oh stoppppp

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I know JK and Jimin wear a lot of rings and on different fingers and stuff, but that pic of them at the airport, and both of them wearing rings on the ring finger kind of makes me weak. It's just too much. I know it's not big deal, but oh god.

Oh my god STOPPPPP don’t do this to my heart!! Busan husbands traveling through the airport ;___; you’re feeding into my marriage au craze 😖

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They gave Harry blue balls before he recorded his temporary fix solo

akdsfklsdf oh my god stoppppp…..his solo in that song is A Lot

honestly, Louis probably crawled into Harry’s lap in the backseat of a car on the way to the studio and Harry didn’t have to read his mind because Louis’ body was saying a whole lot and then right when things were getting going, right when Harry was reallyyyy getting worked up, Louis probably hopped off his lap and out of the car and was like “anyways, good luck recording, babe!”