oh stop it you

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I come over to say hi, then you and Mischief start being really adorable. I fangirled for 5 minutes straight, your two are couple goals and are super adorable together!

*squeaks* H-hello! *smiles shyly* O-oh stop it y-you!~ M-Mischief is so sweet t-though, isn’t h-he? *sighs dreamily* W-what a c-charmer!~ *giggles* I h-had a dream he w-was my prince o-once, makes m-my heart go doki doki, is t-that the right word?~
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cockles panel at jibcon

“Um, so, my kids know very little about Supernatural. They– hold on just, um. We have these little figurines. We have big dolls…”


Doyoung taking back Taeyong’s smile with his cuteness attack😆😆


“Take my hand, Princess!”


YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.