his shorts as well.

Vegeta was broken. But now he knew why. It was her doing. She stirred him in ways he thought had died along with his home. Just a child lost among a sea of stars and death, he’d witnessed more in his lifetime than most would in a thousand. None had affected him or caused him to lose any sleep in a long, long time. The life chosen for him had hardened his soul and that was how he had survived after all this time.

But she had broken that. All it had taken was a crack,

“I know there’s more to you than that-”

But was there really? She had no clue the things he had done, the man that he was. His fingers stilled against her hardened nub, her breath hot against his neck.

What was he doing?

“Vegeta?” Her voice reverberated against his skin, it was breathy and low, “what’s wrong?”

He didn’t answer. Eyes closing tightly, he hung his head until it rested against her shoulder. The warmth from her womanhood was strangely comforting against his fingers, sticky and wet. Could he allow this? To lose control with her? It went against everything he’d ever been taught. Then again, everything he knew was told to him by the alien that had destroyed his world. He was free, so why did he still feel caged?

Bulma said his name again, gently nudging his cheek with her nose. He opened his eyes, and she looked into them without fear. Her hand moved from his waist down the front of her shorts, covering his slick fingers with hers. She began to guide him, never once breaking eye contact.

He watched her with fascination, noting the way her thighs clenched around his hand when he hit just the right spot, how her pupils expanded as her breathing became more ragged; her fingers stilled and yet he continued, circling until she shuddered against him, so trusting and un afraid.

The waist of his shorts slipped lower after a few moments, Bulma freeing his arousal to the open air. Her hand encircled him, and he hissed out her name. Morality had never been his strong suit, so boundaries be damned. He pulled away from her, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her down on the bed. Within a breath, he was between her legs and slipping inside her.

The sounds of the storm outside and the radio within the walls were soon muffled and lost among the sounds of her moans and his ragged breathing. After a time he managed to growl out her name and spilled himself within her, this slip of a woman who had somehow torn a way around his defenses. Bulma pulled his mouth down to hers and this time he didn’t even try to resist, her lips were too soft and he was tired of pretending something within him wasn’t changing.

The storm within him had calmed; even if it was only an imperceptible amount. She was the cause and he could no longer hide the fact that he knew this.

It was enough for now.

'The moon went hiding,
stars quit shining,
rain was driving,
thunder 'n lightning.’

'You wrecked my whole world when you came, and hit me like a hurricane.
You hit me like a hurricane.’

Song credit: Hurricane by Luke Combs

Healer - Legolas Greenleaf

Pairing: Legolas Greenleaf x Reader

Characters: Legolas Greenleaf

Warnings: N/A

Request: “Fancy seeing you here” “Oh please, don’t act like you didn’t follow me”

Word Count: 425

Author: Hannah

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It’s alright" said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”

Can you? said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.

Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”

Harry Potter Series

“It’s alright" said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”

“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. 

He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.

“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.

Smiling faintly, she climbed into the musty interior of the carriage after Ron. Not altogether reassured, Harry followed her.

૨αѵεɳ૮ℓαω αεรƭɦεƭเ૮: Luna Lovegood

“It’s alright" said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”
“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.
“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them since my first year here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”
Smiling faintly, she climbed into the musty interior of the carriage after Ron. Not altogether reassured, Harry followed her.


“It’s all right,” said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them too.”

“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes.

“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them ever since my first day here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”


harry potter character aesthetics [6/?] → luna lovegood

“It’s alright,“ said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. “You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them, too.”
“Can you?” said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide silvery eyes.
“Oh, yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them ever since my first day here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”