oh such an awesome song

  • Me about every single song in Anastasia no matter how many times I listen to it: oh my god,,, this is it. This is the best song in the show. It's so beautiful oh my god
Turn Me On
Kevin Lyttle
Turn Me On

30 Days Song Challenge

Day 24 - Your guilty pleasure

Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On

Oh shit, my love for this song is huge. It also means a lot to me. When me and my best friend met, she put this song playing on her phone. I didn’t know the name at the time because I only used to hear this as a kid, but as soon as I heard it I thought “Oh this chick is awesome!”. Thanks to this song I met the craziest and most amazing girl ever. We always sing to this whenever we’re together.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WAS AWESOME (some spoilers ahead)

Best live action remake so far!

Awesome new songs! And oh so nostalgic score!

I loved seeing how really underrated and disliked Belle is in the town

I loved Belle and the Beast’s backstories

Le fou is a great gay character and people who are bitter about him being “a villain” should give him a second chance because (SPOILERS) he actually changes his way of thinking, sees Gaston for the worthless fucker he is and gets to dance with the crossdressing man (the crossdressing scene happens went the wardrobe dresses 3 men, 2 run shouting but 1 leaves smiling cause he likes his dress and that scene was really cute!)

I loved the credits scene with each character appearing one at the time

I prefer the animated movie and the animated characters but this movie adds important and awesome details and you should all see it

Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.

I don't care if it's not my department, I want to write this fluff
  • Weiss: Hey, Yang!
  • Yang: Need something, Princess?
  • Weiss: I told you to stop calling me that!! *calms down* Ahem. Um, so Ruby's birthday is in 2 days...
  • Yang: I know, I'm so excited! My baby sis will be 17, old enough to have gotten into Beacon the normal way! But she didn't, oh no, she was too cool for the normal way...
  • Weiss: YANG!!! Listen! I... need your help figuring out what to get her as a present. I want it to be something special, since it's the first birthday she's had since we got together. Can you give me any suggestions? You've known her the longest.
  • Yang: *thinking, enjoying the idea of the perfect heiress needing HER help* Well, she likes listening to music, and you can sing, why don't you have a private "concert" and sing one of her favorite songs for her?
  • Weiss: That's... actually a great idea. I'll check her Scroll when she's not around to see what music she's listened to.
  • Yang: Go right ahead, but some of her tastes are a BIT weird.
  • One hour of Weiss cringing at all the "Starbomb" and "Ninja Sex Party" music Ruby has later:
  • Weiss: Alright, I think I can rework this one into something nice.
  • Two days of practicing later, Ruby's birthday:
  • Weiss: Alright Ruby, are you ready for your gift?
  • Ruby: Totally, but why are we in the music room?
  • Weiss: Well, I thought I'd sing a song for you.
  • Ruby: Oh, that would be awesome!! Which one? I like Mirror Mirror!
  • Weiss: No, its one you might already know from somewhere else.
  • *she begins to sing*
  • Weiss: >They say I like you too much, but I say I don't like you enough.
  • Ruby: *suddenly blushing*(Oh my Oum, is she actually singing what I think she is?)
  • Weiss: >There's so much more I could do, to show that my love is oh so true. I won't give in, oh no no. I will always let my colors show. This feeling, I can't deny, that my love for you is so sublime. And they say, it's wrong they say, I'm too young they say, I can't feel this way, but I'm proud to say... I like Ruby, I like Ruby, every day and night I love you, Ruby, I love Ruby. It's even better that you love me right back, Ruby, you're my baby. If you get hurt, I'll be your ice pack...
  • Ruby: Weiss, you can stop if you want, I get the idea. And I love it. Thank you.
  • Weiss: Well.. you better! I spent two days figuring out how to make that stupid song sound romantic.
  • Ruby: Yeah, still can't believe you used that song. Shows the lengths you'll go to to make me happy though. I love you so much.
  • *SMOOCH*

I just came home from the U2 concert and OH MY GODDD IT WAS SO AWESOME

They didn’t just play songs from The Joshua Tree, but they also played other hit songs of theirs from other albums, and I thought that was cool!!!

They had like this…film screen? behind the stage, and while they were playing the songs there were a ton of cool video effects and slideshows and I really loved watching all of the stuff they did on it!!!!

And near the end of the concert, they performed a song as a tribute to women and the women’s rights movement, and on the film screen there was this slideshow of historical figures in the women’s rights movement, and some of the first figures they showed in the slideshow were black women!!! I thought that was really awesome of them

Some of the songs that they played I didn’t really know that well, but all of the songs that I knew I sang along to!!!!! I have a really loud voice so I’m sure people rows down from me could hear me singing

BUT anyway I had a ton of fun at the concert and it was REALLY fun to see one of my favorite bands perform live!!!!!!

I'm more than just a spare... - [ x ]

The song was deleted because the filmmakers felt that the song would make Anna sound too much like Hans - Disney Wiki

So the preview videos for the new Free! ES character songs all have something in common

They all have

these stars

representing each character

Now I’m assuming the next two are gonna be yellow and purple for Nagisa and Rei’s songs

but wut up with the last three?

Could this mean that

we might be getting songs



Hell Hotel (1985 Demo Tape)
They Might Be Giants
Hell Hotel (1985 Demo Tape)

I was listening to the Demo Tape yesterday and I realized I only knew like 10% of the lyrics to “Hell Hotel” (they are, as Ant put it, “pretty incomprehensible”), so I looked them up on the wiki and I was like “OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN I THOUGHT.” Dig it! (And look up the lyrics so you really can.)