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Troublesome Duo

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“Hello.” You answered the phone with no enthusiasm, you were worn out and on the brink of tears. Your once nicely curled hair was now up in a ponytail. Some strands had been pulled out by Ki-Tae. He was the youngest of your troublesome duo.

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I finally finished the piece-of-S*** piece I’ve been working on for a “Mythology”-themed Art Jam competition. I’ve been dedicating every second of my free time to it for the last month and at this point I don’t even care what the prize is, I just needed to finish it for my own sake AND. IT’S. DONE.

Can only show a sneak peek, but Patrons get an early look. Thanks you guys for tagging along on my blisteringly tedious livestreams for the past few weeks while I tried to get through it.

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For coffee shop anon - here it is! Dick as the barista!

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“Excuse me!” You stormed up to the barista who had served you this morning

“Oh look at who finally noticed me.” He grinned at you

“Why the fuck did you write that I love penis?” You glared at him “I had a serious meeting today with an important client and thank god he’s got a good humour for cocks all over my cup.

“No - no. You’ve misread completely. It means you love Dick.” his blue eyes twinkled at you

“Whats the difference?!” You almost screamed at him, as he was enjoying this. There was a twinkle in his eyes and you felt calmer just staring at them.

“Okay my name badge is down here.” he pointed at his chest “not up here.” He grinned as he realised you had staring at his eyes.

You blushed as you looked at it and read it outloud

“Dick. Is that a joke or?”

“My name’s Richard. Dick for short and i think you’re remarkably gorgeous and I had to get your attention somehow. And I’m glad I did now because this is incredibly hot, and you’re feeling like a -.”

“A dick.” You blushed cringing “but the penises almost cost me my job!”

“Then you should of looked at your cup before you took it into work.” He chuckled “now can I get you something?”

“Sure a bagel please.” You asked politely “you’re not going to make it inappropriate are you?”

“I need to figure out how first.” He winked at you as he reached down in the cabinet behind him, and you bit your lip as he bent over.

“That will be $4, an apology and don’t forget to tip, I accept cash or a kiss.” He said resting his elbows on the counter

“How about I apologise with a drink tonight?” You offered

“I don’t know if I accept dates but that would work. You can tip me then if you wish.” He grinned and you kissed him on the cheek “or that works.”

jammy-cake  asked:

HHhh I can't stop looking through your art... I look through your art tag almost everyday... I might have a problem- (but seriously your art so super duper spectacular! I'm finally learning how to draw portraits and I'm always looking at your art for inspiration~ QvQ)

OH MY GOD, you do?? :O… WOW!! Thank you so much!! It’s always such an honor to be someone’s inspiration, but also very overwhelming! I always scroll through all my favorite blogs to see their recent drawings and get all excited, but I NEVER would have thought people did the same with my blog…! 

Keep up the hard work dear, and good luck with your portraits!!!