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He's Your Ex, and You Run Into Him - 4/4 Imagine :) [Requested]

Requests are always open. Don’t be shy. I am always happy to make a imagine/ blurb/ preference for you guys :)


It had been eight months since you two had broken up. Things were difficult for you two. The hate had driven you to apart. One thing led to another and then Michael ended up calling you names after false accusations of cheating. You two really did love each other, but after Michael had assumed you cheated, called you names and even involved the boys after he had woken them from their sleep, you had broken up with him, and haven’t heard from him since that day. But even after eight months, you still wonder about how he’s doing and if he’s happy. You missed him.

Your best friend noticed how depressed you had become. Always moping around with a distraught look on your face. She got tired of seeing you in pain. Eight months were too much to be mourning the end of your relationship, so one night, she decided to take you out.

And as you sat in one of the bar stools in a pub not so far from your friend’s apartment, you just took a swig of your drink. Thinking where you had forgotten to have fun. Wasting the last eight months being sad about a boy who broke your heart wasn’t exactly how you would spend quality time. From that moment one, you realized you had to move on with your life. Michael wasn’t worth it if he didn’t trust you. You were not going to let him control your life even after he’s not involved in it. But then it happened.

You turned around, taking in the surroundings of the pub. The sweaty bodies moving together and a couple of people by the bar, where you were. At the front of the pub, were two boys. Both which you recognized. You locked eyes with the shorter, curly-haired one and turn on your heel, sitting on the stool once again, hoping he didn’t know  it was indeed you.

“Michael, I think I just saw Y/N.” You heard Ashton’s voice. you shut your eyes, hoping this wasn’t  happening.

“You’re delusional Ashton.” Michael answered. His sweet raspy voice ringing in your ears, bringing back unwanted memories, both good and bad. But you came back to the reality where you weren’t in a relationship with him anymore. “I’m getting a drink.” he said, making his way over to the bar.

You began to panic as he came closer to where you were sitting. You finally found the  courage to stand and walk away, taking your glass with you, but  just as you tried you move away, his chest collided with yours, making the drink spill on your clothing.

“Oh shit. I’m so so–Y/N?” He said, taking in the features of your face. “I’m so sorry.” He said, but somehow, it felt like he  wasn’t just apologizing for staining your shirt with liquor.

“It’s fine.” You said, tears welling up in your eyes and not finding it easy to form words. “I should go.” You said.

“Wait–Y/N. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry about everything. I was a dick and  i should have believed you when you said you didn’t go near any other guy.” He said.

You swallowed back the lump that was in your throat. “Michael stop.” You started, “I rather not start anything here, but I need you to understand that you hurt me. Okay, I spent the last eight months feeling like nothing but shit because my boyfriend didn’t believe a word that i said.”

“I love you Y/N. I still love you. I was a jerk and I’m sorry. Please, just give me another chance.”

You looked down, not wanting to give in to him. “I’m sorry too, Michael. I really am, but you didn’t trust me, and that’s why we broke you. I don’t think I can ever trust you again.” You said, grabbing your jacket from the counter. “It was nice seeing you.” You whispered, trying to hide the tears that were bound to fall anytime now. Michael just stood there, knowing too well that you were indeed crying, because he always knows.


You sat on your leather chair, trying to type away on your laptop screen, but nothing came to mind. You were a writer, still are actually. You just had a lack of inspiration. Not being able to publish anything, let alone write anything. It’s been that way for six months, after your ex-boyfriend broke up with you. You haven’t been able to write anything after that. You had written a book, before the break-up. A book you were proud of, but you couldn’t publish it. You wouldn’t. Luke Hemmings, that was his name. The name of the boy who broke your heart. You couldn’t risk publishing the book and answering the rising questions about what and who the book was based on. That’s not even the worst part. You still loved him. But you couldn’t do anything about it other than stare at the bank screen, the little mouse blinking over and over again, in the same place, because no writing had been done. You have writer’s block all because you had lost your muse.

What had happened? Well, you wouldn’t want to go down that memories lane and rip open wounds that weren’t even half healed, but after dating for about five months, you two had finally said the three words that meant everything in the relationship. ‘I love you’ and you both meant it, but somehow, not long after the confession, the relationship was no more. Luke seemed to always forget that you had a career too. He was clingy, but you loved him anyway. It always seemed like skype calls and text messages weren’t enough for him. He wanted to spend time with you any chance he got, and so did you, but you knew that you couldn’t. He had his career and you had yours.

Then it happened. That was the day everything ended. You never saw him after that. You were where you usually were. The two of you huddled on the floor together, the other three boys sitting on the couches as you watched a movie. However, your laptop still laid on your lap and you clicked away on the keyboard, causing a slight distraction. All of the boys knew that this book meant so much to you, and you knew that they were going to support you throughout everything, but that doesn’t change what happened. Luke had grown tired of not being able to spend time with you, that he pulled the laptop away from you. You tried to get it back, but instead, Luke accidentally had caused all your hard work to vanish. It wasn’t the first book that you were planning to publish, but rather a second on you were extremely excited to write.

You were angry and rushed to the bedroom you both shared, trying your best to get your work back, but it was gone. Luke had came into the room not long after, but the yelling continued, grabbing the attention of the boys, who had followed him up a few minutes after. But one this led to another, and Luke’s hand had hit you across the face. Ashton was the one who helped you up, and you were terrified of Luke after that. Calum and Michael tried their best to hold your boyfriend down, but all you could do was leave. You never went back, and the only people you saw after that day was Calum and Ashton helping you bring in your stuff. They knew as much as Luke did that it was over.

The memories of that night made you shutter, and you finally decided it was time to close your laptop, again, with a blank page. That night, you decided to eat out at a local diner. It was a diner that you and Luke used to go to when you were Los Angeles. The only reason you were going to the diner you wanted to forget was because you needed inspiration. You needed a new muse, whether it meant your pain or not. You walked up to the front counter and weakly smiled at the person behind the counter, “Hi, can I get regular?” You asked the guy. You heard the door open behind you and ignored them as they sounded like childish teenagers with nothing to do but disturb the people around them.

You walked over to an empty seat, rubbing your eyes and pulling out your laptop once again, to see if your idea worked.

“Y/N?” You heard someone ask. When you looked up, you locked eyes with Luke. You didn’t know what to do, but found yourself closing your laptop and rushing out of the diner in record time, but it was no use. You had forgotten how much taller he is than you, and soon enough you felt his hand on you arm. You flinched, pushing him away, trying your best to cover your face as if he was going to hit you again. “I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.” he said, but still you stayed in your same position, knowing you weren’t going to go anywhere with him here. “Look, I”m sorry.”

“Luke, it would be better if you left me alone.” You said, “I don’t want you in my life anymore.” You said, but even he knew you were lying.

“Y/N, don’t say that.” he pleaded, tears beginning to form in his eyes, taking a step closer to you. You backed away, still scared of him hitting you again. “You’re scared of me?” he asked, his voice a low whisper.

You didn’t respond, instead, you just looked away, not wanting to see the hurt in his face as you tried to get away from him. “You don’t love me, Luke. You never did. All you did was hurt me, up till the point where it was physical, so yes, I am scared. I’m terrified.”

“Scared of me or of still being in love with me?” He asked, but once again you didn’t respond. You knew you were scared of both, and didn’t want to admit it. “You didn’t publish your book.” He said, changing the subject.

“How do you know that?” You asked him.

“I’ve been checking. Why didn’t you publish it?”

You wiped your eyes and looked down, “I didn’t want to publish the book that was influenced by the person I once loved. Look, I’m sorry Luke.”

“—No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have hit you. I spent months looking at the side of the bed where you belonged wondering if you would ever forgive me. I spent days thinking of calling you. Y/N, I still love you.”

“But you never called me Luke, not once. I spent just as much time as you wondering when you were going to call, when you were going to come find me because yes, I do still love you. I spend everyday not being able to write because I lost everything. I lost my inspiration, and I lost my determination to finish writing. Being with you again is the worst possible way to cure myself of my writers block because I’m terrified of being with you. I’m sorry, Luke. I’m really sorry, but I can’t love you anymore.” You said, fixing your laptop in my bag. “It was a pleasure to have been your first love, and it was a pleasure for you to have been mine. I hope one day we can put this behind us, but that day isn’t here day. Bye Luke.”

And you left. You left his standing there, tears running down his cheeks, and tears running down yours. He knew this wasn’t what you wanted, but he didn’t question you, because you were always right about everything, and he knew this wasn’t going to be the last time you run into each other, no matter where he travels to next.


You had a busy day. Working in a small cheap restaurant wasn’t the best job, but it kept your mind off of things. Two months ago, you ended your relationship with your boyfriend of almost seven months after he had drunkenly cheated on you with several girls for several nights. He felt guilty about it, and came clean when you questioned him about it, but it still didn’t make the fact that he was fucking other girls, besides you, better. Still, you managed to try to get over it quickly. You loved him, but cheating was something you weren’t going to take lightly due to your relationship before that one, where your boyfriend had also cheated on you. Only this was bigger. Your ex-boyfriend, Calum Hood, was known all over the world, and him cheating on you was a worldwide trending topic. It made you feel insecure about your appearance. After the break up with Calum. You changed your look, for obvious reasons. 1. You didn’t feel good the way you looked. You felt like you were only going to be cheated on again. And 2. You wanted to change your appearance so that people don’t recognize you as 'Calum’s ex-girlfriend. The one he cheated on.’

You lost a lot of weight, which you thought was the main reason that led Calum to cheating, you dyed your hair a lighter color, and you got job at a coffee shop. It made you feel like you were reborn a better you. You finally felt beautiful.

Finally, it seemed like today’s work was over, after all the customers had left. Just as you were going to take a seat for a little break, you heard the door open, and two people walked in, hand in hand. A couple. You looked up with a bright smile until you focused on the guy holding the girl’s hand. It was Calum. He seemed to have recognized you too, but you played it off as if you didn’t know it was him.

He seemed to have motioned her to sit down at one of the tables as he went to go order the drinks. “What will it be?” You asked him.

“Two of those to go.” He sighed, pointing to the board above me, before talking to me again, “You look different, Y/N.” He said, “You look beautiful.”

You sighed, “She’s pretty too.” You said, motioning to to girl waiting for Calum. “She’s beautiful too. Is she the girl?” you asked, trying your best to stop yourself from crying.

Calum sighed again, “Yeah, she is. Look, I’m sorry. I should’ve not cheated. I was drunk and I kept getting drunk. I tried to explain, but you left.” he said.

“Calum, please stop. I didn’t leave because I wanted you to apologize. I left because you cheated, and that hurt me. Besides, you look happy. Don’t ruin your relationship with her because you’re talking to me.” I said, handing him what he ordered. “Move on.” you whispered.

“I don’t love her.” He said, talking you by surprise. “I love you. She’s just –“

“Something to get your mind off of things. Yeah, I know. It’s the reason I’m working here.” you said, “But Calum, I changed how I looked to feel better about myself, not for you to think we can start dating again. After we broke up I felt fat and ugly because you were cheating on me with a girl who looks good in almost anything. Besides, it wouldn’t be good for your career. Your fans hated me–”

“Calum, what’s taking so long?” The girl asked.

“I think it’s best if you don’t run into me again. I’m sorry Calum.”

He looked down, nodding his head slightly, “I’m sorry too. For everything. You’re beautiful, Y/N. You really are, and you deserve better than me. I screwed up, I just hope that you’re next boy friend treats you better than I ever did.” he said, walking outside again, only this time, he wasn’t holding the girl’s hand, but rubbing the metal necklace that you had given him a long time ago.


For a while now, you were trying to move on from your past relationship with drummer, Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer. Every time you went out with your friends, and the radio would play on of his songs from the band, you’d skip it and your friends would look at you like this has gone to far. You couldn’t help it. You missed him and his adorable laugh and wearing his clothing and poking his dimples. You missed seeing him play the drums during practice and shows. You just missed him. How couldn’t you miss him.

Your friends knew exactly what was going on, but never questioned you because they didn’t want to risk you from getting worse, so instead, they’d go along with it, even if it meant skipping songs that you grew to love. Everything just reminded you of him. You would be home and the pictures you took of and with Ashton were wedged in bookshelves and the ones on your phone stayed on your phone because you felt like it was the piece of him that you had.

See, you had been dating him for almost a year and suddenly everything turned around. He had grown distant and you two would constantly argue over little things. You would cry yourself to sleep with him beside you not doing anything but ignoring you. The rest of his band mates would question if you were okay because you hadn’t been talking for roughly a week. Then Ashton just snapped. He had one day just told you that he didn’t feel right always leaving you for tour, so he had to end things because he didn’t want you to get hurt, but you already were. You had asked him if he was just going to give up, and he said he couldn’t just talk to you over Skype and phone calls for six months. He didn’t want you to be alone. He had told you that after he comes back home, he’d look for you everywhere.

It gave you hope that he wasn’t leaving forever. You still loved him, and you wanted to know that he still loved you. But the thing was, it’s been longer than six months now. It’s been nine months, almost ten now, and he hasn’t called you. It felt like he just, forgot you existed.

But your friends didn’t care if he was going to look for you. You knew that you had to grow up, and stop waiting for the person you love to come back to you. Instead, they had wiped you clean of Ashton Irwin. All your pictures, deleted and thrown away. Anything to do with him actually, was now in a garbage bag in the trash can outside of your home.

You were currently sitting on a bench in the park, reading your favorite book. The only thing that your friends didn’t know you had was one of Ashton’s bandannas, which you used as a bookmark. And as you turned another page on your book, you rubbed the red cloth between your fingers.

Suddenly, you felt someone hover above you, “Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you could show me directions to the – Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice question.

You looked up and noticed it was Calum, who was standing there. “Oh my fucking God.” You muttered. “How—how are you?”

“Fine.” He answered, “You?”

You sighed, “Good, I guess. How are the guys?” You asked.

Calum smiled awkwardly, “They’re fine, mostly. Just—”

“Hey, Calum, who are you talking to?” You heard someone say, and you registered the voice to the person who you’ve been waiting to see forever. “Y/N?” He asked, running up to you, embracing you in a tight hug. But you didn’t hug back, instead, you tried your best to hide your emotions, and the worn-out bandanna. “How are you?” he said. “Oh my God, I missed you so much.”

“Ashton.” you whispered, trying to find words to form into a sentence, but nothing came out of your mouth. Finally, you took a few breaths, Ashton still hugging you tight. “Where were you for four months?” You asked.

Suddenly, he let go of you. This was when you noticed that Calum had walked away, over to Michael and Luke, who were standing not so far away from you guys. “I’m sorry I didn’t call. I was so busy and management didn’t let me do much. They wouldn’t let me out of their sight, but I promise, now that I’ve found you, I’ll make it up to you.”

“Ash, listen. I spent four months trying to come up with scenarios as to what you were up to that made you break your promise.” You sighed, “We can start off as friends for now. I mean, It was amazing seeing you, running into Calum…” you said, your eyes suddenly beginning to water, “I love you, Ashton. I always have, but right now–”

“No, I understand.” He said, giving you a reassuring smile, “It was my fault. I’m not making excuses. I’ll do anything. I promise, so yes, we can start off as just friends, just don’t cry. I never liked seeing you cry.” He wrapped his arms around you and you pressed your face into the crook of his neck, suddenly remembering the warmth of being with him. “I’m glad you kept it.” He said, lifting his red bandanna from the bench. “You didn’t give up either.”

Sorry for the long imagines. I was in a 5sos feelsy mood and then this sort of happened. Anyway, I am taking requests . They ARE open and will stay open so please don’t be shy to ask for a request

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A very hungover Jack wakes up stark naked in Rapunzel's bed only to realize she's taken care of him all night during his drunken state

Maid AU

Oh god his head was pounding. It felt like he had either been hit by a train or Kristoff was thumping a meat mallet against his head. The man groaned, turning over in the bed, holding the soft pillow to his face. His stomach felt like shit and he knew if he got up, he was definitely going to yack all over his hard wood floors.  After a couple deep breaths, he realized that sleep was far away and he was now awake with a splitting headache. The white haired male sat up, running his hand through his hair with a very pathetic groan.

Blue eyes blinked back sleep, opening ever so slowly to the world.


His world was pink. Why was his bedroom pink? He looked down at the sheet with narrowed eyes, barely kept open. His sheets were white with a pale pink comforter. That wasnt right. Was this even cotton? Certainly not Egyptian and where was his silk sheets? His lips pursed. He lifted the sheets to his nose.

It smelled like flowers.

Did he go home with someone last night?

He vaguely remembered a couple girls at the bar. He had mostly been pounding down shots with Hiccup and some of the guys, playing pool. He remembered watching Hiccup trip over some girls bag and that was about it for memory lane. He rubbed his eyes for a moment then took a good look around. It all smelled familiar.

His eyes traveled to the nightstand and he reached over clumsily to take hold of the picture frame that was there. He squinted at it for a moment before his eyes widened. It was Rapunzel. Rapunzel and some other red head girl but it was definitely her. Jack looked around again before he looked down at himself. Holy shit, he was naked. He was naked in Rapunzel’s bed. How did he end in naked in Rapunzel’s bed?!

“Did we…” he mumbled. He looked around frantically, seeing his clothes litter the ground as well as a few female articles. Oh god he had drunk sex with his maid. His extremely gorgeous, innocent, intelligent maid. Panic set in just then. What if the sex sucked? He was drunk and who knew what he did when he blacked out… oh god, she was going to quit.  The sex sucked and she was going to quit.

He took a couple of deep breaths, his head pounding still but his panic was set in. He grabbed his boxers off the floor and pulled them on along with his jeans that some how ended up all the way by her white dresser. He  walked to the door and opened it slowly, the smell of bacon flooded his senses but the sun light from the hallway was too painful to actually enjoy it. He hissed and clenched his eyes shut.

“Jack?” he heard her call.

He walked out of the hallway and into her kitchen. It was small and clean, all whites and golds. He sat on one of the bar stools at the counter and put his head on the cool white tile. He sighed.

“Guessing the alcohol bit back?” she giggled.

“You have no idea.” he mumbled. He moved so that he could look at her, resting on his chin. She was still beautiful, wearing only a tight pink tank top and a pair of cotton grey shorts that showed off her tan legs. And now everything was going to be awkward. Sadness seeped into his demeanor as he imagined never having her in his house again, never arguing with her or laughing with her. 

Rapunzel walked over with a glass of water and some pills, “Aspirin, for the headache.”

He sat up and downed the pills without the water before putting his head back down. She shook her head at him like she usually did before turning back to making breakfast. He watched for a moment before he couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“So be honest with me…was I awful?” he groaned, afraid of her answer.

Rapunzel paused as she flipped a pancake and looked over her shoulder at him. She thought for a moment and shrugged.

“You weren’t that bad, there’s been worse drunks.” she replied.

Jack lifted his head a bit, a spark of jealousy and hurt found its way to his tired blue eyes. “Worse drunks? You normally bring drink men home with you?” he asked.

“I cant just say ‘no i have better things to do’. That would be mean.” she gave him a look while his mouth opened in shock. He stared at her, his eye twitched.

“I knew you couldnt be a virgin but I didnt think-” he started. She snapped her head at him, almost dropping the spatula. Her green eyes were wide and her mouth was open in a surprised gasp. It only took seconds for her face to light up like a red Christmas light.

“What does be being a virgin have to do with anything!?” she cried in embarrassment. Jack blinked in confusion before rising his eyebrow at her. 

“I mean since we had sex I thought-”

“W-we didnt have sex, Jack!” she sputtered, turning off the stove. Her blush had rose to her the tips of her ears. Jack’s brow furrowed,

“But..I was naked. In your bed.”

“You did that! Not me!” Rapunzel put a hand over her eyes as she tried to compose herself. She couldn’t help thinking of what sex with her handsome boss would be like as soon as he said it and she needed to stop.

“What happened last night?” he asked, running his hands down his face.. Rapunzel put her hand towel over her shoulder and leaned against the counter on her elbows.

“So I got the phone call around 11pm…”




A stray hand from under a pink comforter made a grab for the ringing device on her nightstand. With a tired groan she pulled the phone under the covers with her, lighting up the darkness as she slid the phone open. 

“Hello..?” she whispered, her voice half asleep. She could hear loud clanking, music and voices in the background. Who was calling her so late anyway?

“Is this Rapunzel?” an unfamiliar voice asked, the mans Australian accent was thick and made her brow furrow.

“This is her.”

“i know it’s late, shelia, but youre the only person Jack has been talking about.”

She opened her eyes and popped her head out from under the warmth of her blankets. Her hair was a mess of blonde waves while her eyes were only half open. 

“Jack? Did something happen to him?”

“Sort of. I’m gonna be honest with ya, he drank himself under the table, mate. His friend already got a ride home from his girlfriend so he’s here. I took his keys.”

She rubbed her eyes and yawned cutely, “Thank you for looking out for him. Are you the bartender?”

“Yep. He’s at Aussies Pub over off Marigold. I cut him off but he ain’t sleepin’ here.”

“I understand. I’ll be there in a minute.”

The blonde hung up the phone, falling back onto her mattress with a bounce and a sigh.

Her tired green eyes looked up at the dark ceiling, her phone fell from her fingers with a thump onto the ground. She was sure that she was employed as a maid, not a baby sitter. She needed to check that job description tomorrow. With a groan Rapunzel sat up and rolled out of the bed, the oversized t-shirt she wore fell down to her knees, the short sleeves came down to her elbows; she could care less. She pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and flip flops, tying up her blonde hair into a messy bun. With a last look in her mirror, not that she really was trying to ‘wow’ anyone at 2 a.m., she grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

The bar was a little dive bar, a hole in the wall compared to the expensive clubs that she knew was more Jacks speed. He had been calming a down a bit these last couple of months. He wasn’t throwing away money anymore or faulting it. He seemed to take a little more consideration for others and had a little more capacity for real life rather than just having fun. The blonde pulled up to the empty space in front of the bar, putting on her hazards. She needed to get him and go.

She could smell the cigarette smoke as soon as she got out of her car. With a scrunched noise she walked up to the door, a large man with a black t-shirt glared down at her. She didn’t bring her wallet and it wasn’t like she would be drinking.  

“Im here to pick up the drunk at your bar,” she yawned.


Rapunzel narrowed her eyes “I’m working on three hours of sleep, Im wearing flip flops with a mens shirt, I have no makeup on and Im two days away from my time of the month, does it look like I’m here to drink at this place?” she growled. The large male watched her for a moment before looking around and stepping aside.

The petite blonde stepped past the man and several smokers to get inside the bar, the clap of her flip flops had everyone turning and looking at the odd one out. It was after two in the morning so it was passed last call. People were dwindling and it was easy to spot the white hair of her boss, smiling like an idiot between to giggling drunk girls. He was nursing a water so she assumed that the bartender who called was the same one who was working still. She apologized here and there as she pushed herself through some people to the bar.

The moment those crystal blue eyes landed on her, a big smile brightened and the girls next to him became invisable.

“Rapunzzzil!” he slurred yet raised his hands in the air as if it were some long reunion. She felt the glares on her from the other two scantily dressed women next to him, both not very happy about the rich drunk male paying attention to a ‘plain jane’ like her. “I was just talking ‘bout you!”

“He doesn’t stop.” An Australian accent chimed in. Rapunzel glanced at the tall sturdy man behind the bar, his tanned arms covered with tattoos, tight black shirt stretched over muscle. But his eyes were hard, he was not happy with Jack at all.

“Did he pay you?”

“Yeah, he’s good to go,” Aster took out a ring of keys from his jean pocket, “Here’s these. Car should be good till tomorrow morning.”

Rapunzel smiled and took the keys, pocketing them herself. She looked back to the grinning millionaire, the two girls had disappeared at her appearance, and obviously understanding that there was no way either of them would be going home with him tonight.  The blonde held out her hand to the swaying man,

“Wallet, please.”

Jack looked at her hand, his eyes unfocused and it took a couple of moments before he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Italian leather wallet. He happily handed it to her,

“Are you gonna to drink with me, Punzz?” he slurred.

“Nope, we’re going home,” she opened the wallet and counted out sixty dollars before handing it to the helpful bartender. “Here, thank you for watching him.”

The Aussie gave a lopsided smirk and counted out his tip, “No problem, shelia.”

Rapunzel gave him a smile and handed Jack back his wallet. The pouting man sighed and swayed a bit in his chair as he tried to stick the leather back into his pocket. The blonde rolled her eyes and helped him to his feet so that he could easily slide it in. Jack grinned and put an arm around her shoulders, leaning his head onto hers. He smelled of tequila and gin. His cheeks were rosy and his blue eyes swam much like she assumed the room did for him.

“I was telling the nice girls about yous.” He said as if it were a compliment. Rapunzel couldn’t help the small smile on her lips as he rubbed his cheek against the top of her head. She gently led him toward the door, making sure he didn’t fall, “I didn’t tell them that we kissed, I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

Rapunzel looked at everyone staring at them as she walked out of the bar, each person probably wondering what was going on. A girl in her pajamas with no makeup on taking a wealthy well-dressed man to her car who couldn’t walk straight. No, not embarrassed at all. Rapunzel sighed with a small smile, unable to be completely annoyed while he smiled and acting like her presence made his night. She almost preferred him drunk.


She regretted ever thinking those words.

Rapunzel stood in the middle of her kitchen watching her drunk barefoot boss go through her refrigerator, barely able to stand without having to shift his feet as his world moved without him having to. She winced as his hand slapped against the metal door that was closed to gain his footing, his laugh at himself echoed in the small apartment.

“Don’t you have anything to eat?” he mumbled, taking out a container of yogurt and glaring at it as if it offended him. She sighed and walked over to the refrigerator herself, moving him to the left so he could lean on something, leaving the scavenging to her.

“Yes, I do. What are you looking for?” she asked. If she fed him, he might get tired and crash on the couch. She just prayed he could stay standing long enough to eat and not hurt himself. She looked over at him, his eyes closed as he rested his head on the freezer door.

“Are you okay, Jack?”

His eyes opened suddenly, “What? Oh yeah, I’m fine. I think I drank too much.” He laughed, the movement of his chest to let the sound out threw him off balance again. She grabbed the front of his shirt and stabilized him, only to have him lean against her in front of the cool open door. He sighed into her hair, putting his weight on her. The petite woman pressed her hands against his chest, pushing the able bodied male off her.    

“Jack! You’re heavy!”

“You smell good.”

“Jack get off!”

“Really, you do. You always smell good,” he laughed.

“J-Jack we’re going down!”

A resounding thump of bodies hitting hard wood shook the kitchen, the dishes on the drying rack rattled and the refrigerator door swayed back and forth. Her down stairs neighbors probably hated her. Rapunzel’s eyes were shut tight, glad that she was able to crumble to the floor rather than just fall back. Though her backside hurt a bit. The big lug laid on top of her, his head cushioned by her breasts while his arms laid on either side of them with legs intertwined.

“Hey Punz?” he mumbled into her oversized t-shirt.

“Yeah, Jack?” she sighed.

“I lied.”

“About what?”

“I told the bartender I kissed you.”

Rapunzel stared at the ceiling of her kitchen while his sad voice echoed in her head. A snort escaped her before laughter shook her body, making the man on top of her shake as well. She couldn’t hold it back as much as she wanted to. Maybe it was a mix of his absolute pathetic voice or maybe because she was sleep deprived but she had probably never heard anything so amazingly sweet in her life. Jack sat up on his elbows and looked down at her with confused dilated blue eyes. It only made her laugh harder, tears came to her eyes as she held her sides in her giggles.

“What’s so funny?”

“You,” she grinned.

He grinned back with a tilt of his head, “You’re pretty when you laugh.”

The compliment sobered her, not used to hearing such honest and blatant comments from her boss. Teasing flirting and poking fun, yes but this was new. Her eyes met his and she felt the heat rise to her cheeks at his proximity to her; bodies pressed against each other’s, his knee between her legs. She watched as he leaned toward her, his eyes on her lips. She could still smell the tequila on him, reminding her that even though her heart beat fast, he was inebriated.

Her hand found its way to his lips, placing her fingers over them. His brow furrowed.

“You’re drunk, Jack and you smell like a bar.” She said softly, though the butterflies in her stomach went wild, “And this is the last thing you’d want to do when you won’t remember it to hang over my head.”

Jack searched her eyes for something before he let out a sigh and fell back onto her breasts. She let a small smile on her lips at the child like way he pouted. Even drunk, Jack was still a little kid in a man’s body. She guessed that’s why she liked him, he reminded her to have fun. After living on her own with minimum jobs to pay rent, trying to run from her mother and remembering her passions, it was nice to meet someone who gave into every impulse, who smiled and laughed like he had everything in the world.

And he did.

He was special because he wanted to share it.

Rapunzel convinced Jack to stand up and walk to the bedroom, his arm around her shoulder. He no longer looked at chipper as he did, the alcohol had started to settle and his kidney could no longer work as hard as it tried. His face turned pale and his gait got choppier. She guided him to her bedroom, hoping that if she could lay him down and get him tucked in, he could pass out. The blonde maid walked her boss to the queen sized bed, his eyes took in the surroundings, the paintings and simple white furniture. Everything was custom painted by her from the walls to the furniture yet everything seemed so simple and clean.

Jack frowned and looked down at the bed, “You neeed a new-w mattress.”

“I’ll get one when I can afford it now lay down,” she said softly giving him a ‘no nonsense’ look. She went to her dresser and pulled out a more appropriate attire if she was going to share the bed with her boss. She walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She pulled off her big t-shirt and jeans and replaced them with a tank top and simple cotton shorts.

“Punnzzzz…” a whine came from her bedroom.

The maid ran a hand through her blonde hair, grabbing her clothes and opened the door. She wasn’t sure if she should feel a bit embarrassed or feel sorry for the man. He laid on his back on her bed, his shirt was thrown to the ground with his belt. His breath was a bit heavy and he had his hands over his eyes. She moved toward him slowly, her eyes taking in the dips and contours of his bare chest greedily before she focused back on him.

“Are you okay? Do you need water?” she asked, touching his knee. He gave a small whimper and a nod. She turned a heel and headed toward the door when a guttural heaving sound stopped her. She spun around to see the man run from her bed to bathroom faster than she thought possible without slipping and falling. Rapunzel winced at the sound of retching, his body probably rejoicing at the emptying of the contents of his stomach and the liquor.

She slowly walked into the restroom and looked at where Jack kneeled in front of it. His head rested on the seat, his arms around the bowl. Poor man looked miserable.

“I’m dying..” he mumbled.

She shook her head and stood behind him, rubbing small soothing circles on his back.

“Just get it all out.” She replied, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. The man groaned, she felt his back dry heave as it bowed under her hand. She continued to rub circles as he vomited into the toilet bowl, stomach acid and tequila was all that was left to get rid of.  The maid kept by him while he cursed, rubbing circles on his back and a hand through his hair. While he deserved the kick back, she hated seeing him in so much pain.

After ten minutes of dry heaving, getting rid of everything he could, he pushed himself up from the ground and started to head back to the bed still unsteady on his feet. They were two feet from the bed when he stopped walking.

“Too hot..” he mumbled, his shaking hands unbuttoned his pants.

“Jack, I don’t think I have any extra—”

“Punz, its hot,” he shimmied out of his pants stepping out of the them though not without tripping a bit. His black boxer briefs hugged his backside nicely. Rapunzel took a sharp inhale as the man reached for his underwear as well.

Rapunzel didn’t stick around to find out what that backside would look like without a barrier, her face bright red to the tips of her ears as she spun around and headed for the door.

“Goodnight, Jack!” she called behind her shoulder, running through the threshold and closing the behind her with a slam. Her heart beat fast, her cheeks burned. She almost saw her boss naked. No she did see her boss almost naked. Jack was naked in her bed, a bed that she was supposed to share with him.

A part of her felt like she had missed a big opportunity, a big window he had thrown open when he had almost kissed her on the kitchen floor. The most womanly, lustful part of her banged her head against a wall, thinking about what she could be doing with her very attractive, funny, smart, quirky boss while her logical side told her to get as far away as possible, he was intoxicated and did not need her to add to his problems.

She took a couple of deep breaths before heading to the linens closet.

She’s sleep on the couch.


 “And that’s what happened.” Rapunzel said, her morning coffee in her hands.

Jack stared at her with wide eyes, he could feel his eye twitch while his mouth hung open. His headache was minimal to the pure embarrassment he felt. It was worse than having sex with her, it was worse than having BAD sex with her. The millionaire ran his hands over his face before placing his head on the counter and covering it with his arms.

“I barfed in front of you,” he groaned.

Rapunzel raised an eyebrow at him, “Really? That’s what you took out of the story?”

“I threw up in front of you,” he groaned louder.

“It’s not that big of a deal.” She smiled, patting his head like a pet, “I did get to see your bum.”


His maid only giggled.

He never wanted to drink again.


You’re just like poison,

And I just don’t get it,

How could something so deadly, feel so right?

You’re just like poison,

My affliction, I’m addicted, I can’t lie…

Laughter filled my ears as me and Blair passed by a group of children running through the park. A small smile formed across my lips as I avoided a collision with a young girl with a curly fro. She sent me a quick ‘excuse me’ and went about her way. It was a Saturday afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. The sky being a bright blue and the wind kicking up every so often to brush up on your skin and cool it off. People were currently out running, walking their dogs, kids were running around freely and everything seemed to be at ease. 

I was munching on my fresh cut fruit and tuned back into Bee’s one-sided conversation. She was ranting about one of our more…needy clients. Within the last few days he’s called about ten times asking and complaining about the same things and of course Blair was set to handle those needs. 

“I just want to choke him with his own neck fat,” seethed. 

I laughed loudly, “Blair violence is never the answer.”’

She waved me off before taking a sip from her smoothie. 

“In other news…”

I glanced over to her waiting for her to continue, but her hesitance was very obvious. 

“What’s up Bee?” 

“My mother called me.”

I snapped my eyes into her direction. I was completely shocked. Blair hasn’t spoken to her mother since she decided to move out here with me. She purposely lost all contact with her. Changed her number and never told her mother were she was. 


She shrugged with annoyance written all over her face. 

“You know my cousin Avion?” 

I nodded my head. 

“Well I’ve still been in contact with her. She’s one of the few people that I’m close with on my mother’s side of the family. I guess my mom got in contact with her and she gave her my number,” she explained. 

“Without asking you?” 

It was her turn to nod her head without replying. We continued to walk in silence for a few moments. I know that this is messing with Blair’s head. Once she moved here with me she completely forced everything that had to do with San Frisco to the back of her mind. She was hiding secrets and I knew that it’s just because she doesn’t want to go back down tarnished memory lane. 

“Well, what happened?” I finally asked. 

“She was talking about how sorry she was and how much she wanted to see
me to talk. Bull shit,” she spat. 

“Bee, what if she’s serious?” 

“Last time I took her serious Avery I damn near lost my life!”

I cringed at the bass in her voice. Not because I’m scared, but because the pain is evident and I hate knowing that she’s hurting way beyond my reach. I stopped walking and turned to face her once we were pretty much out of earshot of everyone else. 

“Bee please, tell me what happened? It’s been years and you still hold things back from me.”


“No! I’m supposed to be your best friend. How am I supposed to help you with these things when you’re not being honest with me?”

She allowed her eyes to drop to the ground. She knows that I’m right. 

“I’m just trying to help,” I spoke more softly grabbing her hand. 

She glanced up and sent me a smile that did not meet her eyes. 

“I’m still working on coming to terms with it myself Avery.”

I nodded my head in understanding. 

“Have you ever considered therapy?” 

She chuckled, “therapy Avery? I won’t talk to you, what makes you think that I will talk to a damn stranger?” 

“That’s the thing Bee. Maybe you don’t wanna talk to me out of fear of being judged. Maybe if you talk to someone who knows nothing about you then that might help. Just think about it, okay?” 

“I’ll think about it.”

I smiled widely, “that’s a start.”

I looped my arm through hers and started to walk the park trail once again. For the remainder of our walk we kept the conversation light. I figured that I couldn’t force her to break her silence no matter how badly I wanted to. We laughed and even stopped to watch a game of basketball on one of the parks’ courts. We clapped and cheered along with the rest of the crowd that surrounded the particular court. 

Once that was over we made our way back to the office. I sighed with content as I sauntered back into my office. I let Bee go early because I knew she had other errands to run and for the past week she’s been working hard. Walking over to my desk I noticed my phone buzzing letting me know that I’ve missed some calls and have some messages to tend to. I decided to leave my phone here for this particular reason. The first message I noticed was from Javier and then a missed phone call from my dad. I went straight to my call logs and called my dad. Listening to the phone ring for a few moments my father’s boisterous voice finally flowed through from the other end. 

“My baby girl,”he breathed out. 

“Hi daddy,” I spoke with genuine happiness before taking my seat. 

“What are you up to princess?” I heard some ruffling coming from his end. 

“Oh nothing. Just got back in the office from my lunch break with Bee. How’s your day going old man?” 

A heart filled laugh flowed through the phone and tugged at the corners of my lips.  

“You better chill out with that old man stuff baby girl. I’m hip,”

I giggled a little rolling my eyes at his remark. 

“I’m not doing anything princess. Just going over a few projects that’s all. I have a few new projects coming around that’s going to require me to travel a bit.”

“I know how much you love to travel.”

“You know it. Well I didn’t want anything, but to remind you of the charity gala is coming up next week and knowing you, you probably forgot.”


“Language baby girl,” my father chastised. 

“Sorry daddy. I forgot all about that,” I rolled my eyes. “I’ll be there.”

“Yeah well you didn’t really have a choice,” he chuckled. “It either come or hear your mother’s mouth.”

I mumbled a few things under my breath before exhaling deeply. 

“Just come for the sake of all of us. Okay, baby?”

I replied back with a quick ‘okay’. 

“I love you princess.”

“I love you too daddy.”

And with that the phone conversation ended. I sighed with annoyance as the thought of going to my parents’, correction, my mother’s charity gala. It was always over the top, being sure to out do the year before, stuck up people offering money just to say that they did and of course my mother’s grand speech that held all of good doings on display.  If it was up to me I would pass, but I always go for the sake of my father. 

Just as I was about to get started on last minute paper work my phone went off again and Javier’s name showed up on my screen. 

“Javie!” I exclaimed and giggled at the sound of him smacking his lips. 

“Fuck up with all of that baby. What are you doing?” 

“Just getting back into the office. Hopefully about to finish some last minute work.”

“Lunch break with Bee?” 

“Yep,” I replied making sure to dramatize my ‘p’. 

“You lucky. I was about to get in yo’ ass. You know I hate being ignored.”

I scoffed a little trying to downplay the smile forming across my face as if he was here right in front of. 

“What do you want Javier?” 

“What are you doing tonight?” 

“Besides my usual routine of eating out, watching movies and handling paper work until I fall asleep nothing.”

“Drop all of that boring shit and come out with me tonight.”

“Come where?” 

“Can’t tell you that baby,” he teased.

I rolled my eyes. I hated surprises, but decided not to push him further knowing that will not get me any answers. 

“Think of it as our first date. If your in to that type of shit.”

I giggled, “our first date?”

He replied with a quick ‘yes’ and things became deathly silent on my end. For some reason a childlike feeling consumed me. Maybe it was the way that the word ‘date’ rolled off of his tongue smoothly or maybe it was the thought of being alone in a romantic setting with him that stirred up this giddy feeling that evolving inside of me.

“Baby?” he questioned breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Ask correctly Javier.”

He chuckled, “Avery, baby, will you go out with a nigga tonight?”

I scoffed, but couldn’t hold back the laughter that slipped from my lips.

“Yes I will.” 

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