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Can I have a scenario with Hyuuga, Kagami, and Midorima with a female so who is an exchange student and is really really good at ballet? Thanks!

thanks for requesting love!

i always wanted to try doing ballet but i think god has another plan for me that does not consist of me being flexible or fit at all


He’s been dating you for a complete three months now and he’s got to say, so far it’s been one of the best months he’ve ever had. Even though he still remembers the first time you met like it was yesterday.

He’ve heard there was a new exchange student but he didn’t really get the chance to meet them nor see them yet until Riko came in. Boy, he never knew a smile can brighten someone’s day until he saw you that day.

Riko was giving you a tour of the school and she came across the gym when he was practicing on his free period. She also introduced him to you and that was when he saw you smile for the first time.

After that, nonstop showing off and first class humor was all he knew. He even went and actually asked Izuki for some puns to enlighten you with. Which resulted in you cringing but still laughing in the process. 

When he realized all you needed was for him to be himself around you and not act like someone else, he finally confessed. 

He was more than happy to see you feeling the same way about him. He might have gotten a little too excited back then and ended up pulling you into a tight hug, lifting you from the ground and giving you a twirl in the process.

He still remembers the look on your face, you were blushing madly and giggling, it was a sound he wanted to always hear. 

He thought he already got to know everything about you in those past three months, but apparently he was wrong.

He was just about to walk in your bedroom when he had to come to a halt when he caught you dancing. You were dancing so beautifully and flawlessly, like a Ballerina. 

“Wow.” he thought. You were so good that he was actually afraid to come in and interrupt you, he did not wanna see you stop. Looks like he just found another reason to add on why you’re the best.

He never thought you could look more prettier than you already are until he saw you dancing. It seems like he found a new favorite thing to do, which is watch you dance ballet.

“I didn’t know you did ballet!” he exclaimed as he pushed the door more open.


It was his first time watching you on an actual stage instead of your usual practice room. 

He wanted thank his lucky stars and your ballet instructor for making you come to Japan to get an even better training here, because that’s how he got to meet you.

Even though the hall was already huge with so many seats, it was almost full. People didn’t stop coming in. He was so happy that so many people are going to see how truly talented you are.

He’s not gonna lie though, when you first asked him if he could come and watch your ballet performance, his feelings were all over the place. He was so used to be the one asking you out, so when you asked him and to such a big event, it made him realize how much you truly cared about him.

You were so nervous. You were blushing like crazy and barely even let your eyes meet his. It was like he was seeing himself in you, you were just as a mess as he was when he first confessed to you.

He realized how much this must truly mean to you. You seemed to really want him there, supporting you and watching all your practice finally pay off. Smiling so genuinely like he always has, he told you he’d more than happy to come.

It’s been almost 10 minutes now and the curtains have finally opened.

His eyes went wide, and his lips formed into a smile immediately.

You were looking so gorgeous that his eyes never wanted to leave you. Your makeup and Tutu, you looked utterly fascinating. 

As soon as the music started he felt his heart beat really fast, you started moving as if you and the music were one. It was like the music was moving by you and not the opposite.

Of course, the minute the performance ended, he was the first to stand up and clap with his entire power. Unable to control his emotions he ended up clapping and whistling too.


Although his cheeks burned red right after, he realized you actually had heard him between the crowds because your eyes met his with a grin on your face.


“Midorima! Come on, it’s really not that hard to take a few pictures!” you whined.

“I am trying!” he sighed. 

He really did say no to this at first, but the way you kept asking him and giving him the puppy eyes made him say yes eventually. It’s not that he didn’t want to do this for you, it’s that he can’t stare at you for too long without smiling.

You’ve asked him to take a few pictures for you in your favorite ballet positions because you wanted to post them on Instagram and you couldn’t think of anyone better than your boyfriend to do that, which is him.

He still cannot believe that he was lucky enough to call you his. He always admired you from afar, too shy to actually take action until you finally noticed him and gave him a chance to really show you how amazing of a boyfriend he’d be for you.

He would do anything for you if it meant making you happy and seeing that smile of yours. Even if he had his own way of showing you just how much he truly cares about you sometimes, you always knew him well.

In his opinion and probably everyones too, you really were one of the most beautiful people he’ve ever laid eyes on. He’ll never find you anything but utterly amazing and you never failed to show him exactly why.

“Midorima!” you yelled. 

“Oh. What is it?” he spoke. Apparently he ended up daydreaming about you and staring for too long again. 

“You’ve been staring at me and smiling like a fool.” you said. “Not that I’m complaining.” you continued with a smirk and a hint of blush on your cheeks.

“It’s not my problem that your outfit is so tight that I can see the outline of your brea-” he didn’t even get to continue because you hit him on the head before he got to finish his sentence.

You blushed and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Ti amo.” you whispered into his ear before leaving him behind.

“Wait! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!” he yelled while watching you run away.

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May I ask every text for karamatsu? I'M SORRY FOR BEING SO GREEDY

dude, i don’t blame you in the slightest

✉ - A text that wasn’t sent

✿ - Suggestive text

✘ - Hateful text

$ - Accidental text

All of the following answered here!

☎ - Rushed text

@ - Scared text

Both answered here!

♀  - Heartbreaking text

Answered here!


✆ - Morning text

>Good morning, my Karamatsu angel~

>I hope that you slept well, and that you’re dreams were as sweet and perfect as you~*~

⁇ - Drunk text

>Hey my baeutful ,sweet Y/N~*~~~*~* I just wantedto tell yuo that you are the shining l ight of my life~<33 I only wish to stay with yo awlays, my precious sweet Y/N~

>*i mean beautiful~<3<3

>also ..

>you don;t think im painful, right.? i mean i know that i was born to be a guilt guy who inintentionally hurts people   ,, but. am i really that insuffrable??

>hehh, forgive me for my rmambling, m y flower ~ 

ø - Late night text

>Are you still up my honey~? I was just thinking about you because, at least for the moment, I cannot go to sleep.

>If I’m lucky, I’ll have sweet dreams of you~*

>Okay, I will attempt to get some shut eye now… Goodnight, my sweet Karamatsu girl~<3<3

# - Random text

>Hello, my dazzling Y/N~ What are you doing right now?

>Why, you may ask? Well, my beautiful songbird, I’m on my roof right now, guitar in hand, waiting for the spark of inspiration to flow through my fingers, and I’d like to have your company, should the moment strike to play you a song~ Because nothing makes me happier than to create beautiful, smooth-flowing music with you, my Karamatsu angel<3

>So hurry! I shall await you atop my humble abode~*~ 

& - Loving text

>My sweet Y/N…I just felt like I needed to tell you how amazing you are to me~ You are more radiant than the sun, and you always seem to light up every dark spot of my life. When I had first met you, I was captivated by your beauty, but now that I’ve gotten to know you, I’ve seen how beautiful you are on the inside as well~ Your heart is as big as the ocean, and your gentle waves of affection never fail to make me smile with pure happiness<3 

>Thank you for always being there, and loving me…I wouldn’t be the same man without you, my precious Karamatsu girl~<3

ツ - Excited text

>Y/N, I did it! I really got a spot in the summer festival’s music show!! Oh, I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and support, my love…! So, thank you…thank you from the bottom of my heart~

>We shall celebrate at that really nice restaurant down the street! I’ll pick you up around 7, so be sure dress nice, my angel~*~

"The songs and the words own the beating of our hearts" - Patrick Stump Imagine #1

Request : Can you pleeeease do one where you’re like sitting on the sidewalk after a Fall Out Boy show then Patrick comes and you gush about how much they mean to you and he gives you his fedora?!:D

This is just a short little treat because I wanted to write something but I wasn’t really in the mood yesterday so, yeah here you go.

It’s basically a little love letter to my favorite band EVER.

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August 25th, 2013 - August 25th, 2014

Oh boy, what can I say. It’s only been a year, but you guys have done a lot of works already. From music shows, showcases in Korea and Japan, tons of radio shows, starring in CFs, and even variety shows. Words can’t describe how proud we are of you boys. Despite the tight schedules, you always manage to give your attention to the fans, and you never fail to make us laugh. It’s crazy how you never at once disappoint me.

I may not have been a fan since the very first day you started your career, or maybe the YouTube cover era, but I want you to know that I am proud of you all. You have done and WILL always do an amazing job. I could never thank you enough for that. I’m so glad that I found this band. Really, I’m so thankful of your existence in music industry.

I want you to know that your fans will always be there for you and will always support you no matter what. Once again thank you for everything guys. Keep up the good work! I know you can rise higher and shine brighter than ever. Can’t wait to see your projects in the future! Here for another amazing years! :)