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“But seriously, what are you wearing.”

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the loud gurgling coming from below caused alec to look at the tiny, blue baby warlock bouncing excitedly in the baby carrier that alec had strapped to his chest earlier. his tiny feet covered by the blue and white striped onesie he was currently wearing were moving excitedly as the baby kicked, squealing and cooing as alec walked around the institute, a report in his hand.

alec took baby max’s hand in his and smiled fondly when his blue fingers curled around his pinky, shaking it around in his tiny fist, alec’s wedding ring glinting in the light. 

“are you excited to see papa?” alec asked and max looked up at him, blinking with those huge eyes of his and gave alec a toothless, adorable smile. “yeah, me too.” alec grinned and kissed max on the top of his head. “just one more order to give out, blueberry, and then we can go home and you can drink a nice warm bottle of milk.” 

 alec rounded the corner with a giggling max and entered the training room with ease and with an air of friendship marched up to aline, gloves on and jabbing fiercely at the punching bag in front of her. music loudly blasted from her ears so it took her a second to realize he was there. a smile as sweet as cherries spread across aline’s face at the sight of her friend, her face flushed from training.

“hey, boss,” she said and alec chuckled at the title aline had teasingly bestowed on him when she first arrived at the institute a couple of years ago. “i’m guessing you have the weekly report on the new recruits?”

“that i do,” alec presented it dramatically and aline took it with a flourish, adding a little bow which was accompanied by a giggle. “i looked them over but i wanted you to keep them, since you are the one in charge of that department.”

“children are a joy, aren’t they?” aline sighed, shaking her head with a grin. “you certainly are, aren’t you?” she crooned suddenly, looking at max and taking his little feet in her hands and waving them up and down. max always got that bright, happy look in his eyes whenever he saw aline and it warmed alec’s heart when his son laughed at one particular funny face aline was making at him.

“oh, you are just too cute!” aline squealed, kissing max on both cheeks. his chubby hands made contact with her face and he smiled as he ran his fingers over her cheeks curiously. “he totally has magnus’ charm.” she looked back up at alec, who was chuckling fondly at the scene before him.

“how do you know he got that all from magnus?” alec huffed, pretending to mad, even though he knew it was true.

“have you met your husband? one look and he’ll sweep you off your feet. this little guy is going to make the world spin with his smile or laugh alone.” aline said as max was still running his hands along her face, occasionally pressing their foreheads together and causing aline to giggle.

“well, that’s true. he did sweep me off my feet.” alec felt butterflies erupt in his stomach at the thought of magnus, his husband, his absolute one and only love and how nothing had changed since the first day they had met, a dopey smile on his face and his cheeks flushed and his heart sighing dreamily. aline was right: all it took was one look and alec was gone forever.

“aw, you’re getting that look in your eyes, you sap.” aline teased coming up from playing with max to poke alec in the arm.

alec rolled his eyes. “look who’s talking,” he gestured towards aline’s ring finger, a gorgeous engagement ring winking at the both of them. “every time helen walks bye, you have to stop and watch her leave. every time she kisses you, you sigh that sigh. you know the one: the cheesy, romantic, be still my beating heart sigh. don’t point fingers at me, aline.” aline made a face at him but she beamed at him afterwards.

“it’s true. i’m in love and whipped. and here’s the proof.” she wiggled her engagement ring in alec’s face. “you better get us lots of presents.”

“being your best man isn’t enough?” alec chortled and aline stuck her tongue out at him.

“alright, go, be with your prince charming. i have to get back to my princess anyway.” aline pulled alec into a quick hug that wouldn’t smush the baby, placing a quick kiss on max’s forehead. “bye, max!”

“say bye, max!” alec encouraged the baby, who merely looked at him, confusion on his face.

“don’t worry, i know he loves me.” aline laughed and she waved cheerfully at the father and son, turning and practically sprinting down the hallway to go see her future wife. alec watched her go, happiness for his friend taking over his entire soul.

the sound of crying caused alec to look down at max, who was fidgeting and squirming, his face screwed up and his lips puckered.

“aw, i know honey, i know,” alec soothed, carefully taking max out of the baby carrier and holding him to his chest. “we’re going home right now to see papa.”

“no need, i’m right here.” alec turned around surprised to see his husband, his gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, kind, wonderful, smart, strong husband walking toward him, glitter dusting his cheekbones like freckles and eyelids. his hair had blue streaks in it and he look glorious in the glittery black jacket he was adorning, a jacket that alec had grown fond over the years. seeing him walking towards him and their child was like alec seeing magnus walk down the altar  and he felt his stomach drop as pure bliss overtook his emotions.

“hi, love” magnus reached up, a hand on alec’s neck, to softly kiss him hello. alec let his eyes droop close, the feeling of magnus’ lips on his soft and sweet like toffee and he relished in the feeling of his warm fingertips against his skin.

“hi, babe.” alec hummed and magnus smiled, their noses brushing as he leaned in to kiss him again.

“good day today? how was your client?”

“positively dreadful, darling, but seeing your face at the end of the day makes it worth it,” alec felt his face heat up and magnus smiled and brushed a strand of hair off of his forehead. “how was your day?”

“same, boring, couldn’t stop thinking about kissing you and holding you in my arms. but what else is new?”

magnus tittered at this. “cheeky, mr. lightwood-bane.” he quipped, kissing alec’s nose and turning his attention to the wiggling bundle of joy leaning against alec’s chest.

“there’s my baby!” magnus took max out of alec’s arms and held him up, kissing his cheek repeatedly as max laughed and clapped his hands. “did you miss me? i missed you so much, lovebug!” he blew a raspberry against max’s stomach, causing the baby to roar with contagious laughter.

“he really wanted to see you today. we both did.” alec put a hand on magnus’ lower back as they watched max run his hands through magnus’ hair, babbling. “also, he’s hungry.”

“luckily, you’re married to a warlock, sweetheart.” magnus snapped his fingers and a bottle appeared in his hand.

“luckily, i’m married to you.” alec pressed a kiss against magnus’ temple and magnus smiled at him, scrunching his nose in the way that alec loved, before holding the bottle to max’s mouth. 

“he’s so beautiful,” magnus said as they watched max drink out of the bottle, his eyelashes fluttering as he started to get sleepy. “ he’s growing so fast. soon he’ll be able to walk and talk, even hold this very bottle up by himself. i can’t believe we’re actually parents. and married.”

“what a wonderful way to spend the rest of our lives.” alec replied thoughtfully as magnus made a noise in agreement, leaning back against alec.

“they say a home can be a house and that a home can be a place and that a home can be a person, but they were wrong. a home can be people. my home is two people: my exquisite husband and our exquisite child.”

magnus clicked his fingers and the bottle disappeared and both him and alec, grinning and exchanging soft kisses, watched their son sleeping in magnus’ arms, the three of them surrounded in the feelings of simple but sweet contentment.

My favorite part about the new trailer is how Jon is not even two minutes in the South and he is probably already regretting his decision about being there where is sunnier, humid, with sticky sand and probably getting a little bit sunburned. 

Poor Jon, he doesn’t even know what a palm is…

🍒💣 super embarrassing cherry bomb dance cover 🍒💣

i literally spent the whole day practicing, filming & editing this my phone’s gonna burst. it’s not exactly the best and the timings really off for some parts but hey at least i tried!! and to commerate nct 127’s first win, it’s a good date to post this jskdnd

i posted my first and last’s cover here once, alongside with limitless’! hope you all dont cringe too hard watching this video while i go bury myself in my bed 😭

SVT Cute Jobs; Seungcheol!!

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ok lets bring this back cause i just had an idea also bringin back the heart divider i like it and missed it a lot


-so this dude is a primary/elementary school teacher

-you wouldn’t really think it

-but kids  L O V E  this huge ass teddy thing

-on the outside he looks like one of those dudes in the movies that try to kill someone when they haven’t had their coffee in the morning

-but is actually a sweetheart

-he’s really helpful to the kids and all the problems they have its so cute

-suzy won’t play with johnny?

-he somehow makes them best friends


-carly won’t eat her lunch?

-with Seungcheol’s help she now eats all her lunch


-hes  a good teacher i sweAR

-Seungcheol is really good at sports so he makes it his number 1 priority to make his class #1 at sports day

-imagine this

-hes at sports day

-and so are the dads


-at the end every kid gets a small sticker and a carton of strawberry/chocolate/plain milk for their hard work

-his class is pretty special

-as in they’re bright kids and he rarely shouts at them so he has a good bond with the kids

-you on the other hand

-you’re just a volunteer at the school working in reception/pre-kindergarten?

-a/n note what the fuck is a pre kindergarten help

-you’re generally shy around the teachers and stuff but you really do like these kids

-you were just walking to the staff room for a lunch break

-when these year 6/5th grade kids kept on heckling you when you were at the door

-you told them to go to class but they weren’t listening at all

-the hassle became bigger, with a couple sighs coming out while you were trying to get them to go back to class

-you were just about one question away from losing your full shit and just full frontal shouting at them

-but you really weren’t like that

-so that anger kind of turns into tears,,,sort of


-soon enough the kids stopped as soon as another teacher came down the hallway

-they soon realised that it was–oh shit it was Seungcheol

-”Boys, head back to class or you’re not going to go swimming at all!”

-he stopped at the door looking ot you with the most deep brown eyes you had ever seen oh my gOD

-you try not to blush but oh well its happening

-”you ok??”

-”yeah im fine don’t worry !!”

-”are you sure?? those kids can be a hassle..”

-”yeah, don’t worry about me.”

-”…you wanna eat lunch together??”


-so you two sit down and eat lunch


-you tell him your name first of all

-”oh right you’re y/n !! the kids like to mention you sometimes cause you’re really kind to them”

-you’re blushin again abORT MISSION ABORRRRTTTT

-he then tells you his name and it does have a nice ring to it

-”yeah i’ve seen you around you’re the one who gets really hyped on sports day”

-”i shouldn’t but it’s human nature i’m sorry haha”

-”no, no its okay it’s cute and funny”

-he tells you that he’s earning money to get an apartment cause he just came out of college

-and hes not that much older than you

-you were worried thinking that he was older cause you were catchin feelin–

-oh my god


-S H I T

-well there goes your heart

-you tell him that you’re just here for reference and experience when getting other jobs

-you two became close after that day which was cute

-because every day he would put in a little sweet or something like a lucky penny in your pigeon hole so you could have a good day in reception/pre-kindergarten

-which in theory made your god damn heart flutter so much

-and after a while he would drive you home and stuff which was super cute too

-the elder ladies in the main reception would ask you if you two were a thing since you two left everyday together

-you would reply with a no since….you two were just friends,,,thats what you though,,,you also thought that’s the way he wants it to stay

-ohhhhhhhhhh no thats not the case here

-he kinda grew closer to you and more attached to you

-everytime he saw you his day would just get better automatically

-one day seungcheol overhead the headteacher/principal and the deputy head/assistant talking about some teachers leaving so that new spaces could be made

-aka you might be given a permanent job

-and all that week you’ve been on edge about this

-but Seungcheol being the boyfriend type he would text you encouraging words

-every day that week you would be working harder

-getting things for teachers

-helping the kids more

-even using your lunch break to spend time tidying up the classroom and playing with the kids even more

-you were tired

-but it would be going towards something you needed desperately

-on the last day of the week

-after all the kids have gone home

-you were asked to see the head teacher/principal in their office

-they asked you questions about working in the school and how you liked it and stuff

-they also somehow caught on that you and Seungcheol had a pretty good friendship in the school

-you had to agree with that

-you two supported each other like crazy and it was so cute

-you two kind of made everyone’s day brighter without knowing

-the headteacher/principal then asked you about wanting to work here at the school

-”you like working here right?”

-”it’s a great school, yes”

-”great just sign here and you start paid work on monday, congrats y/n”

-”really??? oh my gosh thank you !!”

-”since it’s friday i’ll sort everything out with you on monday”

-you exit out of the office

-and who should be there

-seung–oh he isnt


-you shrug a little before collecting your things and getting out of the school

-walking down the road to the bus stop

-you see a figure just standing there



-your feet start to move quicker

-you’re trying to slow down but you physically can’t????

-as soon as you reach him you fling your arms around him

-hes taken back a little

-thats a lie

-the boy was shook

-s h o o k

-good god he couldn’t move

-but he was able to move his arms to hug you back

-you start blushin like mad cause you’re finally realizing what you’re doing and oh my god hes hugging back whAT

-”you got the job??”

-”i start monday!!”

-”i knew you could do it.”

-a head pat was given to you not trying to mess up your hair

-it felt so nice awwwwwWWWW


-he drops you home but before you get out the car you call his name

-”how about we celebrate tonight??”

-”hmm… what about tomorrow?”

-”oh, thats okay how about getting people together and–”

-”can it just be the two of us?”

-”l-like a date?”

-”bingo. i’ll pick you up at 7.”

-you agree to his plan and as soon as the car drives away you jump up and down

-you’re so cute and precious bless your soul

seungcheol: btw i totally saw you jump up and down back there


seungcheol: you’re so cute awwwww