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OK, I’M GETTING SICK OF THIS, STOP TORMENTING MY BOY! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU SO GODDAMN SCARY???? (side note- this is the closest we’ve gotten to the horseman so far, and it’s unsettling how similar his build is to that of Jack… plus, his eyes are a similar shape.)

JESUS BOY (in all seriousness, this scene was PAINFUL to watch)

I’ve gotta be honest with you- the scene with this guy was amazingly horrific. I’d be shaking in my boots if I wasn’t barefoot. The way he moved, his unnaturally twisted expressions, euuugh.

OH MY LORD HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?! (if the story of the wolf truly parallels Jack’s, I’d say this is a good omen)



“Burp!” “Urrrp!”


“i halp.” “Wait stop-” “i HALP.”

sweet jesus. i stand corrected. this is the cutest goddamn thing. look at his face. he is so happy, my tired boy. lord give me strength


hoe don’t do it

oh my god

Cat Hybrid!Woozi

Requested by anon: that was so cute omg can I request cat!hybrid woozy… angst bc feelies, but majority fluff? 


warnings: tHIS SCENARIO SUCKS SO MUCH IM SO SORRY ITS SO BAD and also Woozi got so cute and sweet it gave me diabetes 5 times rip i need more Manly Jihoon smh

  • Oh boy,,,, here we go
  • With another woozi au jesus christ yall
  • I can def see him being a cat anywayz let’s get to it
  • The sun was shining, a v v beautiful day!!!
  • so you and your friends decided to go out
  • You were walking in downtown and you guys were just aimlessly strolling and checking out shops as you went along
  • And then you’re like
  • O m y g o d wHA T IS TH A T
  • And you pointed to a cat cafe and you’re like pL S LET’S GO THERE NOW!!!
  • And your friends are like o boy ok sure bc they know how much you love cats
  • When you push open the door a little cute bell jingles and you’re already in love with this place
  • When you ring the bell, a bunch of cats perk their ears up and they’re like !!!! a human!!!!!!

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Oh, holy hell!

A new start, part 8

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2697

Warning: Smutish stuff

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  part 5  part 6 part 7  

The dream had been wonderful.  You were swinging on the tire swing out back of your parents’ house.  The sun was warming your face as you looked up towards the sky.  It was a beautiful day and the world was right.  A brief tickle of the grass grazed your foot as you continued to swing. You felt like you could do this forever. Another tickle passed over your other foot this time lingering longer.  After a moment it switched back to the opposite foot.  This drew you from the dream and slowly back to the reality of the soft bed.  There was another tickle on your foot but this time you giggled quietly as you stretched out.  A warm hand wrapped around your ankle.  Light fingers started to trail up your leg.  “Is there a reason I am awake now when I could still be asleep?”

Chris laughed as he crawled up next to you.  He kissed your cheeks, then forehead, nose, then finally your lips.  “I figured we could get some late breakfast then head out. That and I wanted to kiss you.”  

“Mmmm well I don’t mind that so much.”  Laughing you pulled him close and kissing him long.  Initially you did it to tease him, but now it was having the same effect on you. As you wrapped your arms around his neck, you found that he was shirtless.  Damn man and his beautiful body.  Your hands moved down his muscular back.  Chris inhaled quickly as he was not expecting that response.  His lips moved down your neck kissing and sucking lightly.  “Ahhh.”

He smiled against your neck as his hand skimmed over your hip and up your side.  His lips returned to capture yours as his thumb teased the side of your breast.  Your hands moved down over his ass giving both cheeks a good squeeze, causing him to pull back and laugh.  “Getting a good feel?”

“Oh yes.  I’ve wanted to see how firm they were.”

“Is that so?  What do you think now?”

“They are nice.” Chris grinned down at you.

“Just nice?  Damn I better do more squats.  Captain America needs an ass that is better than ‘nice.’”

You giggled as you stole another kiss before crawling out from under him.  “Your ass is amazing.  All the Captain America fans are going to swoon as soon as you flash it on screen in that suit.”  

Chris groaned as he tried to pull you back down into bed.  “Come on, we have plenty of time before we have to be anywhere.  I was having fun.”

You made sure to stay just outside of his reach as you looked for your clothes for the day.  “Oh no handsome.  You said breakfast and I’m hungry.”


After a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon, as he promised, the two of you set off on the highway for Tennessee.  You had told Chris before about your love of country music but he was given a front row seat to you singing along to the radio as you drove.  He leaned back against the car window as he watched you sing “Bottoms Up” by Brantley Gilbert, there was a wide smile on his face.  The way you let loose and were yourself in front of him, it made him care for you even more.  There you sat without a bit of makeup, your hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, singing at the top of your lungs without a care.  It was only a matter of time before he would have to tell you how he was completely under your spell.

The rest of the car ride passed with many more smiles and laughs.  You both getting to know the other more than before.  Stories told and jokes shared.  By the time you pulled up to the house, it was growing dark.  It did not take much time for you to unload the car of your belongings and bring them all in the house.  Chris was looking through the fridge for something to drink when he heard someone open the sliding door behind him.  “[Y/N] you around?  Damn. Sorry you are definitely not [Y/N].  You must be the boyfriend.”

Chris turned to see Jake standing there.  You came around the corner spotting your brother standing just inside the door. “Jeez Jake I have been home like five minutes.  Barging in already?  Jake this is Chris, Chris this is my nosey ass brother Jake.”  

Jake walked over, both men shook hands.  “Just wanted to know if you wanted to see the horse, since I was over here feeding them. Didn’t know you were bringing someone. If I had I would have waited.  I wouldn’t want to find y’all all naked and such.”

Rolling your eyes you pushed your brother’s shoulder.  “You are such a pain.  Some of us can actually control ourselves.”

“Maybe, but at least I’m not a prude.”  You groaned slapping him this time.  Chris laughed watching the interaction between you and Jake.  “You want to see her or not?  I want to get home sometime tonight.”

“Yes I want to see her. Just stop trying to embarrass me.” Jake smirked at you as he walked back out the sliding door.  You slipped your hand in Chris’s, following your brother to the barn.  

“Mom doesn’t know you brought anyone with you, does she?”  Shaking your head, you tried to look innocent.  “Didn’t think so.  She would have told the whole town if you had.”

“Why do you think I didn’t tell her?”  

The new horse was stalled next to the other two horses.  She was a beautiful midnight black with a small white spot on her forehead.  Coming right to the door when she heard the voices, she stuck her head over the stall door to see.  You were in love instantly.  Letting her smell your hand first, you did not want to spook her.  Once she seemed satisfied, she bumped your hand as though she were looking for something.  “You spoil her already that she is looking for a treat?”

“I didn’t spoil her any more than I do the other two.”  Boots and Talladega neighed in the background when they heard your voice.  Both coming over for their treats as well.  Chris walked over to Boots mirroring what you had done with the new one, letting her sniff his hand.  Boots bumped his hand wanting what she thought she deserved. He pet her nose lightly smiling.

“Well aren’t you a pretty thing.”  She responded with another, harder, bump.  Both you and Jake laughed.

“There’s a reason her name is ‘Bossy Boots’.  She tells you what she wants and won’t do anything she don’t want to.”  Jake nudged Boots before walking over to pull three apples out of the bucket across from the stalls.

You turned your attention back to the new horse.  “She have a name?”  Jake shook his head as he fed Talladega.

“Nope.  Figured you would want to find something that fit her. Though I am kinda partial to Appleblossom.  Found her when I was going past the orchards off Mason Road.”  As you looked at her, you thought it fit.  Pretty name for a pretty girl.

“Alright then, Appleblossom it is.  Apple for short.”  The next hour you all cleaned up the barn and the stalls.  Chris jumped right in, offering to help.  With the three of you it took far less time than it usually did.  Jake went home for the night, promising not to tell your mother about Chris.  It left the two of you alone for the night.  You made an easy dinner and showed Chris to the guest room.  Throughout the day, you had been thinking about allowing him to sleep in the bed with you but it felt like it would cause too much pressure to have sex.  In the end, you knew it would happen when it happened and that Chris would wait until you were ready.  It just made it difficult at first to fall asleep, especially thinking about this morning.

With it being your first day home, you wanted to sleep in.  The movie was done and there were no time constraints.  Just spending time with Chris and eventually have him meet the rest of your family.  You were lazily still in bed staring up at the ceiling as you were sprawled out under the covers.  Nothing like coming home to your bed after months away.  Chris had been up for a little bit; you had heard him walking down the hall then down the stairs a little bit ago.  The smell of coffee started to creep into the room in an attempt to pry you from your bed.

He was sat at the kitchen island with a cup as he read one of the newspapers that was there. Clothed in nothing more than a pair of gym shorts, your mother found him as she came over to welcome you home.  “Baby girl you up… Oh goodness gracious.  That girl did not tell me she brought you home with her.  She deserves a good paddle for that one.”

Chris nearly spit out his coffee as he laughed.  “Umm sorry ma’am.  I… well [Y/N] is upstairs… still sleeping…”

“I can one reason why she likes you.  Good manners. I like that too.  But it’s good to meet you in person now.  I’m Gini [Y/L/N].”  He shook her hand trying to wipe the coffee that had made its way to his chin.

“Chris Evans, ma’am.”

“Welcome Chris.  Glad you came with her.  Her daddy and I wanted to meet you.  Though make sure he don’t see you like this.”  He had forgotten that he was shirtless, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of red.

“It’s not… we aren’t…” Gini held up a hand to stop him.

“I don’t mind as long as y’all are being safe and using something.  I want grandbabies someday but after they are married.  Don’t be like Eli and me.  My Jake was born eight months after our wedding.”  She smirked knowingly.  Your brain had not fully woken up by the time you made it downstairs. So the complete shock of seeing your mother talking to your shirtless boyfriend took a moment to process.

“Mom?!  What are you doing here?”  The smile on your mom’s face and the pink on Chris’s cheeks was not a good sign.

“Morning baby girl. Just talking to Chris.  Telling him to make sure y’all are being safe in bed.” If you could have shriveled into nothingness, you would have welcomed it.

“Sweet baby Jesus, mother. I swear to God that if you scare him off…”

“I’m not going to scare him off.  Isn’t that right Chris?”  He looked more mortified than you did.

“Umm I think I am going to go put a shirt on.”  Scooting past you with a kiss on your cheek he all but ran upstairs.


“Oh [Y/N/N] he is something to look at that is for sure.  Definitely some beautiful babies.”

“Mom we haven’t slept together yet.”  She looked over at you, as though you had grown an extra head over night.

“Why the sam hell not? You can’t tell me you don’t feel something for him.  Because that is just obvious.”  You groaned rubbing your face.  There was no way you were going to make it through this conversation without coffee.

“I’m trying to take my time. Look what happened last time I rushed things.”

“That is completely different.  This boy ain’t nothin’ like David.”  Even your mother could see how different this was, even from the little time meeting Chris.

“I know mom.  I just want it to be right.”

“Fine.  But that boy is… well I can see why they picked him for Captain America.”  She winked at you as she started walking towards the door.  “Anyway, dinner tonight girl.  ‘Round six and bring a pie.  Daddy has been itching for one.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Chris came back down as you were sipping at your coffee mug.

“Is it safe?”  You laughed because he had no idea what was in store for dinner that night.


The morning and afternoon consisted of you showing Chris around your land.  You introduced him to the goats and went for a walk by the pond. By five-thirty, you were finished getting ready before you pulled the peanut butter pie you had made out of the fridge.  Chris was quiet as you walked hand in hand to your parents out.  “You okay?”  He looked over with a brief smile.

“I’m just hoping your dad likes me.”  Squeezing his hand gently, you kissed his cheek.

“My dad is going to like you.  Don’t worry. He is really laid back.  Just don’t talk football with him.”  He laughed as you bumped his hip.

Your father was seated out on the porch as you walked up.  “Heya daddy.”

“Evening sugar.  Mom told me you were bringing a friend. Figured I’d wait out here so she doesn’t meddle.”  He held his hand out to Chris as you climbed the stairs.

“Eli [Y/L/N].  Nice to meet you.”

“Chris Evans sir.  Very glad to meet you.  [Y/N] has told me all about you.”  

“I’m sure my girl has. Oh pie… you just made my night.”  Eli took the pie from Chris before walking quickly in the house.  “Gotta put it in the fridge make sure it don’t melt before I get to it.”

Chris seemed to relax a bit as you followed into the house.  Jake was already there setting the table as your mother told him to.  Thankfully, your mother behaved herself through dinner. She asked about Chris’s family and home life.  Jake saved him after a little while asking your mother about when the county fair was coming and if she was making preserves for it this year.  That had her on a tangent for a good thirty minutes. Enough to have dinner finish up and the table cleared.  Your mother smiled bigger than you had ever seen when Chris helped you clean up then wash the dishes.  That was a good sign.

Not long after your father asked Chris to join him outside on the porch for a talk.  There was a flash of fear in Chris’s eyes but you gave him an encouraging smile.  At least with your father there was little risk of him embarrassing you.  When they were out on the porch alone, your father took a seat in his chair and looked over the pond.  “Does my girl know you love her?”  He obviously did not beat around the bush.  Chris was not expecting that question.

“Uh no sir.  I haven’t told her yet.”  Eli gave him that lazy smile.

“You do love her though. I was watching you.  You light up anytime she is in the room.  That’s the way it should be.  I’m still like that with Gini.  That woman is my world.  Though, God knows she pushes my buttons at times.  I still love her more every day.  [Y/N] is a strong woman.  She deserves a good and strong man.  She doesn’t need savin’.  Just needs someone who will let her shine.  ‘Cause my girl shines whether she tries to or not.  Takes a strong man to be able to do that.”  Chris grinned as he looked down at his clasped hands.

“Yes sir she does.  I’m just happy she lets me stay around.  I don’t feel like I’m good enough for her.”

“I ain’t gonna lie. No one is good enough for my baby girl. But I like you.  She walked up tonight smiling all bright.  You made that happen.  So if it happens that you end up part of this family I won’t be upset. Come on now, let’s get some of that pie before that greedy son of mine tries and eats it all.  It’s good stuff.”

They shook hands once more as they walked into the house.  Just looking at the relief on Chris’s face, you knew it went well.  It was good to know Chris had won over everyone in your family just as he had you.  Not that there was any doubt.

Part 9

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What kind of kinks do you think day6 haves? Thank you :)

oh god this is so hard I’ve never thought of day6 in this way and now that i am i’m not really sure what kinks they’d have so most of these aren’t even kinks, rather just what gets them going so i’m sorry in advance

jaehyung - this isn’t a kink but i think he’d love it so much when you ride him oh lord he’d love how he can just admire you when you do it and see all the faces you make and how you roll your hips and how you runs your hands up his torso. He’d also really love blowjobs.

sungjin - hmmm i don’t think he’d really have any kinks, i see him as rather vanilla actually. However, i do think he’d enjoy things like body worship; worshipping your body and constantly telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you during sex.

brian - oh god this boy, i feel so dirty for saying what i’m about to say bc he’s so cute. I feel like he’d really enjoy rough sex, also passionate love making but he’d really love rough sex. The sex where you pull his hair and leave scratches down his back and you both have hickies everywhere. I feel like he’d be up for trying new things, especially new positions. Also dirty talk sweet jesus he’d love it so much.

wonpil - Making out. He’d love it. He’d love steamy makeout sessions where you’re straddling him and feeling down his chest and he’s grabbing your ass and you’re lips are swollen from how long you’ve been going at it. I feel like he’d really be obsessed with your boobs, squeezing them and sucking them and leaving hickies all over them. I feel like he’d love hickies in general, when you leave them all down his neck dear god does he get turned on.  

dowoon - aaaaaa this baby is so soft i can’t. He’s so innocent he’d probably get so easily turned on by small things so you’d have a lot of fun with that. You’d always tease him and then when you actually straddle him and start grinding he’d whimper so loud, you could easily make him beg. Oh wow dowoon’s a sub.

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It's four in the morning, you're having quiet sex so as not to wake anyone while forties!bucky bounces you on his cock, but it doesn't stop him from whispering how beautiful you are, how much he loves you, please never leave him, oh, god, doll, but you're so pretty on my cock, oughta have it in you all the time, love you so much, are you ready to come? Please come for me, darling...

What a beautiful thing to wake up to jesus christ 

I love this, he’s got you held close to him while you ride him. Trying not to creak the bed too loud. He’s whispering in your ear all those sweet things calling you darlin’ 

Sinful Sunday™

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Hey, I love your blog. Have you thought of les mis Viking AU. Like in the show Ragnar brings Grantaire as a monk to his village. Enjolras is his son who shows him how everthing in the village is working. Courf and Ferre help Enji to bring there culture to him. Eponine is a shildmaid and become friends with grantaire while they both pinning after people they cant be with. Ep shows R how to fight. Joly being the healer always scared for R. R turns form a monk to the sarcastic thing he is.



I like rewatched a lot of it with one of my exes because I’m trash and like I GOTTA HAVE THE PEOPLE I LOVE WATCH THESE THINGS SO I CAN GO ON ABOUT IT ALL YA FEEL?!

Okay so anyway

Grantaire is probably that monk that is always questioning?? like Grantaire just seems like that guy in this situation where he was adopted, parents gave him up to the church, or he was an orphan taken in by these monks traveling to promote their religion and Grantaire was only taught about one view since he was smol but now that he’s older and has taken to traveling with the others he gets to see different types of people, customs, religion, and traditions and learns other languages and he has just started questioning to the others about the world and beliefs and they’re all just /EYE EMOJI/ at him because 

“dude no what u doing u don’t question christianity stop it before god hears you”

so he’s kinds just “okay okay” and keeps to himself about everything 


The vikings arrive 

you can bet your ass everyone is probably blaming R for this because his questions and defying god and now they think their faith is being tested by these monsters

And grantaire is found and thought to be useful since he speaks their language and can communicate and he’s educated 

so he gets taken and there he’s brought to Enjolras, a hella hot about 17-19 year old who is the son of the most well known viking there is and Grantaire is kind of 

in awe

that such beauty can live in such a place

Enjolras is probably really interested in R in the start and wants to listen all about the other places he’s been but gets defensive about their gods and they probably get in an argument and R is just internally “Oh shit he’s gonna kill me but i mean… I wouldnt mind if it was by him sweet jesus.”

Grantaire basically protecting the family when all the men are out pillaging and Enjolras isn’t allowed to go because he’s “too wreckless and would get himself killed” so R is put in charge because he has a good sense of how to think logically while under pressure because he’s obviously survived this long for a REASON 

Grantaire slowly becoming more apart of the viking culture

Courf and Ferre telling him stories of their gods and traditions

Bahorel and Ep teaching him how to fight 

Enjolras teaching him how to fish, sharpen swords and axes and to properly groom 

low key joly and bossuet teaching Grantaire courting customs and telling him how they managed to woo Chetta 

Enjolras completely just !!!!!! when R gets his own arm band and helps them plan to sail for the summer 


Uh hello Im kinda nervous posting this, since im not the proudest of my art, I hope you don’t mind me share this with you ;_;. But I drew all four of your guys soulmate ocs since they’re all so great and I didnt know who to give it to since it was all four of you guys. And this my first ever time of me submiting anthing on tumblr. Okay im done rambling i hope you like it \(;^;)/

Oh my sweet lord jesus this is the greatest thing I have seen tBH. *I’M SCREAMING* 


Omg. Okay. OMg. I have no words, this is great! Keep up the fantastic work. You’re amazing. <3

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So, I got Botox.

The only reason I did was because it was free with the boob job. They pumped about $600 into my forehead and oh dear sweet baby Jesus is it beautiful.

I’m going to enjoy these four months because I won’t be able to afford it again until after I’m a nurse.

No filter here so don’t judge me.

Also, I had to show you my big ass forehead.

So I couldn’t calm down from that photo the entire morning and my friend just came over and basicly asked me if I was high and I had to explain the situation in a few short lines and then decided to show her the trailer for Suits cause I thought she might like it. Her comments during those two minutes were:
“Omg they’re so hot.”
“Are they in love?”
“It’s so obvious, you can see it in their eyes. *points to Harvey* Especially in that one’s.”
“Sweet Jesus, they are beautiful.”
“Oh I have to watch this!!”
And meanwhile I’m just sitting there and grinning like a fool and thinkin: “Hell yes, we’ve got another one.”

Thank me later for my damn extraness:

Things that happened/were said in Eric’s Insta live:

  • “I’m here with Delstroyer, he’s not very talkative” *shows Dele*
  • A constant motive: teasing Dele about his messed up hairline
    “Dele what did your barber do to you?”
  • Someone asks “What would Dele’s chosen nationality be if not English?”
    Eric says “Portuguese”
  • Rosey and Kyle come in, they chat with the “dynamic duo”
  • Someone comments “We have the best fullbacks in the league”
    Eric says “That is true”, Rosey is nodding along
  • Someone is like “60 mil for both of them”, Eric and Danny “No, 60 mil for Walker alone”
    Kyle says “Tottenham till I die”
  • “Who is the most beastly in the team?” *shows Sissoko and Wanyama*
  • Someone asks “Do you think Dele will go to Madrid?”
    ERIC: “ON HOLIDAY” *everyone laughs* (a/n when will your fave ever??)
  • Comment: “Walker for president”
    Eric: “Anyone is possible now” (a/n srsly, when will your fave ever?)
  • Comment: “Dele for England captain”
    Eric: “Oh Jesus”
  • *Mousa is filming them on his live stream, they film him back* Eric: “Live on live”
  • *zooms in on Toby* “Mr Beautiful over there”

Things that happened during Dele’s second Insta live stream (the first one was rather short, it just featured H eating their sweets pretty much):

  • They are just munching on their pick and mix
  • Then Dele starts looking for a “good angle”
  • He goes to Mousa, lots of GOAT talk (also on Mousa’s stream which I sadly neglected for Dele and Eric)
  • *Dele shows Jan’s ankle*
    *Jan makes a thumbs down and looks sad*
  • Dele (back next to Eric who he’s sitting next to on the plane) *sings some song*
    “I have that song stuck in my head”
  • Dele *asks Eric to sing a song*
    Eric: “We’ve got Alli…”
    Dele, simultaneously: “Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair” (a/n is he fucking serious??!)
  • Talk about Dele’s hairline once again
  • More hairline talk “Dele your hairline is messed up”
  • Someone asks “What is your favourite club apart from Spurs”
    Dele: “MK Dons”
  • Dele has apparently been learning Spanish, Eric asks him to say something, Dele does, Eric answers
  • More “Mousa is the best” talk
  • They rate Messi over Neymar
  • Someone: “Who is the best player in the world?”
    Eric: “Dele”
  • Someone asks about Partick Bamford
    Dele: “He’s one of my best friends”
  • Mousa comments on their stream “I love you guys”
    Dele tells Eric to “comment back that we love him too”
    Eric does so (of course)
  • Someone: “Eric, speak Portuguese”
    Eric: “I can’t”
  • Eric is blocking the mic, someone is complaining
    Dele: “Yeah Eric, get your big fingers off the mic”
  • Eric rates LeBron, Dele someone else (couldn’t catch the name)
  • *Dele is desperately trying to read the questions but they go too quick*
  • *They zoom in on Hugo* “King LoLo, the skipper”
  • “Spurs is our favourite football team”

Adding to that: They were all doing live streams at the same time (Jan, Mousa, Dele, Eric, Moussa and more) and the others were just running around (Danny, Harry Kane, Kyle) complimenting each other.. smh I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!

So I know this isn’t a gif but Jarad looks fucking gorgeous and I was wondering if you’d still use if. - @carbonated-beverage

*sweet Jesus, he’s beautiful. Thank you for submitting this <3

“You seriously can’t see that?” Jensen laughed as he pointed to the edited photo of him and Jared displayed on the screen.

Jensen and Jared had brought you and Danneel along to the cast party.

“No, I can’t see anything. I ran out of contacts and there is no way I’m wearing my glasses.” Jared shook his head.

“Jare, it’s worth seeing. Just put them on.” You chuckled, glancing back at the screen.

“Don’t have them with me.” He shrugged.

“Oh, good thing you’re dating someone who is always prepared then, huh?” You cocked your eyebrow sassily and whipped his glasses out of your purse.

“Oh, yeah, good thing…” Jared grumbled.

“C’mon Jare.” You pushed the lenses into his hand and pouted.

“Yeah, c’mon Jare.” Jensen mocked, imitating your tone and your expression.

Jared laughed, shaking his head, but taking his frames from you and pulling them onto his face.

“God, you’re a nerd.” Jensen cackled.

“Not helping, Ackles!” You stomped on his foot under the table. “You look amazing, baby.” You bit your lip.

He did look good. Jared turned to the screen and looked at the picture, then burst out in a fit of laugher. Your hand on his thigh pulled him back to reality. 

“What’s up, baby?” He looked at you, brow wrinkled in confusion.

You leaned in, giving him a full view right down your top, and pressed both of your palms onto his thighs as you whispered in his ear.

“Keep your glasses on until we get home. Trust me when I say it’s a good look on you.” You licked your lips and pulled your lip between your teeth, winking at him as you moved away.

His adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed thickly and nodded, glancing quickly at Jensen and Danneel to make sure they hadn’t caught any of that.

“I can’t wait to get you home.” He whispered back, before letting his long fingers trail down between your legs.

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The Most Popular Girls in School Sentence Starters
  • An assortment of quotes from Season 1-4 (Terribly out of order)
  • Who the fuck are you?
  • I asked you first
  • I asked you second
  • Who the fuck let you in here?!
  • You were supposed to watch the door!
  • I'm sorry, was I not just in the middle of a story?
  • Hey gay
  • That's not my name!
  • Who else here is wet?
  • We're going to the highschool, not fucking build-a-bear!
  • Are you sure you're not a gremlin?
  • Do you think people will notice I'm bald?
  • I'm going to watch it in the family room you stupid fucking abortion
  • I want to poop here
  • You're the handjob girl/guy, right?
  • We talked, you pooped, I thought we had a connection
  • Wait did someone say crêpe?
  • That's going to be one huge shit
  • It smells like someone put a diabetic foot in a sandwich and left it in the sun!
  • Are you suggesting a, how do you say, menage a trois?
  • Why do you say how do you say before words you clearly know how to say?
  • Have fun smelling my poop bitches!
  • So I guess we're at...eat a dick!
  • I can't differentiate between jealousy and horniness
  • Hit the bricks, bitch
  • Son of a bitch bastard
  • Oh my god, why me?!
  • Tu es un bitcho
  • Hand it over before I bitch slap the black out of you
  • You are the calm breeze in this fuck storm of a life I'm living
  • She/He can hold my fucking douche!
  • God job! Everybody will forget you next year
  • Yeah, walk away! ...Like a bitch
  • No! No! I’m too fucking young. I’m too fucking beautiful. I just got my hair done yesterday
  • Yippie-ki-yay, you stupid fucking cunt
  • Jesus Titty Fucking Christ
  • Sweet, I just got a new Charizard card
  • Who got me? The three tostadas that I had for lunch? Yes they got me, they got me bad. It did not help that they were made with coleslaw instead of lettuce
  • Everything is just fine. I was just trying to put myself into a coma so I would have to listen to the two of you dipshits try to talk and breathe at the same time!
  • Oh I know but my family and I went to Pearl Harbor for two weeks so…It’s kind of a thing we do every year. Didn’t you get the vacation request form I submitted before I left?
  • Uhm, that's my boyfriend
  • Okay, good. Fuck you and your entire family
  • Okay, enjoy your bald spot bitch
  • Oh my god, what's your secret?
  • Aries: "This must mean i'm getting laid soon..." *drops magazine and runs home*
  • Taurus: "Well, shit." *throws magazine*
  • Gemini: "Oh no..." *lives with caution for the next few days*
  • Cancer: "Oh my god this is so accurate, I cannot believe anyone could understand me like this! It must be true!" *wipes tear from eye*
  • Leo: "If this is correct, then i'm finally going to be famous this week!" *packs bags to Hollywood*
  • Virgo: "Fuck..." *starts overthinking about the future*
  • Libra: "Thank you sweet baby Jesus!" *hugs magazine*
  • Scorpio: "Maybe that will happen... eh." *shrugs and continues cutting up the magazine*
  • Sagittarius: "This magazine sucks, no horoscopes." *but has passed the horoscopes by accident*
  • Capricorn: "No, something like this is not happening." *calls editor of the magazine*
  • Aquarius: "So someone is finally going to recognize my beauty?" *flips hair*
  • Pisces: "I can prevent this." *stays in bed for the rest of their life*
Request: Truth or dare

Request: Imagine Reader Plays truth or dare with Juice and the other sons ( ends with smut, all of them are really drunk :D)

I think none of us is a fan of drunk sex for obvious reasons, so I changed it a little bit. I hope it’s okay.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: alcohol, language, smut

Originally posted by missmichaellyn

I had been hanging around SAMCRO clubhouse for a while now, I knew all the boys and of course, I had a crush on one of them. Juice was goofy, but sensitive and brave. He had the cutest and brightest smile I ever saw and though he had a talent for computers, he was kinda clueless. Juice never had noticed me and I was starting to think he never would.

It was a party night, not big, just friends and family and I was feeling grumpy already. I surely could have some fun, but only the thought of a croweater on Juice’s lap was enough to make me sick. I knew it was early, but I ignored Chuck’s eyebrow raised on my direction and poured a glass of whisky.

The sound of the bottle being open or the smell of the booze, I don’t know what it was, but it attracted Chibs. I looked sideways at him as he took a seat next to me.

“Hi lass”, he grinned, pointing to the bottle in front of me, “Do you mind?”

“Go ahead”, I muttered and shrugged. He gave me a questioning look and poured himself a full glass.

“Do you wanna talk?”, he took a sip of his drink and stared at me. He knew, Chibs was the only one who knew about my crush and I had made him swear to keep the secret. I just rolled my eyes and he understood what was bothering me. Chibs poured me another glass and raised his own, “Let’s drink them”.


I wasn’t sure how we got there, but I found myself on Clay’s chair at Chapel, with Tig and Chibs on my right, Kozik and Juice on my left. We were playing a really, really drunk version of ‘Truth or Dare’, messing with the rules and barely spinning the bottle. Tig had just brought another round of drinks to everybody and Kozik had dared him to smoke one of Clay’s cigars.

“Spin it Y/N”, Chibs mumbled, squinting his eyes to see me at the head of the table. I giggled, completely drunk and spun the bottle. The boys laughed and hit the table when it pointed to Juice.

“You… Juuuicy boy”, I laughed, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth”, he shrugged, drinking his beer. The booze was making me brave, but before I could think of something to ask, Chibs did it.

“Is it true you are in love with one girl that hangs around the club?”, my mouth hung open as I watched Chibs, calmly taking a long drag of his cigarette. I turned my look to Juice who seemed pale, or maybe it were the drinks, making me see what I wanted to see.

“No”, Juice scoffed, “I don’t love any girl”

All the boys raised their eyebrows to him, but my mind quickly ignored their gesture and I was losing it. I pressed my lips together and stormed out the Chapel. Damn, I was about to cry, drunk crying. I was practically running through the hallway, going to the bathroom, but I didn’t care. I was almost at the door when someone grabbed my arm, making me spun around. It was Juice, face red and panting.

“Y/N”, he said softly. Why he had to be so sweet?

“Get off of me!”, I pushed him with all the strength I had. He stared at me, surprised. My chest was heaving and before I could escape, Juice grabbed my elbows, shoving me against the wall. There was no space between us when he pressed his body on mine, lowering his lips to kiss me.

I tugged his kutte, trying to bring him closer. His hand slid down my side, to my hip and then my thigh, lifting my leg to wrap it around his hip. I grinded on him, listening his deep growl. I couldn’t help a moan when his mouth moved to my neck, sucking along my pulse.

“Juice”, I whispered, caressing his scalp.

“Bedroom”, he said, breathless, locking his eyes with mine. I nodded and we stumbled through the hallway to his bedroom. I giggled while we entered the room, already taking my shirt off. Juice slammed the door closed and wrapped his arms around my waist, planting sloppy kisses on my shoulder.

I unbuttoned my jeans and let it fall around my ankles. Juice pulled back to unbuckled his belt, trying to walk at the same time to join me in bed. He tripped and we both felt on the mattress, laughing like children.

“Sorry”, he chuckled. I couldn’t stop giggling and whispered an ‘Okay’. Juice raised his hand, waving, “One minute”

It took a few minutes, but we stopped laughing. I had cuddled against him, my cheek on his chest and his arm around me. We were both in our underwear and our eyelids were heavy. I thought Juice had said something, but I couldn’t tell what, because I felt asleep.


My body was warn when I woke up, probably because a strong arm was wrap around me and a hard chest was press on my back. I gasped and quickly turned around when I realized it, just to see Juice lying next to me. I looked around; I was in his bedroom and we were in our underwear, our clothes on the floor.

“Jesus!”, I sighed, falling on bed again. I heard Juice groaning and then he was awake, rubbing his hand over his face and then looking around too.

“Y/N?”, his eyes were wide as he propped his body up on his elbows, looking at me.

“Morning”, I bit my lip, face burning red.

“Morning”, his voice was low, careful and he swallowed, blushing too, “Did we…?”

“I don’t think so”, I looked down and then I stopped to think for while. I was with my underwear, I wasn’t feeling sore and Juice had his boxers too, so…, “No, we didn’t”

“Good”, he muttered and felt on bed again. It was a relief I didn’t had drunk sex with the guy I liked, it would be a frustrating. However, what he said hurt. He was relieved, he would regret have sex with me. I closed my eyes, trying not to cry and got up. “Where are you going?”, Juice sat on bed and I picked up my jeans, putting it on.

“I’m going home”, I said, not looking at him.

“Did I hurt you?”, he got up and was in front of me, I didn’t look up.

“No”, I huffed, finally straightening up. His eyes felt to by breasts. I still had my bra on, but it was embarrassing anyway. I turned my back on him looking for my shirt.

“Can you at least talk to me?”, he asked behind me and I could tell he was getting desperate. I stopped, but didn’t turn to look at him, “I was confused when you stormed out Chapel, but Chibs told me why…So I ran after you”

“What?”, I spun to face him, Juice was standing there in his boxers, biting his lip, “Chibs…What… What did he tell you?””

“He told me I had lost my chance with you”, his voice was low, “We were drunk but I remember everything…What he had said hit me and then I ran to you”. Juice took a step towards me, getting closer with every word, “Is it true? Do you like me?”

“It doesn’t matter”, I looked up at him, “You don’t like any girl around”

“I lied”, he looked to my lips and then back to my eyes, putting a strand of hair behind my ear, “I like this one girl since the day she walked in, but I thought she didn’t like me. I lied because I was afraid she would laugh of me in front of my brothers and say I’m just a good friend of her”

“You are a good friend of her”, I swallowed, breathing deeply, “But she likes you more than a friend”

“Do you think I should kiss her then?”, Juice focused on my lips again, licking his own, attracting my attention.

“Absolutely”, I whispered. He kissed me, slow and soft in the beginning, then deep and desperate when I held his neck, pulling him closer. “Love me”, his lips muffed my voice, but he looked at me, serious.

“Are you sure?”, I say nothing, just kissed him again. He made that deep growl again and moved his lips to my neck. Juice carried me to bed, gently laying me down. He trailed a path of kisses down my body and took my jeans off again. We both moaned when he hovered over me, his boner touching me over the clothes as we kissed. I pushed him on his back, straddling his body to continue kissing.

It was my turn to kiss his body and I touched him over his boxers, listening Juice swear when I did it. I took off his cloth, ready to taste him, but he pulled me on the top of him again.

“Don’t. I’ll cum if you do it”, he tangled his fingers on my hair, his mouth inches from mine. I nodded and he sat, his hard cock sliding over my pantie. I sucked in a breath, ready for him. Juice unclasped my bra, cupping my breasts, “I want you so bad”

“Juice”, I begged. He swirled his tongue around my nipples and sucked then, letting me restless. I enjoyed his mouth doing magic over my skin, closing my eyes as I caressed his scalp. He let my breast go with a pop and I grabbed his cock. We looked on each other’s eyes as he put my pantie aside and I lowered onto him. I gasped when he filled me, so good, perfect.

“God!”, Juice clenched his jaw, holding me close, face buried on my breasts, “You feel so good!”

“Juice…I…I need to…”, I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to feel him.

“Yes baby”, Juice pulled back, looking up at me, his hands gripping hard on my sides, “Come on, ride me”

“Oh my…”, I tilted my head back, slowly rocking my hips. His tight grip on my hips guided my moves as he whispered sweet nothings.

“Jesus! You look so beautiful”, one hand roamed up my body to squeeze a breast. I moaned for him and grabbed his chin. I kissed Juice deeply, making him feel how much I wanted him. He flipped us, his weight over me as I arched my back. He thrusted deeper, I held him close.

“Oh Juice! B-babe”, he muffed my moans with his mouth, sliding a hand between us to rub my clit. I whined and dug my fingertips on his hips, not wanting it to end. My body took the best and I tightened for him, his cock buried deep inside me as he came too.

We were heaving, sweaty, but absolutely happy. Juice laid by my side, looking at the ceiling and grinning, “It happened”

“Yes, it did”, I laughed, probably sounding silly, but I didn’t care. Juice rolled on bed, nuzzling on my neck as his arm pulled me closer.

“I wanted you for so long”, he said, running his nose along my jaw, “I thought you didn’t like me, you liked Chibs”

“Chibs?”, I pulled back to look at him, “No, not at all. He is just a friend Juice”

“Yeah he is”, he propped up on his elbow, resting his head on his hand, “Do you think he planned all this? I mean, he asked me that question…”

“I don’t know”, I creased my brow, turning to lay on my side, “He was just as drunk as we were”

“Maybe”, he shrugged, “I guess we will never know”

“Yes”, I whispered, letting my finger trace lazy circles on his chest, “He would deny it if we asked anyway”

“Yeah”, his eyes were following my finger and Juice pulled me to his chest. I felt his cock against my thigh.

“Again?”, I raised an eyebrow at him.

“I don’t wanna waste any more time without you baby”, his voice was raspy and he kissed me again, making time stops.