oh so sensitive

Just say the words

hmhm poor little one, you know if you want me to tickle you all you have to do is ask. hmm? no that’s not what you want huh? and is that why you’ve been walking around in a sports bra and sweatpants all day, teasing me, putting your feet and my lap and being as cheeky as you possibly could. haha exactly. your so flustered and all I did was expose you for your light teasing. (I smile, pouncing on you and straddling your thighs and pinning your wrists together above your head before leaning in close) hmhm go on~ say the words. “what words” you say huh.. that wont work cutie I’ve already exposed you and we’ve gone through this many times before. look at you hehe your smiling in anticipation, you just cant wait until I dig my fingers into your oh so sensitive sides a down towards those adorable wiggling hips. or maybe you want me to tease you? playfully wiggling my fingers over your tummy never giving you the exact time ill attack m ticklish little play toy but all you have to do is say the words, the ones I love so very much remember.. “Please Tickle Me”

Scandal season 5 countdown: Day 3

Olivia: I thought you didn’t want me fixing you


my mom worked as a graphic designer for our local library (i know right) when i was growing up, and she drew these black eyed susans for a bookmark project. i loved them when i was a kid and now i’ll always have them (and her) with me!!

it’s worth noting that black eyed susans mean encouragement in victorian flower language, which is perfect for a tattoo honoring my awesome mom c:

#iNEEDfeminism because I hide my period from my mother so that she doesn’t invalidate every opinion I make or avoid what she deems to be ‘sensitive’ or 'controversial’ topics with me, because I’ll 'flip out’

A couple of those oh so sensitive trigger topics for me?

1. Feminism and Equal Rights (she believes they’re different, feminism is lesbians, and she’s a 'Christian’)

2. Me not 'dressing like a girl’ when out in public and that fact that she thinks this is because I don’t have a man in my life to dress for.

Are these not normal things to flip out over? Its hard enough having to constantly listen to her sexist and mysogynistic comments without being reduced to nothing but my biology by my own mother.

Lakeside Revelations

Rey sits at the edge of an enormous lake, legs crossed, elbows propped on her knees. Her pants are steadily getting more soaked, but she doesn’t care. She’s marveling in the beauty of the water: the gentle ripples, the twinkles and beams of the reflection of the night sky, the smell. She’s never seen so much water before in her life - and she loves it.

She hears him approach before he speaks.

“Hey,” Finn greets in a low tone of voice. He’s standing behind her, hands in his pockets, not quite wanting to disrupt the beautiful silence.

Rey turns her head. Smiles at him. “Hey,” she returns, just as quietly.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Finn’s not quite sure if he’s talking about the water or the night sky. Both are good, he decides. Both are beautiful - just not as much so as Rey is, with the misty look in her eyes, the damp strands of hair out of place, the small smile on her lips. He contemplates sitting down, thinks about how wet he’ll get, then decides he doesn’t care and settles on the damp sandy ground anyhow, next to her.

And she’s still smiling at him, indicating that she’s happy for him to join her - which she really is. She’s always happy for his company. “It really is,” She finally remarks in response to his question, leaning forward and trailing her fingers through the cool water, watching the ringlets dance and spread out.

“I like this place,” Finn says, almost decidedly. “Woodsy and watery and…nice,” he finishes almost lamely.

“Despite the sand?” Rey can’t resist teasing him.

He rolls his eyes. “Yes, despite the sand.”

“Nothing like Jakku,” Rey agrees in a more serious tone of voice, as she continues to stir at the water with her fingers.

“That’s a good thing,” Finn mumbles, and when Rey shoots him a look, he grins cheekily back at her, and it’s her turn to roll her eyes.

Rey leans back on her hands, moving her attention from the lake to the night sky, to the expansion of inky darkness, with the gleams of light scattered about it. “I could stay here for a long time,” she admits.

Finn looks at her, and says nothing, but smiles. And it’s a tender smile, one full of emotion, but when she looks at him, he quickly looks away, back at the water.

Somewhat amused, Rey questions him. “What was that for?”

“What was what for?” Finn feigns innocence.

“That look,” Rey laughs and tries to mime Finn’s expression.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Finn shrugs casually.

“Oh, come on. You’re a horrible liar.” A mischievous smile twitches at the corners of Rey’s mouth. “You better tell me.” She slips a hand back into the water.

“Or what?” Finn can’t help laughing now.

“I’m going to splash you.”

“Oh, please. Like I’m scared of a little - Gah!” Before he can finish his sentence, Rey follows through with her threat, and splashes him, and he recoils, because gods that’s cold, much colder than he anticipated. “Kriff, that’s cold,” He mutters.

Rey smiles, all teeth and innocence.

“Seriously, though. It was nothing,” Finn refers back to what she’d been querying about. It really was - or at least nothing he was ready to admit to her yet. He was crushing hard - so hard it was ridiculous. But he was not going to risk their friendship over feelings he had absolutely no clue whether or not she reciprocated.

Rey’s eyebrows arch. “Oh, really,” she says, and shrugs. “Alright.” And she drops it, and turns her attention back to the sky.

Finn is surprised, and slightly suspicious. Rey never gives up that easily. Something was up. He stares at her face, eyes narrowed, trying to figure out what she’s up to -

And he is still staring when an enormous wave appears from quite literally out of nowhere and absolutely douses him in the freezing cold water, and his first instinct is to yelp abruptly in astonishment.

Rey can’t help herself - she bursts into laughter. “I’m sorry!! I didn’t think that would work!” She claps a hand over her mouth to try and stifle the giggles when Finn, who looks like a drowned cat, gives her a look.

“You - I can’t believe - you used the Force, didn’t you???” He’s soaked, and freezing, but - somehow he can’t quite work up a genuine anger because he’s really not angry - it was pretty funny…and despite the mock scowl he tries to fix on his face, it shatters, replaced by a grin.

“I did,” Rey grins. She can’t help herself.

“Well, I don’t have anything special like the Force, but - you know what I could really use? A hug.”

“Finn, don’t you dare,” Rey warns, seeing the look in his eyes.

“Oh, I think I certainly deserve one after what you just did,” He says, putting on a show, jutting out his lower lip in a pout.

“Nope. No way.” She scoots away from him.

“Oh, come on - you didn’t even say sorry!” Finn scoots closer, grinning now, extending his arms.

“Don’t even think about it,” Rey warns again, but the laughter seeping through her solemn facade ruins it.

“Oh, I’m not thinking about it - I’m doing it.” He curls one arm around her shoulders and yanks her (gently) into a big bear-hug.

Rey immediately shivers, feeling the icy water, and slaps at him lightly and playfully. “Let go, you…nerfherder! I’m sorry!”

“Oh, how original,” Finn laughs. “You steal that one from Leia?”

Rey wrinkles her nose. “Maybe.” She stops fighting to wiggle out of his arms. The cold really doesn’t bother her anymore.

Finn stiffens slightly. He notices she stops moving. He doesn’t know quite what to do - let her go? Scoot away? Apologize? It’s awkward as is - he doesn’t want to make it worse.

But Rey, to his utmost surprise, sets her head on his shoulder. His heart pounds. “I - um - I’m sorry,” He manages.

“What for?” Rey asks, genuinely puzzled. This is nice - despite Finn being soaked. She’s never been too fond of physical contact, but…it’s different with Finn. It really is.

“Um - this isn’t - ” Now he’s tongue tied. Great. Way to make this a lot more uncomfortable and awkward than it needs to be. “I mean - do you want me to…let go?”

Rey pulls back slightly, brow furrowed. “Okay, what’s going on with you? Something’s up.”

“Nothing!” Finn claims, then sighs. “Okay. This is- wait. You Jedi can read minds, right?”

“That’s not quite how it works,” Rey quirks an eyebrow. “But…basically.”

“Well,” Finn inhales. “Could you…read my thoughts?” He can’t help laughing at himself. “I’m sorry, that sounds so awkward, now that I said it, but…” He trails off.

Rey smiles, a somewhat tentative one. “Sure. I guess. But I’ve never really…done this before, so…bear with me -” But she doesn’t need to finish, because without warning, she’s assaulted by images - and feelings - completely strong feelings that she’s never felt before -

When she snaps back to the present, she’s astounded. She looks at Finn, searches his face, sees the genuine, open, expression -

And leans forward and kisses him.

It’s soft and sweet yet salty and clumsy. They spend a few minutes this way, entangled, kissing, sopping wet. Until Finn pulls away for air. He stares at Rey, astonished.

“Rey - you -”

“I like you too. Nerfherder.” She grins, gently. ‘Like’ isn’t nearly the appropriate term for it. “Now are you willing to kiss me again or am I going to have to soak you?”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” Finn smiles, and leans in, and they kiss again, and it’s so nice and genuine and happy and both of them cannot stop smiling.

So uh. 

I think Hidekane just won the Award for Ship Responsible for Most Fans WREKT in a chapter, congrats guys. 

  • me: i'm going to get organized by making a list of all the things i'd like to do in the next couple of weeks, starting with the most important and time-sensitive items!
  • also me: let's do literally everything but anything written on this list and then feign accomplishment by adding them to the list post-completion and crossing them off while simultaneously making no headway whatsoever on those oh-so-important, time-sensitive tasks!

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"so her 'Nakama Moment' will be **more important than the rest**, thats likely why she’ll be last." -- this is why other bleach fans hate your fandom fyi

Yepp– I don’t care if people “hate me”, Rukia is the one that changed Ichigo’s world, his life – she’s the one that protected him back then – he would pass through a million blades for her – she dried his rain – she gave him what he desired most, a path to power – to be able to protect –

You don’t like this? Then don’t read Bleach.

Rukia has always been set apart from the others – and she will continue to be. This is my blog and I won’t shy away from stating facts because the oh so sensitive IHers and Truly Ichigo™ gang don’t like it –