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yuani-mu  asked:

atem, joey, jaden, syrus, chazz, zane, seto , and maybe also the girls: mai, tea, reacting to seeing their s/o naked for the first time (you can decide the situation yourself; in a funny way, or in a romantic (ish) way or embarrasing way etc etc)










I’m watching a Yu-Gi-Oh voice actor panel Q&A from 2012. It’s got some cool parts and some really funny parts XD

Dan Green: It was always fun to fight Kaiba, and Pegasus as well. That first season had a really nice arc to it, and it was very satisfying. But I think–and this is going to sound completely narcissistic–when the series concluded and it was Yugi versus Yami, I thought storywise, that was a very interesting duel.

Audience Member: Dan Green! I would like to challenge you for the title of King of Games…
Dan: You will so win. I am not a good duelist. :(

Ted Lewis: I would’ve loved to play Mai, but, uh… I’d also love to play Yami Yugi because he’s famous.

Audience Member: I wanna know why Wayne never recognizes that he was Dartz.
Wayne Grayson: Oh no, I know I was Dartz. I-I just don’t wanna spend an hour and a half running down my very nuanced Yu-Gi-Oh characters. But I know. (Dartz voice) Yes, i was the King of Atlantis…and Shadi… (normal voice) Well  now I’ll say it. Here and now, for all the cameras, I PLAYED DARTZ! Yes! …He’s a bad guy.

Audience Member: How annoying was it to work with 4Kids?
Wayne: It was really annoying cashing all those checks.

(the actors are asked to say ‘their signature lines’)
Tristan: …Go Yugi!
Yusei: From two come one, and from one comes great cosmic might! I Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon!
Pegasus: Your turn, Yugi-boy~
Yugi: Grandpa said to always believe in the heart of the cards!
Yami: That’s right. It’s time to duel!
Arthur Hawkins: Hello, I’m Professor Arthur Hawkins.
Yami Bakura: I’m going to send Arthur Hawkins to the graveyard!
Jack Atlas: I’m Jack Atlas, the master of faster!
Joey: I gotta do it for my sister… Serenity!


I already had a sort of a RPG AU idea for this dumb show before I found out about Haikyuu!! Final Quest.

But after I discovered that beautiful official AU I was like “welp” and never posted any of the designs I made

But frankly I was quite fond of the one I made for Oikawa so here you go (along with some dumb comics I made to go along with it)