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Thoughts on Seungbae, Bum, and empathy

The last chapter keeps haunting me and I want to explore how it could tie in to Seungbae’s narrative and bring some light to this dark situation. Spoilers for Chapter 15 under the cut

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12x10 Speculation

What does everyone think about the synopsis? Lily Sunder is seeking revenge on the angels that killed her family. Which possibly includes Cas?

I was thinking about this the other day, and the only way I can imagine that a band of angels would have reason to murder some human woman’s family was if that family was a fallen angel and a Nephilim.

Think about it, we are at the start of a story involving a Nephilim which happens to be Lucifer’s unborn child. We know that angels think Nephilim are abominations. We also know that aside from the Nephilim murdered in 8x22 that there are no Nephilim left on earth. Castiel simply said that he “thought that wasn’t allowed”. If it wasn’t allowed, chances are someone like Zachariah or Naomi ordered the murder of any Nephilim born to humanity. Its not much of a stretch really. Although I would then wonder how the Nephilim from 8x22 slipped through their grasps for so long.

What a poetic and awesome story this could be though? An unknown angel falls in love with a human woman, abandons his kin and stays with her, they marry, and she bears him a child. But the angels find out and order a party of angels to go to earth and slaughter the angel and his Nephilim child. Imagine that Castiel was one of those angels? Imagine that he watched the scene play out, watched this poor woman begging the angels for mercy. to spare her child, but they followed orders. She was spared only because angels don’t care about human lives. They only care about cleaning up the mess of their own. Castiel didn’t like this. He had doubts. So Naomi wiped his memory.

Now imagine that woman, Lily Sunder, drowning in her own sorrow, vowing revenge on every angel who stole her family from her. The angel she loved and her child both dead at their hands. She turns to witchcraft, blood magic, and bides her time…

Imagine then, that Castiel and Dean and Sam have to talk her down, convince her to let go of her anger and hatred and thirst for revenge, and somehow convince her that Castiel isn’t the angel he once was? How would they do that? Well, Castiel has got an awful lot in common with the angel she fell in love with…

I mean yeah okay its only a theory but I think it would tie nicely into the current plot line of the show and the subtextual plot line of the show as well *cough*destiel*cough*.

Anyway, that was where my brain went immediately on reading the synopsis the other day. I just wanted to share that with you all. 

If I am way off the mark here someone please write that fanfic?

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So I was hoping you could do a speech analysis of Lisa Snart despite her unfortunately very few appearances (I hope the #BringbackLisaSnart will bring some acknowledgement from the writers. Thanks!

I think I got the older of these two asks over a month ago, so I’m sorry for the delay. Speech analyses take special effort, especially for a character with very few lines (and few gifs in the system so I have to make more of my own), so I let it sink to the bottom of my pile while I was working on writing and other stuff.

Annnd it got quite long so I’ll save everyone’s dash the trouble and put it under a cut.

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“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

You can actually see the moment he realized he was instinctively asking for help from his enemies, who were all happy or indifferent in his last moments. The moment he realized he was alone and only Reiner and Annie ever were his comrades, and even they weren’t there for him.

No, this wasn’t justice and it wasn’t fitting, he at least deserved a moment where we could see how he felt, anything but this rushed death that only lasted one page and then everyone forgot about it.

His death was cruel and inhumane, and way too rushed for a character who was supposed to represent everything humanity hated, the colossal titan, designed to be the god of the series.


gintoki has a lot of insecurities. one of them is that one day he’ll wake up to find that the yorozuya is temporary and everyone will leave him and go back to their family and homes. what he doesn’t realize–or really accept–is that to them, the yorozuya is their family and home.

so many people have willingly walked out of gintoki’s life: shoyou. sakamoto. the other joui. but i think this one hurt especially because it was kagura who decided to leave. who wanted to stay on earth when umibouzu came? kagura. who stayed in the yorozuya office when gintoki lost his memory? kagura. kagura is always fighting to stay in the yorozuya. so i think it really hurt to realize that someone who always fought so hard to stay together decided to leave–not just for any reason; it was for her family. this probably just confirmed gintoki’s insecurity that in the end, everyone would choose their biological family over him; that he’s not really family, despite what he hopes.

but here’s the thing: she wrote a request for a leave of absence, NOT a letter of resignation. she was planning on coming back. she didn’t just choose her yato family, she also chose her yorozuya family. but gintoki has been conditioned and just doesn’t see that. so here’s the part where i fight anyone who says that shimura shinpachi isn’t an integral part of the yorozuya.

who went after kagura when she left with umibouzu? shinpachi. who stayed with kagura when gintoki lost his memory? shinpachi. who reaffirms that the yorozuya isn’t gone as gintoki says? shimura fucking shinpachi, that’s who.

shinpachi is the glue that keeps the yorozuya together. in a pair of glasses, he’s the frame that holds the lenses . he might not serve the highly important role of the lenses, but he serves an equally important role as the frame that holds and supports the lenses, and all together, they help you see.

and you know what i think? i think it might have to do with the people in his life. while gintoki’s life is full of people who left willingly, shinpachi’s is full of people who left unwillingly. his mother died of an illness. his father years later. hajime-nii almost died due to a freak accident and in the end died because he had had a fucking bomb implanted into him without his consent. the people in shinpachi’s life are gone even though they wanted to stay so much. so shinpachi will fight tooth and nail for the ones who want to stay, before they’re gone.

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I was wondering, we've seen Stefan being cheesy and soft and cute with Caroline in the fanfic and that story of Valentine's Day (by the way I loved it) and the Harry Potter drabble you wrote, but will we see Caroline being cheesy and soft and cute with him someday? I know Caroline's more tough in that sense but I'd love to see that side of Caroline too since as you say she was a total romantic before Matt and it looks like with Stefan she's never gonna be like that :(

There’s going to be kind of a honeymoon period coming up for them where you’ll see some of that fluffiness from her for sure, but in general, I think her form of cuteness is always going to be a bit different from Stefan’s? It’s probz never going to be standing outside a window with a boombox or giving flowery speeches (which tbh he does more so because he’s a giant troll and it annoys her/makes her laugh), it’s probably going to be more like what you got a glimpse of in 12 and 14. Those gentler moments of teasing and connecting, except paired with an openness and trust and a deep understanding of the others’ needs, you know? Their cheesy moments will always have a flicker of self-awareness to them, I think, of just knowing that they’re being sappy af and calling it out and pretending it’s gross but still being sappy anyway because #love. And I think it’s because Caroline’s version of hopeless romantic isn’t so much grand gestures and shy giggles, it’s (and I think this was in the fic somewhere) two people who rather than fall for each other, rise for each other.

Her being romantic, to me, is the fact that she’d be nervous all day if Stefan had a big hearing he’d been stressfully prepping for, and she’d know immediately, from the second she heard his voice, if it went badly, and she’d drop whatever to be there for him and support him and distract him, even if he says he’s fine. Like, he’d probably have to hold her back from showing up at the judge’s house at 2 AM and telling them they’re an idiot. It’s her knowing when he’s not going after what he wants because he doesn’t want to be selfish and encouraging him to fight for it, even when it’s something that doesn’t benefit her. It’s perfect-attendance-what’s-a-sick-day Caroline taking a random morning off work because it’s the first day of nice weather and Stefan has that Captain Planet glitter in his eyes and they’re going to grab two thermoses of coffee and spend the morning in the Public Garden. She’s probably never going to be the type to send him a thousand heart emojis or a ‘baby I miss you so much!!!!’ if he’s on a work trip, but she’d send him clever little haikus about how leaving her alone with a stove is reckless endangerment and melodramatic pictures of her sleeping with the coffeemaker, you know? Idk if that’s what you meant by cheesy, or if you meant more like ‘will we see Caroline being supportive/affectionate’, but if it’s the latter, then absolutely! I think with the flashforwards you mentioned, they were both sort of humorous instances of Stefan being extra, but as a balance to that, like Caroline goes all the fuck out on his birthday. That’s her chance to spoil him despite all his protest and all his ‘I don’t want anything big’s - it’s her version of Valentine’s Day. 

So yeah, I wouldn’t see it so much as ‘we’ll never get to see Caroline as a romantic with Stefan’, I’d maybe see it more as a different kind of romantic? Less perfect fairytale and more that kind of know-you-inside-out, bolster-each-other-up, not-afraid-to-be-my-messy-self-around-you love. And that’s what she’ll have (and be!) with Stefan. 

[One thing to note about the drabbles - lmao honestly, they’re written more like cracky sitcom episodes than the actual fic is (in that humor’s more the goal than anything) so it’s safe to assume that the actual relationships are going to be a lot more nuanced than they seem in those. Hope this gives you a little hope!]

I really love the context of the “I wanna eat kastudon with you” request, not only because of how cute it sounds, and it’s seriously adorable, but because of what it really means in context:

katsudon is not only Yuuri’s favorite food, but his victory meal. traditionally, he only eats this after he wins, which is something Yuuri’s mother tells Victor when he first tries it before forbidding Yuuri from having it outside of such situations.  Victor understands what katsudon symbolizes for Yuuri.

so when Victor has Yuuri and Yuri make their “if I win” requests Yuuri doesn’t just say “ I wanna have a nice meal with you and continue to do so”  …what he says is “I want to win this and celebrate with you.  I want to win this and celebrate and then keep celebrating every win that we will earn together after this. Because if I win this, it’ll only be the first of many more.”

and Victor knows it.

Constance Bonacieux...

…Will never again not look like Beauty and the Beast’s Belle to me. I don’t know when that particular connection was made, but they register as very similar to me.

Initially it was a visual thing, I think? They both have that reddish tint in their hair, and some facial similarities (at least, to me)

But, thinking about it further….they actually are a match in other ways. Belle sings about being bored with her life, about wanting “so much more than they’ve got planned” and Constance’s entire storyline is basically just that. She’s not in a terrible situation, but is underwhelmed with her life. Her marriage, her role in society…they’re a far cry from what she wants and the majority of her story is about gaining the courage to make her own way.

I don’t see d’Artagnan as the Beast character, really, though. I mean, kiiiiinda, I guess? If we replace The Curse with the death of his father and draw comparison with his S1E1 “ill manners”…and a lot of his character growth (breaking the curse, theoretically speaking) does revolve around Constance. One example is how he goes from “I don’t need a woman to protect me” to trusting and relying on her as an equal.

You know who would be a better Beast, though?

Olivier ‘Athos’ de la Fere.

I hear the screeching of breaks and a resounding “whaaaaat

Hear me out.

I don’t mean this in a shipping sense, although obviously if we’re talking AU, hey, maybe you do ship Constance/Athos and that’s fine! But from a canon, drawing-of-comparison standpoint with no romance involved, and with a little headcanon thrown in, Athos is perfect for The Beast.

“The Curse” is his brother’s death- more than that, it’s Milady’s betrayal (however you feel about that) and it’s grief and guilt and all that pain Athos carries with him. You could even say it’s his implied alcoholism and lack of interest in his own life following Thomas’ death.

Now, it’s generally accepted that d’Artagnan is the one who came charging in and saved Athos’ heart, and I don’t disagree. D’Artagnan became a younger brother to Athos and, arguably, almost a son. (According to book!Athos There are only 15 years between them, but honestly it’s enough to throw some paternal shades into their dynamic. Friend, brother, mentor…) And there is no denying d’Artagnan was ultimately great for Athos in a different way from Porthos and Aramis. But,

Athos had already become a Musketeer before d’Artagnan showed up.

Here’s a man who, even in S1E1, is so ready to accept a death he doesn’t deserve. He offers no complaint post-sentencing when most, I feel, would pitch a fit at the prospect of such a dishonorable end, especially being innocent. And he regularly drinks his sorrows.

So, aside from perhaps thinking it a convenient way to eventually die, why would this grief-stricken man sign on as a musketeer to begin with? Maybe because it’s as good a way to get through a day as any, but there’s a snippet where headcanon comes in:

In S1E1, Constance shows no sign of knowing Aramis or Porthos, and they both act like it’s a first meeting when she arrives in the Garrison. But she not only knows Athos, she tells d’Artagnan that Athos is her friend.

By that time, Athos is already close friends with Aramis and Porthos, so for Constance to know one but not the other two, she and Athos would have to be friends well outside his life as a Musketeer.

Enter Headcanon, and getting back to the Beauty and the Beast comparison.

This is purely speculation but, what if Constance is the one who got Athos to try for the Musketeers in the first place?

What if Athos came to Paris, drifting from tavern to tavern in the throes of heartbreak and grief, throwing his life away one bottle at a time (the Beast, in the depths of hopelessness, resigned to his fate.)

And then, by some chance or the hand of God, Constance Bonacieux crossed his path. And at that time she’d be engaged or newly married, settled into a dull pattern of life that she knows isn’t what she wants, but…she’s never really known different, outside of books. Where reality is concerned, she’s left to assume this is really all life has for her, and so while she isn’t happy, she’s not miserable. And anyway,

Going by the Beauty and the Beast analogy; Athos’ curse - he’s in such despair, wasting his life trying to drink the pain away. He’s distrustful, in a sense, of women in general, or tries to be. As far as he’s concerned, life has come to a halt. (Plus we could go as far as to consider Milady as The Enchantress, and compare Athos’ Nobility and post-Thomas’-death rejection thereof to the Beast’s royal status and post-curse ruination of the castle…torn portraits are present in both cases)

And then Constance Bonacieux finds herself in this man’s life, and she’s having none of it. (in addition, headcanon: for their first meting, Athos passes out at Constance’s feet, drunk. Call-forward to meeting d’Artagnan?) She almost forcibly befriends him, and he comes to accept her friendship.

Think of the Beauty and the Beast scene after Beast fights off the Wolves, where Belle and Beast argue as she tends his wounds.

That becomes the exact picture I imagine for Constance and Athos. Instead of falling in True Love, though, they build a friendship, and Athos, while not fully whole again, starts to regain his life, joins the Musketeers. This puts him in place for later development when d’Artagnan arrives.

Constance, meanwhile, becomes more sure of herself. Not quite ready yet to question society’s notions of her role in life, but beginning to realize she wants more. Consequently, after wrangling Athos at his worst, she is far less likely to take nonsense from anyone.

This got long and fell apart a bit toward the end, but TL;DR: Constance is totally Belle and Athos makes for a really good Beast and you know what? It might even be a fun AU with the original storyline rearranged a little bit.

outlook on dsod’s ending

i had the chance to check out the new yu-gi-oh movie the other day, and i have to say, i am beyond impressed with it! it was a definite callback to my childhood; it felt so good to see my favorite characters in action again. this series was given a proper epilogue through this movie, i feel. there are still some unanswered questions i have (ryo’s past and his character as a whole, which i may make a headcannon on later), but what i want to focus on is the ending

there are spoilers ahead, so please tread cautiously!

edit: new/added info will have “*” next to it!

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anonymous asked:

I need help understanding Pynch. Like I get that Ronan likes Adam but I've never seen anything in the books that shows Adam feels the same. I Want to like them because I think they'd be happy if they were in love but I just don't understand....

[rolls my sleeves up] [gets out my briefcase] [rustles papers]

lmao alright let’s do this anon LET’S DO THIS

so first things first: if you’re looking for something that explicitly states that adam likes ronan, you’re not going to get that. that’s just not how maggie’s writing works. most of what she does throughout the series (and it’s one of my favourite aspects) is imply and infer things without directly stating them. 

look at ronan, for example – even though his feelings for adam are canonical, what we get for ages are references circling around that fact instead of directly pointing to them. in tdt the closest thing that comes to it naming it outright is “ronan’s second secret was adam parrish.” and even in bllb, it’s adam musing on ronan’s crush on him that makes it clear, rather than anything specifically thought or said by ronan himself. but all in all, looking at these separate, veiled references as a whole is how we as readers can draw the conclusion that yes, ronan likes adam.

now, i’m biased because i am a pynch shipper, but i do see some reciprocity in feelings through the way in which adam observes ronan as the series goes on. i would agree that his feelings are certainly not as strong as ronan’s – in fact, i’d argue that adam isn’t yet aware of those feelings himself. and that makes sense because to my knowledge, when the series starts ronan already knows how he feels about adam. but us reading the raven cycle is the process of adam not only figuring a lot out about himself, but coming to new understandings in his relationship with ronan (as well as the rest of the gang). and that makes sense to me because imo adam, out of all the main characters, has the biggest personal transformation throughout the series.

if you look at the books in a nutshell, you can already see the progression. book one: ronan and adam are friends but mostly through gansey, i wouldn’t say they have a significantly close relationship apart from that. and yet the way in which adam observes ronan is strangely poetic:

Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didn’t know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves.

He was the boy with the most beautifully interesting car, and the most savagely handsome of friends, Ronan Lynch.

As Adam stared at his lap, penitent, he mused that there was something musical about Ronan when he swore, a careful and loving precision to the way he fit the words together, a black-painted poetry.

and of course by the end of the book, adam decides to file a lawsuit against his father, at huge personal cost, to protect ronan. i don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is something that irrefutably changed the nature of their relationship. book two: ronan’s feelings become obvious to us as readers, as most of this book focuses on ronan’s pov. but adam figures out ronan paid for his rent and his reaction is what i find the most interesting:

Adam looked up at Ronan. “I know it was you,” he said. “I figured it out. The rent.”
He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and he almost said something.

i’ll admit, at the end of tdt i wouldn’t at all have been convinced adam was developing feelings for ronan, although the opposite was definitely true. but then, bam, we were hit with bllb. and that’s where imo all the evidence is that adam’s disposition towards ronan is changing, and not just in a platonic way.

okay now onto the fun stuff. like i mentioned, maggie’s writing is all about hiding things in the spaces between her words, so when i say i think adam is developing feelings for ronan it’s all about the subtext. and you can feel free to disagree with me, a lot of people do – i’m pretty sure there’s tons of people in the fandom who don’t ship, and even hate, pynch. but i just can’t read these bllb quotes which are specifically from adam’s perspective without seeing that transformative process at work, seeing ronan come more sharply into view as a fully fleshed person for adam (who’s never bothered, or never had the opportunity, to read ronan on such a deep level before), and seeing adam be taken aback by his new perspective, in such a way that indicates that a) the surprise is not an unwelcome one and that subsequently b) adam wants to know ronan more, to know him better. you’ll notice the poetic descriptions of ronan from trb are back, but with a vengeance – now it’s not just ronan’s magic that adam considers with awe and borderline reverence, but ronan himself.

The cow’s pulse had accelerated fractionally. Again, he imagined Ronan here on his own, so hopeful for a change that he would have noted such a subtle difference. It was far more dedication than he thought Ronan Lynch capable of.

Adam felt the truth of it. This awful and impossible and lovely object was what a dream was when it had nothing to inhabit. Who was this person who could dream a dream into a concrete shape? No wonder Aglionby bored Ronan.

Light, or something like light, reflected off it onto Ronan’s chin and cheeks, rendering him stark and handsome and terrifying and someone else. Then he blew on it. His breath passed through the word, the mirror, the unwritten line.
Adam heard a whisper in his ear. Something moved and stirred inside him. Ronan’s eyelashes fluttered darkly. 
(also maggie literally says that adam thinks ronan has nice eyelashes lmao which i think about a LOT in relation to this scene)

“A lot,” Ronan translated, and he was right, because, strangely enough, Ronan knew a great deal about how Adam worked. It was possible Adam had always been aware of this but had preferred to consider himself – particularly the more unsightly parts of himself – impenetrable. 

Adam finally sat down on one of the pews. Laying his cheek against the smooth back of it, he looked at Ronan. Strangely enough, Ronan belonged here, too, just as he had at the Barns. This noisy, lush religion had created him just as much as his father’s world of dreams; it seemed impossible for all of Ronan to exist in one person. Adam was beginning to realize that he hadn’t known Ronan at all. Or rather, he had known part of him and assumed it was all of him.

It should have been impossible. No one should have been able to dream any of these thing, much less all of them. But Adam had seen what Ronan could do. He’d read the dreamt will and ridden in the dreamt Camaro and been terrified by the dreamt night terror.
It was possible that there were two gods in this church.

Ronan crouched by the pew again, studying the list, his fingers running idly over his stubble as he thought. When he wasn’t trying to look like an asshole, his face looked very different, and for a tilting moment, Adam felt the startling inequality of their relationship: Ronan knew Adam, but Adam wasn’t sure he knew Ronan, after all.

Adam retreated to sit beside Mary as Ronan stretched out on the pew, rubbing out the dingy plan with the legs of his jeans. Something about his stillness on the pew and the funereal quality of the light reminded Adam of the effigy of Glendower they’d seen at the tomb. A king, sleeping. Adam couldn’t imagine, though, the strange, wild kingdom that Ronan might rule.
“Stop watching me,” Ronan said, though his eyes were closed.

What an impossible and miraculous and hideous thing this was. An ugly plan hatched by an ugly boy now dreamt into ugly life. From dream to reality. How appropriate it was that Ronan, left to his own devices, manifested beautiful cars and beautiful birds and tenderhearted brothers, while Adam, when given the power, manifested a filthy string of perverse murders.

“Democracy’s a farce,” Ronan said, and Adam smirked, a private, small thing that was inherently exclusionary. An expression, in fact, that he could’ve very well learned from Ronan.

He hadn’t stopped being thankful for his body. Hello, Adam Parrish’s formerly chapped hands, I’m happy to have you.

and then there’s a whole lot of other, possibly even more subtle things threaded through the series that build upon this relationship in a really complex and nuanced way, and highlight how ronan has always affected adam on an intensely deep level even if he never consciously acknowledges it or recognises it for what it is – for example, adam deciding to go to aglionby in part bc of that rich boy with the shaved head in the supermarket that he sees in his mind as ronan, or how he uses the word “lonesome” to refer to both himself and ronan (he thinks it over and over again about ronan in chapter 20 of bllb), emphasising this connection between the two of them that even gansey, cabeswater and the rest of the gang notice in that book. these aspects, unlike adam’s feelings for ronan, are easier to highlight and point to: “looking like a pair of horror movie twins”, how adam and ronan keep saying the same things at the same time and then exchanging wry glances, blue noticing them disappearing all the time together, gansey noticing ronan had not been afraid for adam when the scaffolding fell on him at aglionby bc he knew cabeswater would save him, etc. etc.

looking at all these elements separately, sure, i see how you could say there’s no evidence to support adam’s feelings for ronan. but add everything up, step back and look at the bigger picture? i really do believe adam is starting to reciprocate a romantic attachment. i’m not convinced he’s aware of it, but i do think the foundation is there. that’s the thing with maggie’s writing, it demands you to work for it, to look beyond what’s being said on the page and see a deeper conclusion. and every time i reread the series i’m more and more convinced that an important part of adam’s story that is being told is the evolution of his relationship with ronan and how his own feelings are transforming from platonic regard to something more. 

tl;dr – this text post sums it up pretty well:

adam parrish in the raven boys: ronan is an annoying pest and i only put up with him for gansey’s sake

adam parrish in blue lily lily blue: ronan is an actual God

lmao again this is all just my opinion so if you still don’t see it, that’s okay! some ships just don’t resonate with some people, no matter how canonical they are or aren’t. but i’ll leave you with what maggie herself says, which is that ronan has hope adam feels the same. so at this point, seeing as pynch is one of my biggest ever otps, i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that ronan is right :’)))

A lot of people here on Tumblr seem to take their interpretation of a character or a relationship as being the only one or the “correct” one. If you interpret a relationship as being abusive, and it makes you uncomfortable, then you have the right to feel this way. You can blacklist it, complain about it on your blog, never talk about it, or whatever you want.

However, when you start attacking people for their preferences, that’s when you cross the line. People have reasons for liking what they do, and even if they don’t, if it’s just an irrational liking for something, then so what? They still feel that way, their actions aren’t harming anyone, and it’s not like hating on them will make them stop. It’ll just paint a bad impression of the individuals who attacked them, and the shippers and fanbase as a whole. Because just as you see them, all of the shippers, as being “gross and supporting problematic characters/ships”, they’ll see you as being “hateful and immature and can’t accept people having a different opinion”.

This happens in every fandom I’ve been to, except the ones that are way too small to have much, if any, fan content. Though the whole social justice element is more recent, it’s all essentially still the same, because people don’t actually care about social justice, they just want to find a reason to explain why their ship is better, or why they hate another ship, while feeling morally superior. The thing is, though, they’re just being immature. This isn’t surprising, considering many of the people on this site are teenagers who are easily influenced, and while this doesn’t excuse their actions, I think it shows how harmful this culture Tumblr has can be.

Anyway, I’m finding that there are generally a few major “types” of ships that get a lot of hate. Interestingly, in most cases, the antis tend to hate one of the characters there, rather than liking both characters but seeing them as unsuitable for each other.

New girl and established male main character: Exactly what it says. These are ships between a new female character, who might be just fine as a character, but a large part of the fandom will end up seeing her as stupid and annoying, and a old main character, who’s part of some of the popular fandom ships. This ship will almost always have some strong backing in canon (though note that strong here depends exactly on how this show/movie/book/whatever normally handles romance), which will make the people who prefer the older pairings feel threatened, so I think they lash out on the female newcomer as a result, trying to make her out to be the worst thing ever to feel justified in their preference for the older ship rather than this new one. And for the record, yes, it has to be a new female character and a old male character, since male slash is much more popular than female slash, so this way, the new female character incurs the wrath of both the het and slash shippers. I mean, the reverse can happen, but the character and ship gets less hate because the established female character isn’t as likely to be involved in as many popular pairings.

Heroine and dark or villainous male character: These ships tend to be the ones that are called abusive the most, for obvious (but untrue, depending on your perspective) reasons. Here, the ship doesn’t need a lot of evidence in canon, and the dislike of it tends to be as a reaction to the shippers, rather than canon. The fans of the pairings tend to find some appeal or potential in the pairing, but the people who hate the ship seem to refuse to ask the shippers what they find appealing, instead dismissing them as being terrible and supporting abuse. Which is rather strange, if you ask me, since most of the fan content tends to involve the darker/villainous character being nice and sweet. And when the anti shippers do notice this, they instead tend to wonder why they don’t just ship the heroine with some other nice character who has chemistry with her. And I wonder too, if only I could ask them…

Ships between best friends, especially if they’re the same gender: So this is an interesting case, because while these ships get a lot of hate, if they’re a m/f or m/m ship, then they probably get a lot of love as well. The haters tend to view the shippers as seeing something that isn’t there, complain about the shippers and insist that they’re just friends, sometimes even talking about how one of them is actually an abusive jerk who’s terrible to the other one. This tends to be quite insulting to the shippers, since it has the implication they can’t value friendship, or that they view platonic love as being lesser, which is not true at all. There are also some troubling implications in that people seem to be more insistent on the “just friends!” angle when both characters are of the same gender, but I won’t dwell on that.

Age gap ships: Typically older man and younger girl, but the reverse may happen, though it’s less common because society is more inclined to view men as predatory. Anyway, the reason for the dislike tends to be seeing the older character as creepy or a pedophile, even if the younger one is an young adult/adult. I can understand why significant age differences can make people feel uncomfortable, but the notion that the shippers are creeps is very offensive. There’s almost always plenty of reasons to enjoy the ship, and I don’t think there’s anything creepy about it if both characters are mature, legal adults who can make their own choices. Actually, I think it’s insulting to assume that the younger character is incapable of making their own decisions in regards to their love life, especially if they already take care of all other aspects of their life and generally show themselves to be perfectly mature, responsible, and well-adjusted.

These are the ones I could think of right on the top of my head. There are more, but I’m tired and don’t feel like listing every single one of them.

P.S: this was originally supposed to be a more general rant about Tumblr’s toxic culture, but so much of their toxicity is related to shipping and social justice, so it ended up being focused on those.

i’m gonna talk tlc headcanons because honestly when am i not talking tlc:

  • wolf and cress have matching friendship bracelets. they also do that thing where they communicate with just their faces
  • scarlet loves baking, so she’s always cooking and making things for the rampion squad (and obviously they love it)
  • cress loves to sing and dance, and soon she finds out kai does too, and they like to do karaoke together
  • winter and cress love bingewatching movies and tv shows. cress likes romance while winter likes fantasy
  • cinder takes up boxing. wolf teaches her.
  • for like a week or so after thorne gets his sight back he’s just marveling at cress like “i am so in love with you, tiny beautiful goddess”
  • iko jokingly refers to wolf and scarlet as “mom and dad”
  • after being in the satellite for so long, and then becoming accustomed to sleeping by thorne’s side, cress doesn’t like to sleep alone. usually she climbs into thorne’s bed or hangs with iko if she can’t sleep
  • scarlet and cinder can drink each other under the table
  • thorne fucking loves taylor swift
  • everybody gives cress a piggyback ride at some point. there is no escaping it
  • jacin is always like “i don’t care if they like me because i don’t even like them” and winter is like “ok whatever u say bby”
  • winter and iko and cress do all the stereotypically girly stuff they can together. all of it. a l l o f i t
  • cress has a growing pile of other people’s clothes in her room because she’s always borrowing stuff and forgetting to give it back
  • scarlet’s always coming up to the others when they’re sad or upset and being like “who hurt you? do you want me to fight them? i’ll fight them”
  • kai is kind of socially awkward around the others. you wouldn’t think he would be, considering he’s a royal leader, but he wants very badly for them to like and accept them
  • cinder hates mornings and will glare at anyone who is unfortunate enough to amble into her path
  • iko keeps finding stray animals and being like “can we keep them??” and cinder’s like “for god’s sake winter has all the animals you could possibly want”
  • winter not knowing when she’s being a bit invasive and casually asking scarlet “did you and wolf have a nice time last night? it sounded like you did”
  • when they finally get a chance, they go shopping for new clean clothes. cress buys dozens of dresses. floral patterns. peter pan collars. cardigans. knee socks.

Clara may not ask for help often, but the Doctor is going to make damn sure that he’s around when she does. Whenever, wherever.

And that, I believe, is at the core of his “duty of care”. After the events of Death in Heaven and Last Christmas, there was no way that the Doctor would ever willingly leave Clara behind again, even if he did believe that their adventures would ultimately end in her demise. Just as he’s made himself essential to her, she’s become integral to him. It has nothing to do with a misguided sense of paternalism, or disrespect for her right to self-determination. To say that he was somehow trying to control her through this sense of “duty” would go in the face of everything we’ve been shown of their relationship. ‘Leaving her behind for her own good’ was something that the Eleventh Doctor may have tried to pull off, but Twelve? He made one valiant attempt at seizing control early on in their relationship in Listen (”Then you will never travel with me again…do as you are told!”), which Clara summarily dismissed, seeing it for the empty threat that it was. Since then, it’s been a case of her leading, and the Time Lord following right along. The control freak, and the man who should never be controlled. Et cetera, et cetera.

Therefore, as it stands at the beginning of series 9, he cannot leave Clara behind, he cannot tell Clara what to do, and he cannot stop Clara from throwing herself headlong into danger. So the Doctor does the one thing he can under these circumstances to minimise his anxiety over her safety, and to regain some semblance of control. He watches her, constantly. And he catastrophises. He lets his imagination run wild with the billion and one things that can happen to her. He takes on this duty of care over her that she’s never asked for, because being Clara, she will never ask for it. But he has to be ready to spring into action when she does need his help. Whenever, wherever.

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