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Building a Reprise 5/? (White Rose fanfiction)

Title: Building a Reprise 5/?
Word Count: 8,568 (40,406 total)
Fandom: RWBY
Characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long
Pairing: Ruby/Weiss (White Rose), Blake/Yang (background/established)
Rating: Mature (future rating for depictions of action, character injury)
Summary: A year after Salem’s fall, Team RWBY have reunited to take on a contract in Mantle. Between Ruby’s lingering crush on her partner and a Grimm forcing hunters to become the hunted, the mission hasn’t quite been the reunion she’d wished for. Things aren’t easy when so much has been unsaid between her and Weiss, though, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
Chapter Summary: Ruby gets some new threads, Weiss likes them far too much, and they have a long-awaited discussion about Weiss’ status as heiress of the SDC.

The chill in the wind had sharpened further as Weiss and Ruby had made their way over to Mantle’s central district. Despite the brisk pace Weiss had set, the damp, miserable cold had long since seeped in through her coat and gloves. The clouds overhead had slowly begun to darken, and idly, Weiss wondered if Mantle’s constant threat of a storm would this time eventuate.

If Ruby has her way, we’ll find ourselves stuck in the rain, Weiss thought, a sour twist to her mouth. She turned half a pace, ready to rebuke her reluctant partner with a bit more feeling. “Ruby, hurry up–”

Weiss cut off, scowling at the red petals drifting to the cracked sidewalk, the source of them suddenly and very conspicuously absent. She growled beneath her breath, turning back around to glare more effectively at her incredibly unfunny partner.

Lance: Oh… Nyma. (drags Keith in by holding his hand) Today, I’ll be going with my friend

Nyma: Didn’t you say you wanted to go with me?

Keith: Hello…  (Lance and Keith are still holding hands)

Nyma: What are you doing?

Lance: Actually it’s our 600th day together… I’m sorry… I like guys. (Keith puts his arm around him)

Nyma: Don’t joke around

Lance: I’m very sorry. I really like you.

Nyma: Even though you like guys?!

Lance: You’re like a friend to me

Nyma: Which part of him do you like?

(Lance and Keith exchange glances)

Lance: I think he’s pretty

Nyma: I think you’re manly

Lance: I like pretty things

anonymous asked:

Do you know how insulting it is for "all artist" to use an eye drop tool. Do you guys even have any art talent or what? If you don't like someone else's style, fine, but don't insult people who spent time drawing something that isn't intended for you. Make your own art and stop acting like brats because you didn't get what you wanted.

1) using the eye drop tool has nothing to do in regards to how a person draws. you can use the correct skin tone and still have your art style

2) we’ve literally… never…. insulted anyone… for how they draw. we’ve said this multiple times (in one of the last asks actually thanks for reading) and i guess i’ll reiterate it: we would never insult anyone’s art style/how they draw. it’s always been about whitewashing.

3) um we do actually make our own art. all of us mods actually. in fact, this is mod keith’s art blog (incredible… they DONT whitewash… almost as if… its possible)

thanks so much for the feedback, the brat pack appreciates it

-mod hunk

novapark  asked:

Oh man, I'm on my main account so excuse me dropping in here (I follow on tinycitysims but have been peaking in on here cause I couldn't help it). Anyway, I am NOT for team Noah and it's driving me crazy so I just felt the need to break down and say something. :P They weren't good to each other and it feels awkward with the history already established. I should have said something when everyone else was gushing but maybe it doesn't matter anyway. *shrug*

Hi!!!! omg I’m right there with you!!!!!!!!!! Like I was totally ready to write him out of the story and never to be seen again after the engagement party. But then I was having trouble picking who Eliana was going to end up with and it seemed as if Noah was the winner of the bunch, surprisingly!!! D: I had a weird time writing him back in since I made their relationship purposely messed up in the end (with the intent to get rid of him r.i.p). So we will see if I redeemed him at all. D:::: And if not, WELL maybe it’s time for a new heir and some spicy drama. :O AND thank you!! I love hearing these things! Cause it helps me get ideas for the story so it’s never to late to say something!!!! <3

imagine a parallel moment (set after a mission or something) where this time it’s allura who kneels down to grab shiro’s hand/help him up, and it goes down like:

allura: shiro… are you alright?

shiro: (smiles warmly) i’m fine. we really make a great team, huh

& they’re still smiling at each other as they’re still holding hands, and lance is there to witness the whole thing so he turns to keith and says:

lance: holy shit, are you seeing this right now?? it’s like watching a scene straight out of a cliché romantic movie omg


hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)