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Oh Yeon Joo: “Kang Chul’s story in the cartoon had a happy ending, but the ending of Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo’s story is unclear yet. However…”
Kang Chul: “… the two will no longer be at the risk of death. Though it may be boring and ordinary, I hope their story will continue for 50 years, just like other ordinary couples.”


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oh my venus or she was pretty

Me, watching the first two episodes of Moorim School...

Cuz all dem shirtless scenes… 

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hey do you know any good kdramas about friendship?

OMG I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner! I’m currently going through my inbox, so please be patient with me.

Hmmm, good kdramas about friendship… I actually have quite a few to recommend! Just to note, this list is not in any order of ranking… just writing as I’m going and thinking of dramas. Hopefully you find drama(s) to your liking!!

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

If you haven’t seen this drama… then YOU SHOULD!!! If you’re looking for a drama that focuses more on the friends than the romantic relationships, then this drama is the one for you! It’s about a group of guys and their hardships, relationships, challenges, etc. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy this drama since it was different from the typical kdrama, but I was totally wrong!! At first, I only watched it for Jonghyun from CNBLUE, but then I ended up loving the drama for what it represented and showcased. This drama is very heartwarming and one of the most memorable friendships I’ve ever watched in a kdrama.

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2. Reply 1997 or Answer Me 1997 (The Reply series in general)

Oh man…. I love this drama SOOO MUCH! UGH, so much of my childhood in one drama lol… I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, so all I’ll say is that this is a classic drama about friends growing up together. You get to know each of the characters and how they struggle with growing up, relationships, personal identity, etc. The friendship aspect is just as important as the romantic aspect in Reply 1997. There’s also a very nostalgic and realistic feeling to this drama that will make you feel like you’re growing up with the characters too. I also recommend to watch the other dramas in the Reply series too (1994 and 1988).

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3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Tbh, I thought this drama was going to be the typical cliche and sickeningly romantic teenage drama… but I was totally wrong, lol. This drama was actually quite deep, despite the funny drama title, that is about a group of boys in a rock band. Likewise, this drama is similar to Reply 1997, in which it’s a coming of age drama that focuses on friendship, relationships, growing up, dreams/passions, and music. I particularly recommend this for those who like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boys Next Door.

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4. Coffee Prince

How can I not mention Coffee Prince? Lol. Well, even though the main focus of the drama is more of the romance, the friendship quality in this drama shouldn’t be overlooked either. Tbh, the friendship aspect is really important in this drama because it introduces the love aspect. I’m not just recommending this drama because of Gong Yoo, but honestly, Coffee Prince should be watched by EVERYONE. This drama tackled such important topics and ideas that are important in our society today. Yeah, it has the cliche setting of the super rich kid and normal girl, but this drama dives deeper into the main characters’ relationship and how it came to be… how to form friendships and understand each other — also… most importantly… Gong Yoo.

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5. Dear My Friends

Okay…. so I learned of this drama because it got the “Best Drama” at the Baeksang Arts Awards…. and I was SUPER stingy because I really wanted Goblin to win, lmao. (I still kinda think Goblin should’ve won but that’s another story ahahahaha) Anyways, I HAD to watch this drama to figure out why it won, and omg… it’s such a good heartwarming drama that gives you all the feels. It’s about younger and older people coming together and how they face their challenges, becoming friends, understanding each other, and overcoming their obstacles together. This drama touched on a lot of important topics such as age, abuse, illness, family, and — obviously — friendship. I really liked the realism of this drama, which I believe was the selling point as to why this drama won the “Best Drama” award. The story is very well thought out and propels you to keep watching the next episode. I think this drama was worthy of the award it won and I can kinda understand why it beat Goblin… So give this drama a try :D

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6. Chicago Typewriter 

Do I need to say anything when I have clearly expressed my love for this drama in my review?? Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA OMG. This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. If you’re interested, please read my review on this drama to see whether it’s your cup of tea… but be warned of spoilers… 

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Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description)

  • The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days
  • Beethoven Virus (Yo… watch this if you love Classical Music *.*)
  • Man of Equator
  • Cheese in a Trap (Watch it if you love Kim Go Eun!!!) 
  • You’re Beautiful (Honestly watched it for Yonghwa and Hong-gi)
  • She Was Pretty 

Blind Recommendations: (Haven’t watched the drama but other people have recommended it to me lol)

  • Operation Proposal
  • Heirs (Maybe I’ll watch it someday for Minhyuk…) 
  • School 2013 

Come on Cas, it’s just prom, not the end of the world

This is my second amazing commission from linneart, it’s the last one for now but definitely looking forward to working with her again if I ever need another commission ;)

It’s the same idea as my first one, this time it’s them from ‘Free to Be You and Me’, which is season five where they were actually dealing with the end of the world. Get it? Anyways, the only thing world ending in that high school is probably not getting a date for prom. I am so happy that I got my two perfect and amazing commissions from such a talented artist and cool person. Thanks!


when your both crushing on each other and your eyes meet

Kissing Lessons (Daehyun x reader)

Requested by: @daehyunsbabyelf (thanks!! ❤)

Word count: 4.9 k+

Genre/warnings: fluffy fluff ❤

Summary: You and your best friend Daehyun were quite engaged into another drama watching marathon as a kissing scene suddenly came on. When Daehyun noticed you acting awkward while watching it, he started teasing you, and in order to shut him up you had to eventually admit to him that you’ve never kissed anyone before and were nervous and anxious about it, simply because you had no clue on how to do it and didn’t want to make a fool out of yourself. To your surprise, instead of laughing about you and teasing you about it even more he offered his help, telling you he could teach you how to do it. “Just teaching”, aha, sure.

“Jung Daehyun, don’t you dare start watching without me!!” you screamed from the kitchen and heard a loud, heartwarming and ear piercing laugh coming from the living room.

“It’s not my fault that your five minutes always turn out to be at least fifteen minutes, no matter what you’re doing, preparing snacks, dressing up or anything else really,” you heard him shout over the television, and you promised yourself you’d slap him at the first given chance.

With a bowl of popcorn in your right hand and a plate of cookies in the left, you made your way to the living room, setting everything down on the coffee table before joining Daehyun on the couch.

“Hey, hey, don’t do it-Oww, that hurt!!” he screamed out laughing as you lightly punched him in the gut.

“What did I tell you about starting without me?” you questioned as you saw him reaching for the popcorn and taking the bowl in his hands, throwing a few pieces of it in his mouth while he leaned back on the couch and made himself comfortable.

“It’s not like you missed anything important, so instead of beating me up you could focus on the show so you wouldn’t miss more of it,” he said, and you had to unwillingly admit he was right this time around. Your body relaxed, and you leaned back on the couch as well, snatching a piece of popcorn from Daehyun right away. He let out a protesting yelp, as if saying “who gave you the right!?”, but soon realized he was being over-dramatic about his food again. He waited for you to throw a thin blanket over your and his legs and put the bowl in between of you both.

“Since when are you sharing?” you threw him an amused glance, admiring his picture perfect smile that shone brightly on his face.

“Since you started beating me up if I didn’t share willingly,” he earned another playful punch to the gut with this sentence, but instead of complaining he gently pushed your hand to land in the popcorn bowl.

“Just stop hitting me and eat some popcorn,” he said, not turning his head away from the television, smiling and simply enjoying the casual everyday banter.

“Before you hog it all up?” you teased playfully, throwing a piece into your mouth.

“Exactly, now shh, we’re at the part that I haven’t seen yet, so let me watch,” he said, his facial expression giving away the fact he was really interested in it. You rolled your eyes and decided to pay attention as well, as it would be hard to bug him now because his full attention was directed forwards the TV.

Dramas. Oh god, he loved dramas so much, and it always made you crack up how he’d come crawling to you, begging you to watch some of them with him. Not that you ever denied, because, even if you didn’t watch them that often on your own, you didn’t mind watching together with great company. Daehyun would get picked on and teased by the guys if he ever asked them to watch, so he always came straight to you, as the only time he won Himchan and Youngjae over to watch Himchan stayed still and looked soulless for the whole time and Youngjae couldn’t stop throwing savage remarks all around, finding plot holes and making sarcastic comments at everything and everyone. They weren’t good company, but Daehyun was convinced you were, so he often crashed your place without warning and made himself comfortable on the couch, ignoring all your complaints and making you watch together with him.

Daehyun spending so much time with you. It may seem like the regular, usual thing by now, but a few years ago, if anyone told you this would happen you’d laugh and shake your head in denial, saying that it was impossible.

You still had no clue what the issue with him was, but Daehyun didn’t like you all that much at first, and, no matter what you did, he’d act cold towards you. Eventually you were tired of acting nice when all you got in return was coldness, so you stopped talking to him fully, the only exception being work-related things as you were working at their agency, and were majorly involved with helping out the group at that point.

One day you found him in the studio though, crushed beyond belief and trying to hide a bunch of tears, and, while you were still a little upset about how he usually treated you, you couldn’t just throw the few papers that you were ordered to bring him on the coffee table in front of him and leave. Upon asking what the matter was he didn’t answer, and when you tried to ask again, his head shot up, and he was yelling at you full-force to get out. Slight surprise took over both of you as his eyes widened and he realized what he had done.

“I don’t really know what I ever did to you, but okay, I understand more than well that my presence isn’t wanted here. I just wanted to help, you know, no need to scream at me,” you told him calmly, but your stare gave away your inner feelings of hurt and sadness. He looked at you as you were leaving, piercing through your back with his stare.

“W-wait a bit.. Don’t go,” he said, stopping you when you were right at the door, “I’m deeply sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. It’s just that.. I had a hard day, you know?”

“So should I leave or do you want to talk about it? ‘Cause you know, I could listen if you wanted me to, but since you’re always acting cold towards me for no reason I’m not sure if you’d like to talk,” you looked him right in the eyes and waited for a reply. At that point you didn’t even know why you asked such a question. He wasn’t a friend, he was barely an acquaintance, and it wasn’t an obligation of yours to stay behind and give him a mood lift. But there was something about the way his eyes seemed so sad and his voice so shaky, it reminded you of how you cried alone many times before with no one around to ask what the matter was and to help you get thought it. You had a heart, and you couldn’t just leave him behind feeling this bad.

“Stay, please. I’m sorry for that too,” he said and lowered his head. You sighed, not sure of what to do and how to act now, as you knew Daehyun but not well enough to be able to comfort him in a non-awkward way and fashion, so you just sat next to him on the couch and told him to speak.

You were surprised by how open he was to you back then, telling you everything that was on his mind. You sat there, listening and making small commentary up until someone else showed up at the studio, but by then Daehyun’s tears were dried up and it seemed like a normal conversation. You left shortly after, and didn’t see him for a solid amount of time after that, up until he showed up one day, smile bright on his face, asking you to go get lunch with him because the guys were all busy. That was the day your friendship truly kicked off, and still to this day his behavior was a mystery to you. All of a sudden he was all happy and talkative, and had forgotten about the long period of coldness he had put you through. You didn’t question him back then, just being happy about the fact your work conversations would become more enjoyable and less awkward from then on, but when he started asking you to see him outside of work you were quite confused but grateful. Daehyun turned out to be a quite nice, fun and loving person, and at some point you realized you were spending more time with him than anyone else.

You threw him a glance, just to see him munching away on popcorn and looking at the television, his eyes displaying interest in what was currently happening on the screen.

Your best friend, Jung Daehyun. What could be better?

You couldn’t help but throw another glance at his face before it became too obvious that you were staring and you had to turn away. Somewhere along the way, you had really started liking Daehyun, because he was a great friend, always there when you needed support, brightening your mood every day and keeping you company when you were lonely. But, at the same time, you couldn’t quite deny that Daehyun’s behavior didn’t always make you feel good and happy, because there was one big issue along the lines of your relationship that he had no clue about, but you felt it nagging away at you every passing day.

He was your best friend, and you were his. But if he was only your best friend, why did you get jealous every time some girl tried to flirt with him way too obviously and he was clueless on what to do? Or why did you want to lean back on his torso and be wrapped up in his arms instead of sitting next to him during all of those all-nighters of dramas? Why did your hand unconsciously reach for his every time you walked down the street, and why did you always manage to snap back to reality just right before disaster?

And, most important of all, why in the world, whenever he looked away and didn’t see you staring, did you always zoom out on his lips, thinking of how his kiss could possibly feel like and taste?

His lips, yeah, they were a topic you thought of often, and, even though you were a little ashamed of it, you simply couldn’t resist. Sometimes you’d catch yourself daydreaming about him just coming to crash your place one day, and going in straight for a kiss instead of a greeting. You let your mind picture him, his pretty face leaning in closer and closer to yours with every second. And you could only imagine how kissing him felt like, although you were certain it was enjoyable and pleasurable because of how kissable his lips looked like.

Yes, to be honest, you could only imagine how kissing anyone at all felt like. You just never had the chance to kiss anyone, as you wanted your first kiss to be something special and memorable, so you decided to wait for the right person to come along before having your first kiss. That is, you thought that way until a certain moment when you understood that you were quite old already, and without any experience. That made you tense up and get anxious every time someone talked to you a little flirtier than they should, or every time the topic was brought up by your friends or someone else. How would a guy react if you told him you didn’t know how to kiss and were afraid of messing up? Since you weren’t in middle school anymore, you didn’t know if that was still an alright thing to do, and were just embarrassed in general.

“C'mon, c'mon, you got it, confess already, goddamnit!” Daehyun’s intense mumbling snapped you out of your debates with yourself, and you looked over to the TV. Daehyun had sure gotten into the show, as he was slightly leaning forwards now, with his mouth half-open and an alarming look in his eyes.

God, the cheesiest part of the drama was about to happen, and he sure liked that part the most.

You started talking a little, discussing about whatever was happening on screen, when suddenly the long-awaited scene came on. The feeling of being slightly uncomfortable hit you in seconds, as you knew what would follow by the way the main characters talked and acted, sitting on the bed and teasing each other. Before you were able to excuse yourself to go the kitchen, the bathroom or literally anywhere else but here, it happened.

God, why is it so awkward watching kissing scenes on television with guy friends sitting next to you??

That was the initial first thought you had, but then you heard a silent “yes!!” from Daehyun. Only now you noticed he was leaning forwards even more, his hands clenched into fists as he was literally biting into his knuckles. You wanted to just playfully ask him if he was alright at this point, or if he had to be snapped back to his right mind just like you not too long ago when you heard B.A.P’s new single for the first time, and he laughed at you for not being able to function properly anymore because of how much it occupied your mind. But the scene that kept going on on TV and moving forwards painfully slow was a huge distraction.

Silence filled the room as you stared at the screen and hoped it would end soon. You didn’t know if this was awkward silence, or if Daehyun stopped babbling for a second only because his full attention was aimed towards the TV and he was too busy looking at what was happening.

“Hey, (Y/N), you alright?” you heard his voice and snapped your head to the direction of the sound. Damn, so his full attention wasn’t directed towards the television, how bad.

“Sure,” you said, looking away to the other side. Knowing Daehyun more than well at this point, you knew what would follow would be endless bugging, nothing more and nothing less.

“You’re so weird,” he said while chuckling, completely crushing your expectations of what you thought he’d say.

“Why is that?”

“I mean, why is it always that whenever we watch dramas you suddenly freeze at the kissing scenes?” he asked, and only now you realized how obvious your behavior mush have been and how easy it was to tell you were uncomfortable while watching them.

“It’s like, you just look so uncomfortable. Or awkward, I can’t really tell. Is it because you’re watching it with me, or-”

“No, no, you’re not the issue,” you said, slightly shaking your head in denial.

“Ohh, ohh, I got it. You’re ashamed of showing your true feelings in front of me,” he teased, leaning in and making faces.

“See? I’m right, you’re blushing!!” he screamed, pointing at your cheeks that were probably strawberry red at this point, “I bet that’s what you’d like to experience yourself. I mean, me too, so, like, don’t be ashamed about it, just look at me. I’m fangirling over it as well, and so should you, I-”

“Daehyun it’s something else,” your tone showed defeat, as you knew there would be no way other than tell him the truth to shut him up now.

“You’re aware that you’ll have to explain now, right? You got me curious,” he said while leaning back to get a little bit of the remaining popcorn.

“Would you call me weird if I told you I’ve never kissed anyone before?” 

His hand missed the bowl, scattering some of it’s contents on the sofa.

“Wait, say that again.” 

“Oh, you heard it just fine, there’s no need to repeat. It’s not like I’m proud of it so I could repeat it a few more times,” you blushed even more and turned away a little, scratching the back of your head.

“But, like..  No, I don’t believe you. You’re too nice, smart and pretty to have never been kissed by anyone,” his comment didn’t help you at all, as you blushed even more. Hearing those words from your best friend and major long time crush was pleasing, but it also made you quite nervous, as you didn’t want him to see your reaction to that statement.

“Well, whatever, fact is that I don’t like kissing scenes simply because they remind me of my lack of knowledge and ability to kiss, and they make me even more nervous and anxious that when the time comes, it will be awkward because I won’t really know how to do it or what to do, and will have to explain myself prior in order not to die from shame,” you murmured when you suddenly felt the sofa underneath you move. Curious about what was going on, you turned your head just to be met face-to-face with Daehyun as he was leaning in, his eyes curious and his face at an unbearably close distance.

“So you’re afraid of messing up?” he tilted his head to one side, and you just wanted to slap him and run away. All of a sudden he was here, probably quite aware how uncomfortable you felt in this position, but still putting you through the torture. His sweet, cute and loud side suddenly faded away as his mischievous and simply shamelessly curious side started showing.

“W-what if I am? Is that a bad thing?” you tried to look away, but you still felt his stare piercing through you.

“Daehyun, I-”

“Say, if you’re so nervous and anxious about it, why don’t you practice with someone first?” 

You froze, a thousand thoughts running through your mind. Was he indicating something, or were you being stupid?

“How do you imagine this? Should I just come up to someone and say, like, something among the lines of “hey, can you teach me how to kiss because I don’t know how and I don’t want to mess up my actual first kiss?”, or what-”

“Ahem,” Daehyun sarcastically said, “You know, I’m there too, and I could help you.”

“O-only if you wanted to, of course,” he added as he saw your puzzled and way too confused facial expression. You didn’t remember him acting this boldly ever, and when he turned his head away for a second and smiled a sheepish smile, only then you knew for sure that this was the real Daehyun and not a well-made copy of him. He didn’t quite act like his usual self, and you didn’t really know what to do and how to go about his behavior.

“I could, like, show you how it’s done. It would be just training,” he reassured you as you looked back at him, “so you could know how it feels to be kissed. I promise I won’t pull anything weird, I’ll just show you.”

“Just training..” you repeated as you looked at him. It was more than obvious now that Daehyun’s little moment of courage and boldness had passed, and awkward silence filled in the space between and around you two as you sat there, considering how to go calmly about this. You smiled a little, knowing he was his usual self again, which meant him being quite shy when it came to relationship type of questions and things. Whatever it was that had fueled him to offer you such help, you liked it, and were thankful it made him ask.

“So?” he looked at you, impatiently.

“But, like, don’t laugh at me, I don’t even know where to start,” you said, looking at him apologetically. The next thing you knew, his arms wrapped around you, tugging you closer to him, and you yelped a little at the sudden movement.

“Gosh, don’t say you haven’t been hugged or held by anyone before either,” he teased again, earning what seemed to be already the third light, playful slap from you today. That was a well-needed interaction though, as you both were able to chuckle at it slightly, making the air around you seem a little lighter, and the mood a little less on the awkward side. 

“Just sit on my lap, preferable facing me,” he told you, and you tried to obey as good as possible. He was sitting with his legs crossed, and you climbed into his lap, facing him and letting your legs wrap around him loosely, your hands landing on his waist as you tried to get into a comfortable but not too close position. Was that too much, was it alright? God, you were clueless, but you were about to find out.

“Perfect, okay, now look at me,” he said as he noticed how quick you would be to hide your gaze, trying your hardest not to look him in the eyes, “and relax a little, c’mon. This ain’t a war or something.”

“Don’t laugh, and explain in detail,” you told him, making him crack a smile.

“Oh, stop worrying about it, you know you can trust me not to make fun of you,” he said, and only now you realized how true that statement was. This wasn’t the right time to understand how much more perfect he was than you actually thought, as you felt a mixture of excitement and worry flow through you every passing second.

This is what you have always been silently dreaming about, so how come you were so nervous about it and were considering dropping out of the idea?

“Just training.”

Yeah, just training. You were best friends, after all, and he had just offered you friendly help. And who would you be after a kiss? Still best friends? Probably, as he’d be able to move on and forget about it soon enough. But what about you? Could you possibly go on the same way after this?

“I don’t really know how to explain it, so I’ll just have to show you instead. Try to catch on and mimic what I’m doing, but don’t feel pressured, I won’t judge you if you do wrong,” he told you, calming you down a little. You felt his arms pull you a little closer, and you were amazed by his strong grip as he moved you in place. It took only seconds for your faces to be only a few centimeters apart, and he shot you a last tiny smile before closing his eyes and leaning in to fill the gap.

Just training, remember.

“Relax,” he told you right after a tiny brush against your lips, quickly understanding that you were too scared and too stiff to continue properly, “free your muscles and just play along, it’s not that hard.”

He went for your lower lip, making sure he was going at you as gentle as possible. His arms held you tightly in place as he moved his mouth, sucking on your lip a little, making sure you felt comfortable and found pleasure in what he was doing. You felt your body slowly getting weak, and you slightly changed your posture, sitting up straight and tilting your head a little to make it a bit more comfortable and easy for him to reach you and letting your muscles relax. One of your hands stayed on his side while the other one slowly and shyly traveled up his whole upper body to rest on his shoulder, and you almost didn’t even notice it happening, as those were pure instincts. Daehyun seemed to notice thought, and he smiled a little, even pulling away for a second to chuckle lightly.

“Yeah, that’s it. Now pay attention to what I’m doing and simply do the same,” he calmly instructed, his lips brushing against yours the whole time he was talking. You were more than glad when you felt his mouth on yours again, and you tried to move your mouth in a similar way he did. Slowly and passionately, mirroring his movements. Letting your full body sink into the kiss, and syncing your movements up with his. Silently obeying to whatever he was doing and trying to give it back to him in a similar fashion and intensity.

He was so sweet, and you felt yourself craving this unusual taste only his mouth could offer at the times he pulled away a little to let both of you catch a breath. Daehyun’s lips had always amazed you because of their size and desirable looks, but only now you understood how privileged he was by having this feature of his, as not only did he taste sweet, but, on top of everything, his lips were soft and puffy, making every movement feel sensationally gentle and soft. He allowed his hands to trail up and down your back a little, and he allowed himself to kiss you for a little too long for it to be considered just training.

“I think you got it now,” he said lightly in between planting some last pecks and eventually slowing down completely, but keeping his head at an unbearably close distance nonetheless. You were a little disappointed as you realized that this was the end, but quietly obeyed as his lips left yours exposed to the cold, nagging living room air.

“How bad was it?” you asked him, looking him straight in the eyes. The drama was still going on in the background, but at this point it was just useless noise in the distance. Daehyun’s arms were still wrapped tightly around you, refusing to let go, his face still close to yours without any sign of pulling back anytime soon. Your hand was at the collar of his long sleeve, holding onto his shirt lightly and tugging at it a little. You bit your lip, looking into his eyes as he looked into yours.

“It was alright, but it might be even better if we train some more,” you didn’t have the time to answer as he was back at it, sending you off into the same state of pleasure you were in just a minute ago. You tasted him, surprised at how you’ve been able to go on through life for so long without having experienced this, as at some point it started feeling just a little wrong and a little weird.

“Dae,” you told him slightly as you pulled away. He protested at first, trying to get a hold of your mouth right after you had pulled back, but realized what he was doing soon enough and unwillingly stopped.

“What are you doing?”

“Teaching you how to kiss.”

“But didn’t you say that I had already learned how to do it?”

“Practice makes perfect,” he said, sinking fully back in, and you obeyed, playing along to another round of a very fair kissing game. 

You found yourself breathless after a while, and couldn’t quite tell if it was because of you being inexperienced in kissing and doing something wrong or simply because that’s how it was supposed to be. The slight panting that came from Daehyun indicated that you weren’t the only one feeling this way, so you thought that it probably was the latter case. As you sat there, tangled up in each other and quietly listening to the credits of the drama episode that had just ended seconds ago, you couldn’t help but tell him.

“Hey, Daehyun-ah. Stop messing with my head.”

“I’m not the one who’s messing with your head here, you’re the one playing an unfair game.”

“How come?”

“You can’t just show up in my life one day and then occupy my whole mind, not letting me focus on anything else, you know? That’s quite rude if you ask me,” you chuckled a little, your heart racing more and more with every passing second when you realized to where this conversation was leading.

“So, and you promising me to teach me how to kiss and ending up with leaving me in a state like this isn’t rude, yeah?”

“No, it’s genuine. (Y/N), I’m not in the mood for talk or explanation, so can I just simply admit that I want you so I can move on to the next step?” he asked, resuming to stroke your back up and down lightly as he bit his lip.

“And the next step would be?”

“Giving you your first kiss,” Daehyun said, confusing you a bit.

“So, according to you, what were we doing for the past few minutes?” you tilted your head a little as he smiled at you, saying the next sentence as if it was beyond obvious already.

“Silly, that was just practice, don’t you remember? Now would you give me the honor of being your first proper kiss?” he asked, smiling sheepishly at you and earning a chuckle for doing so.

“Okay, go at it while I haven’t changed my mind yet,” you didn’t have to tell him twice, as he was back at doing the same as a while ago within seconds. You smiled through the kiss, letting your arms wrap around his neck and letting your body fully press against his, feeling like you had done this already a thousand times before and knowing exactly how to act. You both let yourselves go, capturing each other as much as possible while you could.

 After all, why have any restrictions if you could shamelessly have the whole thing now? This wasn’t practice anymore, and, as you laid back on the sofa after the kiss just the same way that you had dreamed it, he held you close up until the end of the drama watching marathon and made sure to let you know how he’d been feeling for a long amount of time already. You smiled to yourself, understanding how unfair life sometimes was for “gifting” people with shyness and doubts, not letting them fully express themselves and show their true feelings in fear of the other person rejecting them.

Jung Daehyun, your best friend. What could possibly be better?

Nothing, well, maybe except of Jung Daehyun, your best friend and, from now on, your caring lover.