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acidmigraine  asked:

hello! i'd like to request a sam x reader prompt with quotes 16 & 28! make it either really cute and fluffy or really angsty cuz i need a lot of feelings. thanks a lot!

Finally got around to this! I hope it’s what you were hoping for, it’s the best I could come up with! Let me know what you think :) 

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Summary: On the way to prepare for another job abroad, Sam proposes it to you, but enough is enough when it begins to feel that Sam enjoys the thrill of dangerous missions over a domestic life with you.

“Maybe it’s not the best way to do it,” you said.

“Well give me another solution,” he argued, “because this is the only thing I can think of.”

“Sam,” you began, “These jobs are not the simplest, and they’re always weeks at a time.”

“They pay off well, don’t they?” He asked.

“Yeah, so can a job that has you home more often than not,” you replied.

“I’m not taking an office job somewhere I don’t even like,” he reasoned, “you know i can’t.”

“You can, you just don’t want to.” Sighing, you turned away from him. “Sam, we’re never going to have a normal, quiet life if you won’t try.”

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I finally finished the piece-of-S*** piece I’ve been working on for a “Mythology”-themed Art Jam competition. I’ve been dedicating every second of my free time to it for the last month and at this point I don’t even care what the prize is, I just needed to finish it for my own sake AND. IT’S. DONE.

Can only show a sneak peek, but Patrons get an early look. Thanks you guys for tagging along on my blisteringly tedious livestreams for the past few weeks while I tried to get through it.