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Do I have to read the American gods before watching the show? I tried the first episode and I am confused

yes, i really do recommend reading the book first. there are so many times when i am just like “oooo i see what they are doing there” and my sister is like “wait what is happening”. i think just for a better understanding and appreciation, read the book. it’s a great book anyways

but.. to help you a little about the characters that we’ve met in these first 6 episodes.

shadow is a wee little lamb who just wants to have a nice tea, read a book and be loved. crazy shit happens to him all the time and i swear he is just a baby. i won’t explain how he comes into all of this but just now that he is precious. (also so is laura and i don’t want to see any hate for her)


mr. wednesday; i feel like if you are paying close enough attention to the show, you should be able to figure out who he is by episode 2. he is the leader of the old gods (hint: he is a nordic god)

mad sweeney; obviously, he’s a leprechaun from ireland haha. he wasn’t in the book much, but i’m glad the show is making him more of a main. he’s crazy- but that crazy is how he got his powers. 

czernobog; he is a slavic god. he is a representation of “black god” who is to blame for everything bad that happens (based off the beliefs of an old slavic diety) 

zorya sisters; also slavic gods. they represent the different times of the day, as stars. so the old lady (vechernyaya) is the evening star, the one that was asleep is polunochnaya and she is the midnight star, the one cooking (utrennyaya) is the morning star. 

mr. nancy; a west african god. he is kinda hard to understand/explain but pretty much he “owns” all the stories that have been told and will be told. that’s why he knows all. he’s a trickster god

mr. ibis; egyptian god… the god of widsom and magic

mr. jacquel; also an egyptian god. the god of the afterlife. i personally think he’s one of the coolest old gods

bilquis; the fucking weirdest but amazing god ever. she is the queen of sheba aka half human, half demon man eater

there will be other gods coming in like easter that are pretty cool as well.


mr. world; the leader of the new gods. he has a secret identity that will be revealed. i was shook so don’t go looking him up unless you want to be majorly spoilt.. but he’s seriously just the god of everything?? even i don’t know

media; she is the personification of television. that’s why she can change into all these different characters and manipulate the television. she is pretty cool and honestly gillian can end me she’s so good

technical boy; this little fucker is the personification of the internet.

we’ll probably meet mr. town and mr. road soon who work for mr. world as spooks (the people that hung shadow) and they are kinda just there to hunt him down.

Just a Girl-Part Two

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Summary: Klaus is the original hybrid and (Y/N) is a normal human being. He’ll do anything for power but she’ll do anything to save the man and the city she loves.

Klaus Mikaelson x Reader

(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name
(Y/S/N)= Your Sisters Name

Requested: IDK

Part One


Characters: Reader, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebecca Mikaelson, Marcel, and Sophie Deveraux

Characters thoughts

Next: Me, You, Us-Part Two
Readers POV:
Klaus Mikaelson, the name people dared to say. The hybrid that could empty out a whole room with just the look in his eyes. People say he’s a ruthless killer only looking for power but they didn’t know him like I did.

I knew there was more to him then the guy that people feared and hated. I knew that deep down he wasn’t the killer Hybrid that people thought he was, but Klaus being Klaus wanted to prove that he was what everyone expected him to be. A killer…

I knew Klaus wasn’t like that, not because he would talk to me but because he showed me who he really was. Yes he was a killer at times but when you actually look deeper he was only trying to protect his family…

So is protecting the people you love, good or bad?
He was always there looking off into the distance, drowning his sorrows, having the time of his life with Marcel. I don’t know why but he intrigued me in ways I can’t explain.

But from what I heard from Soph I knew I had to stay far away from him. But that was kind of impossible when you work at the only bar in the French quarter and when you couldn’t stop thinking about him.

I finish my last set of rounds and walk into the staff room to collect my gear. I open the door and walk to my locker grabbing my handbag and coat. I look for my phone and check to see if I have any messages from my sister or anyone that I know.

To: (Y/N)
From: (Y/S/N)
I’ll be coming home later than I expected. Just get you something for dinner.

To: (Y/S/N)
From: (Y/N)
Okay. Well, I’ll see you in the morning.

I place my phone into my back pocket and walk towards the door. I shut the door once I exit the staff room and make my way into the bar.

“Bye Soph, I’ll see you tomorrow” I say and wave at her. I look around the bar to see if Klaus was still there but when I continued to look around he was nowhere in sight. I sigh in relief and look at Soph waiting for a reply.

“Bye, (Y/N). Get home safe okay” She replies and waves back at me before going back to what she was doing.

“Will do” I reply and before walking towards the door and then proceeding to walk towards my car. I search my bag to look for my car keys but as I continue to look I couldn’t find them. I look through my bag once more but they were nowhere in sight. I groan in annoyance and turn around to walk to the bar to see if I left them there.

“You know, love. You should be more careful with your keys” I hear a familiar voice say behind me.

I jump and place my hand onto my chest checking if my heart was still pumping. I turn around to see Klaus behind me with my car keys. I sigh in relief and fold my arms in front of my chest.

“It’s not nice to sneak up on someone. How’d you get my keys anyway?” I say and try to grab them back. But each time I tried he would always move his hand or he would move away from me.

“Like I said you should be more careful with them” He replies and starts walking around me. I look at him weirdly and start to walk away. But when I look up he was right in front of me, with that devilish smirk of his.

“How’d you do that?” I ask and look at him utterly confused. He looks into my eyes and I feel this sudden feeling take over my entire body.

“I want you to forgive Marcel for what he done to you. You will go back to him and act like nothing happened” he says, I could feel his breathe against my skin as he continued to look into my eyes. I nod in response and continue to look into those brown cold eyes.

“Why should I forgive him? Wouldn’t you be angry at the girl you loved so much, the girl you told everything to, the girl you poured your heart and soul to. Just rip everything apart for someone else. Wouldn’t you feel somewhat angry and broken for that” I ask and continue to look into those cold brown eyes.

“Oh love, now this is not about me but about you” he says with that devilish smirk of his. He starts to walk around me in a circle, hands placed behind his back.

“Why me? I’m just a normal girl” I ask and stand there confused. He walks around me once more and suddenly stops.  

“That’s just it, love. You’re just a girl, a human. He wouldn’t expect something from you now would he” he says. He turns on his heels and like a flash of lightning he stands right in front of me.

“Leave, your keys will be in your bag and you didn’t see me” he says and with that he was nowhere in sight. I felt this slight bit of pain and place my fingertips on my temples, massaging them to ease the pain.

I look into my bag for my car keys and found them next to my purse. I sigh in relief and continue to walk towards my car.  
*The next day*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, the feeling of regret takes over my body. I turn off my alarm and lay there looking at the white ceiling, contemplating my life for about five to ten minutes. I get up my feet hit the cold wooden floor brining chills to my body. I grab my coat and put on my slippers before walking to the kitchen to make me some breakfast.

I finally make it to the kitchen and make my way over to the cupboard to grab some cereal. I then proceed to grab a bowl, a spoon and some milk from the refrigerator. I pour in some of my lucky charms and milk into my bowl and place the spoon in. I walk to the sofa and turn on the T.V so I could entertain myself while I was eating.  

After I had finished my bowl of cereal, I place the bowl and spoon into the sink and walk to my room to get ready for the day.

I finally find an appropriate outfit for the day and walk to the bathroom to have a shower. I then change in some clothes, put on some make-up, brush my teeth and put my hair into a ponytail once I finished showering. I pick up my dirty clothes and towel and place them in the laundry basket.

I then grab my phone, charger and hand bag from my room and proceed to the front door. I grab my car keys and walk out the front door, closing it as I go.
*Skip car ride. Because it’s boring to write about*

I walk into the bar and make my way to the staff room. I place my bag into my locker and shut the door. I walk to where Sophie was supposedly working, but seemed to be the worst decision of my life as I started to walk through I saw Sophie and some guy making out onto the kitchen counter.

“Oh god, seriously Soph. I feel like I’m about to puke” I say and fake gage. She throws a towel at me, I laugh and throw it back at her.

“Hahaha, very funny (Y/N)” she says and jumps off of the kitchen counter. The guy looks at me and kisses Sophie once more. I throw his shirt at him and look at him disgusted.

“Seriously stop, I eat in here. I don’t want to think about it anymore” I say and walk out before it goes too far.

I walk behind the bar and start cleaning up before any costumers come in. I heard someone approach me and look up thinking it was Sophie but it was someone else. When I saw who it was I sigh in relief.

“What are you doing here?” I ask and make my way towards Rebecca. I give her a big hug, happy to see my best friend after two years.

“Oh how I’ve missed you” Rebecca says into the hug. I pull away and look at her strangely, wondering why she was here.

“Actually why are you here? I thought you were staying in Mystic Falls” I ask and step away from her looking at her weirdly.

“I need to find my brother, I think something bad has happened to him” Rebecca explains and walks around the bar frantically.

“Well I pretty sure he’s not in here” I say and watch her closely.

“Have you seen anyone come in here with a suit on?” she asks and stands in front of me.

“He was in here three or five days ago. I haven’t seen him since” I explain and start wiping down some tables.

“What the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into” she says. I heard a gush of wind and look up seeing that there was no one there.

‘That’s strange, where is she’

I continue wiping down some more tables and then proceed to wipe the bar down. I hear a door open and ignore it thinking it was Rebecca.

“Well that was fast. Where wa-“I start to say but I shut up because it was Marcel.

“Oh sorry about that, I thought you were someone else. Anyway the usual or do you want something different?” I say. I pull out my pen and paper from my back pocket and wait for an answer.

“Usual” he says and takes a seat in front of the bar. I pour in his drink and place in front of him one I finished.

“What’s up?” I ask and start drying some cups waiting for a response from him.

“Camille broke things off, Klaus has been a big pain in the ass and I could just go on and on” Marcel explains. I stand in front of him listening quietly, nodding my head once he finishes.

“A little trouble in paradise, guess thing don’t always stay the way they were. But if you want some advice I say own it. Who cares if she left you, got out there and be yourself. Well for Klaus I don’t know him well enough and I in tend to make it stay that way” I say, I look at him for a few seconds and send him a small smile.

As he starts to say something more costumers start to stroll into the bar. I stand up and walk away, leaving Marcel by himself. After a few hours I have a lunch break, I grab my wallet out of my bag and walk towards the front exit so I could get me some lunch. I see Sophie behind the bar and I proceed to walk towards her.  

“I’ll be back soon, just getting me some food from the café down the road” I say and sit on the stool conveniently placed in front of her.

“Okay, be safe. You don’t know what kind of danger will be out there” She says. I look at her strangely and give her a nod before standing up and walking out of the bar.

As I walk out I hear someone yell my name from behind me. I turn around to see Marcel jogging towards me, I wait for him to approach. Once he’s beside me we walk down the street in silence, then I start to wonder why he wanted me.

“What’s up?” I ask. I continue to look in front of me not daring to look at him.

“Why are you so nice to me? I’ve put you through hell” He says. I look at my shoes and start to ask myself the same question.

“Well I needed to get over it sooner or later. Otherwise I’d probably regret it in the future” I explain, I take a deep breathe in and turn around to face him.

“Are you sure, Klaus hasn’t done anything to you has he?” He says.

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning. I was with Sophie so I’m pretty sure he’s done nothing to me. What can Klaus do to me anyway, hypnotise me” I say jokingly.

“Okay, that’s good. Just wondering that’s all” He says. We both continue to walk down the French quarter, laughing, talking just having a great time with each other. We walk back to the bar, I give him a small hug and say goodbye before walking back inside.

“Why are you so happy? Did you make out with some hot guy while you were ‘getting’ some food” Sophie says jokingly, laughing as she continue to pour in some drinks. I poke my tongue out and walk up to her, with the biggest smile on my face.

“I don’t know why but I think I’m just happy because Marcel and Cami broke up. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. It’s like somethings telling me that I should get over the fact that he completely broke my heart” I explain. I look at her to see what her reaction was and from the look of it she wasn’t happy or angry, she just looked at me speechless.

“Ahhhh, that’s bad isn’t it. I knew I should have stayed away from him. I’m a slut, I’m-I’m a freaking slut” I say freaking out. I pace back and forth, hands placed onto my head. I was so angry with myself that I could just scream in frustration.

“Shush, don’t say that. You’re not a slut, (Y/N). It’s just me and Marcel go way back and there are things that he’s done I can’t forgive him for. I know you’re happy and this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you but I can’t approve of your relationship. I’m sorry” Sophie explains. She places her hands onto my shoulder and look me in the eye. I take a deep breathe in and look at her.

“Me and Marcel will never get back together and I’m so sorry for what he done to you. Even though I have no idea what he done, if you can’t forgive him for it then I know it’s something serious. I can’t be mad at you for that, all I can do is understand where you’re coming from, okay. I’m so sorry, Soph” I say and give her a big hug, trying to comfort her.

“Thanks, (Y/N). You’re probably the greatest friend a girl could ask for” Sophie says into the hug. She breaks the hug and sends me smile before going back to work.

“I know” I say jokingly and walk into the kitchen to eat my cold food.

Say It Again

Summary: You and Sebastian have been in a secret relationship for four months when your friend sets you up on a date. You can’t turn it down, seeing as she thinks you’ve been single for years. When Seb finds out, you get into an argument.

Words: 1.7k

Seb x Reader

Warnings: argument, soft-core smut

A/N: this is part seven of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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“Confessions” Pt 3

So I am terribly sorry for how long this took me to write, it was a combo of a hectic life and losing my writing groove for a bit, but I’m back! 

This chapter’s going to be angsty too but it’ll get better, I promise. Carol’s going to have to deal with her crap as well, but once they weather out the storm, they can begin to heal together :)

One more chapter after this… I think

Enjoy loves!

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psa: irl shipping

i bet you’re thinking about youtube, huh? phan, septiplier, the works. although what i’m about to type also applies to that, i’m mostly gonna talk actual irl shipping; as in, shipping people you know irl.

i know most people dont do this, but its actually pretty common at my school. but let me spell this out for you, right here, right now:

while irl shipping is okay, please dont push your cutesy relationship headcannons and the like on the actual people

i know what youre thinking;

‘oh soph, no one does that!!!’

boy, are you wrong. irl, my best friend has a crush on me and i like her back (altho no one knows that yet). our friends have taken to shipping us, and while im perfectly fine with that, one of them goes as far as to contantly tease us about it and say we’re girlfirends and that she can ‘hear wedding bells’, even if we’re in like, seventh grade, and keep in mind she does this every day.

its honestly gotten to the point where i’ve dreaded going to school because of it. 

so please, please keep in mind that everyone has boundaries and never, ever cross them, even for a joke.

The One About the Birthday (Harry Styles x Reader)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader

Part: 7/7

Word Count: 1094

Warnings: Flufffff

Description: It’s the reader’s birthday and Harry has a day of surprises planned for her.

A/N: Final chapter to this story! :(

Y/N=Your Name; Y/F/N=Your Friend’s Name.

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Chapter 7: The Birthday Present

I pushed open the door and walked into the observatory, which was decorated in thousands of white twinkling lights. There were tables spread throughout the room with roses in vases and elegant place settings clearly set up for my party.

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The Floor is Comfy Because You're Beside Me

Summary: Dan and Phil’s five year old daughter won’t tell them why she’s sad until a silly misunderstanding causes her to let everything out.

Genre: fluff, parent!phan

Warnings: none. gross over-the-top fluffy dialogue.

Word count: 1323

A/N: written for day one of @phanweek! (prompt: parents)

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Strange and Weird Times

Character: Dean x reader (Pala), Sam x Sophie

Words: 3339

Summary: Time moves on for Dean, Pala, Sam, and Sophie.

Part 10 in the Strange Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here, and Part 9 here.

Part 9 in Weird  Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here.

And here we are- the last part of Weird and Strange!! I have loved all these series, so much. And I am so, so glad you all have enjoyed it with me. I love you all so much, and enjoy this long epilogue. :)

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Once in a Lifetime: Chapter 8

Once in a Lifetime: A Harry Styles AU Imagine Series


So most of the story from now on will be in the present! 

I hope you guys aren’t disappointed in this chapter. 

Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 8: Amour de ma vie

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present)

Harry’s POV

It had been exactly one week since my bakery started selling my newest creation, ‘Amour aigre-douce.’ 

The amount of customers coming in have increased to the point that for a few hours of the day, there would be a line going out the door and down half a block. It has been in such high demand to the point where we had to stop baking certain items and JUST make the ‘Amour aigre-douce’ cupcakes.

“Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come again!” I smiled as I handed the couple in front of me their box of half a dozen ‘Amour aigre-douce’ cupcakes.

“Holy cow Harry, the line is never ending!” Candice sighed as she came back from the kitchen with a whole new batch of ‘Amour aigre-douce.’

“I know this is insane! I can’t believe that so many people love my cupcakes!” I shook my head at her as I helped her set up the cupcakes inside the glass counter.

“How can you not believe it? They taste like heaven!” A middle age lady said as she took the box from Casey’s hand.

“Thank you so much!” I grinned at her.

“You’re an absolute genius!” She blew me a kiss as she walked out the door.

That Friday I had to close the bakery early because we had ran out of ingredients for the cupcakes and the new shipment was suppose to be coming that afternoon. I felt so terrible letting down my customers but I had no choice. I had exactly one batch of 2 dozen cupcakes left that I promised to my crew and of course, Niall.

That afternoon, Claudia and I were cleaning the front of the store together while the the rest of the crew were spot cleaning the kitchen and Candice was calculating the money we had made this week.

“Who is she?” Claudia asked as we both wiped down the counters.

“She who?”

Amour aigre-douce? I know that the cupcake was not created just because, there’s a story behind it.” Claudia turned her body towards me and crossed her arms. Claudia was one of the older employees of mine, she was very sweet and insightful. She was also very observant. She was a mother of three and she had amazing cake decorating skills, which was why I hired her on the spot.

Amour de ma vie.” I winked at her. She was the only person at the bakery that knew and spoke French, besides me.

“Really? The love of your life? Do tell.” She was intrigued.

“Long story.” I hummed as I continued to wipe down the counters.

“I have time.” 

“Not today Claudia, maybe another time. Plus Niall’s here.” I saw my best mate try to open then door and then pulled out his extra set of keys to unlock front door then lock the deadbolt after he came in.

“Hey Candice! Claudia!” Niall waved at the two ladies, Candice just nodded and Claudia waved.

“Why did you close early? It’s only 2 in the afternoon.” Niall put his keys back in his pocket as he pulled out his phone.

“We ran out of raspberries, semi-bitter chocolate and eggs.” I tossed the rag inside a bucket and turned on the sink to wash my hands.

“You’re joking!” His eyes widened as he smiled with his mouth wide.

“I am definitely not joking. I’m waiting for the new shipment to come in, which should be around 4pm.” I looked at the big clock on the wall as I dried my hands.

“Please tell you saved me some.” Niall frowned.

“Actually, I did. Six to be exact.” I nodded my head at the box that was on the counter.

Niall immediately grabbed a cupcake out of the box and took a bite, “I could kiss you Harry!” I saw his face brighten as he chewed and swallow, “Holy shit! I didn’t think your cupcakes could get any better but you just proved me wrong!” 

I shook my head, “Thanks?”

Claudia shuffled past me and to Niall, “Language! AND you’re making a mess! I just cleaned the floors!” She hit him with the rag.

“Oy! Claudia! Stop! Sorry!” He jumped back and tried to avoid her and I just laughed.

“Louis is stopping by in a few minutes,” Niall said after Claudia went into the kitchen.

“Oh why?” I leaned against the counter.

“I promised he could have a cupcake or two. His girlfriend’s been bugging him all week to bring her some but the line has been so long and Louis doesn’t like waiting.”

“Ah. Well you could’ve told me… I would’ve box some up for her.” I took Niall’s box and grabbed two cupcakes and put them in a new one.

“He just texted me now.” Niall mumbled with cupcake in his mouth as he held up his phone.

After Louis came to pick up the cupcakes, Niall and him left together to go deliver them to his girlfriend.

I sat down across from Candice as she finished calculating the amount of money we made this week.

“Oh my god Harry…” She looked at me as she turned a piece of paper around in my direction.

“What?” I looked down to see a lot of numbers scrambled all over the page.

She pointed to a 4 figure number at the bottom of the page that she circled.

“This is how much we made just today….” Then she moved her finger to a 5 figure number, “And this is how much we made just these past 5 days.”

“Holy… Shit.” I exhaled slowly.

“We definitely see to order double the ingredients if your new creation is getting this popular.” She stared down at the paper, still processing the numbers.

“I agree…” I was half shocked myself, I’m so proud of my crew.

The crew finished up cleaning the kitchen and I let them all go home early telling them that I will wait for the delivery truck and unload myself.

“No way Harry! We can stay and help you.” Darren said.

“Yeah, Darren and I are just going to go grab something to eat and we’ll be back to help you, boss man.” Cliff chuckled.

“Thanks, you guys are the best.” I stood up and hooked them both in for a side hug.

After Cliff and Darren left, I insisted that the rest of the crew go home. Candice wanted to stay and finished more paper work and make sure that the delivery was correct.

“Candice, I’m going to grab some coffee down the street, would you like any?” I asked her as I grabbed my wallet from the safe under the cash register. Since we cleaned up everything, I didn’t want to turn our coffee maker back on and make a mess.

“No, thank you.” She shook her head.

It was a nice sunny day in New York, so I rolled up my sleeves as I walked down the street to the Starbucks that was a block up from my bakery.

After I ordered, I grabbed my coffee and sat down on a couch and went through the emails on my iPhone.

There were over a dozen from different magazines and news companies that wanted to interview me about my bakery and new creation. I was overwhelmed with the amount of emails that were in my inbox. I had no idea where to even begin or what to say.

I saw a guy walk by me but didn’t look up until I heard a deep British accent, “Whoa, man, that’s a sick mermaid tattoo.” 

I tilted my head up to see a Middle Eastern looking man looking down at my arm, “Oh thanks.” I saw that he had his arms covered in tattoos as well.

“Sorry, I was just walking by and I saw it on your arm. Didn’t mean to bother you.” He apologized.

“No,no problem, your body art is pretty sick too.” I smiled as I nodded at his arms.

“Thanks! Small world that you’re from England too, I hear it in your accent.” He held out his hand after he placed both coffees in one hand, “I’m originally from Bradford, Zayn.”

“Small world indeed. Harry, I’m from Holmes Chapel.” I gripped his hand.

“Anyway, I need to go deliver this while it’s hot, have a good day.” He held up the two cups of coffees in his hand.

“Thanks! You too!” I waved.

- - - - -

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

One Saturday afternoon, Sophia invited Eleanor, Katherine, and I out for lunch at one of her favorite restaurants that had a garden and patio on the rooftop of a building in Manhattan. 

After the waiter took our order, he unexpectedly brought us all cocktails and a medium sized beautiful wooden box with each of our name carved on the top, with sparkling gold paint enhancing each letter.

We all looked at Sophia, who was beaming, “Open it up!” 

I slowly opened my box up to see a small jewelry box that contained a necklace with with a tear-drop shaped pearl and the initial of my first name on a small gold pendant attached to the necklace; a small body lotion/lipgloss/perfume kit by Vera Wang; a pair of matching pearl earrings; a small gold wristlet by PRADA; a framed picture of Sophia and I and a hand written letter from Sophia with my name at the header with a gold bow on top. 

The inside of the lid of the box had the phrase ‘Will You Be My Maid of Honor?’ engraved with gold, similar to our name on the outside of the box.

“Oh… my… god…Soph…” I teared up as I looked to my right to see Sophia tearing up as well.

I threw my arms around her, “Yes! Of course! I would love too!” 

The other girls all got the same thing except theirs said, ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’

We all teared up as we all said yes and made a toast to Sophia and Liam, congratulating them again.

Sophia and Liam already had picked at date, five months from now, which was going to be at the end of August, right after Liam’s birthday. Sophia said she didn’t want more than 100 guests and even that was a lot to her. She and Liam wanted something small and intimate, which didn’t surprise me at all.

August 30th, 2020 was going to be the day of their wedding. It was perfect. It was going to be during the fall, so it wouldn’t be too cold outside, since she and Liam planned for a garden wedding. 

She was very excited.

We spent the next hour and half throwing wedding detail ideas such as color schemes, dress preferences, possible venues, band or DJ, dinner dishes, etc.

“Have you met with the baker yet Sophia?” She looked excited.

“No, not yet, I’m probably going to call him sometime this week! I can’t believe Louis got me his personal number!” She clapped.

“I know! I was so jealous that he’s got to meet him! GOD! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! He came up with this new cupcake two weeks ago and Louis got me one and it was amazing! Sophia it should be the flavor of your wedding cake!” Eleanor squealed.

“I heard about that! Our entire office won’t stop talking about it,” Katherine looked at Sophia.

“Yeah, seriously it’s one of the biggest things happening in New York right now, it was all over the news one day.” Sophia nodded as she sipped on her cocktail.

“It’s called ‘Amour aigre-douce’ right?” I took a sip of my third cocktail.

“Yeah! Have you tried it?!” Eleanor looked at me with a huge grin on her face.

“No… but one of my patients told me about it. They asked me if they were allowed to have sweets along with their new treatment… They told me that the baker did an interview about the cupcake… ‘Bittersweet Love’ is what it translates too.” I said nonchalantly.

“Y/N! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! I KNOW YOU’LL LOVE IT!” Eleanor half yelled.

“Okay! Dang Eleanor, calm down!” I laughed as I held up my hands.

After lunch, Katherine and Sophia had to run to their office to speak to their boss about having the days off for wedding while Eleanor and I decided to meet up with Louis and Liam at the bar.

“Oy! Nice running into you again Y/N!” The very vibrant Irish man hugged me the minute he saw me.

“Nice to see you too Niall! Didn’t know you were going to be here!” 

After Eleanor kissed Louis, I gave him a hug after getting a bear hug from Liam.

“What are you trying to do to Eleanor? She won’t stop talking about those damn cupcakes you keep buying her!” I playfully hit him.

“HEY! Those cupcakes are amazing!” Niall defended him.

“Yeah! I’m not much of a sweets person, but I have to agree… Those cupcakes are pretty damn great.” Louis nodded.

“Yeah! Y/N! I promise you, you will love it! Promise me you’ll try them!” Eleanor hit my arm.

“I already said I would!” I frowned at her.

“How good are they exactly?” Liam asked as he sipped on his beer.

“Well if you guys really want to know, it’s been almost two week since the release of those cupcakes and every single day they sell out.” Niall explained.

“Damn! I should try one then.” Liam was shocked.

“Damn is right. That’s impressive.” I nodded.

Louis, Liam and Eleanor immersed themselves in a conversation about the New Yorks Knicks game that was on the TV. While Niall and I took a chance to get to know each other a bit more.

“So guess our circle is starting to be the same?” I held my drink up to Niall and he happily cheered with his beer.

“I guess so! Though you still haven’t met my best mate!” Niall took a drink of his beer.

“Yeah and you haven’t met my boyfriend. How have you been since we last talked?” I played with my glass.

“Pretty good, really busy. I’m actually suppose to go to London next week, so that’s going to be nice.”

“Really? I haven’t been back to my hometown since I was 16? So wow ten years! But I went to London for the first time in ten years for a week, this past Christmas.”

“What? You’re kidding! I go back every year! Well my family is there so that’s why I have a reason and I own a business or two over there.” He smiled at me.

“Yeah… I mean I want to go back one day, definitely want to see the town where I grew up again, but my parents moved here when I went to Harvard, then after I moved to New York for work, they moved to California, so I’m there once a year.”

“I see, I love L.A. but San Diego is where it’s at.” He winked.

“Agreed, which is where my parents live.” I grinned.

I drank a few more rounds with everyone for an hour before I decided to head to Zayn’s apartment and cook him dinner.

- - - - -

Your POV

I was cutting up vegetables for the pasta dish that I was planning to cook.

“Hi babe.” He set his things on the counter, walked over to me and placed his hands on my waist and kissed me on the cheek.

“How was work?” 

Zayn placed a kissed on my shoulder, “Good, how was your day?”

He placed another kiss on my neck and another.

“Good! Sophia asked me to be her maid of honor!” I set my knife down and turned around to face him, “How am I suppose to cook if you keep kissing me?”

“How am I suppose to not kiss you when you’re wearing my shirt and boxers like that?” He pulled my body into his and placed a kiss on my lip.

I lightly bit his bottom lip as my hands came around his neck.

“Okay, screw dinner, I’m going to fuck you instead.” Zayn groaned as he picked me up and set me on the island in the middle of his kitchen, across from his stove.

I laughed and lightly pushed him off but he pinned himself in between my legs and kissed my neck, “Stop! I want to cook dinner for you!”

“I rather have you.” Zayn put his hand behind my neck and pulled my lips down onto his and passionately kissed me, I stop resisting and gave into him.

Zayn pulled off my shirt and I quickly motioned for him to turn off the stove that was boiling hot water and then his lips were all over my neck and slowly trailing down my chest as I slightly leaned back.

“Fuck…” I softly exhaled as Zayn’s mouth kissed my core that was covered with a thin blue material. Zayn stood back up and kissed my lips as his hands pulled off his boxers that I was wearing.

I was naked on the counter and completely intoxicated by Zayn. He licked his lips as he pushed me down and made me lay sprawled out on his island as his lips pleasured my core.

One of the things I loved about Zayn was when he wanted it, he didn’t care where we were, he was going to have me. We have had sex on a beach, on a boat, on a plane, in a field, in a car, and every inch of my apartment and his.

“Zayn- Zayn- I’m going- to” I breathed but then a loud scream escaped from my mouth as a wave of pleasure released throughout my body.

Zayn stood back up, pulled me up, wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me into his room.

Forty-five minutes later, we both laid side-by-side panting on his bed, satisfied, sweaty and exhausted.

Zayn slowly rolled on top of me, “So I guess we should order take-out?” 

I grinned and nodded.

“I’ll clean up the kitchen and you order us some dinner okay?” He kissed my lips then rolled out of bed. He grabbed his boxers and slipped them on before he headed into the kitchen.

I cleaned myself off before I slipped on another one of his shirts and grabbed my white and gold iPhone that was charging on his side table.

Thank god that New York never sleeps because it was already 11pm when I looked at the clock. I was glad that Zayn and I never worked on Sundays, except for when there is an emergency with one of my patients. But most Saturday nights we always stayed up late, either in or go out, and slept in on Sunday together.

- - - - -

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Harry’s POV

It had been three weeks since the release of my new creation and the demand for them has not stopped. As I was prepping, adding all the ingredients in my enormous cake mixer with the help of Claudia, we talked about our weekend. Darren and Cliff were prepping on the other side of the kitchen. Vera was already starting to bake goods for the day along with another one of our newest crew members, Clarence, he was in charge of all the breads and muffins.

“My daughter just turned 16 and already she wants to have a boyfriend. What am I going to do with her Harry?” Claudia shook her head.

“What’s wrong with that? Love is a beautiful thing.” I grinned.

“Love? At 16? No. I didn’t even date until I was 21.” She looked at me.

“I was in love when I was 13 well maybe even before that but I finally realized it when I was 13.”

Ah, l’amour de votre vie?” She raised en eyebrow at me.

“Yes… the love of my life.” I smiled to myself remembering kissing her for the first time.

“I think now is a good time to tell me about her.” She nudged me.

“Okay, okay, but this stays between us. I trust you Claudia.” I gave her a smile before I turned on the mixer.

She turned an invisible key over her mouth, “Just between us.”

For the next hour as we prepped, I told Claudia about me and Y/N. How we met, to all of our play dates that eventually turned to two best friends hanging out that finally turned into dates. I told Claudia about how she made me feel, how she always believed in me and how I loved her more than anything. I felt my heart ache as I told Claudia about her. It had been years since I told anyone really, Gemma knew the whole story and was the only one. Niall only knew bits and pieces. I told my mum eventually when she visited me in France once, but it wasn’t until a year after she got remarried to my stepdad Robin and they decided to take their honeymoon to Paris. 

“So then what happened Harry?” Claudia and I started taking out the freshly baked cupcakes and let them cool as we finished whipping the bittersweet cream.

“Well… I mean distance-” I didn’t want to tell anyone about Y/N’s father talking me into breaking up with her.

“Distance? No… the way you described how much you love her and by the look in your eyes right now, you still do… Something must’ve happened. Did she break it off before she left to college?” 

“No, I did.” I sharply inhaled as I recalled that day. I still replayed it in my head every once in a while.

“What? Harry? Why?” She stopped mixing and set the bowl on the table.

“I just didn’t want to hold her back. She was aspiring to be a doctor and she had the world at her feet while I didn’t even know if I was going to even get accepted into Ferrandi.” I lied.

“Harry… I may not be a romantic person, but when you fall in love with someone the way you just spent the last hour telling me about, how you still remember the details and the little things, you just don’t let go…”

I sighed, “I know, I messed up. I should’ve fought for us but I didn’t and I regret it every day.”

“Have you tried finding her?” Claudia started scooping the bittersweet cream into the plastic bag, packing it together.

“Of course, but her parents were my only connection to her and after she moved to Boston, they followed her. When I moved to Chicago, I tried searching for her on Facebook and other social media websites, but I couldn’t find her. I eventually just gave up.”

“I’m sorry Harry.” She patted me on the back.

“No, I’m okay now. Really, it took me a long time to finally accept that I wasn’t going to see her again.”

“But you’re still holding on to her,” She looked me in the eyes.

I didn’t know what to say back because she was right, a part of me still was holding on, even after all this time.

“I’ll let go eventually.” I softly replied.

“You deserve to be happy Harry. I know that you probably feel guilty for breaking up with her all those years ago, but despite all of that, you deserve to find love again.” Claudia started squeezing the cream over each cupcake as I washed the raspberries.

“I know… I know… eventually.” I nodded as I placed three raspberries on each cupcake and then sprinkled on white pearls.

- - - - -

Liam’s POV

It was a random Wednesday afternoon when I called Y/N to have lunch with me, she was swamped with work so instead of her meeting me at a restaurant, I decided to bring her her favorite Indian food from our favorite Indian restaurant.

I knocked four times on the her door, a rhythmic pattern we came up with when we lived together during medical school.

“Come in!” I heard her call and opened up to see her swamped with patient files.

“Have time for quick break?” I held up the bag of food.

“I always have time for you Liam.” She smiled as she stood and and hugged me.

“So how is everything between you and Zayn?” I asked after a few bites in.

“Good, we’re really good. I’m really happy.” She flashed me a smile.

“That’s all I want you to be.” I lightly kicked her.

“What about you? How’s wedding planning? I still can’t believe that Sophia asked me to be her maid of honor! I thought for sure it was going to be Katherine since she’s been friends with her longer.”

“What? No way, Y/N! You were the one that set us up, no way in hell anyone else could be her maid of honor. Hell, if you were a guy, you would be my best man.” I chuckled.

“Sorry I lack the anatomy for that position.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

I shook my head and took another bite of my food.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Harry until just about a few weeks ago… I know we usually tell each other everything, but when we became friends, I had already pushed him to the back of my mind.” She looked at me.

“No, I should’ve known, I mean, I felt bad not realizing it sooner since we knew each other in high school…”

“Oh well, it’s the past.”

“I’m sorry he broke your heart. You went through all that alone, didn’t you?” I placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah, but it made me stronger when I finally got through it. I was afraid that I was never going to love someone again for a long time… until you came along. Then I realized loving someone and trusting someone again comes in all different forms, not just romantically.” She smiled at me before she took a bite.

I felt my heart warm, “I love you, you know that right?” I nudged her.

She nodded and smiled since she had food in her mouth.

“No seriously, I know I have sisters but you mean just as much to me as they do. You’ve been in my life for 6 years, I don’t know what I would do without you.” I began choking up.

“Liam…” She set down her food and hugged me, “I love you too.”

“Thanks for sitting next to me in class on the first day of medical school.” I cleared my throat.

“Thanks for being my best friend.” She laid her head on my shoulder.

After we finished our lunch she groaned, “Ugh.” 

“What?” I tied the bag of trash that held out empty containers.

“These patient files are giving me a migraine.” I saw her pop two pills and chase it with a cold bottle of water she pulled out of her mini fridge.

“What are you even taking?” I raised an eyebrow at her and she threw her prescription bottle at me.

“Maxalt? Why don’t you try something else like Zomig if they are that bad?” I suggested and tossed them back at her.

“Eh maybe after I finish this bottle.” She threw them back in her drawer and closed the drawer with her hip.

“Okay, well I’ll let you get back to work, see you this Friday? I think Niall and Louis invited us all our for drinks.”

“Of course, I got the text earlier today! Thanks again for lunch.” She hugged me.

“Stop thanking me, you never have to thank me punk.” I hugged her back and then opened the door to her office.

“Okay, bye loser.” She sang before I shut the door. 

Even though she was 26 and I was 27, we still acted like teenagers sometimes.

- - - - - 

Your POV

The last Friday of May was here and I had already worked 52 hours by 3pm that afternoon. I didn’t want to stay at work anymore since I planned to drink with everyone that evening, I wanted to go home and nap.

After I made my last rounds, I said bye to Eleanor, telling her I would see her later tonight.

As I was walking out of the hospital, my phone started ringing and vibrating in my purse, I was getting a call from Zayn, recognizing the ringtone I set for him. When I fished my phone out I hit the green accept button and answered.

“Hello?” I sang.

“Hey babe, where are you at? Did you get off early?” He asked.

“Yeah, just left the hospital.”

“Oh that’s good! Missed you! I think I should be done around five so we can meet at your place and rest before we go out tonight with everyone.”

“Missed you too! I’ll see you in a couple hours.”

After I hung up on Zayn I decided to go ahead and fulfill my promise to Eleanor and try those damn cupcakes she keeps raving about; hopefully by now New Yorkers have calmed down and there wouldn’t be a line.

I took a cab down to East 17th and paid the driver in cash.

I walked into ‘His & Hers Bakery’ and quickly scanned the place. There were about 13 customers seated and talking, enjoying their pastries and beverages and I was greeted by the same pretty blonde woman that I recognize from the first time I was here a month ago.

“Good afternoon!” She smiled at me. 

I glanced at her name tag and saw ‘Candice’ engraved in it, “Hi there! Do you happen to have anymore of the ‘Amour aigre-douce’ cupcakes?” I smiled at her.

“Actually, we have a batch coming out.” She looked at the clock on the wall.

“Oh great! I would love four of them!” I nodded.

“Yeah let me just go check how much longer it’ll be until they’re done.” She said before she disappeared through the kitchen doors.

I slowly walked through the bakery, looking at all the breads, cookies and beautiful pastries that were behind the multiple glass counters. When I finally reached the counter full of cupcakes, I squatted down to study the beautiful designs that the pastry chef had carefully put all his hard work into.

I was so amazed at all the different designs, I didn’t hear the footsteps behind me. 

I wanted to just buy them all just so I can look at them all day. They were so pretty. Too pretty to eat.

“Hello, are you guest waiting for the ‘Amour aigre-douce’ cupcakes?” 

I froze as I stared into the glass counter in front of me.

I know that voice.


No. It can’t be. 

I felt my throat dry, my legs weaken. 

I slowly stood up as heard my heart beating louder and louder against my ears.

I felt my heart clenching, praying that it wasn’t him.

I slowly turned around and was met by the pair of green eyes that I could never forget.

The ones that haunted me for years and years.

He dropped the turquoise box that was in his hands as his eyes widened.

Ten years. 

It has been ten years since I’ve seen him and just like ten years ago, I lost the ability to breathe when I looked into his eyes.

“Y/N?” His voice was barely a whisper.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! 

Please let me know what you think! Don’t be mad at me…

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