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Good Morning

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, kinky af

Requested: nopeity nope

Word count: 2646

Blurb: overstimulation, orgasm control, and choking kinks!! it gets kinkier as it goes so I sure hope you’re into that shit

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“Oh, shit, Sam- yes, yes, yes, yes!” you cry out, grabbing onto his hair as he works between your legs. You run your hands along his scalp, soft hair flowing under your fingers. But your real focus is on his mouth, feeling it doing amazing things against your pussy.

His tongue runs up and down, dipping inside you each time. He uses his lips to kiss your outer lips and his nose continually brushes up against your clit. You can’t tell if he’s using his nose purposefully or not, but it doesn’t matter. It feels heavenly. You grind your hips into his face, unable to stop the reflex.

“More, more, please- ah, Sam,” you say, still writhing in pleasure. He looks up at you, holding eye contact as he obliges, giving you more. His tongue digs deeper, deeper, deeper, and now you know that his nose is no accident.

“Get ready, baby,” Sam says, smirking up at you as he stops for a breath. You buck your hips, and god, his smile grows. The lack of contact is driving you crazy, but you know that this is something Sam’s done before. Build you up, take it all away, and then go hard until you come. You have to admit, it works every time. You breathe heavy, waiting for him to get back to work.

And then he’s diving into you. He latches onto your clit, sucking it into his mouth and running his tongue over it in circles. The stubble on his chin rubs into your pussy as he juts out his jaw, and you start moaning non-stop. Your clit is your biggest weakness and he knows it, mouth working in overdrive. You know you’re on the edge, and scream his name so loud your throat hurts.

“You’re a freak, you know that?” Sam says, and you jolt in confusion. You’re in your bed at the bunker, naked, covers thrown to the side, and Sam is between your legs, just like a second ago. But it’s brighter, you’re more tired, and his mouth is smirking up at you, not sucking on you. You ask yourself what the hell just happened as you struggle to keep your eyes open.

“First, we had some crazy sex last night. Then you have a wet dream vivid enough to make you call out my name aloud. Now you’ve made me so hard I have no choice but to eat you out and make you pay,” he explains, breath hitting up against your aching pussy and teasing you as he talks. You understand what’s happening now, and while you’re sad your dream got cut off, this is infinitely better.

“Holy shit, Sam,” you whimper, feeling sore as hell from the night before. He chuckles, shaking his head. He doesn’t waste any more time, though, leaning in to kiss up your slit. You cry out, because you’re so sensitive it almost hurts.

“Oh, did I fuck you too hard last night? You’re still feeling it, aren’t you?” Sam asks tauntingly. You groan and throw your head back, turned on beyond belief. But just thinking about last night makes your pussy throb in pain, and the memory of begging for relief comes back to you. You’re not sure if you can handle his mouth on you again.

“Sam, fuck, I can’t do this,” you whine, begging him to take mercy on you. But by the look on his face, you know you don’t have a chance. He looks angry.

“Wrong answer, baby. Wanna know what you can’t do? You can’t make me ache for you and then decide you can’t take me. You can’t yell out for me to give you more in your sleep and then expect any less when you wake up. That is what you can’t do,” he demands, and you let out a soft moan. But you still aren’t sure you can take his mouth and then his dick.

“Sam, please, it hurts. Can I just take your cock?” you beg, praying he hears you out.

“Want me to go easy, is that it?” He asks sincerely, and you nod quickly. You smile lightly down at Sam, glad he’s listening. But then he sets his jaw, his soft features turn hard, and you know he’s not really going to listen. Shit, that’s hot.

“You probably should’ve thought of that before you screamed my name, then,” he spits the words at you, shoving his face into you not a second later. Sam has no hesitation, his tongue going straight for your clit. He pushes into it directly at first, hard enough to make your eyes water, but soon lets up and moves up and down it instead. You bite down on one of your fists, trying to not be too vocal, worried it’ll anger him more. Your other hand grips frantically onto the sheets, scraping for traction.

“Fucking moan,” he commands you, only breaking contact for a second to instruct you before going back to tongue fucking your pussy. You pull your hand out of your mouth and give in to a moan as soon as you do. God, his mouth is magic.

“Sam, oh, Sam, no,” you sigh, amazed at how quickly he can get you close. The dream must’ve made you hotter than you’d realized, because you’re honestly near the edge of an orgasm. He picks up the pace, licking you faster than you can handle. You arch your back and grind your hips down onto his face, feeling his stubble scrape you and loving the satisfaction.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to,” Sam orders you breathlessly. You try to nod, but your body is buzzing with so much pleasure you feel like you’re short circuiting. Your vision is unfocused, but you still look down to see Sam’s face between your legs. His hair is brushing up against your inner thighs, and the soft tickling offsets his intense movements.

“Sam, god, I can’t hold it much longer, I, ah,” you tell him, hands pulling at his hair instead of the bed sheet to grab his attention. He shows no signs of stopping or even of hearing you, frustrating you further. You keep your hands intertwined in his hair anyways, edging closer every second.

“Yes, you can. Hold it,” he replies after a time, and you groan loudly. You were kind of hoping his silence would mean he was deciding to let up on making you wait. You’re really doubting your abilities to follow Sam’s instructions this time, but lord, do you want to please him. You know you have to try.

“Y-yes, Sam,” you stutter, praying that you can do this for him. But he just moves his tongue faster and harder against your clit, making it impossible. You open your mouth to moan, but end up cutting off the sound as your muscles tighten. Tension rings through your body, and you fight as hard as you can, but feel your control slipping away. Sam stops abruptly, feeling it too, but he’s too late and you know it.

“Don’t you fucking-”

“Ah, fuck, Sam, Sam, Sam!” you yell, rolling your hips and crashing them into his face still hovering near you. Your eyes are squeezed shut and all of your senses feel like they’ve been turned up. Everything is bliss.

When you calm down, you let your arched back fall onto the bed, pulling open your eyes hesitantly. You know Sam’ll be pissed with you. Dreading whatever’s next, you drag your gaze down to look at Sam. What you see scares you but, more importantly, excites you more than you thought possible.

Sam is breathing heavy, shoulders heaving up and down. Hair is falling into his eyes and he’s got your cum on his face. He slowly licks his lips, making you whimper. Then he looks up at you, taking his time in tracing up your sweating body.

“I told you,” he takes a hand to wipe off his chin, “to fucking hold it.” He looks up at you expectantly, and you crumble under his golden eyes.

“Sam, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, you know I tried, please know that I did, I just- you’re so good, I just-”

“Stop. Talking,” he says loudly, cutting off your explaining. He licks his lips again, anger switching to disappointment. You want to punch yourself.

“You want to know what I was going to do if you were good, baby?” He asks, pulling himself to sit up. You look up at him helplessly, knowing answering would be futile either way. He sits on your hips, straddling you, wearing boxers he must’ve put on after last night. His chest is bare though, and you can’t decide where to look when he runs a hand through his hair - to his flexing arm or to the way his hair falls through his fingers.

“I was going to let you cum about thirty seconds later than you did. Then I was going to be gentle and make love to you. I was going to apologize for going hard, I was going to kiss your lips and taste the way you moan when I go deep. I was going to let you cum whenever you were ready. Doesn’t that sound nice, baby?” he tells you, and you let out a mewl, desperately wishing you had been able to wait for that.

“Yeah, I know it sounds good to you, baby. You would’ve loved that, wouldn’t you have? You would’ve loved to kiss me and feel me stretch you out slowly. And you wanna know something? I would’ve loved it too,” he leans down and whispers the last part in your ear, chest brushing yours and hair hitting your cheek. You’re holding your breath, awaiting the alternative. He breathes down your neck before speaking again, still quiet and up close.

“But you don’t get that. You didn’t listen to me. You couldn’t follow simple instructions, could you? You just had to be bad. So you know what you get now, baby?” He leans back again, looking down his nose at you.

“You get fucked. You’re gonna lay there, no touching, absolutely silent while I fuck you ruthlessly. And you know what? I haven’t decided if I’ll even let you cum again,” he says, and you’re torn between screaming in pain and screaming in pleasure. God, you hate this almost as much as you love this.

Then, in a sudden change of demeanor, Sam pulls some of his weight off you, sitting gentler and leaning forward a little, one hand beside you and one on your cheek. He makes eye contact and searches your face, looking worried.

“You okay, love?” he softly asks, and you smile. As much as he’s willing to take charge of you and work with your submission kink, he still cares. He’s so beautiful, and much too good to you.

“I’m good to go, Sam,” you reassure him, nodding. He smiles back at you, giving you a quick peck on the lips before returning to sit on you with his back straight, heavy on top of you. The game is on again.

He quickly pulls off his boxers, and you let out a breathy moan at the sight of his length. Sam throws a death stare at you, pausing from getting between your legs.

“Absolute. Fucking. Silence,” he commands, and you suck in air, nodding and remembering his rules. To show him that you’re going to be obedient, you even cross your wrists above your head. He raises his eyebrows and settles his legs inside of yours, just barely letting his throbbing heat brush against you.

“You’re going to be a good girl this time, then?” Sam asks, and you smile with pride.

“Yes, Sam-” you’re cut off by his hand on your throat. You widen your eyes and start gasping for air.

“Fucking silence,” he seethes, loosening his grip and letting you take in air again. You sputter and breathe as deep as possible, feeling the burn in your lungs and the way his hand still rests on your neck. You nod hesitantly this time, careful to stay silent.

Sam leans on one of his elbows beside your head, keeping the other just slightly restricting your breathing. “I’m going to enjoy this,” he taunts you, smiling. “It’s a real shame you aren’t.”

Then he pushes into you all at once, and you bite your tongue, hard. He’s thick, and as deep as possible inside you. Every muscle in you is screaming from the overload, feeling almost numb with tingles. He lets out a staggering moan, and it’s all you can do to refrain from kissing him. But when he starts thrusting, it’s all you can do to not scream.

He’s being entirely ruthless, as promised. You can’t help but wriggle where you lay, being stuffed to the limit. It’s easy for Sam to slide in with your cum and new arousal acting as lube, and he uses it to his advantage, picking up speed.

“You know what, baby? I think I lied. You are enjoying this, aren’t you? You dirty little girl, you love this, you love my cock, don’t you?” you so badly want to moan a yes. You want to tell him just how much you love his cock when it pushes into you like it is, you want to show him. But you want him to be pleased with you more than anything, so you lay still, biting your lower lip to reign yourself in.

“Ah, I know you do,” he says, heaving. A sheen of sweat is starting to build on his chest as he continues to pump into you, stretching your walls. You’re almost sure you’re going to break any second, but refuse to disappoint Sam again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna kiss you anyways,” Sam says, throwing away his previous limitations for desire. You smile against his lips, but are wary to move your hands still, as his rests on your throat. He gets you to open your mouth, and along with his tongue brushing yours, he’s moaning against you. You’re sure you’re going to lose it now.

But you manage to hold on through a few more thrusts, and start to feel Sam slipping. You know how much it gets him hot to eat you out, and you know he’s been waiting for this. The rate at which he slams into you doesn’t slow, but does become uneven as he gets closer. If anything, he quickens the pace, breathing fast and hot between kisses.

“Cum with me, baby,” Sam tells you, and you can’t help it - you moan. He doesn’t punish you for this one, being presumably too caught up in continuing his work. You’re glad he’s kissing you, helping muffle you as the urge to be vocal grows and grows.

“Fuck, (y/n), soon, okay? Nod, let me know you’re close,” he says, breathless. You don’t manage to nod, but your pussy tightens at his words. When you clench, he cries out, and you know that’s the only answer he needs.

“Now, baby, oh, shit, now, shitshitshit,” he yells, shooting his load inside you. Upon feeling his warmth sliding deep into you, you instantly reach your second orgasm, and, thanking god you can’t wake up this time, scream out Sam’s name.

His cock twitches as he pulls out, and cum spills onto the bedsheets, but neither of you care. He finally pulls his sweaty hand off your neck, but remains on top of you for one last kiss.

“You’re amazing,” Sam whispers, and you smile, both still coming down from your highs. You give him one more quick kiss before he pulls away.

“Hey, good morning, by the way,” Sam laughs, finally rolling off to your side. He pulls you into him, and you chuckle too.

“You’re right, it was a good morning.”

Your Savior - 7

Hey all! It’s been a crazy week, so thank you for your patience as I tried to handle my crazy and get this part out!
I honestly never thought that this fic would make it past Chapter 1. I am humbled by all of the readers that have taken the time to stop by! I’ve now shifted into the “long game” (yes, that means this story will go on for some time!) So I’m trying to set up the reader and her situation for a longer adventure!

Link to Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Swearing, mentions of past sexual assault

“So what happens now?” You asked Negan, pulling down your shirt and sitting up in the bed after Dr. Carson had finished repairing your side.

“Well, I thought we could get you some clean clothes and a shower, no offense doll, you fucking need it.“ He replied with a wink. “And then head to the chow hall to get you some damn food.”

You sighed and gave him a small smile. “I meant more like, long term. Can I stay here? Where would I stay? How can I….hold up.” You paused and put up a hand, finally registering his words. “Did you say shower? Like an actual shower? Hot water from a spigot? Soap and steam?” It sounded too good to be true.

He leaned back in his chair and laughed at your reaction. “Yes ma'am. An actual shower. Hot water, soap, the works.”

You stared at him incredulously for a moment before replying, “Yes please. Oh god.”

Negan chuckled, patting the bed near your crossed legs before getting up and walking toward the front door. “Ok doll, let me get you some clean clothes, I’ll be right back.”

The day had started to feel very surreal, almost like you were watching someone else’s life. The thought of an actual hot shower made you want to cry. Oh shit my stitches. Damn it! You called out towards the back area of the building, “Dr. Carson? Do you have something I can cover my stitches with to keep them dry?”

“Of course. I will put it on the sink in the bathroom for you. I’ll be leaving the clinic for a bit after that, if you need anything just let one of the Saviors know.” He replied from the back room.

He’s giving you privacy to shower. He’s terrified to be around you now. Why did you have to overreact like that when he touched you? Negan almost scared the poor guy to death! Fuck. You’re going to have to make it up to him.

“Ready darlin’?….Y/N?” Negan asked, waiting for a reply. You hadn’t noticed him come back in, too lost in your own thoughts. You nodded, smiling and slipping down from the bed in reply.

Negan led you through the clinic to an average sized bathroom with a standing shower unit, sink, and toilet. You walked over to the sink and hesitantly turned the handle, erupting in a huge smile when water flowed freely from the faucet.

“A smile looks damn good on you, you should try it more often.” Negan said, a smile etched on his own face. “Here’s some fresh clothes, just toss those bloody fuckers, no point in trying to wash those stains out. I’ll be right outside the door if you need anything, or if you decide you want some company in there.” His face made it clear that he was teasing you, and he chuckled quietly as you gently closed the door in his face, shaking your head and smiling. /p>

You turned the handles in the shower, giving the water some time to heat up. While you waited you removed your now ruined clothes and threw them in the trash bin, setting your fresh ones on a small shelf.

You passed your reflection in a full-length mirror and gasped. Who the hell is that??? Your time on the road had obviously resulted in some weight loss, you looked thinner than you ever had been, bordering on sickly. You had a nasty purple bruise with sickening yellow/green edges accompanied by a short gash on your left cheekbone. Tommy’s face, twisted in fury, flashed into your mind followed quickly by a solid right hook and blinding pain. You shook away the image and continued to study the stranger in the mirror.

Both of your upper arms had deep purple bruising from Bill. You could suddenly feel his hot, needy breath in your ear. Bruises and scratches in various states of healing dotted the rest of your torso and hips, accessories to your stitched up side. You turned around to see the scratches that peppered your back from the forest floor. Jesus. Hot tears began to pour from your eyes. You clung on to the sink for support and tried to again shake the images out of your head.

“Everything ok in there babydoll? That water’s been running for an awful long time to not have anybody under it.” Negan asked through the door.

Fuck. “Yeah.” You fibbed, wiping the tears from your eyes and covering your stitches with the material from Dr. Carson. “Everything’s fine, I was just covering my stitches.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a bad liar doll?” He chastised, still from the other side of the door.

You sighed and smiled a little. Goddamn him. “Actually yes. It’s never been a strong suit of mine. I’m getting in now. You just stay put.“

Oh god. The water was amazing. As you stepped under the stream you let out an involuntary moan. It was actually hot! Not just warm-ish, but actually hot enough that you needed to turn up the cold water a little bit. For a few minutes, you just stood under the water, letting the heat soothe your sore muscles, watching the grime run off of you and down the drain.

You could hardly believe your eyes, but yes, there was shampoo, soap, AND conditioner. You washed your hair, twice, lavishing in the feel of the suds cleansing your scalp. The knot at the back of your head where Bill had clubbed you with his knife was very tender, but only dried blood came away.

You took your time washing your body, being very gentle with all of your various rough patches. Between your legs was excruciating to wash, even though you were very gentle. Even with your raw, puffy skin you could feel the sutures that Dr. Carson had mentioned. You rinsed all of the suds off, admiring your clean skin, you’d almost forgotten what it looked like under all of the dirt, sweat, and grime you’d accumulate over months on the road. You then spotted an actual razor and shaving cream. Where in the hell do they get all of this stuff?!? It had been far too long since you had the luxury of shaving, and you took every advantage, shaving your armpits, legs up the the hips, and even touching up your bikini area. It just felt nice to do something…normal.

You begrudgingly turned off the water and climbed out of the stall, wrapping yourself in the provided towel. You spotted a brush by the sink and gingerly worked it through all of the tangles in your hair, by the time you were done it had almost dried into soft waves. You’re reflection still didn’t really look like you, or at least the you you remembered, but it at least looked human again.

The clothes that Negan gave you were just a tad loose; the jeans hung low on your hips and had a few baggy areas and the shirt was only just too big. You knew though that after a few weeks of three solid meals a day it would be a flattering, yet modest and functional outfit.

You exited the bathroom to a low whistle. "Goddamn doll. You clean up fucking nice.” Negan was eyeing you from across the room, his eyes twinkling with humor. You shook your head exasperatedly and ducked your head, hoping to hide the blush that had crept to your cheeks. When you chanced a glance at Negan you saw that his smile had grown, obviously you hadn’t looked away quite fast enough.

"Ok Negan,” you started, again sitting on the bed across from his chair. “For real this time. What happens now? I would like to be able to stay here, at least until I am healed, if that’s ok with you. I can work to repay you for the medical care, and the clothes, and any food. I worked at a veterinary hospital before so I could maybe help Dr. Carson with stitches or IVs or other patient care? Or I can clean, or scavenge for supplies, or……”

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there darlin’. Take a breath.”

You hadn’t realized that you had started rambling and fell silent, embarrassed.

"Now, I fucking love that you offered to work to earn your way, most people don’t lead with that anymore. Here at the Sanctuary, there are three ways people can earn their keep: you can work around camp, doing the necessary grunt-work that keeps a place like this going. In exchange you earn points which are needed to get food, clothes, and earn your room and board here. It’s not a glamorous life, but we need people to work, and if you work hard you will have enough points to get by, but not many left over for anything extra.” Reasonable, but definitely not a flattering option.

“Or, if you have what it takes, you can join the Saviors. You’d be with the elite. You’d protect the camp, keep the peace, and scavenge for supplies. You’d earn more points than the others because the work is more dangerous. You get your own room and live a very comfortable life. You can be invited if we recognize your skills, or audition if you want to prove yourself. I need good fucking people, you are no good to me if you’re dead.”

Well that sounds intimidating! What kind of skills are they looking for?

"Now the third option, I want you to hear me out, and not say no to right away.” He waited for you to nod before continuing. “You can marry me. You’d live with me, you wouldn’t have to work for points, anything you want would be yours. I would provide for you, and keep you safe.” His hazel eyes bore earnestly into yours.

Your head was reeling from the overload of information. “Marry you?” You finally managed to choke out. It seems too easy….What’s the catch?

“Yes. You’d live like a queen instead of bending and scraping just to get by. You wouldn’t have to kneel to me, you just need to be available to me whenever I need.”

It was like he had punched you in the gut. All of the air rushed from your lungs and buzzing started in your ears while the room spun.

"Jesus doll,” he breathed, immediately realizing his mistake. “Not like that. NEVER like that. I would NEVER force myself on a woman, wife or not. That came out all fucking wrong.” You looked up to see how genuinely sorry he was, and sent a small forgiving smile his way.

There was one option that he hadn’t mentioned. “What if…” you started, pausing to take a calming breath before continuing “what if I want to leave? After I’m healed and have paid my debt of course.” You had no current desire to leave, but you wanted to know that you weren’t a prisoner.

His eyes flicked for just the briefest moment before assuring you, “Then you would be able to walk out of those gates whenever you were ready.”

Your head was reeling, so much had happened in the last few hours, you just wanted to lie down and sleep. “Can I….can I think about it? Or do I need to decide right now? It a big decison.”

“Well darlin’, you do need to decide pretty soon, but it doesn’t have to be right this minute. Mull it over for the day, you can decide tonight. Now, how about we get you some fucking food? You need to put some meat on those bones!” He stood, walking to the door, pausing to turn and wait for you.

You slipped off of the bed and followed him, head still buzzing with the decision you had in front of you.

Ok, so I am starting to realize that I am evil and love cliffhangers! I hope you all don’t start to hate me too much!

Thank you again for taking the time to read the nonsense that I have created! Every time I get a notification for a reblog, like, comment, or message I light up a little inside. I love you all so much!!!

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My first english fic ever!

So… this is kind of a big deal to me even if it was made in such a short time. Some of you (don’t actually know who she es talking to) know that english is not my first language and it’s not being a problem (almost) when it comes to read but oh boy don’t let my start about how many time I have been crying because I couldn’t explain all my feelings to an author about their fic. It really kill me sometime and I’m so sorry!! (That’s why I use gifs too) (a lot)

Anyway, I decided I was going to write my first fic entirely in english because @raendown, @mouseymightymarvellous and @itslulu42 are beautiful and they encourage me to. Lulu was kind and gave me a prompt from Mouse’s list so… here it is… my beautiful monster :D

“I think I made a mistake” were the last words Kakashi could hear from one of the ninjas who were currently facing the grown and totally knocked off. Right beside him, standing triumphant and with a pretty smirk she used every time she got to punch an asshole, was Sakura. 

The copy nin knew she should be feeling pretty proud of herself and even if he have nothing but kind words for her in his heart and his mind he also liked to be a dick and tease her a little. So he decides to just walk by the men, actually stepping on one of them. – “Me thinks it’s not polite to get distracted with other men when you are on a date.” – He said casually grapping his arm around her waist.

He couldn’t really blame those ninja. Sakura looked nothing like a lethal weapon with that pretty green sundress of her and the pink hair but she was.

Oh yes she was.

And those men just got to learn it the difficult way.

They weren’t even their target. Actually didn’t have a target. They were on vacation and spending all the time they could together. That was why she was missing her hitae-ate just like him. But really, getting out of nowhere shouting something about taking her as a hostage while running from ANBU and yelling her to shut the fuck up was not the best way to get to know his girlfriend.

“Sorry” – He heard her saying against his masked lips.

“I know how you can made up on me” – It was Sakura’s idea that they didn’t get to use ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutso on their dates. They needed to rest from being ninja, she said. So watching her display her power after two weeks of being almost civilian was making funny things down his belly. – “I’m both terrified and aroused right now.”

We was going to take her home now, they could date around Konoha all day tomorrow if she wanted to, but know he needed her to be only his. He was going to but apparently they weren’t alone… again.

- Who the fuck did this?! – A growl came from the woods. He surely looked like one of the group, maybe just to slow to catch up but even so he manages to escape from ANBU like the others.

- ARE YOU GOING TO LET US HAVE OUR DATE ALREADY? – Came the exasperated shout from the pinkette. He took one step closer to the new challenger, ready to deal with him and take his lady to a sweet loving night but he just had to speak right?


Kakashi let out a sigh a got back to his previous place knowing already what was going to happen. He could already see Sakura stretching. – You just made a huge mistake, too. – He said right before all the cries and explosions started. 

And that’s it :) I’m going to use this to get myself to colaborate with kakasaku month! <3 since I love them so much and the beautiful fandom too!  

anonymous asked:

Oh, man no, you almost made me cry. I thought there would be a 2nd part. You said you don't know how to continue, I thought about something deep. Like Lance saying all the shit he thinks about himself and Keith is just there being bad with words and having no idea of what he should tell Lance. Keith doesn't know him too well because they're always fighting and now he realizes Lance actually thinks about other things besides flirting and being a pain in the ass for Keith. Idk, just tying to help.

man, you guys really like klangst/langst a lot even tho it makes you cry

it seems like a good idea tho. i’ll think about it.

i really meant for the comic to be open ended and for it to end it there, but if people really want a second part, i’ll do my best to think of something worth reading :^)

Doctor Who 10x03- My Reaction in Summary


- This is so cute omg

- Can Pete actually be a real person?


- ^I just want something to be confirmed okay

- If the Doctor lost the sonic screwdriver I would cry




- This is even cuter I can’t

- The pyschic paper leads to the funniest situations I swear

- They’re fuelling stuff with the creatures poop?? Okay then, not the normal “I want to take over the world” plot I LIKE IT


- So that Lord is a bit of a bitch





- I know I should be concerned about the people on the ice but honestly rn all I can focus on is the fact that the sonic screwdriver is about to be BLOWN UP EXCUSE ME DOCTOR I THOUGHT YOU LOVED IT




- The sonic screwdriver’s okay thank goodness











- What is in that vault??????

- ^ I bet it’s Missy/ the Master/ something to do with one of them


-  ^^^ Probably the Missy/ Master thing though

- This was a brilliant episode

- It reminded me a lot of The Beast Below/ Kill the Moon (idk if this is just me?)




Negan x Reader (Y/N)

Just over 4500 words (I honestly don’t know when to stop)

Warnings are the usual,it’s Negan.Language, smut and a sexy aesthetic

This picks up right after Rub a Dub Dub - Fun with Negan in a Tub

Some of what I write is not totally true to TWD universe.

Tagging my lovlies.PLEASE let me know if you want on or off the list! I know I lost some names,and for that I apologize! 😞

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Lick, Ch 2

Summary: Last part of this series, there is rimming (fave tho) and other stuff too.

genre: smut and some fluff at the end. 

warnings: swearing, buttsecks.

A/N: This was kinda rushed, so I really hope you like it haha!! I do! i also love writing rimming scenes but for some reason this one was hard. anyways, enjoy it!

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Sam Wilkinson - That beautiful body of yours


Life hadn’t been that easy lately. School gave me a lot of stress and I had to start a job to be able to cover my studies. My boss was horrible and I had sleeping problems, it had been weeks since I had a good sleep. Because I had so much on my plate I may had eaten a bit more than I usually did and I gained some weight. I realized this when I wanted to wear my favorite skirt, but I couldn’t get the zipper up.

“Oh no,” I stared at myself in the mirror, looking at the undone zipper that was only halfway up. Those late night snacks and extra burritos between my classes made me about at least one size bigger. “Shit,” I muttered taking it off. I was supposed to meet Sammy to have a date night, but seeing how fat I got made me go nuts. I started to try on every piece of clothing I had, and realized how many of them weren’t fitting anymore. I almost started to cry looking at the pile of clothes that was too small. I was so mad and sad that I even thought about burning them, but then my phone rang, it was Sammy.

“Oh, hey, I’m a little late, sorry,” I said quickly grabbing something from the pile that was still good. More or less.

“Are you still at home?” he asked and I was 100% sure that he was smiling.

“Um… Yes,” I admitted.

“Okay, then get ready, I’ll pick you up in ten.”

Date nights were my favorites, but this weight disaster made my nerves wreck and I started to wonder if Sam noticed how fat I got lately. If he did notice, he hadn’t said anything, but maybe he was just being polite. We had been together for over a year, I was expecting him to tell me if something was wrong, even if it was about me.

“Hey,” he smiled at me as I sat into the car. Leaning closer he gave me a quick kiss before igniting the car and leaving.

“Sorry, I got… distracted,” I said still deep in my thoughts about the weight topic.

“It’s okay. I reserved a table at a new restaurant if that’s okay.”

“Sure,” I faked a smile.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He turned to me looking concerned, and then looked back at the road.

“It’s nothing, really,” I shrugged staring out of the window.

“No, you can’t fool me, I can tell something is wrong.” He pulled over and parked the car at the side of the road and turned to me. “You can tell me, did something happen?”

I felt so bad. I had enough problem in my life without my self-esteem problems, but now I had to worry about one more thing. I felt the tears form in the corner of my eyes and I didn’t know what I should say.

“Baby, are you crying? You are freaking me out.” He took my hands in his and waited for me to explain. Taking a deep breath I turned to him and just said what came into my mind.

“It was just such a hard time and I had to deal with the job and school, and I couldn’t pay attention to what I was eating and stuff, and I realized that almost half of my clothes don’t fit anymore.” I couldn’t hold my tears back, I wasn’t crying especially because of the weight-gaining, but because I had too much lately. I didn’t want anything than just a day when I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and my favorite clothes would fit me again.

“Oh God, baby, come here.” He put his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. I hugged his body tightly as he softly rubbed my back. “You shouldn’t worry about something like that.”

“Yes I should!” I protested looking up at him. “You won’t want to have a girlfriend who looks like a pig and you’ll leave me!”

“What?” he exclaimed. “That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I don’t care if you gain weight, I love you any way. I didn’t even notice that you gained weight, because you are always beautiful for me.”

“Even if I’m not a size two?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m more concerned about what’s going on here,” he said pointing to my forehead. “Don’t you ever thing that I would do such a thing because you gained weight for example. I don’t care about that. And you should slow down a bit, you are having too much stress lately.”

“I know, but I can’t help it,” I sighed.

“You know what? Let’s go home, eat take out and watch a movie. We both can wear sweatpants and be as lazy as we want, okay?”

That was what I really needed. A night at home with Sammy doing absolutely nothing. I sighed in relief nodding.

“Thank you,” I smiled at him kissing his cheek as he turned the car over and headed back to my place.

“Any time, babe. And maybe…” he started smirking at me. “Maybe I can check that beautiful body of yours out looking for that weight that isn’t even there.”

“Are you trying to get me to have sex with you?” I asked laughing.

“No, never. Just taking care of what’s mine.”

Young Folks, nesting

People wanted more related to Joey, this here should clear up some of the bigger question marks.

The phone call comes in the middle of the night.

You weren’t really asleep, just dozing restlessly, and thus have a front row seat to John leaping upright like a jack-in-the-box. This is followed by a bellydive across the bed to reach the mobile ringing on your nightstand (whose brilliant idea was it to put the infernal device there, you wonder?). You go OOMPH and smack him in the shoulder with the heel of your hand. It deters him exactly jack fucking shit.

“Hello?” he breathes into the phone, winded.

The response filtered through the tinny speaker is barely comprehensible, but the message comes through loud and clear. Kanaya sounds both terrified and overjoyed. It’s happening.

Oh god it’s happening.

You lie on your back, staring wide-eyed at the dark recess of the ceiling as John’s hushed answers rumble against your chest. You leave the heel of your hand planted against his shoulder for the sake of his solid reality.

This is it. It is actually happening.

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some Very Important Things from the panic concert last night in charlotte

- brendon literally never stops moving his legs while he’s performing like even when he’s just standing at the mic his legs go if i can find the right gif i’ll show you an example

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- speaking of the setlist was gr9 like they did nearly the whole death of a bachelor album and some of their older stuff like ms jackson and mona lisa and ready to go

- at one point he gave a speech about being yourself and being able to go where you want in response to the whole hb2 fiasco here and said that he would piss on the damn stage if that wasn’t public urination which is Actually Bad and then launched into girls/girls/boys and i almost cried


- anyway his outfit is fucking Iconic he’s got a leopard print shirt and leather pants and a grey suit jacket that he takes off like halfway through

- also he came out for the first song (don’t threaten me with a good time) with a pride flag on which was hella

- oh i almost forgot they also played nine in the afternoon which made me cry a lil bc that’s the first panic song i ever heard and there was no intro to it just BOOM old shit

- “i wish i wrote this next song” oh wow is he gonna do a cover that’s cool i wonder if it’s like a weezer song- “IS THIS THE REAL LIFE” //everyone fucking loses their shit

- also shoutout to the techs who had this shit on lock for every act they were so on it and the lighting for panic was fucking beautiful like they did a fantastic job

- “i wrote this for a friend battling addiction- no don’t cheer for that-”

- why does brendon play every goddamn instrument what the fuck get outta here asshole

- during ms jackson everyone got their phone flashlights out and it was super cool to see

- “maybe i’ve lost weight” //chuckles

- when he says “scenery is so loud” in ms jackson he does like a snotty valley girl voice and it’s real funny

- also i forget which song this was during but it was one of the early ones where a beach ball bounced up on stage and brendon kicked it off in perfect time with the music

- overall it was just fucking incredible guys go see panic perform because man is it a performance

  1. The only thing Beyonce’s performance proved was that her and her husband have about as much chemistry as you would expect two people to have that probably barely fuck each other and essentially are married for publicity purposes.
  2. Katy Perry tried her best to sing over the music track behind her. She almost did a good job of that.
  3. LL COOL J is like what? 50? It might be time to retire the Kangol. just sayin’.
  4. Pink’s performance was bad ass as fuck but I feel like she’s already done that whole, “hovering over the crowd, hanging from string, showing off how bendy she is” routine. What’s she gonna do next year? The same thing but set on fire?
  5. Oooh look, it’s Taylor Swift singing a sad song about how lonely she is after getting done dirty by a mean, bad, no good, terrible dude.(And..uhm„WTF was that epileptic hair flip thingy?) Poor baby..oh..wait. She’s like almost 30. PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES TEE TEE.
  6. John Legend was all swoon worthy and shit.
  7. Macklemore made me cry a little but then towards the end I wasn’t sure if I was weeping with happy for the people who got married or for Madonna’s desperate attempt to stay relevant. Come on, Madge…be better.
  8. Jared Leto? More like…get in my mother fucking pants.
  9. When the greatest metal band of all time gets upstaged by a classical pianist…it might be time to stop caring about the greatest metal band of all time.
  10. Only Pharrell can prevent forest fires.
  11. Paul McCartney…meh.
  12. Lorde is just weird and spastic and I could only listen, not watch. Much too twitchy for my liking.
  13. NIN, QOTSA, Grohl and Lindsay Buckingham were exactly as I hoped. Metallica could have learned a thing or three thousand.
  14. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamarr? HOLY SHIT…can you say THANK YOU SIR, MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER? One of the best performances of the night.
  15. And lastly..Hunter Hayes. His performance was raw and emotional and strong . And for me…the stand out of the entire rodeo. if you haven’t watched it…stop what you’re doing and make that happen ASAP.