oh shit there goes the planet

Alright. So, You know how in Episode 2, Lance goes like “I don’t need pants. I’m a mermaid.”?

Imagine an “The Little Mermaid” AU with Lance as a merman. It would be called The Little Merlance and I think this work best with Lancelot as the ship. I mean Lotor is a prince so it would fit well.

Their first meeting would be Lotor going to the mermaid planet and Lance sees him from behind, noticing his long hair and thinking that Lotor is a female Galra so he swims over like “What’s a pretty Galra like you doing on a planet full of mermaids?” and Lotor turns around and Lance goes like “Oh shit, you’re not a girl?” but then he goes like “Well, you’re still a pretty Galra” then he winks and Lotor’s so taken back at first then he winks back and goes like “You’re not so bad looking for a merman”

I so plan on making a fanfic for this AU.

Sonic games in a nutshell but in a way that undermines the actual situation:

Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) - Scientist wants to turn animals into Iron Man.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System) - Scientist wants to turn animals into Iron Man again.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System) - Scientist kidnaps rare breed of fox while turning animals into Iron Man.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis) - Star Wars tribute gone too far.

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine - Everyone practices leering.

SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog - Scientist brings hedgehog to his island to remove him from his island (and his life).

Sonic CD - Time travel but in a non-confusing way.

Sonic Spinball - Pinball volcano myth gets busted.

Sonic Chaos - Scientist lets an island go for a swim.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles - George Lucas didn’t sue, so it’s okay for him to use it again.

Sonic Triple Trouble - There’s that character that doesn’t appear anymore.

Knuckles Chaotix - New theme park gets a disastrous opening day.

Tails Sky Patrol - Witches can’t afford broomsticks anymore.

Tails Adventure - #NotAllBirds

Sonic Labyrinth - It’s the wrong shoes, Gromit.

Sonic the Fighters - Well there was a second Death Star, so…

Sonic 3D Blast - #NotAllFlickies

Sonic Blast - Ow, my eyes.

Sonic R - Tails Doll doesn’t do anything.

Sonic Adventure - The water is sad.

Sonic Pocket Adventure - The Neo Geo was a thing that existed.

Sonic Shuffle - NiGHTS cast stumbled into the wrong set.

Sonic Adventure 2 - Old man is very angry and programs black hedgehog to be very angry.

Sonic Advance - Scientist wants to turn animals into Iron Man but on the GBA.

Sonic Advance 2 - Your mother can’t be with you anymore.

Sonic Pinball Party - Scientist gets a hypnotism fetish.

Sonic Heroes - Robotic hedgehog achieves his dream of becoming a anime artist’s wet dream.

Sonic Battle - C-3PO pops in for a chat.

Sonic Advance 3 - C-3PO pops in for a chat but in an evil way.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Old alien is very angry and programs black hedgehog to go through badly programmed level design.

Sonic Rush - Which of our two new characters had more thought put into them?

Sonic Riders - Jason Griffith battles crippling balloon inhaling addiction.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - I don’t remember.

Sonic Rivals - Negative Scientist tries Yu-Gi-Oh.

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Thief of Bagdad self-insert fanfiction.

Sonic Rush Adventure - Scientist participates in Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Sonic Rivals 2 - Negative Scientist remembers only one part from Fantasia 2000.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Those droids were the best part in the Phantom Menace.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - *description was taken down at the request of Ken Penders*

Sonic Unleashed - How many fucking monsters are there in this universe.

Sonic and the Black Knight - The Legend of Zelda but in a mediocre way.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 - Hedgehog tries out anti-gravity shoes.

Sonic Free Riders - Couldn’t afford cutscenes.

Sonic Colours -  New theme park gets a disastrous opening day but in space.

Sonic Generations - Scientist finally works out how to use a Pokeball.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 - Scientist wraps up a planet for Christmas.

Sonic Lost World - Monsters Inc. convention goes badly.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - Snake is overcome with emotion at having limbs.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal - The other one with the snake.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice - Something about fire and ice.

Sonic Mania - I’m not an Egg Robo, I’m a real boy(/girl).

Sonic Forces - Scientist gets the Triforce of Power.

Sonic Gather Battle - Oh dear.

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Yuri P. with a s/o who despises animal prints?

Since you didn’t specify what you wanted, I decided to do headcanons because I couldn’t think of a full idea for a scenario. I hope that’s alright :) I really love this idea, though; Yurio would probably have the funniest reaction. Thank you for the request~ <3

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • have mercy on this poor boy bc he will not take it very well
  • You’re on a typical shopping date with your boyfriend when the drama starts
  • Nothing is out of the ordinary as far as either of you can tell, but that changes when Yuri decides to quick look in a high-end clothing store
  • of course he drags you in there with him lmao what did you expect
  • “Yuri, you know I can’t afford any of this stuff jfc wut r u doin
  • “(Y/N), please, let’s just look and stfu we’re gonna be rich one day so just go with it
  • Yuri goes off on his own to look at some things, and you just browse the racks a bit
  • You come across an article of clothing you like, and head to the dressing room to try it on just for fun; there’s no way you can afford the hefty price tag attached to it
  • You’re admiring yourself in the dressing room mirror when there’s a knock on the door, and you open it to reveal Yuri
  • He’s holding a huge, hideous fur leopard print coat that looks incredibly expensive
  • oh shit fam this is where it goes down r u ready
  • “Here, try this on, (Y/N). I think I can buy this for you if I save up a bit also you look smoking hot in that outfit holy shit
  • You stare at the coat in disgust and shake your head; you wouldn’t wear that piece of garbage if it was the last piece of clothing on the planet
  • “Yuri, no. I hate animal prints. Try finding something a little less horrendous, maybe?”
  • Your boyfriend’s face contorts with shock and he almost drops the coat on the floor
  • cue the famous “huh?!”
  • From that moment on, he sees you in a totally different light; he can’t believe that you’ve been secretly judging him on his fashion choices for all this time
  • He won’t change his style for you or tone down the animal prints, and he’ll actually begin to wear more of those patterns
  • Yuri thinks he can change your mind if he forces it on you, but to no avail
  • honestly Yuri just let it go lmao stop fighting it
  • It’s a minor inconvenience, but you’re able to compromise and move on with your relationship, even with this small difference between the two of you
  • but that won’t stop him from trying to purchase animal prints for you lmao just bear with him <3
McAngst with a side of fries

A.K.A, Heavy Heart

Warnings: these fries come xtra salty and soggy

Word Count: 1.3k

Pairings: 11th!Doctor x you (kinda), 11th!Doctor x River Song

Originally posted by cosplayandfandomslove

You knew it was wrong for you to feel this way. You knew that if you let yourself indulge in the warm fuzzy feeling of a crush you’d only end up hurting yourself. You knew, and yet, you let yourself get lost in love.

You and the Doctor had been good friends for a while now. You’d met him through Amy, your childhood friend. And although you weren’t there for every adventure, you had your occasional escaped with the Ponds and the Doctor.

Those days were usually spent running from trouble and trying to save an alien civilization; you loved the thrill. You loved the way your lungs burned with hot air as you hid from knights, the proud feeling of having saved someone, the new sights, the different foods; you loved adventure. But after a while the love for adventure dulled down (only slightly), and a new love grew inside you. To be completely honest, you didn’t even see it coming. One day you just found yourself staring at him as he was concentrating on fixing some thingamabob that would intern shoot a beam that would do something to save the planet that was currently under fire.

His floppy hair stuck to his damp forehead, his bowtie was loose, his tweed jacket had been discarded long ago and his sleeved were rolled up; he was glistening with sweat, and stressed, yet he was the prettiest thing you had come to see.

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I'm feeling frustrated about CRA because Asians are very underrepresented in western media, and any majority-Asian project gets put under the microscope and we get told why it's problematic and why we shouldn't support it. East Asian wealth is built off colorism and while this is wrong, the wealth of European royalty is built off of colonialism and abuse, yet nobody complains about the movies featuring royal families or secretly a prince rom-coms.

LOL right

People be treating the royal family like they’re some cute, adorable little perfect family but they come from a long line of bloodthirsty, white supremacist ass colonizers on steroids that are responsible for the way our world is right now, that also went around murdering and ruining almost every country on the planet. Like literally.

But oh! That dress! But oh! That dog! But oh! That marriage! So cute! So adorable!

I don’t give a fuck about any of that shit. No amount of apologizes or reparations or any of that will ever be enough either. This isn’t about a few problematic individuals that say or do something mean then apologize and are forgiven. No. This goes far beyond all of that. Way before any of us were even born.

Angry Asian Guy

Spaceballs! Sentence starters
  • "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
  • "How many assholes do we have on this ship, anyway?"
  • "I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes!"
  • "Oh, shit. There goes the planet."
  • "I can't breathe in this thing."
  • "I ain't shooting this thing, I hate guns."
  • "You listen. On this ship, you're to refer to me as 'idiot', not 'you captain'. I mean, you know what I mean."
  • "And you will not call me 'you'. You will never address me as 'you'. You will call me 'your royal highness'."
  • "I already called him, sir. He knows everything."
  • "Well not exactly over, sir... more to the side - I'll always call you first, it will never happen again, never, ever."
  • "May the schwartz be with you!"
  • "No, no, no. Go past this. Pass this part. In fact, never play this again."
  • "So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"
  • "Listen! We're not just doing this for money! We're doing it for a SHIT LOAD of money!"
  • "Out of order? Fuck! Even in the future nothing works!"
  • "Say goodbye to your two best friends, and I don't mean your pals in the Winnebago."
  • "Excuse me! I'm trying to conduct a wedding here which has nothing to do with love, so please be quiet!"
  • "Are we being too literal?"
  • "Well, I hope it's a long ceremony, 'cause it's gonna be a short honeymoon."
  • "Hey! I don't have to put up with this! I'm rich!"
  • "Hey, you can't park here!"
  • "Yeah, can't you read? No parking!"

blue-mood-blue replied to your post: sapphfoes replied to your post “re:…

I’m glad you reminded me, that and mbmbam are gonna fill that podcast void… I don’t think Angus has an exact equivalent in wtnv but intern fits him best in general? Especially since he gets lessons from Taako… Ren too actually, so yeah, both! Merle makes a very interesting choice for that role (Old Man Merle has a nice ring to it). I wonder what would change with those two in this context… And that’s an interesting parallel, with the planet, there’s potential there

yeah like, the intern that taako at first kind of dismissed because he’s so small and way too enthusiastic, he’s deffo gonna die. but then angus keeps not dying and taako is like….oh no…..i like this boy. god, imagine ango taking over for taako’s slot when taako goes out of the office? i think ren doing most of the dana stuff - getting lost in the desert etc makes more sense though, for some reason. 

wait. shit. did you listen to the Condos episode? because kravitz getting swallowed by the black void inside the condo and taako diving in to save him would be, very good. 

old man merle. its perfect. 

and yeah…tbh, i feel like the night vale canon hasnt established what the fuck the planet is about, so like…open canon for making that analogy, lol. 

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About as complicated an answer as I was expecting, considering every religious/mythological thing ever has a billion iterations/interpretations that all contradict one another. I appreciate your help, though, in clarifying things, if only by a bit. Your the best.

if it helps to clarify, here’s a sort of Basic Bullet Point List of Events about that in most Gnostic Stories:

- Monad exists in the nonphysical real of Light called Pleroma, does a bunch of things yadda yadda skip to the part where he creates Sophia and her Partner Aeon

-Sophia (but in some myths just a random Aeon/Final Aeon in the chain but 90% of the time it’s Sophia) gets the idea, hey, I’m gonna make something without my partner Dude, and then creates the Demiurge (often but not always named Yaldabaoth), an awful flawed creature full of sin

-Sophia goes, oh fuck oh shit oh fuck and seals him away in a pocket of darkness now known as Our World or the Physical Realm, separated from Pleroma

-Demiurge wakes up in this pocket of darkness, sealed away from everything in Pleroma and thinks he’s totally alone in all of creation, completely ignorant of Pleroma and everyone in it. Immediately names himself King of Everything and goes to town in Darkness world creating everything, planets, angels, humankind etc but theyre all inherently flawed cuz he’s flawed (and he’s basically the God from the Old Testament, so like, all that and genesis story happens noah’s ark etc you get the picture. Basically he keeps trying and failing to make humanity perfect and without sin)

-Sophia/Logos/Monad whoever sees Humanites plight/suffering/pities them for being flawed creations of a flawed creation or just straight up sees the dark world as a whole and wants to fix it/re integrate everything in it back into goodness and light and pleroma. Basically somebody wants to fix Sophia’s mistake

after this it kinda splits two ways depending on the version of the story

1) - Sophia/Logos as partners (or Monad himself sometimes) creates another pair of Aeons called Jesus Christ/Holy Ghost specifically so they can enter the Dark Pocket Universe and try to salvage whatever goodness they can find in it and bring it back into Pleroma, aka Jesus Christ the Aeon incarnates as a Human Man and does the Jesus Thing/Dying for our sins yadda yadda so that Good/Smart Humans can go to Heaven when they die/their souls can achieve Gnosis/they can reintegrate with Pleroma (In this scenario, Sophia is parallel in the human Mary Mother of Jesus, who also essentially “creates” something without her husband/virgin birth, but this time it’s good, it’s a sort of “Like Fixes Like” thing)


2) Sophia’s Partner Aeon decides to go into the Dark World and do the Jesus thing himself and him and Sophia don’t end up creating anything together. (in this scenario, Sophia and Jesus Christ are partners and Sophia is paralleled with “the Bride of Christ”)

and in EITHER scenario, Sophia may or may not follow/join him/incarnate into the dark world, not as a Human like him, but as the Holy Ghost

so yeah, this is Gnosticism, basically

(also, in some myths, they explicitly state that they are trying to save Humanity FROM the Demiurge, instead of saving humanity AND the demiurge from the darkness, as the Demiurge is considered the source of the darkness, he cannot be light as he is inherently dark, and wears a false imitation of light instead. In this way, the Demiurge is not only the God from the old testament, but he is Satan as well. Heresy I know to equate “God” with “Satan” as the same being, that’s why we say Gnosticism is “Christianity-like” instead of a branch of Christianity, as its actually considered very heretical by a lot of Christianity. But some people get around this by saying oh no the Demiurge is Satan full stop, he just pretends to be God all throughout the Old Testament/Humanity has never really interacted with the TRUE GOD (which they consider Monad)

Jet Wolf and Act 20

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

“Papa!” Chibi-Usa cries, as her hands slide through the hologram. With a sigh, she adds, “Well, that’s another thousand years of therapy.” King Endymion doesn’t even try to instinctively hug her back. King Endymion is a fucking douche.

He doesn’t do emotions or leadership or fashion choices well, but god damn, this boy can drop some mad plot, and he wastes no time in getting to what’s really important: TWENTY-ONE STRAIGHT PAGES OF EXCRUCIATING EXPOSITION I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING I JUST FUCKING COUNTED THEM

We all know the basic story here, and thank god for that, because I can skip a literal third of this issue without having to reread it. If you’re familiar with the anime over the manga, what you basically need to know is even in the future, the Senshi are denied literally any modicum of agency and effectiveness. They don’t get to be the ones who used their powers to protect NQS from the Black Moon, it’s just a thing the ginzuishou does. The ginzuishou is more proactive and useful than Usagi’s four guardians and best friends. AS ALWAYS I APPLAUD THE BEST AND MOST INTERESTING CHOICES

And remember the cool shit where the Crystal Tokyo Inners combined their powers to shield the palace from the unrelenting attack of like six million UFOs, but were trapped and unable to do anything else or risk the shield dropping and everyone dying?

Nope! Just unconscious. In one hit. They don’t even get to be plot holograms (plolograms?) like Mamoru.


We also get a more manga Crystal Tokyo backstory, about how Usagi became Neo Queen Serenity at 22. I CAN ONLY ASSUME TAKEUCHI NEVER ACTUALLY MET A 22 YEAR OLD. I’m also not super convinced that Takeuchi didn’t settle on 22 years old because she thought that was when you were the most smoking hot. Seriously, this could just be a translation thing, but my copy puts huge emphasis on how everyone looks so young, even going so far as to say that Usagi’s “figure has remained the same”. Given the flashes of extreme physical shallowness we’ve seen from Takeuchi in the manga so far, I’m just not unconvinced Usagi became queen at 22 because OH MY GOD COULD YOU IMAGINE HER IN HER THIRTIES OR FORTIES OR EVEN FIFTIES FOREVER DEATH WOULD BE PREFERABLE.

(At fifty currently, I assume she’s gotten a bit better about that now, but yeah.)

Anyway, I ignore all this and encourage you to do the same. BUT WAIT ENDYMION STILL HAS SEVERAL HUNDRED PAGES OF SHIT TO TELL US. He goes on to say stuff that got me all pissed off, and you can see my rant here.

So we get backstory on Planet Nemesis, ABOUT WHICH I TAKE SOME ISSUE. More talking, more talking, Minako drifts in and out and begins imagining she is the star of her own telenovella. “Minarita, Duchess of Loooove.” She has thrilling adventures and many lovers, and the Senshi are there, and every week she’s a favoured guest on Sabado Gigante.

Usagi ruins it all by doing her best Marty McFly impression.

Endymion explains that “you can’t exist in two places in two forms at the same time”. When asked why he didn’t bring this up three hours ago before starting his lecture, he shrugs and says “I’m a douche.”


Nobody asks if Rei, Ami, and Mako might be protected against this. Nobody asks if they should maybe get a move on with the rescuing if this is a risk they’re facing. Nobody shows concern about how Usagi going Sue Storm within twenty minutes might mean Rei – kidnapped now for the past six issues – is already dead.


Mamoru pledges to protect Chibi-Usa because Endymion is a hologram and also a douche. But Endymion went three entire seconds without explaining something, and so now has to tell everyone all about Sailor Pluto. I bet Endymion has a Reddit account. If he’s technically a computer program, can’t we just switch him off? “Sorry, bud, already tried,” Minako informs me with a sad shake of her head.


They pop back to their time, and Mamoru says he’ll take Chibs home, and as you’d expect, Usagi handles this is a completely mature and reasonable way, having learned from her hasty accusations and ensuing make-out session last issue.



That night, Minako looks out of her window, wonders where her friends are, and renews her vow to rescue them. “You can’t leave me to deal with this shit by myself for the next thousand years, fuck THAT.”

Morning comes, and Chibs has disappeared. Turns out she ran off to the Gate of Time. Pluto longs for the days when she could read her trashy romance novels without getting interrupted every other century. Chibs wants to stay and hang out with Pluto, but then somehow wanders into Crystal Tokyo and the palace. YOU HAVE ONE FUCKING JOB PLUTO AND I HAVE  TO SAY YOU ARE REALLY KIND OF SHIT AT IT

Chibs wanders around the palace and finally comes to The Creepy Dead Body Room (WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT ROOM) complete with body display slabs and–


And perhaps my larger question of all: WHO THE FUCK PUT YOU ALL THERE


Over to the Black Moon, where Rubeus is all “peace, baby, mellow out and be groovy”. But Esmeraude doesn’t want to be groovy, Esmeraude wants to KILL.

Specifically she wants to kill Chibi-Usa, and honest to god at this point if I were to make a list of characters I’d like to see killed, Chibs wouldn’t even rank. Usagi, Minako, and Mamoru show up (somewhere, Pluto flips her book open again with a VERY aggrieved sigh), and once again, Usagi’s attack fails to work. Guess whose does, though! GO ON GUESS YOU NEVER EVER EVER WILL.

So Mamoru kills Esmeraude, and while she did rank above Chibi-Usa on my kill list, I still feel empty inside. Excited at the opportunity to explain YET MORE SHIT, Endymion vomits some words about the ginzuishou and how it can only work in the past and that’s why Usagi’s power isn’t working. Something like that. I’m really just so beyond caring at this point, whatever.

Dimande shows up, captures Usagi, and oh good, it’s THAT time again.

Anyway here are some Lance headcanons for you:

  • Lance is straight but DAMN is he one hell of an ally.
    • His oldest sister is bi and when she wanted to go to her first pride event she was nervous so he went with her so she wouldn’t be alone.
    • Lance is pretty good at cutting hair so when his brother came out as trans he gave him his first short haircut in their bathroom.
    • He will fight anyone who misgenders his big bro. A N Y O N E.
    • When he learned that his sister’s school didn’t have a GSA he fought along side her to make one
  • He likes going to his sister for dating advice because her pick-up lines always seem to work and he wants to know her secrets.
    • She helps him out as best she can, gives him motivational talks when he’s about to ask out a girl
    • He has a tendency to choke last minute but she’s always right there encouraging him
    • If he’s rejected she breaks out the pint of chocolate ice cream and they have their own movie night
  • It’s Lance’s dream to propose on a beach. 
    • It’d be sunset, early summer, just after a fun day of beach related activities
    • He lowkey drops hints the whole day and it takes everything in him to not just do it now and to wait until the perfect moment.
  • When he finally has the nerve to properly ask Allura out, she surprises him by saying yes and oh shit he has to plan something amazing because this is Allura we’re talking about.
    • Hunk helps him out.
    • They don’t really have the option to go planet side like he wanted so he has to improvise.
    • He sets up a candlelit dinner in the observatory
    • Before he’s supposed to meet Allura he gets really, really nervous because he doesn’t want to screw it up.
      • He really misses his sister’s motivational pep talks but Hunk swoops in and does his best.
    • It goes extraordinarily well 
      • mostly because (even though she was a bit nervous herself) Allura could see that Lance was on the verge of a breakdown and they had a good, healthy talk about their relationship
      • They become official afterwards. Coran gets emotional about the whole thing.

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My 3 year old nephew goes to the daycare my sister teaches at and there's a little boy in the younger class with down syndrome and my nephew always runs up to him and they give each other hugs at the beginning and end of the day and he always says to my sister "I love him, he's a funny guy" and it's the cutest shit ever and idk why but I feel you would appreciate reading this story about adorable children

Wow I can’t believe children are the best people on this planet….oh wait, yea I can

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The other robot was so stupid like they defeated Sendak and his fleet but then BAM this weird swordsman appears and yadda yadda voltron and atlas fight it and win. Then the robot is about to blow up so voltron brings it up into the atmosphere and there's an explosion the size of half of the earth. The paladins land in the hospital, suddenly earth becomes uhh space's capital planet and every alien comes there. And after months sam goes "we've recovered parts of the robot, look an altean inside"


so @yogshameblog​ and i started off talking about sad honeyphos, and ended up talking about sad everyone and strife / rythian getting tortured and yoglabs. enjoy :3c

warnings for medical torture, trauma aftermath, permanent injury / disability, severe angst, abusive friendships / relationships, blood magic, and mental health issues.

sparx: thinkin abt sad yogs stuff to distract myself

Sam: Nice

Sam: Talk sad Yogs to me

sparx: have u heard any 21 pilots

Sam: N o? Maybe?

sparx: because. they have a song called “stressed out” and. part of the lyrics are:

sparx: used to play pretend,
give each other different names.
we would build a rocket ship and then we’d fly it far away.
used to dream of outer space,
but now they’re laughing in our face,
saying, “wake up, you need to make money”

sparx: like. pls consider. xephos and honeydew

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Some info on my new fic!

It is set in an AU similar to the great @punsbulletsandpointythings’s The Lighter Path (which is absolutely incredible and I adore it so much).

Xanatos never turned on Qui-Gon so everything is much happier all around.

Qui-Gon chooses Obi-Wan as his Padawan right when he turned 10 because every time he would pass the crèche he would get accosted with /right, right, right/ and whenever he and Obi-Wan crossed paths he could feel the intense pull toward the boy.

(That day the crèche was in an uproar of celebration when Obi-Wan was chosen first out of his clan. The entire Temple could feel the joy radiating out.)

While Obi-Wan is still really too young to be a Padawan, he absolutely adores his master. And Qui-Gon can’t deny he’s definitely falling in love. Tahl teases him mercilessly because he always claimed Xanatos was his last and now he can be found reading on their sofa with Obi-Wan’s head in his lap while he naps. It’s sickeningly adorable.

They don’t go on any missions until Obi-Wan is almost thirteen. They hang around the Temple and Obi-Wan takes his classes and Qui-Gon teaches and they become inseparable. Their training bond is the strongest in the Order’s history. They’re a perfect match.

Xanatos and Feemor love Obi-Wan. Especially when he gets proud and stubborn and quotes the code at them. But they help him learn to wrangle Qui-Gon and prepare him for missions with their wild master.

Since everything went much smoother, Qui-Gon is fiercely protective of Obi-Wan by the time he is twelve almost thirteen. And having another master reduce his Padawan to tears in front of his classmates is unacceptable. He’s furious.

Most of the Temple is pissed as hell. Everyone loves Obi-Wan. (Except this teacher who you will learn more about in the actual fic!) Feemor is appalled and is appointed Obi-Wan’s guardian while the whole thing goes down since Qui-Gon was involved in an almost-fight with the master in question. Xanatos is off-planet but going crazy trying to get back so he can kill this dick who hurt his baby brother.

I plan on writing some stories on Obi-Wan’s early time with Qui-Gon and also Qui-Gon realizing “holy shit I love him like ten times more than the other ones oh no he’s so precious what am I doing” and Tahl just patting him on the shoulder consolingly.

Honestly this is just an excuse to justify Obi-Wan getting all the love and affection he deserved in the first place.

Like ya know being chosen as a Padawan instead of having to beg and plead and grovel for a chance.

  • Me: one of the funniest shit is a mental image where Rick actually honest to fucking god just forgets Morty on some planet for two days
  • Adder: oh god
  • Me: he just goes around the house like "why the shit is Morty avoiding me, what is this bullshit" and gets really annoyed because he's working on something and no matter how much he yells Morty doesn't show up to hand him his tools
  • Adder: "U- ungrateful little turd."
  • Me: and it isn't until Beth asks him if he's seen Morty that he realizes
  • Adder: "Aaw, shit son!"
  • Me: just rides back to the planet and Morty's where he left him, fucking - i don't know, tap-dancing badly for food, eating an alien hot dog or something
  • Adder: "Aaw, JEEZ Rick, I, I, I get that I'm not as much part of your life as you are mine but this is, this is a bit, this is a bit much! Two days, Rick!"
  • Me: "Get in the fucking ship, Morty, I don't g-geuuught all day - and drop that thing it's, it's essentially just a fried penis. Don't eat that, Morty. Don't eat other people's genitalia."
  • Adder: "*sigh* Yes, Rick."
Keith Knowing He's Galra

Hi! I have a theory based on your post about Keith destroying the hand pad if that’s alright!

(Post on Galra!Keith Destroying Things Here)

Okay here it goes:

So Keith lands as a teenager or around that age and he’s stuck on Earth and bitter. (Being like he usually is because he’s stuck on a damn planet that holds no threat to the empire and its just. So. Boring. Think like Finn from Star Wars or Peridot from Steven Universe.)

But then he hears about the Garrison and thinks: “This place might hold useful information.” 

So he goes about and bullshits his way through the flight school because “Oh my God” these ships are so clunky and slow. Does this planet not know of balmera crystals?? Or quintessence? Like the poor boy is bored.

And going back to the line “You’re not the only one with a family, everyone one in the universe has a family,”:
He’s only working for the Galra because they threatened his family, his family is being held hostage and for all he knows, Zarkon has already killed them. 

So, he finds the blue lion and suddenly, “Oh shit, theres hope, he can free them, he can free everyone. Screw the training, screw everything he’s ever been told he’s going to help with the most powerful weapon in existence.”

Then, of course, Pidge goes on their rant to find their family but Keith just snaps because, he has a family too and they also may be dead. But he’s still running from an empire that’s already tried to kill him for being different. 

Because he may have Altean or Druid blood in veins.

(Sorry this took so long to post….Like…four months….but here it is! It also cut off…was this all? I hope it was… @the-forgotten-fangirl )

zaiqukaj  asked:

Do you have a favorite story arc in the comics involving the punisher?

Oh jeez, that’s hard the one where he goes to space and fights a planet of Hitlers  but, I can think of a few:

Mother Russia - Frank does a solid for Nick Fury and also helps a little girl. Also involves important stuff about gun safety.

The Slavers- Frank killing the unholy shit out of sex traffickers will always be one of the best of the best. Brutal, but satisfying.

Welcome Back Frank - Some portions have not aged well but it laid the groundwork for the Punisher as we know him now.

I’ll try to think of some other ones too!

Sentence starters from things my friends & I have said on Skype (part 3)

“Ignore for SATAN.”
“You’re had an early exposure to people throwing up on you.”
“Honestly, I’d rather die than vomit/be near someone throwing up.”
“What am I gonna do when it comes to feeding and burping a baby?”
“What was that Satan joke?”
“Okay guysies, I might go to sleep for now because I’m literally dead.”
“I’m cool, I’m chill, I’m done bein’ a salt today.”
“I’m lowkey but highkey salty.”
“Responsibilities are terrifying, oh my God.”
“At least with prozac there’s an end goal, but not the birth control.”
“How else will you take his power?”
“I just woke up so I have an excuse to fuck around for a bit.”
“I have faith in your shit-togetherness.”
“You’ve never seen me in my customer service mode, but I’m the happiest motherfucker on the planet.“
“Wattpad is a warzone.”
“Isn’t 4chan a level of Hell?”
“I love how Obi-Wan goes from peanut butter fluff twink to carrot cake daddy.”
“I’m totally open for polyamory if his padawan is feeling left out.”
“Now that the baby’s been tucked in, time to sin.”
“But you can’t expect me to be able to sleep with the confirmation of his existence.”
“He got a bad booboo.”
“Can these two hacker girls be lesbians please?”
“Ew, not Fifty Shades of Grey guy.”
“Okay, but he is pretty good looking, even if he is Mr. 50 Shades.”
“I just like yelling your name to be honest.”
“Sidharth Malhotra. More like MalHOTra.”
“RIP in pieces.”
“I didn’t understand until I got older they were trying to make penis jokes.”
“My brother and I made one of our other brothers recite Nemo from beginning to end on a car ride.”