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Next Anti Appearance?

There’s been a lot of question as to whether or not Anti will be showing up in October this year. Now personally, I’d like to think he’s not going to show himself and here are the reasons why:

Firstly, Jack’s going to be going on tour, so I don’t see how he’d have the time to create any Anti stuff. Secondly, I recently saw him respond to a post about whether or not we’d see Anti in October and he seemed really unsure, plus it seemed to him that it’d still be a bit too early to bring Anti back (which I have to agree with him). Also, I know October’s the spooky month and all, but if we always expect Anti to show up on Halloween, where’s the surprise in that? Anti’s all about being unpredictable. He showed up at PAX, no one expected that. He showed up in the middle of SUMMER - such an odd time for him to show up!

Personally, I’d like to think he’ll show up either in November or December. Could you imagine? We’ll go through October, all on edge expecting him to show up, but not once does he make an appear. So we let our guard down by the end of October. And then come November, Anti hints start showing up and suddenly it’s part 2 of the Antipocalypse, and it leads up to December. But what would really mess us up is if come the week of Christmas, suddenly everything stopped. No hints, no zalgo text, no images, no suspicious videos titles. It all just stops and goes quiet for DAYS.

Now I got a REALLY twisted idea the other morning. Bear with me here and just imagine this:

If Anti is going to go after Chase (which I honestly think he is), and if he did show up around Christmas, imagine this:

You get up Christmas morning and have a great lovely morning with the family, opening gifts and what have you. You know, having a happy fun-filled Christmas morning :) And after everything’s calmed down, you go online and find out Jack’s posted some sort of Christmas video.

It’s a video of Chase and he’s going to FINALLY get to see his kids (because it’s Christmas! Why the hell not?!) It’s all happy fun times….until things begin to go awry and Anti comes in to fuck things up. What would happen, I don’t know. I don’t know if he’d corrupt Chase, torture him, kill him. Either way, I got this sick idea that he’d kill our “favorite boy” and that would be like his Christmas present to us all. Could you fucking imagine?! Do you know how fucking twisted and sadistic that’d be - for him to kill our precious cinnamon roll (ON CHRISTMAS DAY, WHEN HE WAS GOING TO SEE HIS KIDS!!!) - and we can’t do fuck all, and he does it as some twisted gift idea for us all?! It’d be worse if Anti made Chase’s kids watch too! It’d be so messed up!

We would be scarred for days, weeks, MONTHS! We would NEVER forgive Jack for doing something like that - we’d probably temporarily hate him for a day or two. But the scary thing is just how easily I could imagine something like this happening. For crying out loud, Jack loves horror and he knows how much we love Chase, plus Anti’s know for being unpredictable. You put all of that together and the possibilities are endless (and frightening).

Could you guys imagine?

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There was an attempt

I’m still so freaking hyped guys…

Like, I’m so used to headcanoning characters as LGBT+. It’s so rare for a canon character to come out as bi/pan, and I keep finding myself sitting back like ‘whoa, this is real, this isn’t some fanfic or fanart idea I liked. This is canon. Little kids got to see this.’ and it’s so nice.

being best friends with namjoon

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  • you guys would be friends just before he became trainee, you would be a few years younger than him
  • you would always always always encourage him to write lyrics; even before they debuted
  • it would take him a while to introduce you to the other boys, him not wanting you to date any of them
  • he would be very protective of you
  • you would finally get to meet the boys when they debuted, namjoon taking them all out to dinner and inviting you
  • the boys would start teasing him about how he was friends with a beautiful girl like you
  • “yah! shutup you idiots!” 
  • him smacking them across the head slightly gently
  • after that you and the boys became very close
  • you and namjoon texting before and after rehersals all the time
  • you being his inspirtation for some lyrics
  • both of you telling jimin that he has no jams
  • you guys facetiming all the time when the boys and him go on tour
  • “oh my god you’re so loud why am i friends with you?”
  • you guys speaking in english infront of the boys, using hard vocabularity just to tease the boys
  • you guys would always find comfort in each other
  • if you needed to rant about some girl at school or work you would instantly call namjoon
  • if he needed to talk about how stressed he was he would call you
  • you helping him with lyrics sometimes
  • him helping you with school BC GOD IS THAT BOY SMART
  • late nights drives listening to eachothers music
  • namjoon getting annoyed because the other boys respect you more than him and he is their leader
  • armys actually loving you and namjoons friendship
  • namjoon and the other boys posting selfies with you on their twitter sometimes
  • you guys giving eachother fashion advice
  • you teasing him about his old hair
  • “y/n. stop. your hair wasn’t the best before either!”
  • you picking him up on his lunch breaks to get lunch together
  • him saying that the waiter is totally checking you out
  • you ignoring him and rolling your eyes playfully
  • late night texts to him when you can’t sleep
  • watching his music videos on repeat to annoy him
  • you also learning his rap parts to annoy him
  • one night, almost 4am, there was a knock at your door
  • slowly and tiredly you make your way to the door, being surprised when you met eyes with namjoon
  • “joon? what are you doing here at this time of night?”
  • “y/n, we need to talk.”
How To Get A Guy To Like You

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary:Sometimes, internet can be helpful with love problems.
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 2.441
A/N: Thank you so much for the notes on the imagine before this one, people! They make me so happy, and I hope you’ll like it too! Friendly reminder, I absolutely love feedback! :) 
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Growing up as a hunter sure had its disadvantages. Aside from the constant danger, being overall socially awkward due to not having time to get to know people, and always having to be on alert, you also made your peace with having to accept you didn’t know everything, especially when it came to humans, but you knew that you had to look for help when you needed it.

“Sam, I need help.”

Sam’s head shot up and he put the book down, sitting up straight almost immediately, “Sure. Are you in trouble?”

You cleared your throat as you sat down across him, and his eyes searched yours,

“Is this about Lucifer?”




“Is it-“

“How do I get a guy to like me?”

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TITLE -  Neighbours - Part 1 

WARNINGS - SMUT , orgasm denial , choking , NSFW GIFS 

WORDS -  2.5 k +

A/N -   Taw @supersoldierslover as always you are amazing . Thank you so very much for the corrections and changes . 


Bucky Fucking Barnes , your neighbour who fucks every other girl almost everyday . You’d have no  problem with peoples sex life since you have a  quite active one too, but it becomes a problem when you share a wall and can’t help but hear  “BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY  YEAH BUCKY” every other day form the mouth of a high pitched lady who is obviously faking it . Who screams like that? It boasts his ego to such an extent that he walks around completely cocksure of himself with a smirk on his face 24/7 . 

You just want to slap it off his beautiful , pretty , fuckable face . Yep . You did have a crush on him when he moved in . He was nice to people around him , he helped out old ladies and was pretty good with kids . Why is that he was so arrogant when it came to you ? Well, you dodged his advances every single time . And every single time he just got even more unbearable.

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Every year at the end of the year awards banquet we have for my school choir, each student gets a superlative written by the president and vice president of the choir. Due to my constant talking about the Flash and Batman and Robin and a bunch of other superheroes this year this was my superlative (which is scary accurate):

“Most likely to be reading a comic book.”

(They left out “-online since she’s too broke to afford to buy one.”)

Since everyone was making a compilation of their fave vines I thought I might as well make my own c: