oh so much fab


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1


THANK YOU @dewdlepies FOR THE BEST DAY EVER! You are such a sweetheart and so funny and I hope to flail around more with you <3 Thank you for letting me fan girl and spend time with you! Oh and that fab art omg *flails* I love it so much and too sweet! *dies* <3 Mama Kire is here and will let ouji play with little barzagar anytime <3

anonymous asked:

i loveeee love your blog! from your rad icon to your posts and how much you love lizzie. so fab. ❤

oh my gosh, thank you so much! 🌞

and yes I do love Liz Keen. a lot. 💜

Yesung's birthday

Ok, even it’s still 3,5 hours to 24th Aug I’m going to do Yesung spam for his birthday! :)
Here we go~

So fab #1



Oh my god how much I have these fab gifs ;D

(I can’t help it…Leeteuk oppa are you alright? ;D So cute x3)

Little bit of Yewook…(っ◔◡◔)っ

You are not the only one Wookie~ ;__;

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Aand finishing this with….

this hilarious gif ;DD

So very happy birthday to our cute and weird Yesung oppa! :3 ELFs are waiting for you to comeback ^^ Fighting oppa.

(These gifs are not mine credits to the owners.)