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cutie5780  asked:

Hi! Back again for the the drabble contest could i request 42. And 19. It's okay if you don't get to it 😉😊

Title: The White Hoodie

Of course I’ll get to it! I’d love to write this up for you, hun! ( @cutie5780 @notallpotatoesarefrenchfries @velocifoxy ) I just wanted to write up something shorter than a full fic, just a little fluff drabble with no real plot or reason.

From the drabble challenge, #19: “You’re Satan.” & #42: “Stop being so cute.”

AO3 link here.

Pairing: Prinxiety fluff!

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Okay but the gay feels when an attractive girl wears a crop top so short it shows the bottom of her bra and your like ‘damn she’s hot’ but you’re also like ‘stop objectifying her you’re not a sixteen year old boy’

Just Friends, Right?

REQUEST: Could u please do 32,29,1,4 with Peter pan?
A/N: Imagine you’ve been friends with Peter for ages, and he finally confesses his love for you, after days of trying to flirt.
PAIRING: Peter Pan x Reader
TITLE: Just Friends, Right?

You and Peter had just finished playing one of your favourite games and had stopped for a while. You were both leaning against a rock wall of a cliff above, covered in moss and vines, flowers, too. Neverland was beautiful; the trees were tall, but the branches grew low and long, tangled with each other. Flowers grew in them, as well as on the ground. The jungle was evergreen and perfectly lit, quite dim but still bright enough that the colours of it were all but blinding.

Peter gave a small chuckle at what you’d said. ”Oh, stop being so damn cute,” he sad. You laughed, but inside you thought, what the hell? You two had been quite good friends for many years, and for the past few days Peter had been acting strange, like he was…flirting. You two did not express your fondness of each other with words, not ever. Most often when he said anything nice, you’d say: ”Why should believe you?” and he’d laugh and say: ”You shouldn’t.”

You two were not ones to talk, not getting into subjects too deep, anyway. You mostly just ran the island with him; hunting, fishing, teaching the boys, and of course playing games, his—and now yours, too—favourite thing.

”You’re acting weird,” you said, crossing your arms across your chest. ”Is someone dying? Why are you being so nice?” You also weren’t one to lie to Peter, or act like you didn’t have something to say to him. You two were always honest with one another.

”No, no one is dying, although I might after what I’m about to say,” he said, with nervous laugh when he stepped closer to you, very close to you. You did not back away in time, and heard what he whispered in your ear: ”I’m flirting with you.

You felt an extremely strange feeling wash over you. It wasn’t strange because it was unknown, because you knew exactly what this feeling was; the feeling one would get when they heard something they’d been waiting to hear for a long time. It was supposed to be a good feeling, but it didn’t feel good at all, it was frightening. You felt nearly sick.

”What?” you were meant to sound angry, but the word came out small and weak. You cleared your throat. ”Why?” this time your voice was more audible, and that sent Peter to make a rather amused expression after he’d backed away only a little.

”Because, oh, ugh,” he’d started out calm, but then he seemed frustrated. ”Don’t you see? I’m in love with you!” he said, exclaiming, yet it came out gentle and soft.

You stared at him without so much as blinking. He raised an eyebrow.

”Are you completely oblivious?”

”Me, oblivious?” you said, and scoffed. ”There’s been nothing to see!” But there had been, for days. He’d been throwing around cute nicknames, being unnaturally polite and you generally strange.

”Did you even hear what I just said?” he asked. Oh, had you…That’s why you were trying to turn it into something it wasn’t, nor should it be; a fight. ”I’m in love with you,” he repeated, stressing every word, making sure you really understood what he was saying. Something twisted in your stomach, your breath got stuck in your throat and you were frozen. ”Don’t you try to change the subject.”

You absolutely hated how well he knew you and how he saw right through you.

”Yes, I heard,” you said, reluctantly, after pulling yourself out of the feeling you’d get when swimming in freezing cold water in February. You were looking down now, when you knew he was trying to regain eye contact.

”So why are you upset?”

You weren’t upset, you were angry and confused. You thought he had no other intention than being friends with you, but obviously that was so very naive. And completely oblivious. Oh, how you hated boys, always wanting more, never being able to see past a girl’s gender and what may lay under her clothes. You were—upset.

”I’m not,” you said, refusing to admit it to Peter. ”I just thought—” you actually felt embarrassed to finish that sentence, ”—we were friends.”

He chuckled, ”Oh, how naive of you,” he responded, shaking his head and you looked up at him, only to look away the split second his eyes met yours. And before you even saw a movement of his arm, his fingers lightly grazed your jaw. You flinched at the feeling. He’d never touched you that way before, gently, that was. He’d only ever touched you like he had the boys, roughly and playfully, definitely not like he just had. It was beyond strange having him touch you that way, for him to even look at you that way. But, on some level it felt so—no.

It felt as if the jungle had quieted down around you upon him saying those five words, like time had stopped entirely. It felt as if the whole world had stopped spinning, waiting for you to say what you were meant to now. But, the thing was, you didn’t know if you felt the same way. You didn’t want to leave him hanging, but you didn’t want to lie either.

And as you finally had the courage to look up into his eyes, for the first time ever you were at a loss of words with Peter.

anonymous asked:

please do the pokemon go reaction but with seventeen??

S.Coups/Seungcheol: brags about how he watched the “original” pokemon as a kid but the only pokemon he can name is pikachu. isn’t that good at aiming the pokeball but tries to laugh it off everytime he misses because what, no, he did that on purpose. 

Jeonghan: goes on the pokehunt with you only because you promised him that while you battle a gym he gets to nap with his head in your lap. you keep comparing him to snorlax every time he sleepily asks when you two are going home. 

Joshua: when you mentioned “pokehunt” he got super excited but tried his best to hide it because “what, pokemon go? ive heard about it ……..” but let’s be real the minute you guys get outside he’s like “let’s try that street!” or “i heard there was a legendary down the block yesterday!” and you’re like “someone’s excited” and Joshua’s like “yEA- whAT NO IM AN Adult…..”

Jun: is going on the pokehunt with you and you think he’s playing the game because he has his phone out but then you catch him just taking selfies and you’re like ……….as expected honestly. 

Hoshi: is energetic about it for the first two hours but then you both agree to take a break in the park and just as you sit down on the bench to drink some water your phones go off and you and Hoshi are once again running around trying to find those Rare pokemon.

Woozi: refuses to go on the pokehunt. you try to get him to go with bribes to buy him food and whatnot but Woozi is like “I’m not going to walk around for hours trying to look for some yellow rat….” and you’re like FIRST OF ALL-

Wonwoo: more of a casual player, he’s like semi interested in learning about pokemon go but when he sees you battling gyms he’s like “what, no I don’t want the pokemon to hurt each other….” and you’re like oh my god stop being so soft about everything but also dont it’s cute 

DK: makes everything into a bet as in your pokehunt becomes a “if i get more pokemon than you you have to buy me a shit ton of pokecoins.” probably secretly called up Joshua to find out where all the good pokemon hide. he wins and you end up broke but it’s worth it because DK keeps giving you kisses as a thank you

Mingyu: is trying sO hard to level up but he’s Cursed with zubats and rattata’s everywhere not a single rare pokemon or even high level cp pokemon in sight. you make fun of him the whole pokehunt for having badluck but you also feel bad and end up buying him snacks at the chicken skewer stand (which is also a pokestop) 

the8: knows nothing about the app when you take him out on the pokehunt but when you help him download it you learn that the8 is a natural pokemon master. like literally he finds a pikachu in the first 5 min. then a lapras in 15 min. you end the pokehunt early because daMMit the8…..

Vernon: “that app is for kid- WaIt you CaN TAK e PICTURes??? WITH THE POKEMON NO WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!” you two end up taking photos of literally every pokemon you see. vernon’s phone is full of photos of you next to weedle’s. 

Seungkwan: keeps making you name all the  cute ones after him that you catch and you’re like seungkwan that doesn’t make sense and he’s like you can name one “boo” the other one “seungkwan” “divakwan” “boo-angel”- 

Dino: the only one you actually have a normal fun time with like looking through bushes and in places you’ve never been before for pokemon. you two hold hands and support each other when catching pokemon. you share tips and tricks. you feed Dino some icecream as he plays and then he helps you sip some soda as you play. a real cute team effort and love all around pokehunt. you name your favorite pokemon after each other!!! 

Square One

REQUEST: Idk if this is where I should submit my request but, could you do 32. & 33? Once upon a time and Peter Pan. Thank you!😃 — @dearie13, Tumblr
A/N: Yay! Smut!
PAIRING: Peter x Reader 
RATING: non-E, smut smut smut, vanilla, a lil’ fluff

And yet again you stormed out of his cabin, boiling with anger. You two constantly fought, and it was incredibly frustrating because you loved him so fucking much.

”I’m done!” you yelled as you walked away. It was the middle of the night, you were tired and wanted to sleep, alone.

”Oh, stop being so damn cute,” Peter said, running after you, touching your arm.

”No!” you yelled, utterly frustrated. ”Stop doing that, trying to demean me! I’m not trying to be cute! I’m angry!” you yelled even louder, flinging your arms around which he caught and looked into your eyes.

”I’m not trying to demean you, I’m trying to—I don’t know…”

You pulled your hands from his, pushing your hair out of your face and shaking your head. ”Oh, you driver me crazy…”

Peter chuckled. ”I drive you crazy?” he said. ”Can’t you see what you do to me?” He took your hands in his again, intertwining your fingers and pulling you  closer.

You let your breath out, taking a step backwards, but he wouldn’t let you go. ”Y/N, please, don’t. I am so in love with you and it kills me when we fight,” he all but begged. You hesitated. You loved him, you did, so much, but you fought all the time and then you’d make up and nothing would change because you’d always find something new—or old—to fight about.

”Peter…” you said quietly.

“No, no, no!” he said. “No, that’s the I’m-breaking-up-with-you-tone!” he said, furrowing his brows and pulling you even closer to himself.

“I can’t be with you,” you said. “We fight all the time and it’s so stressful. We’re like this ticking time bomb and I just live in the fear of the next fight and I just can’t be with you.”

“Yes, maybe, but we both know you can’t be without me, either,” he pointed out. “Every time we break up, we find ourselves back in square one, whether it’s a week later or the very next day.”

You opened your mouth to say something, but nothing came out. You had nothing left to say, he was right; you needed him. You didn’t know why, why you always went back him, to this. The fighting, and yelling and shouting and then the make up sex, oh, the make up sex. You suddenly found your toes curling and you bit your cheek. Your chest was on fire and your heart was in your throat.

“I…uh…” you mumbled, not being able to tear your eyes off his lips.

He looked into your eyes, waiting for a reply that wasn’t coming. Your fingers squirmed in his grip, your breaths becoming more and more frequent. You noticed you were holding his hands tightly and there was a small smirk in the corner of his mouth. You released your grip and pulled his face as close to yours as possible. He lightly put his hands around your waist, as if you were made of thin glass, trailing up your sides. You slowly and hesitantly kissed him, gently. You had been so mad at him for nearly a week that you’d forgotten how good it felt. To have him close, the way his lips felt against yours and his hands on your body.

“Back to square one,” you breathed. Peter kissed you, harder now and then pulled back to say: “I like square one.”

So did you.

He pulled you back into his cabin, pressing you against the door so that it would close shut, all while kissing you, not letting your lips part for a second.

“I do love you,” you said breathily as you sat at the bedpost. He came to you and pulled you by the legs onto your back, and kissed your jaw, making you sigh.

“I know,” he responded, while taking off your pants. You lifted your hips, letting him remove them completely along with your underwear. While he was still on his knees he unzipped his own jeans and bent back down to kiss you. You felt your body heat up at his touch and go squirming, begging for more.

You helped him in, and sighed even deeper as his lips grazed along your cheek when he went forward. It was strange; it was always just as exciting and new as the very first time, never getting old or dull. You always felt that rush of adrenaline like rush at the first thrust, only getting better with each one. Your eyes were shut, but you could feel your noses touch as he swayed back and forth, making you wonder why you would ever let this go.