oh steve i keep ignoring you

so I saw CACW again today and it broke my heart even more this time around

  • I am still 110% team iron man/pro-accords
  • if Tony Stark ever has a child he’s going to be both the coolest and most embarrassing dad in history but i love his relationship with Peter (and with Harley in IM3) and i want more
  • yeah I’m still not okay with the heart attack foreshadowing like AT ALL
  • Natasha trying to keep her found family together was heartbreaking ugh
    • all the green and purple was great tho, a+++
  • oh my god Steve’s levels of arrogance and self-righteousness and hypocrisy frustrate me so much? like NO Steve you do not know better than over 100 countries and NO you should not have the right to ignore international borders and leave mass destruction in your wake, NO you do not get to keep the identity of Howard and Maria’s murderer from their son while preaching about the importance of honesty and truth and trust??
  • “he killed my mom” like I’m sorry but that line killed me
  • I really feel like that fight was the end of Tony and Steve’s friendship, I don’t see them—Tony specifically—ever coming back from it
    • like sure Steve’s all like “here’s a (non)apology and a cellphone” but I just…can’t see Tony ever trusting him again, like he genuinely believed Steve was going to kill him at the end of their fight
  • I love Tony’s friendships with Rhodey and Natasha so so much
  • where did Natasha and Sharon and Clint and Wanda and Scott and Sam end up? I’m assuming that team cap is in Wakanda with Steve (lol way to put your kids first, Clint and Scott), but are Nat and Sharon on the run together? alone? are they at the farm with Laura and the kids? or hiding out with Fury? is Tony going to get Nat cleared?
  • idk I mean it breaks my heart but I still can’t figure out if I liked it or not?