oh thanks anon

Coran: Here it is Pinches Tacos!

Allura: Yes!

Lance: You know what that means right?

Coran and Allura: Little pinches of flavor-

Lance: Fucking tacos.

Allura: What…

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

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How about a black dragonfish? ( look em up on google they look cool but scary :0)

They are (and the baby versions are the weirdest things ever haha)

Lance: *From top of blue lion* The stress of my modern office has caused me to go into a depression 

Keith: *Using hands or megaphone* Depression? Isn’t that a fancy word for feeling bummed out? 

Lance: Keith, you ignorant slut

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imagine ennoshita trying to do a bday party for his s/o but fell asleep in the deco box and when s/o found him all tangled in bow and ribbons s/o would be like 'BEST GIFT EVER' aND ENNOSHITA IS THE BEST GIFT EVER okay im done

that’s … adorable

Shiro: You are a constant source of disappointment.

Lance: Hey… I thought I was the constant source of disappointment.

Lance: Well I will just have to try harder.