oh somerhalder

I hate how people are trying to justify what Ian did by saying, “Oh, the media took everything out of context. Nikki is even correcting them.” They are public figures. Ian is (or he used to be, at least) considered an attractive man who women like. Now, imagine some dumbass throwing out their significant other’s birth control and being like “Oh, well, that Ian Somerhalder guy did it.”


What Damon isn’t talking about is how desperate and afraid he is of how Bonnie’s unraveling the longer she’s there. He’s had time since they’d arrived together to ponder what he’d be reduced to if alone; to be thankful; and he’s thought about the roads strong, stubborn, Bonnie Bennett might go down. He could never see it going well for either of them. In his imagination, Bonnie always held out for quite a while–but he’s scared and angry and there’s a mantra going in his head for her to stay strong, hold on. Hold on, Bonnie Bennett. please.