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Why is Rick Riordan getting hate again? This man worked so hard for YEARS to make an entire generation fall in love with reading, and to help kids who have ADHD feel included. And represented SO MANY different types of people with different sexualities, religions and disabilities. And now he is being attacked bc reyna isnt a lesbian?? like??

1) I completely agree with him, the stereotype of lesbian girls “becoming” lesbian because a man broke their heart is extremely harmful and VERY overused in media. little girls who read the books shouldn’t think “oh so lesbians are only lesbians bc they gave up on men or are heart broken” because thats is a terrible massege.

2) Its his original charecter he gets to do whatever the hell her wants with her.

3) Rick’s books have a LOT of lgbtqa+ representation already (bi, lesbian,gay, pansexual,asexual/aromatic, non-binary and many more)

In conclusion be nice to uncle rick bc he is doing his best ❤

you dont need to know anything for sure. the fact that girls make your heart go thwump thwump or that you think about them a lot or you want to be held in a girl’s arms is enough. definitions are fun, but defining who you are is a journey. just be. 

Don’t lie about your sexuality if you’re straight.

Okay first off let me start this by saying that I don’t mean this in a hateful, bitchy way. I mean it in a “don’t do it, it might be dangerous” way.

Okay so this is something that’s been annoying me a lot. Recently, I mentioned that I found this female character attractive to like a small group of friends to try and come out slowly. Then this girl in the group told me that she was bisexual. So I was like ‘Great I have someone who I know irl that is part of the LGBT community’. So I said “Hey, I’m pansexual. High five! We’re both part of the LGBT community,”, only for her to tell me that she was lying but that she supported me nonetheless.

 I understand that people like to joke around but please don’t do this

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me: im bisexual

friend: oh so ur a lesbian

me: haha no im bi. i like guys and girls.

friend: so do you have a problem with lesbians or something?

me: what? no. i’m just telling y-

friend: don’t worry i totally accept you’re going through an experimental phase. it doesn’t matter to me if you’re gay or straight i’ll always love you.

me: thank you but i’m bi for sure

friend: sorry what were you saying

I can’t wait until I have someone to spoil. You want the giant dinosaur? I’m going to win you that giant dinosaur. You want a large fry with those nuggets, you best believe you’re getting it. You want those new jeans that really show off your ass? Hell yeah, those jeans are yours.