oh sorry am i being offensive

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Can you please not use the m slur when talking about Andrew's height

Oh my god. I am so, so sorry. I was not aware m*dget was a slur. I had just looked for a word to describe a short person, and my English - German dictionary suggested this amongst others. I’ve just googled around a bit and I realize it was very offensive of me to use it.

I apologize deeply for using it and I will absolutely not do so in the future. I will also go back to the posts it’s been mentioned in and change it. (That doesn’t change the reblogs, but still, damage control.)

Thank you, anon, for educating me.

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How do you find out you're trans? It seems a bit strange to me to feel like more like a woman then the gender assigned at your birth or the other way around. I don't really understand how you can feel like a woman or like a man. I can't really image the difference between it. Sorry if I'm being offensive, but how do you feel that?

Oh no problem! Imagine waking up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex. For me,  I know I’m trans because I have gender dysphoria (which is different from body dysmorphia). Anyway, gender dysphoria is the extreme discomfort with sex characteristics. I for example, am very uncomfortable with my chest, with my body anatomy, and with my genitals, and honestly a whole bunch of other stuff (my face, my thighs, etc). I don’t particularly think I’m ugly by female standards, but female is not what I am and so it tends to be very upsetting. I get very distressed over this and it makes my depression and anxiety act up. I have had this issue from a very young age. Since I’ve been transitioning, I’ve alleviated my dysphoria by looking closer to the sex that I ID with by gender.  Eventually I personally plan to go on hormones and get the surgery. That’s just my personal experience though, and there are a bunch of people in the community who identify themselves one way or another for different reasons (the two sections I see on tumblr that have different belief on what ‘makes’ a trans person are truscum and tucutes and if you search those words in the tags or on google you should get a general feel on what those two are and how each side kind of has an insoluble hatred for one another.) Hope this helps! -Phoenix

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I don't want to sound mean but it makes me feel good that I'm prettier than you when you have no make up on, but girl, you gotta find your w/o make up angles and you will look fine af.

I actually sat and stared at this for a good 5 minutes and I’m filled with sadness (if you want to call it that) and sorrow. the sadness part is because it takes so much courage for me to post those no makeup selfies and when someone points out my flaws that I definitely know I have I still get kinda sad & more self conscious than before. the sorrow part that I’m feeling is because I am so sorry that you have such a judge mental side of you. I’m not sure if I’m just not supposed to take offense because you said “not to be mean” but I am a human being that is already so self conscious about not wearing makeup. I can’t believe an actual person typed that out, clicked anon, and hit send. (oh!!! and by the way, I don’t need “selfie angle” tips from you. I think I got it down)