oh super milk chan



 known in Japan as OH! Super Milk Chan (OH!スーパーミルクチャン OH! Sūpā Miruku-chan), is an anime comedy about a foul-mouthed girl named Milk P. Chan, who is entrusted by the President of Everything to defend the world, even though she can do very little besides making popular culture references. Its American slogan, as a result, became “Wholesome? Probably not. Good for you? Definitely.”


Yep, we’re doing Super Milk Chan this week.

Old school fans of Adult Swim from around 2004 are well acquainted with this little lady as her show was quite heavily promoted during that season as a big acquisition. Adult Swim was really excited to have this series. 

It is pretty much right up their alley with it's bizarre humor that has to carry the whole show because the animation is quite cheap and limited.

That’s the Adult Swim guarantee!

There’s just one little  itsy bitsy problem though…

There is nothing of substance to it.

There’s no memorable jokes.

No memorable plot lines.

No memorable quotes.

There’s just nothing!

And that kills  me because I actually watched this. I watched it every time it was on. 

The only segment I can vaguely remember and sort get a chuckle at is this.

On second thought, I kind of retract that, it wasn’t very funny.

That’s the worst thing too. The show often crosses over the line of being painfully unfunny that it’s hard to watch.

Now, I know some of you at home might be thinking, “you stupid clod, of course it’s crap, we all know it’s crap, that’s what makes it funny. It’s on Adult Swim for that very reason.”

Yeah… but at the same time, no, I just can’t roll with that.

As an American I’m also supposed to be under the mindset that I have to find this funny because ‘HUU HUU, them Japanese sure are hilarious because they’re so different’.

And I am aware that this brand of comedy is standard fair in Japan and I can admit that it’s actually funnier in Japanese if not for better line delivery.

However there are far better nonsense comedy out there, I can name 3 right off the bat.

Excel Saga

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

and probably the reigning comedy king, Cromartie High School.

Milk Chan is even outclassed by her own prequel show released in 1998. It had marginally better writing, humor, and animation.

It gets even weirder after the show ran on Adult Swim.

The American distributor, ADV Films remade the series, splicing episodes from the 1998 show, and the 2004 show, adding in crude humor and Western pop culture references along with these bizarre live action segments starring the voice actors from the show.

What–? God, no wonder ADV is dead.


  • ADV created multi-episode story arcs to add to the Americanized English dub by ADV, involving the crew of said dub company in bizarre situations.
  • there was a series of Flash animated shorts only released online and on DVD in Japan.


Weirdness  just comes out of everything in this series.

From the production to the localization to it’s airing and more.

It’s hard to imagine that this show is even real.

But it was real.

And we all saw it.

But, even if I gave it a lot of crap, I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like it.


Disco Milk - Oh Super Milk Chan!