oh sweet baby jesus this is such a cute style

Luxface kind of love

Basically, she’s my precious little sunshine, that munchkin who can make me incredibly happy.

  • Remember when..

  • Like back when we have no idea yet

  • Until a very cute sight of a baby named Lux in the arms of Larry had all of us smile and went “awwwwww”

  • Oh God, we even leaked her passport, poor li’l angel

  • She used to be so little

Remember when..

The whole thing was very strange, no one else seemed to realize it was Harry Styles. It was weird that he was at a bar, it was just weird that he was carrying a baby.”

  • Our boys traveled all around the world with this princess..

  • Indeed. Sweet Jesus my Larry heart….

  • Look at how tiny she used to be in the arms of the boys

  • Gee. How cute, she was watching her Uncle Haz and Lou. Such a fan baby girl huh.

  •  She literally grew up with the fandom, how heart-melting to have witnessed this princess learn to sit and stand on her own.

  • And swim, even

  •  That only girl in the world to reject a kiss from Harry Styles

Ahhhhhhhh my heart. My baby. My weakness.. my little princess.


You’re a big girl girl now.

Calling Lou Teasdale to release Luxy’s recent skype with Harry and Louis. I’m sure there’s one.