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Killian’s strongest natural instinct is to protect Emma and keep her happy. So of course, in a moment where he’s backed into a corner - propose or confess - when she’s clearly happy about the him wanting to propose, he’s instinctively gonna choose her happiness over his own release of guilt.

He made the wrong decision to propose first, but he acted as he always has - put Emma’s happiness before everything else.

In the middle of writing a full review I feel I have to pause and scream about this for a bit:

PUPPET ALESHA: What did you do?

[takes Max’s bloody hand and gasps in both shock and care]

PUPPET ALESHA: Are you hurt?

Now I ADORE how many mirrors and parallels there are this episode. There were enough to give me a bit of a headache. But I have to talk about this one. Because yes, the most obvious Dean mirror here is indeed Max, but the mirror for the puppet creatures this episode? Cas.

The puppet creatures were controlled by the witch, made of twigs and twines but still contained a fundamental part of their original form: the Heart. Therefore still holding onto their original memories and emotions and seemingly completely unaware that they were actually puppet creatures until the witch called upon them to do their duty.

When Max brings Tasha back at the end in puppet form, she cares for him, is concerned for him and seems like she is her old self, though Max knows in his heart she is not the same. Doesn’t this remind you all of last week?

“You’re hurt” Cas says as he reaches out for Dean and heals his pain, even though Dean knows for sure that this Cas is not HIS Cas. Similar, still with heart and emotion and still perhaps believing he is in control of his own decisions… but ultimately under the spell of Lucifer Jr. 

Cas is the puppet creature this episode, controlled and in no way free, bound by the spell of the baby just like these puppets were bound to the witch by the twigs and twines, but their hearts are still their own… is the heart Cas’s key to escape?

How Pink Diamond was shattered

It’s all coming together.

So lets start off with this.

This is what started the rebellion, the first act of treason from Rose Quartz, but here’s the thing, we’ve already seen the scene directly after the act of poofing pink diamond. (I specified ‘poofing’ and not ‘shattering’ for a reason, bare with me)

This is it. Right here.

If you’ve watched Rose’s Scabbard as many times as I have (so many, too many) then you know how this scene goes.

Rose: “Pearl, I’m going to stay and fight for this planet.”

This dialogue is so, so important. They’ve reached a breaking point (ha) here. Something that Rose just did has pushed them both into needing to make a choice. There’s no going back. Rose chooses to stay.

It’s important to notice her expressions here.

The first thing that strikes me is that for a few frames she’s looking away from Pearl, looking back. What exactly is she looking at? The evidence of what she’s just done? Pink Diamond’s Gem?

But it’s her eyes that really do it for me.

She looks haunted.

Then the urgency of the situation comes in through the dialogue, and here’s why I think this just happened.

Rose: “You don’t have to do this with me.”
Pearl: “But I want to!”
Rose: “I know you do. Please, please understand, if we lose we’ll be killed, and if we win, we can never go home.”

She’s done something punishable by death, so she gives Pearl the option of leaving. She still has time to give Pearl the option of leaving.

This, if nothing else is proof that Homeworld doesn’t know that Pink Diamond has been poofed yet, that the act of treason has just been committed. They are the only  gems who know what has happened, we know this because not only does Eyeball confirm that there were witnesses to Pink Diamond’s shattering but, in the beginning of “The Answer” when Pearl and Rose first attack, the Ruby guards can be heard crying out:

Who are you?!”
“Show yourselves!”

At that point all Homeworld knew was that there was a rebellion, they didn’t know who had rebelled, who attacked Pink Diamond.

Back to Rose’s Scabbard.

If Pearl returns to Homeworld now it’ll be without consequence, she won’t be blamed because nobody knows what just happened, Pearl can lie, claim no involvement, anything. Rose knows this, tries to protect her by offering her a means of escape. (It’s obvious by her body language, her hesitation, and her resignation that she wants Pearl to stay but she would never ask that of her, but that’s another post entirely ;D )

Pearl declines, of course.

(Rose looks so relieved and happy and ajshgjakhgs)

We’ve just witnessed the start of the rebellion and the birth of the Crystal Gems.

Now this. This is where and how Pink Diamond was shattered.

The rebellion is underway, a thousand year war. The Crystal Gems are outnumbered, outgunned, and it all comes to a head in the strawberry battlefield where it seems that White Diamond has been sent in to finish them off once and for all.

This mural has always reminded me of something straight out of Sailor Moon.

And I believe the same scenario played out here. The odds were stacked against them, they were facing total defeat. So Rose, like Usagi, uses her last resort, her strongest weapon.

In this case, that’s Pink Diamond’s Gem.

And this is what happens.

She never meant to shatter her.

Blue Exorcist timeline

Information gathered from: Chapter 87, 86, 78, 76, 75, 74, 39, 10, a shit ton of theories when what book was written and when what thing was built, the wikia, Wikipedia, my shitty math skills, assuming time periods by staring too long at chapter 86, researching school starts and breaks in Japan, the drama Faust which I reread twice for Blue Exorcist, some more manga chapters and finally two  posts by @duskwitch about the age of the Ba’al!

Also, as duskwitch informed me, there is a poster in chapter 45 stating it’s the year 201X. For the sake of actual dates though, I used 2009 as the present because it’s the year Blue Exorcist got published.

This could be more detailed probably but I’m not gonna search through every panel of the manga now. Maybe next weekend though and then add whatever else I find. It’s a work in progress! Now then, let’s get started:

38.000 BC [first cave drawing]: Creation of the concept of Ba’als; all demons perhaps?
2300 BC [Tower of Babel] to 100 AD [bible]: Ba’als gained defined appearances; some time later first incarnated. Lucifer incarnated and died first after about 10 years.
9th to 10th century: Samael takes up the name of Loki
1000 AD: Amaimon’s first incarnation
Middle Ages: Lucifer convinces his siblings to fight against humanity
12th to 13th century [Order of the Temple]: Samael and some of the Ba’al (two others pictured) gave humans the knowledge on how to fight against demons; Beginning of True Cross Order
18th/19th century: Samael joins the order and takes on the name “Mephisto Pheles”. Assumed years by significant days for the drama Faust: 1772–1775, 1788–1790, 1797–1805, 1825–1831
Start 20th century: Mephisto tries to convince Lucifer to not blow up Earth; establishing of Section 13/Asylum
20th century: birth of Amaimon’s current body with adapting the clones of the 3rd strongest Ba’al
8th August 1982: Shura Birth
1991: Shura gets taken in by Shirou for about one to two years
March 1993: Gehenna itself incarnated/Satan gains an “Ego”; Blue Night; Research facility destroyed; Lucifer goes off on his own
27th December 1993: Rin and Yukio Okumura birth; death of Yuri Egin (which I don’t believe until you show me a body)
2000: Shirou tells Shura to live her life
March 2009: Shirou dies; age 45
1st April 2009: Start of True Cross Academy Arc
Start of summer break 2009: Training Camp Arc
Summer 2009: Kyoto Arc and Terror of Kraken Arc
8th August 2009: Shura turns 27
Autumn 2009: True Cross Festival Arc and Illuminati Arc
Autumn 2009: Exorcist Exam Arc
Winter/November/December 2009: Aomori Arc
December 2009: Lightning and Bon get information about the Ba’al from Mephisto apparently called ”Blue Night Investigation Arc”
27th December 2009: Twins turn 16

I’m going to be honest and just say it: I was really satisfied with Alec’s scenes in this episode because he actually got to do things. When the episode started heavily empathising on how protective he feels of his loved ones, it was clear that it was building up to something, but the scene with Victor was amazing. I’ve always loved the fact that the show presents Alec as someone who can be easily classified as as a good person, but is definitely not above blackmail and violence to protect the people he loves and him so easily gaining back his control over the Institute was such a brilliant display of that.

And the fact that Shadowhunters who aren’t technically his subordinates followed him without a second thought even though it was clear that he hadn’t consulted Victor about it? I really, really hope that this is one of the changes the show makes and that Alec gets to keep the Institute at the end of… well, whenever the show ends. If there’s one thing I want for that character, it’s this.

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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Sam Wilson Thoughts:

One of my favorite things about Sam Wilson as a character is how empathetic he is and how he always seems to figure out the right thing to say to Steve to let him help. Steve Rogers is a character that is terrible at accepting offers for help and even worse at asking for it, but Sam seems to be able to have no difficulty figuring out the right way to word his offers of help to Steve, in a way that Steve doesn’t refuse them.

A scene I haven’t heard talked about in meta, but was a great example of Sam’s character for me, was talking to Steve on the bridge before they bring down the helicarriers.  (Okay, I think I have heard some “How dare he tell Steve to kill Bucky?” but I’ve very pointedly ignored that) Because that’s not what the conversation is about. At all.

Sam approaches Steve on the bridge, knowing that Steve is most likely going to have to make a very tough call. The man who used to be his best friend is now a threat to them and a threat to what they’re trying to accomplish, and Steve might have to take him out to take down Hydra.

“I’m thinking he’s not be the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.” This is not Sam telling Steve that THEY will stop Bucky, that if Steve doesn’t stop Bucky, he will; he uses the word “you”. This is for Steve and up to Steve. Sam makes no ultimatums, nor threats of what will happen if Steve doesn’t follow through.

He’s telling Steve that it’s okay. That he might have to make that hard call, might have to take out the person who used to be his best friend, and that it might be the right call to make. He’s leaving it as a choice, and entirely up to Steve, but letting Steve know before he has to make the choice, that Steve shouldn’t feel guilty if that’s what he ends up having to do. And he’s saying it in an incredibly sensitive and delicate way. Because that’s how great Sam Wilson is.

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I think by turians and humans having a lifespan of 150 years, they mean a maximum of 150 years. The oldest woman who ever lived was 122 and sure there's still quite a number of years until 150 but I think what they were getting at was given their advanced healthcare, humans in the years around 2100+ CAN live to 150 years. That's not to say they will though and that goes for turians too. So everything would still be the same. 18 for us is still 18 for them.

I see what you’re saying. I think I just have a different interpretation of the lore, maybe. In the wiki (which was backed up by an old forum post that’s no longer around) it says: “Humans can live to about 150 years, and recent medical advances have eradicated almost all known diseases that afflict them. However, as humans only emerged on the galactic stage within the last thirty years, it is highly likely that the introduction of new technology into their society will greatly increase their average lifespan.” To me that implies advancement even past the 150 noted there.

Now, if you were to say to Random Average Dude on the street right now: “How long do humans live?” that guy probably wouldn’t say “120.″ Right now, those extremely long-lived humans are the exception, not the rule. 

Considering how vastly science and medicine have improved in our last 150-200 years (and how meteoric that rise has been), and how much that’s affected the average human lifespan in that same time, I don’t see the current “18-as-adult” thing staying static just because that’s the way it is now. Was 18 defacto adulthood 200 years ago? I mean, we are already seeing the effects of this kind of thing now: if a person lives to 85 or 90 or 100 (my own grandparents are in their 90s), they simply don’t have enough money to live on if they worked their requisite years and retired at 65. That’s going to continue to change as medicine allows us to live longer. Living to 90 is going to place a burden on your earning years. How much more so would living to 120 or 130 or 150? A lot happens in 10 years, no matter what age those 10 years happen at–adding 20, 30, 40? It’s going to have a huge effect. Especially if there are fewer diseases to knock us out young.

If we jump ahead almost 200 years, it seems far more likely to me that we’ll be living longer–we’ll be healthier longer–and likely things like childhood or educational years will be extended. Think about how many people now don’t catch their professional stride until their thirties. What an interesting thought experiment it is to think about how we, as the human race, might allow children to get enough sleep, shorten their educational day, and let them stay in school longer (in terms of years) instead of pushing teenagers at the height of hormonal changes etc into making Big Life Decisions via choice of career, schooling, etc? I mean, there’s an increasing body of research coming out right now indicating that kids at 18 may be physically developed (though that’s not guaranteed either) but still have mental and emotional development to do. (In fifty years I think we’ll look back at the amount of stress and strain we put 15-25-year-olds through and shudder. People shouldn’t be having breakdowns over high school and college. There, I said it.)

And, hey, if parents are living longer, they’ll have more time to save so that a longer childhood for their children is more financially feasible. 

How great would it be if a woman no longer had to consider stopping/pausing herself just as her career was taking off to consider procreation? 

I mean, to each their own interpretation and headcanon, but I think science and medicine are already getting us a lot closer to these possibilities. Add 200 years, and I don’t think we, as a species, are going to be locked into the same things we think of as “normal” now. And since Mass Effect is science fiction, I think there’s just a really great opportunity to think about these kinds of changes (and possible improvements!) on a medical/scientific/community/societal level, and it’s one that’s been kind of underutilized (in my opinion), since the groundwork was already laid in their own lore.

okay my inbox is FLOODING with evana asks and i would publish them if i could, but i’m gonna reach post limit if i do, so i’ll publish them all tomorrow,
but …


this is how i’ll be surviving the hiatus now, through evana. and all the evana content is welcome tbh!!!!!!!

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james flint for the character writing meme! :D

GOING RIGHT IN FOR THE KILL I SEE U CYNTHIA ok ok so uh i wrote you 1000 words of meta (sorry)

1. tbh i would be remiss if i didn’t start off with saying that if i had to choose ONE trait to define james flint, it would be love. i think this is a pretty common interpretation, but nonetheless - the catalyst for the entire show is his tragedy of loving too much, too hard, and ultimately with “too little shame” for a society that didn’t see that love as legitimate. in large part i’m basing this on what toby & steinberg/levine have said, but the notion of him “becoming himself” with thomas and BECAUSE OF thomas is fundamentally grounded in the fact that his love MAKES his character. that love is the reason he rages against an empire and the reason he wants so fiercely to make nassau in the image of that dream thomas had. it’s the reason that he goes with silver in the end! everything that happens in the show can be traced to that love. as has been previously yelled about by better writers than me, it’s his origin story. it’s also why, at the end of s4, he points out that he understands completely why silver does what silver does with the cache. “i don’t know if i would have done anything differently” because they both have those defining loves!!! and are also each other’s defining loves!!!

2. this is kind of a cheat, i guess, because it ties into #1, but i will also say that the notion of big, romantic love and trust being the same thing for flint is preeminent in my brain whenever i’m writing him. james flint, as far as we know, has had 3 huge, defining loves: thomas, miranda, and silver. all of these people are people he fundamentally trusts with everything about himself. with everything in him. even when miranda writes the letter in s1 and they have their yelling match, there’s no question that he trusts her and will continue to trust her for, uhhhh, forever, basically. she’s still the guiding voice in his dreams. with silver, once they get past 3.03 and silver “opens the door,” there’s yelling, there’s arguing, but would flint trust him with his life? yes. we see him do it again and again!!! we see him ASK for that trust in return in s4 repeatedly, we see him PERFECTLY WILLING to share power with silver or even cede it to him. the swordfight scene??? “it seems like you’re teaching me how to defeat you???” the fact that in the end he DOES go along with silver??? he wouldn’t kill silver in a million years, even though as we’ve seen, he’s the single best fighter/tactician on the show and COULD bring a sword to a gunfight AND WIN. but he doesn’t, because he can’t, because he still trusts silver! even after all the lies, the betrayal, the moderately active attempts at homicide! because he can’t un-trust someone once he loves them! now, i could bore you all with an entire thesis about this, but i’ll just say one more thing, this time re: gates. gates is flint’s best friend. in s1, gates is closer to flint than anyone except miranda. and flint STILL KILLS HIM. straight up fucking murder!!! imo, that only happens because there’s a component of trust that just isn’t present in that particular love. does gates know the story of thomas? does he know why flint wants so badly to get the gold? i don’t know, but i think if he did, that scene wouldn’t have gone down the way it did, because there would have been a further measure of understanding that wasn’t present there, UNLIKE in the finale scene where silver basically says the same thing to him. for me, the main reason that has a different outcome is because flint, at that point, has this absurd bone-deep trust of silver. he loves him so much that the idea of a true betrayal is unthinkable. it’s as miranda says to eleanor - she knows the names of flint’s demons. so does thomas, and so does silver. because those are the people who james flint trusts with his everything because he loves them THAT much.

3. james flint is a pragmatist. he’s not actually an idealist like thomas or madi - he can see that dream initially because he loves thomas and it’s his dream. he’s not a martyr because he thinks that dying for The Cause is glorious! he doesn’t think that! sure, he believes in The Cause but he’s willing to die for it because he thinks he’s got nothing left and because the idea of either making thomas’ dream a reality or dying in the attempt must be appealing. he’s a pragmatist who is, yes, occasionally somewhat delusional (”maybe we can even take boston” yeah, okay, buddy) but never THAT far off the mark? as previously mentioned, he’s a tactician! he’s a BRILLIANT strategist! he’s kind of an asshole! but he’s not willing to stray too far from the basics of “what are our strengths,” “who can we convince,” “what will it take to get x and y done.” did they have the strength to mount a fullscale revolutionary war from a homebase of nassau? probably not. was it THAT crazy a dream? also probably not, given that the us of a started its own little rebellion only 60 years after the BS timeline, but more relevantly to the whole “revolution against colonial rule on a small island in the caribbean” concept, the (also successful) haitian revolution began in 1791 - about 75 years later. just one generation later! it was never that crazy a concept, and i think that’s part of why flint gives himself over to it so completely. he really does think it’s feasible, and not just because he’s ~too blinded by love (and/or the rage borne of that love) to see reason~.

this is already stupidly long so im gonna stop there but honorable mentions for #4, #5 and #6 go to “the concept of james flint raising kids/being an adoptive father figure to like every wayward teen he meets/general dad-ness,” “the concept of james flint as odysseus,” and “the concept that the line between james flint and james mcgraw is, in fact, extremely hazy” respectively, which each deserve their own novellas but NOT TODAY anyway i hope u enjoyed this small thesis

if you want to hear me yell more about other characters or, you know what, let’s just go for it, yell about whatever, drop me an ask

BS reaction S2E6-8
  • eleanor LIKE A BOSS
  • i still personally love everyone who was involved in dousing flint with blood. 
  • pffft everyone’s surprise that jack knows what he’s doing
  • captain hornigold needs to calm his tits
  • i ship billy/accountant (whose name i still can’t remember, i’m sorry)
  • the look on flint’s face when miranda sees him bloody ;-;

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gintoki has a lot of insecurities. one of them is that one day he’ll wake up to find that the yorozuya is temporary and everyone will leave him and go back to their family and homes. what he doesn’t realize–or really accept–is that to them, the yorozuya is their family and home.

so many people have willingly walked out of gintoki’s life: shoyou. sakamoto. the other joui. but i think this one hurt especially because it was kagura who decided to leave. who wanted to stay on earth when umibouzu came? kagura. who stayed in the yorozuya office when gintoki lost his memory? kagura. kagura is always fighting to stay in the yorozuya. so i think it really hurt to realize that someone who always fought so hard to stay together decided to leave–not just for any reason; it was for her family. this probably just confirmed gintoki’s insecurity that in the end, everyone would choose their biological family over him; that he’s not really family, despite what he hopes.

but here’s the thing: she wrote a request for a leave of absence, NOT a letter of resignation. she was planning on coming back. she didn’t just choose her yato family, she also chose her yorozuya family. but gintoki has been conditioned and just doesn’t see that. so here’s the part where i fight anyone who says that shimura shinpachi isn’t an integral part of the yorozuya.

who went after kagura when she left with umibouzu? shinpachi. who stayed with kagura when gintoki lost his memory? shinpachi. who reaffirms that the yorozuya isn’t gone as gintoki says? shimura fucking shinpachi, that’s who.

shinpachi is the glue that keeps the yorozuya together. in a pair of glasses, he’s the frame that holds the lenses . he might not serve the highly important role of the lenses, but he serves an equally important role as the frame that holds and supports the lenses, and all together, they help you see.

and you know what i think? i think it might have to do with the people in his life. while gintoki’s life is full of people who left willingly, shinpachi’s is full of people who left unwillingly. his mother died of an illness. his father years later. hajime-nii almost died due to a freak accident and in the end died because he had had a fucking bomb implanted into him without his consent. the people in shinpachi’s life are gone even though they wanted to stay so much. so shinpachi will fight tooth and nail for the ones who want to stay, before they’re gone.

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baberoe and While saying goodbye on the phone

thankyou a lot for this ask, especially since it gives me a chance to do something *gleefully rubs hands together* dialogue heavy which is my jam and i love you for it

im also so so so super sorry about how late this is oh gosh!! and for getting much too carried away with it again<3

1. Saying goodbye on the phone:

“Hey, Edward. I’m- I was just calling to let you know that I’m- I’m gonna be-”

“Late home again tonight, yeah, figures,” Babe had sighed into the receiver, rolling his eyes a little at the all too familiar greeting. He tried his best not to be bitter about having to cancel dates- knowing deep down that it wasn’t Gene’s fault for being so damn selfless that he couldn’t ever say no to an extra shift. That didn’t mean that it didn’t still sting, and though he’d cursed himself for being so sharp, he couldn’t have prevented himself from snapping if he’d tried.

“Edward, you know I- you know I don’t mean to upset you…”

“I… Yeah, of course I know that Gene, shit,” he sighed again, though it was much softer this time- barely audible above the noise of the hospital that always seemed to follow Gene, even when he ducked outside mid-break for a phone call. “I’m sorry, I know you don’t mean to be late- it’s just… God, this sounds so selfish, but it’s just hard, y’know?”

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“No no, you don’t- you don’t have to be sorry, I’m sorry,” and Babe knew he was rambling now, but also that he had to make things right. “I’m sorry, ‘cause- because I know you’re busy and I know the only reason you take so many shifts on in the first place is because you care about people and that’s- that’s real nice, Gene. It’s sweet, in fact, I just wish- I just wish sometimes you would care about yourself a little more often too. You’re always working so hard, always so busy, and you just- you need a break from it all. And besides I… I miss you, Genie.”

There was pause, and Babe wondered for a moment if the other could hear his heart pounding against his ribs, and his cheeks flushed crimson at the weight of his own words.

“Genie, huh?” A soft chuckle finally broke the silence, and Babe felt a sigh of relief escape him as the warmth of the laughter washed over him. “That’s new. I like it though, it’s cute. And I miss you too, I hope you know that.” Another pause. “Hey… How about I ask for this weekend off, huh? We can have the whole two days to ourselves, just us.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. We could get food and watch all the Alien movies or something. Get tickets for Covenant too maybe. I know you have a crush on Michael Fassbender, you’re not that good at hiding it.”

“Oh come on! It’s not as if you don’t get all big eyes and fluttery lashes whenever Kane comes on screen- what, those magic medic hands of yours just itching to get a feel of that chest?” And Babe was pretty sure he would never get used to the beauty of the laugh that had followed, or the way it filled him with an odd mix of pride and butterflies whenever he knew he was the cause of it.  

“That’s gross, Babe. I’m offended. You know I’d be very professional about it and get him patched up in minutes. And if he wants to thank me in an unconventional, maybe hands-on manner? That’s entirely his business.”  

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave me for young John Hurt-”

“Who said I was leaving you? Could probably fit all three of us into one of those stasis things-”

Gene,” Babe had wheezed, which only made his boyfriend laugh even louder. 

“What? Can’t a guy dream,” Gene chuckled, sighing as a voice called out through the door to remind him that his break was almost over.  "Ugh, listen I, I gotta go get back to work, I’m sorry, but- but you take care tonight, alright?“

Babe whined a little at the thought of being left alone again, though he’d known their time would be short. "It’s okay, you stay safe too- hey!” He cried suddenly, as finally realised what his boyfriend had said earlier. “You called me Babe!”  

“I did? When?”  

“Like, just before- when you were distracting me with your weird space sex fantasies-”

“-I never said anything about sex-”

“-whatever! You called me Babe!” Babe’s entire being was alight with glee, and not even the prospect of his boyfriend having to head back to work could have wiped the ecstatic grin from his face.  

“Huh, guess I did,” and Babe didn’t need to see Gene’s face to know that he was smirking, and the thought made his cheeks flush crimson. “Well, Babe, this is terrible timing, but I really gotta-”

“No no, I know, it’s okay, you go, get back to saving lives and what have you. Oh, and uh, Gene?”


“I-” Babe paused for a moment to consider what he was about to say; did he? Of course he did. “I love you, be safe.”

He’d been preparing himself for an “it’s too soon”, or maybe even to be hung up on, and almost regretted saying anything at all before hearing Gene’s reply, which came without a moment’s hesitation;

“I love you too Babe, you stay safe too, okay? And see you soon.”

Thoughts on Seungbae, Bum, and empathy

The last chapter keeps haunting me and I want to explore how it could tie in to Seungbae’s narrative and bring some light to this dark situation. Spoilers for Chapter 15 under the cut

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“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

one of the most endearing things about gintama is the fact nearly everyone calls gintoki by his first name. like, who actually calls him “sakata”? (tosshi the otaku? “sakata-shi!”) everyone else calls him “gintoki” or some version of “gin”. the shinsengumi call him “yorozuya” or “danna” (”boss”), but that’s a nickname that’s more personal than “sakata”. i mean, everyone else pretty much refer to each other by their surnames–except for when it comes to gintoki. even within the joui 4, i’ve always found it interesting that they call each other “takasugi”, “sakamoto”, and “zura” (okay, this one’s a nickname), but gintoki is just…”gintoki” (or “kintoki”, if you’re sakamoto).

everyone calls him by his first name right from the start too. nobody has started with “sakata” and changed to “gintoki”. and i dunno why, but it’s…really endearing to me? like, formality and etiquette are a big part of japanese culture, hence all of the different ways of refering to yourself and others (e.g. honorifics: -san, -chan, -sama, etc.), and how people start off on last-name-basis first before first-name-basis, all of which express different levels of politeness and indicate different levels of intimacy. but for gintoki, everyone he helps/meets basically skip that first step; they go straight to his first name. and i guess this implies that they are comfortable enough/consider him a friend even after one encounter.

sorachi is a genius, did you know? he’s not just a master of story-telling, but also a master of people. i mean he knows how people use language to express their unspoken feelings. our protagonist actually isn’t all that flashy and he doesn’t exactly exude that “bright” energy that make people fall in line right behind him and fight for whatever noble cause he tells them too. so we don’t get adoring crowds telling him how much they love him or look up to him or whatever on a daily basis. instead what we get is “gintoki” (otose), “gin-san” (shinpachi), “gin-chan” (kagura), “gin-no-ji” (gengai). in this manga where most characters are on last-name-basis with each other, we have our protagonist, “gintoki”. in this subtle way, we can tell just how much he’s loved. we can see all of his friends and family. people who consider him important to them. hell, you can even see it in the fandom. does anyone actually call gintoki, “sakata”?? and so i guess that’s why i just find this whole thing so endearing. they don’t have to voice how much he means to them; you can hear it nonetheless.

or maybe he just introduces himself as “yorozuya gin-chan” so people don’t even know what his last name is and have no choice but to refer to him by his first name…

Long ramble full of Sam love and Sam/Christ parallels

(NOTE: Hello, all! I got this amazing anonymous submission about how Corbin and Michelle in 11.17 parallel the thieves crucified with Christ, and I wanted to share it. There’s also some fantastic speculation for later in the season. Meta below:)

Hey! I don’t have a tumblr, but I stop by here every once in awhile because I love your fics/meta. :-)

I’ve also been loving the Sam/Messiah hints that have been dropped throughout the season, and I REALLY loved your analysis of Sam being equated with the crucified Christ in 11x17. Especially since, along with the Christ-like imagery and story line, out of the two people Sam saved, one rejected (killed) him, and the other helped him, much like the two robbers who were crucified with Christ.

Anyway, unless the writers are being completely nonsensical or deliberately messing with us, we seem to be rapidly heading toward a finale where Sam saves and/or sacrifices himself for the Universe. I really, REALLY hope this is what happens, because unlike season 5 which focused on the themes of sin and redemption, season 11 seems much more focused on sacrifice and sanctification. In essence, season 5 Sam believed he had sinned (although I also think his guilt is WAY overblown) by releasing Lucifer, and he redeemed himself by jumping in the pit. This time around, the writers are not focusing on Sam’s guilt but rather his goodness and purity, making way for a much more direct Christ parallel where Sam is asked to sacrifice everything for the sake of the world not because he is “at fault” but because HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN (which has been alluded to a couple times this season).

(I could go on for a couple of paragraphs about how beautiful this is since Sam’s major character trope is his "freakishness" or “uncleanness,” so making him the ultimate, pure sacrifice for the sake of the world gives me LOTS of feelings, but this is already long).

Extending the Christ parallel a bit further, it’s well established that a “Hand of God” is the only thing powerful enough to defeat God. So far the season has only dealt with Old Testament artifacts, but I REALLY hope that SAM becomes the ultimate Hand of God, and therefore defeats Amara on his own power, rather than just by acting as a conduit for another object. Christ is called the Only Begotten of the Father, and Sam in this case would be the only person imbibed with God’s power, and the one acting as God’s emissary (just as Christ is considered the physical manifestation of God on earth in Christian theology).

If the definition of a Hand of God is something that God physically touched, then this seems powerful. Whatever happens in 11x20, it seems likely God will be present and interacting with Sam and Dean in some capacity.

Part of me also wonders if God hasn’t already touched Sam. The only times we know of God directly interfering in the show is when he puts Sam and Dean on the airplane at the very beginning of Season 5 and (probably) when he raised Cas in seasons 5 and 7. It makes me wonder if Sam actually DID die when Corbin choked him in 11x20, but God brought him back (possibly by touching him).

Anyway, this is really long and rambly, so sorry about that, especially since I’m a total stranger. But this season has given me lots of Sam feelings, and I needed to get them out somehow….so this happened…

Thanks for reading, and for your awesome blog :-)

TSoT v. TLD but for real this time

It just really fucking bothered me that there were so many callbacks to TSoT in TLD, and I can’t believe I’ve only just figured out why. Literally every meta I’ve ever written about this episode has changed context.

We have a wedding preparation parallel.

We have a stag night parallel.

We have a best man speech parallel.

And his decision to fall and sever ties that ‘damaged their relationship irreversibly’. (where the fuck is that mofftiss quote)

And then there’s this little tidbit that calls to mind the TSoT aftermath in HLV.

Sherlock literally flashes back to the good old days and almost breaks down.

Yoo hoo!!!! Remember this quaint little speech from John??

John, honey. He knows. He’s been reminding himself of the missed opportunity for the entire episode…