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Also for the ask meme, #11, #13, and #20. Ps I love you and all that you do for the fandom. 🙆🙆🙆 -Rezz

(Already answered number 11, and thank you so much my friend! I love YOU!)

13. Favorite fic from another author?: OH GOD. I must collect my thoughts here (tags don’t actually appear to be working, I have made an attempt D: ). Anything that Tox comes up with I’m always on board. Hardcorewwetrash has the finest assortment of bearded boys I’ve seen on lockdown, none can compare. Writergrrrl29 with the excellent, wonderful A/B/O story that inspired me to finally take the plunge into that genre (THE DETAILS ARE SO GOOD). Wwe-smutfics as the absolute master of variety, truly a legend! Oraclegazes has that good Moxley down pat (that sweet, delicious self-loathing!). I tend to like whatever a person writes, regardless of whether I’m a fan of the individual they’re writing about! That’s how you can tell they’re good, because regardless of what they do I’m still hooked!

20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of:

-“Our little lamb. I promise you’ll be just fine, my dear. No harm will come to you while we’re near.”

-“That’s not the point. The point is, you’ve been hurt. You’ve been hurt a lot. I don’t want you to get back to your family and find out that you can’t function because you’ve got all this grody, unresolved anger, or that your skin crawls when people touch you.”

-“It’s alright. You’re allowed to want other stuff besides what you’ve already had.

-“Let me help, dammit, be fucking weak and greedy for me.

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HHhh I can't stop looking through your art... I look through your art tag almost everyday... I might have a problem- (but seriously your art so super duper spectacular! I'm finally learning how to draw portraits and I'm always looking at your art for inspiration~ QvQ)

OH MY GOD, you do?? :O… WOW!! Thank you so much!! It’s always such an honor to be someone’s inspiration, but also very overwhelming! I always scroll through all my favorite blogs to see their recent drawings and get all excited, but I NEVER would have thought people did the same with my blog…! 

Keep up the hard work dear, and good luck with your portraits!!!


I finally finished the piece-of-S*** piece I’ve been working on for a “Mythology”-themed Art Jam competition. I’ve been dedicating every second of my free time to it for the last month and at this point I don’t even care what the prize is, I just needed to finish it for my own sake AND. IT’S. DONE.

Can only show a sneak peek, but Patrons get an early look. Thanks you guys for tagging along on my blisteringly tedious livestreams for the past few weeks while I tried to get through it.