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Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 7

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off: Reader signs up for an online app similar to Omegle, but little does she know that she’s talking to the one and only Sebastian Stan. 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Super fluffy. Slight smut. Slight angst in the beginning. Invasive people. 

A/N: This is a special chappie for @callmeoncette! I hope your night gets better hun! :D

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Summer haze - Stan x reader - part 2

This is the second part of summer haze so to wrap your head around what is going on you guys should check out my first chapter <3


Once again you were sat on a bike but this time it was on the back of Stan’s one. You held on for dear life as the second chase of the day began. Then something hit you in the back of the head, now these idiots were throwing beer cans at you and your friends. You shot glances at the other losers who were scattered around you, they swerved left and right trying not to get hit. The sound of Henry and his goons getting closer rang in your ears as you all could hear the amused laughter coming from the boys in the car. They thought this was some kind of game.

Only now you realized where all of you were going, to the Barrens.

This bike ride would have been really idyllic, you, with your hands wrapped around your boyfriends torso and your friends surrounding the two of you. But as mentioned before there were the four hungry wolfs chasing after you just waiting for when you or your friends would tier or make a wrong move.

You tried brushing it off but the feeling of unease was stuck in the pit of your stomach no matter how hard you tried to let it go.

Snapping back into reality you realized that the group was seconds away from stopping and running as fast as you could away. Up and over the wooden fence that ran parallel to the road. Your feet were pounding against the steep hill, you truly had the tempo of a mad man.

“YOU CAN RUN FOR NOW BUT NOT FOREVER” the haunting voice of Henry bowers cut through the panting of you and your friends, glancing back for a moment you saw the light hitting his knife that he carries at all time.

You weaved between trees and jumped small bushes and logs trying to ignore the pain stabbing your left side with every step you took. Holding onto Stanley’s hand as you ran helped you to keep on moving cause if you went down he would go down with you.

Sprinting towards the edge of the trees where they then transitioned into the rocky shore of the small creek with the sewers lining it. You didn’t realize it yourself but you had let go of Stan’s hand just to be able to maneuver around the bigger rocks that were placed along the water.

And just as you thought that there was a chance of getting out of this mess you lost your balance while jumping over a set of slippery rocks and you tumbled. You already knew that there was no way you were getting out of this as you spotted the gang of older teens just three meters in front of you.

Now the panic set off inside of your body at ten times the speed of before as you stood up but some how you felt a weird sensation of confidence. Some very tiny bit of your brain convinced you that today was the day that you were standing up to the bowers for real. With a wet polo shirt and scrapes and cuts covering the left side of your body now was not a time for bravery but yet here you were.

“So little Y/N decided to come out and play with the big boys huh?” Henry mocked with a smirk darkening his already rugged features. “ That little boyfriend of yours is all the way over there, aren’t you scared?” when he said that he started pouting like a child as the chuckle of his friends could be heard in the background.

“Screw you Bowers!” You screamed and pushed him backwards, regret filled your head afterwards but you didn’t waver. You couldn’t, not in a situation like this.

“Oh so the girl has a little attitude, you’re going to regret that in 3…” you started breathing heavily with a rush of adrenaline kicking through your veins “2…” Henry continued while staring down at you, he didn’t even notice Stan, Richie and Bill coming up behind him and his friends. “1” he tried to swing at you with as much force as he could master but just before his fist would have met your jaw you backed away and watched as Bill swung a tree branch to the back of his head. A loud thud made its way through the tick atmosphere.

The bully turned to face the three kids behind him you could see a police car pull up next to Henry’s as the hill where the chase on foot began wasn’t that far away. You knew well who that was, as the person stepped out of the car you already knew who it was, none other then Henry’s dad.

“Henry I think you’ve got fucking visitor” Richie said with an amused grin playing of his face as he knew, just as all the others around you, Henry was completely powerless when his dad came around.

“This will finish another time, you understand that you fucking losers?” Henry spoke through gritted teeth, while his pointer finger was directed at you and your friends as he swiftly turned around to go and face his dad.


Later on, after the Henry bowers incident you all went to the quarry for some down time. All of the days events had left a bad taste in your mouth not to mention the taste of dust as you ate shit when Bowers dropped you from his car.

Today you didn’t jump off the cliff into the water just from the fear of giving yourself a new set of injuries, today wasn’t your day to be honest. Stan didn’t jump either, he just stayed by your shooting you worried glances whenever you winced or hissed in pain.

The sun was starting to set but you didn’t mind, multiple swallows filled the orange painted sky above. With the light chirping of birds as you were sat on Stan’s shoulders trying to tackle Richie off of Mike’s. Everything seemed to be back to normal, all of you, together at the quarry laughing like before the terrors of IT, this was your favorite part of every summer. The torment provided by Henry and his gang meant nothing when you were here with them, all of that was ignored almost forgotten as if every thing was starting to make a turn for the better, if just for the moment.

“Hey, I’m gonna go dry off, ill wait for you so don’t take too long” you said while shifting from underneath Stanley’s arm to give him a peck on the cheek and soon enough you could se his dimple appear and a slight blush followed along soon after.

When you had swam over to shore you ran your hands through your hair and small drops of water landed around you. All of you had parked your bikes right beside the edge of the cliff and as you were putting your clothes back on you heard a faint whisper calling out your name. You just ignored it but not soon after that you heard it again louder this time. Then you started walking towards the sound, a little deeper into the forest and then you heard it again, closer this time.

“Y/N” this time it sounded like who ever spoke was smiling?

You didn’t even realize how far you had gone into the woods until you felt watched and felt the need to spin around and check if you indeed was all alone. You couldn’t have been more wrong, in front of you stood IT. He towered over you and swiftly put a hand over your mouth as he realized you were just about to let out a scream of pure horror.

“Time to play Y/N”


About 5 minutes after you had left the water the others began to head up to dry of along with you, and as they all were ready to head home Stan spoke up.

“Wait, where’s Y/N?”


Part 3?

Let me know what you guys thought about this one!

-yours truly


A/N: Here’s another one because it’s midterms and I have nothing to do. So YEA here’s one for my baby boy Eddie, god bless him, I’m sorry for what I’m about to make you read,,, Let me tell you, HELLA angst. Sorry not sorry kids. ALSO all my stories are going to be place when the kids are about 17, unless I say otherwise, so chill fam. This one is gonna be like in college to make me (and you guys) feel better. So like 20-21… Edit: not the best but I feel like if you guys wanted a part 2 it would be a lot better than this with a bunch of character development, so IF you want, I’m all in for a part 2.

Pairing: Eddie x reader, slight Reader x person I made up for the sake of this story:)))))))

Warnings: Cheating (you’ll see), language, implied sexual activity (all consented don’t come at me, we all know that there’s 21 year olds having sex, and I’m not writing the Dirty™), A N G S T, cliche shit, cliffhanger

Cool yourself down
I think I’m getting stuck
I think I’m getting hooked on you
Your cheeks are so warm
And mine are glowing too
Yeah, I can feel our lips like glue

It was the day after it all happened, the day y/n messed up. Or did she create a new beginning? She didn’t know yet. She hates herself for what she did, she loved her boyfriend didn’t she? Was Jack not enough for her? Did she really have to do something so unforgivable? Y/n didn’t have any of the answers, she knew what she did was wrong, but it felt so damn right. Eddie, the boy she’s known since kindergarten, had a crush on for years, the one she truly loved. 

Y/n still felt his lips on hers, going down her neck and back up, the warm sheets pressed against both of them and his warm cheeks. It felt as if she was hooked on him like a crackhead was hooked on crack. Everything felt right with Eddie, and she just couldn’t help it when he kissed her the first time that night at the Quarry. Richie had dared him too and he was feeling brave, Eddie knew about Jack, everyone knows about the two lovebirds. He didn’t care in the moment because he’s always liked y/n, and in the past year, fell in love. Of course right as Jack asked her out, he had to figure out what the strange feeling in his stomach he got when she was around was. It was love, and he couldn’t just forget about it no matter how much he tried. So he kissed her. He let it go far enough that he lost his virginity. 

Both of them lay there, not saying a word in the early morning light, breathing in time together. No words need to be said to know what they were thinking. How are we going to move on from this? Honestly, neither of them did. They wanted to stay in the moment forever because they knew it would be the last good moment for a while. 

So what are we thinking
And what are we here to prove?
Let’s stop being public
I guess we should get a room
Oh, I don’t believe it
Yeah, I think I have a screw loose
I think you have a screw loose too

They got ready in silence, the Tuesday morning was dragging by, since it was summer, they really didn’t have to leave the other’s presences but they knew better than that. Eddie let y/n shower first as he sat in his bed in his boxers, he knew he was going to be in trouble with a lot of people. Mostly Jack, but how was this going to turn out with y/n? Did this change everything for them? Nobody knows the answer like many of other things this morning. This morning was full of unanswered questions. 

Last night was still on his mind, Richie told them to get a room, so he brought her to his house, and things went on from there. For some reason, his mom wasn’t there, he wished his mom would have been there, maybe they wouldn’t be in this position now. He would have been able to control himself and they could have talked; instead they acted. He can’t believe he was so straight forward, he should have been a gentleman about it, but he felt like he had to prove to y/n that he was a man, not just Little Poor Eddie who had never been with a woman. Richie made jokes that y/n and Jack were the regulars, and it made Eddie mad, jealous. Y/n wouldn’t be disrespected by anyone, nor did he like the idea of her being with someone else. That was what really pushed him further, he knew y/n was the one for him, he felt like he needed to show her. 

I definitely have a screw loose, Eddie thinks to himself, holding his head in his hands. 

Don’t beat yourself up
It’s something that I’ve done
It’s something that we all go through
Let’s finish up our drinks
We better make a move
Cause we could carry on til two

Inside the bathroom, y/n sobbed, she hates how much she loved it. How much she loves him. The shower ran over her body, soaking her and warming her, consoling her for the sins she committed, the water felt like a whisper saying, “It’s okay, child, breathe.” She breathed heavily, trying to not to think about the night before. She can’t get it out of her head, she genuinely enjoyed it. She cheated on her loyal boyfriend, and enjoyed it. 

It was a going away party at he Quarry for Stan, since he was going to attempt to have his own business in Atlanta. They all knew he could do it, it was a night of no worries, a few drinks, and pure happiness for everyone. She remembered Richie telling them to get a room. They just did as told and went to his house to finish off. She remembered thinking about how she would regret doing this in the morning, that she would feel bad about indulging the thought she always had in the back of her mind. Then around 2 in the morning she was staring at the clock, wishing that it wasn’t true, the situation she was in. She wished she never even went to the party yesterday, she wished she never said yes to Jack the day he asked her out. What were you thinking? Why couldn’t you just be happy with what you had? She thought at herself, she was so anger at herself. She let it go this far, she let Eddie, he had asked if it was okay and she said yes. She should have told him no. She should have done some many things, and yet she didn’t and she enjoyed her night. 

God, she thought, what an idiot with a screw loose.

I’m so ready to go home
So call us up a cab and stop me feeling lonely
Why don’t you give me your number
It’s time to call a cab, stop spending all your money

Eddie decides to head in with her, nothing could make it worse at this point. So he knocks on the door to find y/n crying in the shower, he steps in, holding her, “We’ll get through this.” He soothes, “I won’t let anything bad happen.” She sniffles, turning away from his face, she couldn’t look at him. She wanted to, but she couldn’t. They finished up washing and getting dressed, he walks her home. 

Along the way, they don’t talk, they don’t say a word. Nothing could be said to them without thinking about the night before. Yes, they both loved it, they loved each other, but now they had a whole new problem. They wanted to be together, but with Jack, there was no way they could. Y/n was going to be labeled as a whore, a slut, a cheat. Eddie would be labeled as the person who ruined a perfectly good relationship. Neither of them were any of those things, would never be, they just got caught up like any other young adults would when feeling a fit of passion. 

“Y/n it’s going to be okay.” Eddie says as she walks up her porch. “I’ll see you later at Bill’s?” She looks down at her shaky hands. 

“We’ll see.” 

Part 2?

It Takes Time

Prompt: Growth

Word Count: 1,152

Rated: T

This is the third drabble for @spdrabblebomb, for the third day’s prompt which is “Growth!” Posted to AO3 here.


“Ow, fuck!”

“Stanley!” A thunderous yell up the staircase rattled him and he cringed with his entire body. “Language!”

“Yeah, mom!” He yelled back, and he sighed, deflating into his crossed legs and tossing aside his dad’s old guitar now one string less. “How did she even hear that?” He muttered. He flopped onto his side and rolled to his back, taking a moment to stare at the water stain on his ceiling that Kenny said looked like a llama. He didn’t see it. He groaned.

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What do you ship?: Normani Edition

The “They’re in love and are low-key married” Norminah:

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The “angels exist and they could probably take over the world with their smile” Normally:

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The “Oh my god get a room already there are children here” Laurmani:

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The “ok it’s dead now but it was so strong that I’m sure it’ll come back to life!” Normila:   

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The “screw it they’re ALL in love with her!” Ot4/5 stan:

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Or The “NO I’m in love with her!!! She’s my wife” Normani Stan

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Imagine Stan pretending he hasn’t got his memories of Ford back for a while. He does it for a few reasons. He wants Ford to keep being nice to him and that doesn’t seem consistent with the relationship he remembers them having. The bad memories are some of the first to come back. Stan keeps being told he’s a hero but that doesn’t match up with the few memories he does have. Part 1

He remembers Ford yelling at him that he’d ruined his life and he remembers Ford falling though the portal. Stan thinks the person he used to be can’t have been that great. Finally, he remembers Ford saying he wanted the Shack back at the end of the summer and he’s scared he’ll be made homeless if Ford thinks he’s recovered. Part 2

Whelp, this turned into a thing. I had already wanted to write something with ‘Stan remembering the portal incident and being kicked out’ and these asks spurred me on. So here we go, some brotherly angst and fluff, blended in measure.

Morning arrived with the curtain call of a nightmare. He couldn’t exactly tell what this one had been about, the details already fading, the ghost of a cry unmade left clinging to his lips.

There had yet night so far where he hadn’t dreamed vividly, leading him to believe that his memories, while content to play hide-and-seek in the light of day, had no qualms jumping out from the shadows, shouting for his attention when he least suspected it.

Rubbing his eyes, Stan fumbled for his glasses; he was unfocused enough these days without the added blindness. As he searched for his spectacles, his fingers brushed something else, the soft fabric dragging against his skin.

Once he had his sight back, he saw what it was, and beamed softly as he recognized it.

The sash Mabel had made with her own two glitter-glue washed hands, and had recently re-given him, “To remember who you are and all you’ve done for everyone!”

Our Hero, the sash read. Stirring a feeling within his heart as it beat to the memory of the twins’ laughter, warm and dear as sunlight. 

Yes, that was what everyone had been saying, ever since he awoke at that clearing in the middle of the forest. And he recalled enough details at this point to realize why they regarded his deeds so highly.

Yet he couldn’t shake this nagging guilt, this sense of being some impostor, a fraud that was not owed their gratitude. At first it was because he could not relate to this Stanley Pines whatsoever, being a stranger to his own self. Later, as the memories returned, it was for exactly the opposite reason – he was beginning to get an idea of who Stanley Pines was.

And there was some debate inside his brain on whether or not he deserved all the praise he’d received.

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[fic] An S&P-Approved Tentacle Encounter

(Shows up one week late having drunk all the Starbucks herself)

Stanchez, 1408 words, warning for crack, some mature language and one really suggestive situation

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The History on Our Skin - Gravity Falls Fanfiction

So I heard @pinesinthewoods was looking for Pines family angst fics, so I wanted to write a little something to honor that request.

Also read on AO3

Stan wonders why Ford conceals his skin so adamantly. The answer may be hard for him to swallow.

“Sixer, it’s hot out here.”

“It is…”

“And you’re still wearing all those jackets.”

“I know that, Stanley…”

“And you’re sweating, a lot.”

“Yeah, what about it?”

Stan breathed in, getting frustrated that Ford was too caught up working on deck to even look at him. Stan wanted to talk to him, but Ford was busy readjusting equipment and fidgeting with tangled up used fishing nets to be interested in any degree of conversation.

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You are Mine (For Now, at Least) - funkle my grunkle (nippy96) - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Stan Pines/Reader, Grunkle Stan | Stanley “Stanford” Pines/Reader, Stan/Reader, Stanley Pines/Reader
Characters: Grunkle Stan | Stanley “Stanford” Pines

You’re a young local bartender, and he’s a sexy old adventurer. You two had been flirting for a while now. It’s a match made in heaven! Fem!dfab!reader x Stan. Fluff, smut, and hopefully a few laughs.


This is my shameless self-promotion. You can read it on ao3, or right here under the cut!
Here’s my notes: 
Wow, I am terrible at titles! Uhh, so I wanted to make this gender neutral at first (but still dfab, since that’s what im familiar with) buuuuuut I couldn’t think of many decent gender neutral compliments/adjectives.
So, I haven’t written fanfic in like… 3 years? So I’m rusty. But I kind of love the grunkles, so I really wanted to write this. Also, sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, I finished this up late at night. Please feel free to leave constructive criticisms, especially since I’d like to write something for Ford next time… :D But uh, please enjoy!

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KNK - Stay 🔊
Choreography by Jihun of KNK

It only takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to stan legends

Part 9/11 TimeStuck AU

Part IX of my story based on dodofiasco‘s AU where Mabel gets stuck back in time and a young Stan has to help her out!

Previous sections can be found here: http://the-subpar-ghost.tumblr.com/writing 

The colors around her were muted but somehow also more vivid than normal. The sound of a softly falling waterfall bubbled in the distance, and all around were flowers and towering trees of every color and shape and texture. Small birds and dewy-winged insects flitted here and there, always just out of sight but delightful nonetheless.

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The Devil You Know

“You shouldn’t be snooping here, Stanley.” The voice chastising him belonged to his brother, yet there was something about the gleeful, menacing way it was spoken that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight. “If you’re not careful, you might get yourself hurt.”

Or, a Mystery Trio AU where Stan’s staying at his brother’s house, but knows nothing about his affiliation with Bill.

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headcanon that when it’s really early in the morning Stan’s actor sometimes has trouble getting his clothes on so he just looks like a mess when he gets out to the studio, Everyone is used to it by now as it happens often.

Stan: Hey, I can dress myself up just fine! This drawing isn’t right at all-

Kyle: I had to fix your jacket for the last three episodes because you kept screwing up the zipper, Stan. Everybody knows, and even this guy knows that too!

Stan: I…uh. Oh, right. Yeah. Um.

Stan: Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah?

Stan: Thanks for that, dude.


//OOC:‘Thanks for the headcanon and the sweet drawing, it’s accepted! uvu

the date is july 13th, 2015.  stan pines has just finished telling his emotional and revealing backstory about his finally verified twin brother. 

the six-fingered man turns to dipper. “you read my journals?” he asks.  dipper, in his ecstasy, hands over all three books.

“oh yes” says the author, skimming the pages. he grins. “after all these years…”

his eyelids blink sideways. his head swivels completely as he turns into a practical spider demon, careens up the wall, and screams like a banshee. it’s the freaking shapeshifter. again. stanford pines has been dead for thirty years you fool we’ve all been screwed over go the frick home

I think, sometimes you just have to do it. Whatever it is that you’re self conscious about, I mean, I think it’s just jumping into the water; you have to just do it.
One of the things I started recently, I always dabbled in writing and so on, I had a little bit of time (…) and I decided, “You know what? Screw it - I’m just gonna take some writing classes, I’m gonna start writing. I have in mind, I’m always self-conscious in there, but I’m just gonna do it.” So I think no matter what it is, as long as you just kind of give yourself a push and jump in whatever that water is, then you should start to be ok.

I don't know about some people but my mother always tell me that if I only have nasty things to say I better shut up. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT UP. I don't wan't to be so territorial, but those who keep on saying that GOT7 should have trained more and that JYPE shouldn't have rushed their debut - DOOR'S ON YOUR LEFT SO CAN YOU PRETTY PLEASE GO AWAY? I don't really stan GOT7 just how I stan 2PM like they control my next breath, but I love GOT7. But how much I love them doesn't even affect my judgement on how amazingly talented these kids are. I assume that they trained for like 3 years or even more BUT THE LONG YEARS OF TRAINING DOESN'T EVEN ASSURE YOU THAT you won't mess up on stage or that you won't screw up your lines, or that you'd sometimes miss a beat or a step. OH great people with great horses, come down and smell the fresh air and I hope you step on HORSE SHIT. Just because Jackson was like "chasing" his lines in that Iive perf of I LIKE YOU or whatever crack you can point out in that performance doesn't mean they needed more time indoors JYPE building. TO BE VERY HONEST, GOT7 has got more potentials than some of the groups that have already debuted AND I DON'T FRIGGING CARE IF YOU SHIZZ YOUR PANTS RIGHT NOW TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO. (I can hear my mother telling me to shut up. Mothers know best.)

anonymous asked:

yes omg THANK YOU i am so fucking sick of scott being 'the good one, the pure one, the righteous one' when HE IS JUST AS FLAWED AS EVERYONE ELSE. i really really really want your version of events to go down in the finale and next season, but i have a horrible feeling that like you say it'll be everyone apologising to scott and not the other way around. all the scott stans will be like 'but stiles LIED to scott he was in the wrong' WHY DO YOU THINK HE LIED THOUGH? HINT: IT WASN'T FOR THE FUNSIES

Oh hey the finale just happened right now didn’t it? (I’m so behind on some of my asks, sorry!)

But yeah, I just honestly want Scott to apologize, to admit that he needs help sometimes and screws up sometimes, and for all of the rifts that have been building between him and the rest of the characters this season to have consequences that continue into the future.

They cannot just return to where they were before after this. Scott broke Stiles’ trust in a huge way and that needs to be acknowledged; even if he had perfectly sensible reasons for doing it, that kind of betrayal stays with people and affects their relationships going forward. And Stiles put too much importance in Scott’s opinion of him… I said something to sourwolfsparking the other day, and I wish I could remember it exactly now…

But basically, I think Stiles and Scott have this imbalance in their relationship, and they have for a long time. They both care about each other, extremely so, but I think Stiles has always had this sense that Scott is better than him. A better person, better at things, and just generally worth more. And I think, at least on a subconscious level, Scott feels the same way. I don’t say that to bash Scott, because how could he not develop feelings like that to some extent when he’s the True Alpha, when he’s the “good kid,” when even Stiles’ father goes around saying things like “son I should have had” to him? When the entire universe he exists in (the canon) tends to treat him like he can do no wrong?

Stiles and Scott are such close friends, are brothers in every way that matters, and I really appreciate a lot of things about that friendship. But they also have some serious issues to work through, and one of those is resolving this sense of power imbalance between them. Stiles has to have more confidence in himself and his own choices and behavior (keeping Donovan’s death a secret, for fear of Scott’s reaction, was what allowed Theo to manipulate them into that fallout in the first place) while Scott has to realize that he doesn’t always know everything, and to shake this idea that – true alpha or not – he should be making moral judgment calls against his friends.

(**Spoken as someone who knows next to nothing about the finale)