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Dear Gabbie on OSPL,

When you volunteer at a center for people with disabilities a couple of hours a week, or month, and only for a specific disability which isn’t caused by genetics, but by something happening in late pregnancy, or before age 2, and then claim that because of that you know what it’s like to care for disabled children. You are being naive.

I have worked with them since January, hours up on hoursand I would never claim I know what it’s like. I would never say that “hey, you can do it because these people did it!”, because these parents had to face the heartbreaking decision of giving up their children for every other week, or completely let them move out, because they could not meet their children’s needs, and their own basic needs at the same time.

I work with children where you have to always be able to hear them, or always be in the same room as them, I work with children who get epilepsy attacks so severe  where you need to plan every second of the day to make sure it won’t happen (and it still does, generally). I work with children who are far beyond their infant years, but still looks and/or acts completely like one. Where a 38.3 fever can be devasting. Where an O2 sat of 53 really isn’t out of the ordinary. I work with children where getting them dressed is a work-out. I work with children who cannot speak or communicate at all, but you have to read their body language, facial expressions to be able to discern if they want to be alone, if they’re too hot/cold, if they’re annoyed by the sound level, if they want to be hugged, etc. 

To push this on people, to claim that they HAVE to have children like these when they know in their hearts they can’t properly take care of them, that it would have such a negative impact on their lives. If you are comfortable with completely giving up your life, never being able to have a moment for yourself again until that child dies, letting your other children suffer (oh they will, as a sibling of a child who was extremely sick at one point, they will suffer immensly). 

You can talk about the fact that “they deserve a shot at life, too”, but the lives some of them live aren’t lives. 

Of all of the 8 kiddos I work with there is only one, or two, of the children who have a disability I can say that I maybe would be able to deal with. Even then….

Do you know how heartbreaking it is to not know how much a child understands behind it all? If they are in there at all? As cute as a child who laughs sitting in their chair looking at the white ceiling is, it is heartbreaking as well.  

Do you know how heartbreaking it is to know that these amazing children will die much too soon, some of them maybe only a few years from now? How heartbreaking it is to know that their parents weren’t able to be there for them despite trying so hard? That some of them broke under the pressure and can’t deal with their children at all?

I love these children, us working there often say we want to take them home with us because they are so wonderful. They are. We work there between 8 hours a month to 50 hours a week, we can stop worrying when we get home, we don’t have to sit up at night with paper work, don’t have to push up every meal that day until the child is *barely* asleep at 10pm. We don’t have to wake up & get up at 3am every other night for 3 hours for 15+ years because your child woke up.

It’s easy to say you understand when you’re volunteering with people with severe disabilities, but you don’t. I can’t say I do, either. It shows naivety, it shows a lack of understanding. Cerebral palsy can be incredibly severe, my twin have several friends with CP, and some pretty much confined to their chair, unable to talk at all. However, CP rarely has the medical needs of the children I work with (we’re talking about up to 15 medications a day, many of them life sustaining)

Also, slow clap, for once again going “oh I’ve seen people do it, so you can to!” which you’re now becoming famous for. It’s not even “I did it, so can you” which is also horrible. You haven’t even done it, yet demand other people to.

Lovely, lovely.

Naivety is showing, Gabbie.

A pissed off and annoyed DSP


Check out this excellent pro-life video a friend of mine filmed and produced. Share it too! Let’s make it as popular as the “This is my Body” videos. 

My response to some presumptuous pro-lifers


The Declaration of Independence states that all human beings have a right to life. We’re all created equal, and endowed by Our Creator with those rights.

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal, and are endowed by Our Creator with these inalienable rights, The rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’

Sponges aren’t mentioned hehe.

and like Jazzi said, if my fellow sponges were being killed you can bet I’d fight against that.

The Declaration of Independence has nothing to say about fetuses. Absolutely nothing. Also, fetuses are not afforded citizenship under the law until they are viable. Until you can scientifically and ethically demonstrate why the rights of a fetus should be equal to or greater than the rights of the mother who holds the social security card, this is a moot point. Provide the legal and moral implications for why a woman should have no say on what dwells inside a part of her body. I don’t want to hear your emotional opinions. I want facts backed by data. 

So you wouldn’t look down upon a women who left her child in a burning building in order to save herself? ;Jazzi

What does this have to do with the discussion at hand? Stay on topic, please, and quit trying to throw in logical fallacies to make a point. 

So this guy:  Dr. Landrum Shettles,  The “Father of In Vitro Fertilization,”  isn’t worth anything? 

The Sex Selection Guy? The one who promotes test tube babies and offers to let parents determine the sex of their children by risking their survival? Yeah, sounds like an extremely ethical guy to have on your side of the pro-life argument. :P

Or how about these people : The American College of Pediatricians. Not worth anything?

Each person associated with this college is pro-life? Highly doubtful. Indicate using data that this is so. Also indicate with studies how their findings are consistent with every scientific endeavor to determine when personhood begins.

Or the people of The First International Symposium on Abortion. Their opinion doesn’t matter?

I don’t know. You tell me. Link me to some non-biased studies that the organization has performed into the fields of embryology and reproductive health and I’ll take a look. If it’s just another news site or advocacy group, I want nothing to do with it.  Indicate how it is a scientific authority that defines when personhood begins. 

What about the The Official Senate report  on Senate Bill 158, the “Human Life Bill.”?

Abortion is, and has been, legal since Roe vs. Wade. A legal document from 1982 isn’t going to change that.  

When someone feels like a right is being taken away from someone, they do something about it. ;Jazzi  

A fetus is not afforded the same rights as the mother until viability. The Constitution does not specifically distinguish fetus’ to be right-affording humans. Also, your genes argument is flawed in that it doesn’t take into consideration genetic disorders that afford the person fewer or more chromosomes than a normal human being. This is not what defines what it means to be human.

What if her morals are to beat and burn her children?

Should the government not be allowed to intervene because it’s her business, and not theirs???

Um. Even if it’s potential life, we as humans have a right to that life.~~Jojo


And why is hers superior to ours? ;Jazzi

How is this in any way connected to abortion? There is a significant difference between abusing and killing viable, self-functioning offspring and disposing of incomplete zygotes in the womb. You must be joking if you really expect me to take this analogy seriously. Asserting that fetuses have the same right to life as their fully developed counterparts does not make it so. Assertions aren’t facts. 

You still haven’t answered my question. What makes her morality over her own body and offspring inferior to yours? Disregarding all comments about her murdering her children after they are born or beating them senseless, what gives you the right to tell her what to do here and now, when she is pregnant, faced with one of the most difficult decisions of her life? What gives you the right to define murder for her when the definition of the word doesn’t even specify the legitimacy of undeveloped life? 

Rape and murder are illegal. We try to control people and their bodies with that. Is it wrong of us to do that then?No.~~Jojo

Abortion is not rape, and it is not considered murder to dispose of an incomplete organism by definition. It is wrong of you to usurp the rights of others and make decisions for them that are potentially life altering and threatening. Quiet contradictory since you claim to be pro-life. If you really were so, you would be pro-mother, as well. Why don’t you hold your morals to yourself and practice them in your own life instead of forcing your beliefs onto others? I highly doubt you would take personal responsibility for any fetuses “saved’ from abortion anyway.

anonymous asked:

In regards to OSPL's quote: "To put your needs and comforts above someone else’s life - your child’s life - is the lowest of the low in terms of selfishness." If they truly believe that, then they need to be donating blood and plasma every week, donate bone marrow as often as needed, donate one kidney, one liver lobe, skin grafts, etc. Otherwise she is well and truly putting her OWN comfort above others' lives. She should do this especially since she thinks body autonomy is BS.