oh so much controversy

🎀anti-fem/sjw youtubers, part one🎀

hello everyone! here’s a quick, nice list of anti-feminist/anti-sjw youtubers. these are all some of my favorite creators, feel free to add your own!

  • blaire white - easily the most infamous person on this list, but she provides a different outlook on many social issues. also known as “the transphobic trans girl” or something like that.
  • shoe0nhead - how could you not love june? 
  • roaming millenial - gets her point across without the necessity of being rude. just overall great
  • hunter avallone - i feel like he’s lost his touch a bit, but some might agree with him on a lot of issues. very active!
  • andywarski - very loud but always gets his point across.
  • abitofbritt - a fresh face. brings up good points.
  • paul joseph watson - has a lot of controversial opinions. i love so much???
  • mrrepzion - oh, daniel.