oh stan you are so screwed


I was supposed to post this month ago. But i didn’t.

OH WELL!! better super late then never. i was going to color it, but its been  so long i said screw it and im just posting what i got! which is lineart

this is @stanchez-sloppy-seconds fault. <3

SO HERE IS MY MIAMI STANCHEZ HEADCANNON!!! when it comes to what happend to fords letter.

It showed up, it arrived while stan was out getting something, and rick was left at the motel alone. Its a night before they have a big job their going to do, and well its not like rick dosn’t think he can’t handle it on his own. its more so…he has gotten very attached to stan. Stan is the only person he has in his life that is going right so far and he dos need him for the job, but he knows if stan heirs from his brother, he will drop everything and go right to him.

And rick can’t have that right now. he woudln’t be able to handle that.

So. to make sure stan dosn’t find the letter. he burned it.

get ride of the evidence. completely

I mean. stuff gets “lost” in the mail all the time right?

I think, sometimes you just have to do it. Whatever it is that you’re self conscious about, I mean, I think it’s just jumping into the water; you have to just do it.
One of the things I started recently, I always dabbled in writing and so on, I had a little bit of time (…) and I decided, “You know what? Screw it - I’m just gonna take some writing classes, I’m gonna start writing. I have in mind, I’m always self-conscious in there, but I’m just gonna do it.” So I think no matter what it is, as long as you just kind of give yourself a push and jump in whatever that water is, then you should start to be ok.