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I was just wondering if the line "Then again. Maybe it’s not all that surprising" in the Masaomi+Kasamatsu short was referring to Youji's reticence in regards to personal things, or something else? Thanks, and I very much love your writing! (You made me like OCs, which isn't something I thought could happen, but MasaYou is now my number 1 ship lol)

Oh, good question! Thanks, anon-friend! In that particular story, Kasamatsu doesn’t fully know that Youji has the terrible habit of keeping secrets from everyone, and he also doesn’t know the extent of what their relationship is. His comment on “maybe it’s not that surprising” was more of a, “gosh, my dad’s friend seems super embarrassing, and yeah, I probably wouldn’t want him near my kids either.”

I’m really glad you enjoy the OCs! I am still SO CLOSE to the end of the Nijimura story and honestly I think what I find most exciting about that is I then get to start writing that MasaYou story. FINALLY. In which there will be a heavy focus on the OCs and I hope that’s OK but I’m definitely going to write it even if everyone hates it because maaaaaan this story is eating me alive.

Thanks again for the question!

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My dear, please don't ever stop writing. You're so talented and I love Thwarted to pieces. Stay safe my friend <3

Oh thank you, Anon!

I don’t think I could stop writing honestly. The way I view the world has fundamentally changed. Nothing has ever given me this kind of fulfillment. I’ve always been creative, but never found my calling. Now I feel like I have.

Thanks again, Anon. Supportive readers really do feed the muse like nothing else.

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

Lance: *From top of blue lion* The stress of my modern office has caused me to go into a depression 

Keith: *Using hands or megaphone* Depression? Isn’t that a fancy word for feeling bummed out? 

Lance: Keith, you ignorant slut

Shiro: You are a constant source of disappointment.

Lance: Hey… I thought I was the constant source of disappointment.

Lance: Well I will just have to try harder.


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Hi hi :) thanks so much for posting the yoonmin 10+ asia segment! just wanted to clarify that when Suga says, 'i curse a lot,' the correct translation should actually be 'i curse for [him/Jimin] a lot.' ('욕은 내가 많이 해준다.') even better haha

so to reiterate:

(q: is there a person that can pull you out of the thought inside your mind?) jimin: yes, when someone curses.

suga: i curse for him a lot.

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I'm really upset about the interview. Louis sounds so sad and stressed out, and he's hurting himself with all that smoking 😕He's the one who always defended the band and now he's paying the consequences of angering people in the business while still not being recognized for his talents. It's just unfair, I hate it.

Hi, anon.

I’m not going to lie, I think it’s an upsetting interview, too.

How he was abused and mistreated since the XFactor and the effect that had on his self-esteem and his confidence is something that he’s mentioned before, and which one could imagine.

And it was obvious how difficult losing his mum, who was also his number one fan and best friend, must have been for him, given their close bond. As well as the fact that him standing up for the band and for all of them has carried such a high price for him.

But there’s knowing and knowing, and having him address it like this is very painful. (The Jay bits in particular are heartbreaking.) And I agree it’s dreadfully unfair.

However, I will say that Louis still has many people who love him and support him, including his devoted fanbase. And he’s incredibly brave and, I believe, the type of person to find joy even in the worst of situations.

And that’s missing in the article. Because, remember, this is an interview with an angle. And though I feel like it’s true, and reveals a very vulnerable part of him that he hasn’t expressed that often, there’s also happiness and love in his life, and accomplishments that I am sure he is proud of, like his songwriting credits, for instance.

I’m not one of those bloggers who will tell you to chill out and that everything is fine, because I don’t believe everything is fine.

This is the starting point, now we see where we go from here. What kind of promo. What happens to his stunts.

And we continue to support him as we can; probably raging and weeping and rejoicing by turns. And we continue to hope that the universe will be kinder to him and that, even in hardship, Louis remains loved and able to find joy in his life.

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Hi, Saori! I see you blog a lot about Sterek and I was wondering if you read fanfiction too? If yes, can you rec me some fics to read? If not, can you recommend a blog that you think recs good fics? I find your taste in Larry fics similar to mine and I was hoping you can do the same with Sterek as well. Thank you!

Oh boy, honestly I have no idea what to say, I’m just glad that not everybody’s fed up with my Sterek spams (probably a lot of people are but oh well) :D

First things first, you should check out @theofficialstereklibrary @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @underappreciatedsterek @acountrygirlsfun @christinesficrecs @eternalsterekrecs and if you like Larry too then @nottooldforthisship recces  awesome stuff all the time, (her sterek fic rec tag is a blessing) (my fic rec page is kind of a mess, but you can find some there too)

As of my recs, I usually don’t do it cuz I’m always anxious I’ll rec something the other doesn’t like, but since you asked so nicely here are some of my faves:

The Undisclosed (109k) - For once the pack doesn’t panic when a new hunter arrives. The gleefully sadistic man has labelled himself a collector of all things rare in the supernatural world and wants one of the rarest creatures; a werefox. Content that the pack is safe, the wolves focus on why their human member is acting so strange, ignoring the fact that Stiles only started once learning who the man wanted…

I’ve read this like, how many times? Way too many to be healthy? Seems accurate. And I’m totally not re-reading it again, nope.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart (179k) - Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

This fic changed my life tbh.

As Luck Would Have It (I’m already smitten) (188k, WIP) - When Stiles meets his Dom for the first time, it’s nothing like the cutesy, lovey-dovey Subflicks he used to drag Scott to when they were thirteen. There’s no burst of sunshine when they collide, no sudden swell of violins when their eyes meet; only a really big dent in the front of his Jeep and a seriously pissed off Alpha glaring at him from the sidewalk.

When I see the e-mail I shut down and don’t even look up until I finished reading the update. It’s by far the most exciting fic I’ve read, and I read A LOT.

Do Not Go Gentle (108k, WIP) - Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive.   Someone quite young.   Someone who’s clearly been badly treated.  Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha.  What do you think he’ll do?

Same with this. Mondays can’t come fast enough. Dark, but worth it for me.

Home (160k, WIP) - January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

You can’t even imagine what this fic does to me. It’s everything.

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