oh shit my bad i mean

“So how do you feel knowing Voltron Season 4 starts in a week?”

I s w e a r if people try to say shit like “Oh now everyone’s gonna want that as a tattoo” to the people who want LO(S)VER as a tattoo to try and discourage them I’ll fucking fight. So what if a lot of people want it on their skin?? Maybe it means something to them, maybe they just want it for the hell of it, either way it’s none of your business. Also, how many people have fucking infinity tattoos?? Or Deathly Hallows tattoos?? Get the fuck out my face

BTS Reaction to their s/o getting insulted on TV.

Request: Can you do a reaction to when they(bts) is mc with another idol and that idol insults their s/o on live tv?

A/N: So its here, i kept it simple and went straight to the insult. I know it’s savage and this attitude shouldn’t be allowed on tv and bla bla, but i think bts would do anything for the person they love so ENJOY IT


“So you’re dating the ugly y/n? You don’t deserve that”

“You’re damn right, no one deserves a queen like her. Truth be told, you don’t even deserve to pronunce her name”

“You should have gone for someone prettier, maybe an idol”
“Not all idols are pretty, i mean, look at you”


“You’re a dancer, a good one, have you ever thought about taking y/n to dance with you? Maybe her figure could improve”

“And you? Have you ever thought about joining me? Maybe you improve your dancing skills, even tho i don’t know if I can consider what you do dancing.”

“No offence, you can do whatever you want with your life but why y/n? Get yourself a skinny girl, you can do better”
“One, two, three-”
“What? Are you counting all the times she tried to diet and failed?”
“No, im counting how many seconds you have left before i punch you”


“Heard you got yourself a girlfriend, where did you find her? In the trash?”

“Just because you come from there doesn’t mean everyone else does”


“Heard you’re datting y/n, are you looking for something better? I mean you deserve better, her voice is so annoying and she’s ugly”

“Yeah I am looking for someone better”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah im looking for someone better to mc with because i don’t like sharing my air with shit, i didn’t even know shits could talk until you opened your mouth”


“How did you find a girl so big? Why do you even like her?”
“Aw man, don’t worry. Size s not that important. Don’t feel bad for being small, I’m sure some people find pleasure in that too” (ex. refering to his dick just in case)

The Sky Is....Falling?

Context: My party is made up of a bard with three personalities, a wizard with an intelligence of seven, a human assassin(homebrew class) who killed her father, and a rouge who is always drunk. They are not very stable or well adjusted people. This was early in the game, when they were all unloading their emotional baggage.

Assassin: I killed my father.

Bard: That’s very sad.

Wizard: Was he a bad person?

Assassin: Well, yes-

Wizard: Oh, it’s alright then.

Rouge: Yeah, I mean, if he’s a shitty person, then why would you regret killing him?

Assassin: He was my father!

Wizard: So what? My father was horrible!

Assassin: Oh, what did he do?

Wizard: He would attack me with ducks.

Rouge: What?

Wizard: Ducks.

Bard: Quack quack.

richie : hey eddie i have been meaning to say this for a while but I, um I love yo-

pennywise: oh shit dude, my bad. Did I just ruin- ah fuck sorry. I see y'all are a lil busy rn but ill just uh come back later yeah cool *finger guns his way out*

eddie: *whispers* what the fuck

The Signs as Eddie's iconic quotes:
  • Aries: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!
  • Taurus: Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister.
  • Gemini: Did you see my loogie? It's the mass, it's always the mass.
  • Cancer: I’m about to have a fucking asthma attack.
  • Leo: You know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!
  • Virgo: I mean, he’s bleeding all over and you guys know there’s an aids epidemic happening right now as we speak.
  • Libra: Get me my bifocals. They’re in my second fanny pack.
  • Sagittarius: But, but, how do you amputate a waist?!
  • Capricorn: Why don’t you shut the fuck up Einstein because I know what I’m doing.
  • Aquarius: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
  • Pisces: Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck.

[Random] Yugyeom’s Caroline

I heard you done got you a dime piece, man
Hell naw, man
One of them Beyoncé, Meagan. Good types
Nah, nah, nah
Is that true, man?
I just wanna know
Probably not
I mean, shit to be honest with you, man, she’s a…

Bad thang, fine as hell, thick as fuck
Oh my god, that’s my baby
Caroline, you divine
Mighty fine

Travelling in a forest can be very dangerous...

Context: This is from very early on in our campain, there are three of us in the party me a Half Elf Paladin, a Fey-Corgi Articifer  and a Tiefling Wild Mage. We had been approaching a goblin cave and had one gobiln captive with us. We sent the Tiefling ahead to scout.

Paladin: What happens if the goblin runs ahead and tries to warn everyone that we are coming.

Articifer: Good point maybe we should tie him up.

Paladin: Don’t worry I got this. *I step forward and attempt to knock him out. I roll a nat20*

DM: Ok so you go up behind the Goblin and hit them with the butt of your sword, it caves in his skull. It falls to the floor very much dead.

Paladin: Oh Sh*t, er I didn’t mean too! I mean you saw him struggling right? Right?!

Articifer: You complete idiot Ian!

Tiefling comes back and sees the goblin at my feet: What happened here! I leave you alone for two minutes!

Paladin: Errr a really big tree branch landed on his head…

Articifer: Yeah a tree branch… lets go with that.

I somehow manage to bluff the Tiefling.

Tiefling: Oh ok well. I guess we just need to be more careful in future then…

Now whenever anything bad happens in our campaign its always blamed on a tree branch.

[the paladins are sitting around in the lounge, not doing much. pidge is typing on her computer]

pidge: guys. oh my god.

hunk: what is it?

pidge: so…so you know my immortal? 

lance: do you mean the peak of english literature? yes, we know my immortal.

keith: i read it unironically. bad decision.

shiro: i read it while it was still a work in progress. you’re all babies.

pidge: …anyway, someone found out who the author was.

hunk: holy shit, seriously? 

shiro: i never thought i’d live to see the day…

pidge: that’s not all. she declared it to be gay culture.

[the room breaks out in yelling for a solid five minutes]

allura: …i’m sorry, but what is this “my immortal” you speak of? it sounds important to earthern culture and i’d like to learn more about it.

[silence falls over the room as the paladins look around at each other]

shiro: [takes a deep breath] it all started with the iconic line, “hi my name is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way.”

You're A Dog Person, Right? (Seth Clearwater)

“Please?” I pleaded.

“Y/N you know I would if I could, but I can’t.” Seth, my boyfriend, explained for about the thousandth time.

“Seth, why can’t you tell me?!” I asked, getting more irritated with his secrecy.

“It’s not my secret to tell, Y/N!” he said.

“Okay, you’re making no damn sense! If it has something to do with you, it is your damn secret to tell! Come on, Seth.” I begged one final time.

“Y/N, I just can’t.” he said with a sigh.

“I’m done with this shit, Seth. Both you and Leah started keeping some big ass secret that y'all don’t want to tell anybody and so, I’m done.” I said, pushing myself off of the Clearwater’s couch.

“Y/N, please don’t do this to me. I can’t lose you.” Seth pleaded, grabbing my hand.

“We’re not supposed to keep secrets from each other, Seth. I haven’t ever kept anything from you, I expected the same.”

With that, I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door.


I stayed at home all weekend, not doing my traditional Saturday movie with Seth. I didn’t know if we were broken up or just in the middle of an argument or what, but it sucked.

One thing that did give me some happiness is that Seth didn’t give up. He was relentless. For the past two days, he had blown my phone up with texts and even more calls.

I heard a knock on my door while I was getting ready for school Monday morning.

I knew who it was before I got there but my heart still did a little leap when I opened the door and saw him again.

Even though he looked like shit.

“Y/N.” he said, taking me in.

Hell, I probably didn’t look too good either.

See, when I said that I was getting ready for school, I actually meant I was frantically looking for my last pair of black sweatpants and my hair hadn’t been properly combed/brushed in the past three days.

“Seth, its good to see you.” I said honestly.

“You too, baby.” he replied.

“Y/N, I’m ready to tell you.” he said, extending his hand out.

I took it without hesitation.

We hopped in his mom’s car and started back towards the reservation.


Seth led me to a patch of woods not far from Sam and Emily’s place.

He took my hands in his.

“I know this is unfair of me to ask, but please don’t freak out when everything is out in the open.” he laughed, nervously.

“Seth, come on. It can’t me that bad, can it?” I asked, rubbing my thumbs over his knuckles.

“Well…..” he laughed.

“You’re a dog person, right, baby?” he asked, walking away from me.

I looked behind me to check to see if there was anybody to help my poor little Seth, because he had apparently lost it.

“I mean yes, but I don’t see how that has anything to -” I turned back to see a gigantic, sandy colored wolf in front of me.

“Oh, my holy shit!” I screamed.

And I guess the universe thought this was some low budget, horror movie shit because my dumbass literally tripped over my own damn feet.

The wolf didn’t try to pounce or attack or anything. He just looked at me.

Then he started backing up and retreated back into the woods. I took this time to run back to Emily and Sam’s. I ran into their house, where all of our friends were.

“Guys, I just saw this big ass wolf out in the woods. It was like, I don’t even fucking know! And, I don’t even know what the hell happened to Seth! I think it might’ve eaten his ass!” I explained, breathlessly.

Just then, Seth came running up to the house.

“Holy shit, Seth! I thought that thing ate you!” I told him as I forced him into the tightest hug I could give.

“Y/N, that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.” he said, shuffling me back to look at me.

He took me out to the porch steps.

“Seth, that big ass wolf might come back.” I said, frantically looking over my shoulder.

“I don’t think it will.” he said, pulling me down to sit with him on the step.

“Baby, that wolf was actually me.” he said, completely serious.

"What?” I asked, I must’ve heard that wrong.

“I’m that wolf. I’m a werewolf or shapeshifter, if you will. All of us are: me, Leah, Paul, Jacob, Jared, Quil, Sam, all of us.“ he tried to explain.

"Seth, baby. What in the actual fuck are you talking about?” I asked, extremely worried about my boyfriend’s mental

Seth, with the help of Leah, explained everything to me and Leah assured me that the wolf today was in fact Seth.

"Holy, shit.” I said, exhausted from today’s event.

“I know it’s a lot to take in and I get if you just need some time or whatever you-,” he started.

“So, you, Seth Clearwater turn into a giant, vampire fighting, wolfie soldier at will?” I interrupted.

“And we’re kinda soulmates,” he laughed.

I sat there, in between the Clearwaters, who were werewolves, in front of a house full of werewolves.

“So, like, are you going let me ride on your back or what?”

Vernon crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

a bullet-point scenario featuring the legendary meme, Vernon/Chwe Hansol !!

Send in requests for scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like to :)

- Hansol yall

- this guy is a literal dork but he doesn’t always show it

- on stage he’s kinda cautious and uptight

- but he’s suuuper funny and genuine off stage

- and I guess he’s kinda like this when it comes to his crushes

- he’ll be super serious at first

- but once his crush breaks the ice for good

- she better get ready for a shit ton of moments with

- not just vernon

- but with our legendary memesol too ;)


- you’ve been an intern at pledis for a couple of months now

- and during those months you found this one svt member that you really really really click with:


- you love his sass and he loves how you react to it

- the conversations you guys have are just so interesting too, and they’re nEVER quiet

- he’s practically screaming and making a fool out of himself whenever he’s with you because he loves hearing you laugh

- Seungkwan is so full of energy whenever he’s around you like

- he’d be practicing a extremely difficult dance in the practice room with the rest of svt and feel like he’d rather die than get the moves right

- but then you’d walk in and Seungkwan would spring from the dead like


- and the rest of svt would groan and want to slap the shit out of him for interrupting their much-needed break

- anyways, knowing how much !positivity! and !motivation! you guys bring into each other’s days, the two of you choose to hang out often

- and a lot of his fellow group members would think it’s because Seungkwan is crushing on you

- but it’s not that

- it’s just one of those super duper close bff connections ykno

- your amazing friendship with Seungkwan is probably one of the best things you’re getting out of the internship

- ONE of them, just wait ;)

- and although you know that the other svt members find Seungkwan’s attitude is 5x more annoying when he’s with you

- you didn’t know your friendship was really starting to bother a particular member:

- “Hansolieeeee~” Seungkwan comes barging into the practice room to see Vernon sitting by himself on the floor, back leaning against the wall mirror

- “mm?” Vernon hums but doesn’t look up from his phone. He knows the loud voice can only be Seungkwan’s

- “wanna go get some bubble tea? Like right now?” Seungkwan grins widely, but his positive gesture is met with a dull response

- “I don’t know,” Vernon’s eyes are still glued to his phone

- “come on,” Seungkwan pulls on one of Vernon’s arms. “It’ll be fun because-”

- “y/n will be there, I know,” Vernon huffs

- “you never hang out with us,” Seungkwan pouts. “Why can’t you just give today a chance?”

- “you go have fun with your little crush. I’ll be here,” Vernon says coldly

- “HANSOL, FOR THE LAST TIME, I DON’T LIKE HER LIKE THAT,” Seungkwan gets defensive

- “and you’re my best friend. I can’t just leave you here like this…” he looks down in guilt

- “well then go have fun with your new best friend then,” Vernon says as his eyes avoid Seungkwan

- (now a lot of us would expect Boo to get offended by this statement and sass the living shit out of Vernon)

- (but nah)

- (in fAct)

- Seungkwan snickers. “Is my best friend… jealous?”

- “I’m not, I just…” Vernon struggles to make up an excuse

- “HAH YOU’RE SO CUTE, JEALOUS OF SOME GIRL HUH…?” Seungkwan collapses and rolls on the floor, dying of laughter

- Vernon doesn’t respond and keeps busy on his phone

- “okay okay, I’m sorry,” Seungkwan collects himself again. “But for real, I can’t replace someone like you. Ever. You’ll always be my best friend, and no other person can say otherwise.” VERKWAN FEELS YO

- “just please, I’d love to hang out with the two of you guys. I think you’ll get along well… I mean there’s gotta be a reason why I’m so close to both you,” Seungkwan justifies

- Vernon contemplates for a long moment

- “… okay,” he says hesitantly

- “AYYAYAY OMG OKAY LET’S GO LIKE RIGHT NOW BC Y/N IS WAITING OUTSIDE THE BUILDING AND I DON’T WANT TO MAKE HER WAIT SO LONG,” Seungkwan screeches says excitedly as he pulls Vernon off of the floor and onto his feet

- Vernon smiles as he gets dragged out of the building

- and upon arriving at the building’s entrance, he sees you casually waiting on your phone

- while keeping quiet, Seungkwan pushes Vernon closer to you, making you look up

- “uh hello, I’m Vernon,” Vernon smiles plainly at you

- “oh come on,” Seungkwan lightly punches Vernon. “She knows you and you know him. Don’t act awkward like that.”

- “call him Hansol if you want,” Seungkwan looks to you and pats his original bestie. “He’s usually not like this, so please forgive him, y/n.”

- “ah okay,” you smile. “Nice to finally hang out with you today! Seungkwan has told me a lot about you.”

- “same here,” Vernon replies and his smile grows a little. He points to Seungkwan “This guy just doesn’t know how to shut up when he’s talking about you sometimes,” he says as he nudges Boo in the gut

- you laugh. “I think he just needs to learn how to control himself in general,” you respond

- “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, let’s not gang up against me so soon,” Seungkwan comes in between you and Vernon to link arms with the both of you. All three of you start heading over to the bubble tea cafe

- and during your trio date

- it’s pretty awkward at first

- but then you bring up something dumb or embarrassing that Seungkwan has done before

- and Vernon would be like

- “oh my god I thought I was the only one who saw him do that before.”

- “yeah I know, I can’t believe he actually sneaks his plush toys to the company building everyday. I always catch him talking to them when he’s alone. It’s hilarious.”

- “I know, right?” Vernon would laugh. “You know there was this one time he-”

- “OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH,” Seungkwan would have to shut up the both of you before he can be insulted any further

- and for the rest of the time at the cafe, you and Vernon are just snickering at each other every time Seungkwan tries to change the subject from something he can’t/doesn’t want to talk about lmao

- overall the bubble tea date turns out to be a great time

- while Seungkwan goes to use the restroom, Vernon leans over to your side of the table and asks

- “hey, if you ever need some more Seungkwan blackmail, I gotchu.”

- you shake your head and laugh. “I could definitely use some of those.”

- “yeah, if you give me your number, I can send you a few right now if you want,” Vernon smiles and holds out a hand, which you place your phone in

- as he’s entering his contact info into your phone, you spot Seungkwan returning from the restroom

- “hurry hurry,” you lean over to Vernon. “He’s cominG.”

- “okay, aaaaand done,” he smiles as he finishes up filling out his profile

- he quickly slides your phone back to you before Seungkwan can spot the suspicious activity

- on the way back to the company building, you and Vernon are separated by Seungkwan once again

- but as Boo chats away, you send your new friend a text

- you: “now would be a great time to send some blackmail, don’t you think?”

- upon receiving the text, Vernon looks to you, then to Seungkwan, then back to you

- a huge smile flashes across his face and he begins typing away at the keyboard

- Vernon: “you right” “hold up”

- Vernon: <img231>

- OH MY GOD this is g o l d, you think to yourself as you try to hold back the laughter


- Vernon: “like I said, I gotchuu”

- Vernon: <img257>

- and the two of you silently laugh at each other as the blackmail keeps rolling into your phone

- until

- Vernon: <img47747>


- you check the image and

(pic creds to topsy.one)

- you: “… I think this picture beat all of the Seungkwan ones”

- “HEY,” Vernon accidentally responds aloud. An embarrassed smile spreads across his face

- Seungkwan turns to the both of you

- oh shit, you and Vernon think simultaneously

- silence sets in for a moment

- “… ANYWAYS,” Boo continues his conversation with himself

- Vernon looks to you and silently wipes his forehead, mouthing the words “phew”

- you sigh in relief

- Vernon: “my bad omg”

- you: “it’s okay Seungkwan won’t suspect anything this early on”

- you: “he’s super oblivious to everything when he’s on chat mode”

- Vernon: “damn it’s like you’ve known Seungkwan for as long as I have lol”

- you: “lmao I think he’s just super predictable”

- Vernon: “naw, comprehending Seungkwan takes talent”

- Vernon: “and lots of patience”

- and the two of you kinda start of your meme friendship from there how beautiful :’)

- Over time, you guys text more, and then texting leads to talking irl, and then meeting up a few times a week

- and it just comes to the point where the both of y’all are practically ditching Seungkwan for your own hangouts lol sorry boo

- the both of you become so comfortable with each other to the point you can freely unleash your inNER MEME SELVES and it’s gREAT LMAO

- all you guys do together is secretly take pictures of other people around the building and make memes out of them I’m so mean I’m sorrY PLEDIS

- and on most days you’d snap pictures of each other and text them as end-of-the-day (aka i-kind-of-miss-you) messages aw

- one day, Vernon’s gonna be hanging out with you and trying to take pictures of you off-guard without catching your attention

- he wouldn’t check them until the end of the day, when the both of you text each other for your nightly meme exchange is that even a thing?? o o p s

- he’d look through what he managed to capture from earlier

- but

- all of the pictures he took of you

- they’re not off-guards

- they’re bomb ass candid photos

- you’re smiling, laughing, looking at him, just being super genuine in the moment

- and Vernon just thinks:

- why is she so… perfect?

- he smiles as he swipes through the pictures over and over again

- but then another thought hits him:

- do I like y/n?

- also:

- shit what am I supposed to send her today?

- then a text notification comes in

- you: “hey where’s the daily dose of my memeself??”

- Vernon: “uhhh… none today, sorryyyyyy”

- you: “wth did you not take any?”

- you: “whatever I have shit load of memesol from today anyways. ENJOY <3″

- and as you’re sending the pictures you took of him that day, Vernon isn’t even checking any of them

- he’s looking through all of your photos again and griNNING LIKE THE CUTEST KID OMG

- Oh god I do like her…

- wait what the hell am I supposed to do no-

- “wHATCHU GRINNING AT THERE,” Seungkwan sticks his nose into Vernon’s buisness

- “n o TH In G,” Vernon’s eyes widen as he shifts away from Seungkwan and turns off his phone

- “I’m not dumb, Hansol. I saw you scrolling through those pics of y/n,” Seungkwan laughs at him

- “they’re just nice pictures, that’s all,” Vernon tries to cover it up but his blush gives it away

- “mmhmm, ‘nice pictures’ my ass,” Seungkwan isn’t buying it mY FAVORITE PART OF SEUNGKWAN IS…

- “and your smile isn’t like that all the time, I know you,” Boo adds. “It’s really cute right now, and that says a lot.” VERKWAN I TELL YOU

- “okay, fine. You caught me,” Vernon gives up. “But it’s not like anything is gonna change because I like her.”

- “actually,” Seungkwan clears his throat. “knowing you so well comes with the duty to inform you with all of the dumb things you’ll do that’ll make your crush obvious to y/n. May I?”

- “Oh my God,” Vernon smiles and rolls his eyes

- “Oh and by the way,” Seungkwan leans over to Vernon and whispers. “If you don’t make it obvious, I will.”

- “SeungkwaN.”

- “Okay fine, I’ll try not to,” Seungkwan replies. “AnYwAyS…”


- Seungkwan’s right when he says that Vernon will be doing things that’ll make his crush obvious to you

- because for one, he’s gonna have to discontinue that end-of-the-day meme exchange because he’ll just be snapping really cute candid pics of you instead:

- you: “okay memesol, don’t disappoint me today” 

- you: “where’s the y/n meme I’ve been waiting for?”

- Vernon: “sorry I ain’t doing that anymore”

- you: “wait really?”

- you: “bUT WHY?”

- Vernon: “Idk I haven’t been getting any memeable pics of you lately”

- you: “wdym? my natural look is an ugly meme”

- Vernon: “it’s not and that’s the problem”

- you: “… whatchu tryna say then, bud?”

- you: “WAIT A SECOND”

- Vernon: “gn dork”

- and although he may seem pretty calm about hinting here, he’ll probably slap himself in the face a couple of times for slipping up

- Vernon would also stop making jokes about you that insult your personality because whY would he insult something he loves so much about you?? do you hear me screaming?

- but don’t worry, meme time with memesol will still be fun because he’d still be willing to make a meme out of himself for you not like he has any control over that anyways lol

- also, he’d be super blushy whenever you guys have accidental skinship moments nkadbkadfbsd

- like even the slightest touch of your hand would trigger him, and he’s definitely one to stutter afterwards

- last crushing habit he’d have would be fuCk tOns of eye contact omg

- and it’s not just your casual, everyday eye contact

- I’m talking about the kind of eye contact that stares you down to the very core of your s o u l

- okay maybe not that deep, but Vernon’s eye contact with you would just be full of admiration

- trust me, he tries to pay attention to the conversation, but when he looks into your eyes, he gets so thrown off and it’s kinda of cute:

- “hellO, earth to hansOl???” you’d say and wave a hand in front of his face

- “ah, sorry, I was kinda-” Vernon scratches the back of his head

- *cue Vernon’s really shy smile that brings tears to every human*

- and sad enough, sometimes you’ll mistaken this constant staring for lack of interest and/or tiredness:

- “dude, are you alright?” you ask with a concerned face. “you seem kind of tired…”

- “aw no no I’m fine really. I’m just-” Vernon tries to snap out of his daze

- “hey, if you want to go relax or take a nap instead of hearing me blabber about nothing, I totally understand,” you explain. “Your schedule doesn’t always come easy, and I want you to rest if you need to.”

- “no y/n, really I’m fine. I love talking to you, and you know that. And even if I was tired, I’d still want to talk to you.” 

- Vernon begins to blush and so do you

- “ah, I’m sorry if that didn’t come out the right way. But you get me, right?” he laughs nervously

- overall, Vernon is a pretty shy crusher, but he wouldn’t be any less of a meme for you while he’s crushing so don’t worry

- now when it comes to confessing, this guy would want to make it short, simple, and all planned out in his head

- but hey, that’s probably not gonna happen because we caN’t forget about Seungkwan in this equation !!1!1!1!1

- so one day you’re eating dinner with verkwan peacefully when all of a sudden

- “it took me awhile to realize that you guys have been hANGING OUT WITHOUT ME FOR SOME TIME NOW,” Seungkwan bursts his bubble. “CARE TO EXPLAIN?”

- “uhh… you’ve just been really busy I guess?” Vernon shrugs

- “Hansol, wtf we have the same exact schedule for god’s sake,” Seungkwan snaps

- “I think it’s all the meme-ing we do,” you laugh and say in an attempt to save your side with Vernon

- “yeahh. We like to play around with memes a lot and we just thought… you know… you might not be too interested in all of it???” Vernon smiles timidly

- “mmhmm, suUUUuuure. Like anyone said I would rather hang out with myself than listen to you guys talk about memes all day,” Seungkwan says sarcastically and rolls his eyes

- before you could justify your point any further, Vernon’s phone rings

- “oh, sorry guys,” he gets up from his seat. “Let me just take this call.”

- you and Seungkwan watch Vernon leave the table and walk away

- and once he’s out of sight…

- “okay, y/n,” Seungkwan looks you dead in the face and leans closer from the other side of the table. “What’s the deal with you and Hansol?”

- “why? Are you jealous of our friendship or something?” you laugh at him

- Seungkwan shakes his head. “No no, I don’t have to worry about that because I know you can’t replace MY spot as his best friend. What I’m trying to ask is…”

- “… are you guys dating? BehiND my baCK?”

- your face goes red

- ofc you guys aren’t dating

- but the fact that Seungkwan is suspecting it makes you think about how suspicious your friendship with him looks

- do we really look like a couple?

- “w-what? No, what the hell, Seungkwan,” you try to cover up your flustered appearance

- “I mean,” Seungkwan scoffs. “If you two are gonna hang out without ME, there’s obviously gotta be something going on…”

- “It’s funny you think we’re dating because I don’t see any reason why he’d like me like that,” you say as you fake a smile and play around with your food.

- Seungkwan stares at you in silence for a moment

- and then he laughs

- hystererically

- like he’s about to fall of his seat

- “yo are you okay, Boo?” you ask the dying fellow

- “no no no, I just-” Seungkwan tries to catch his breath and wipes the tears from his eyes. “Oh my god, y/n.”

- “what’s going on with you???” you say with concern

- “no, I should be asking you that question,” Seungkwan collects himself.

- “I don’t get it,” you reply

- “y/n, I hate to spoil it but how are you not picking up on Vernon’s obvious crush on you? What is going on with you?” Seungkwan smiles widely

- your face lights up at Seungkwan’s words

- does he… really like me?

- “Are you being serious right now?” you ask for reassurance

- Seungkwan sighs. “Hansol has been liking you for awhile now. And I know he really likes you because he doesn’t even talk to me about it. He tells me almost everything, but nothing when it comes to you.”

- “And that just tells me that you really mean something special to him.”

- “I mean pff, not as special as me but you know… pretty close,” Seungkwan fakes a hair flip

- you shake your head. “I don’t want to believe you,”

- Seungkwan’s eyes widen. “Wait why no-”

- “but for the record, I’ve definitely liked him for awhile,” you cut him off

- Seungkwan smiles but his face contorts at the sight of Vernon coming back. “Good to hear, but looks like your ‘boyfriend’ is walking back riGHT NOW, SO ACT NATURAL.”


- “Y/N SHUT UP HE IS- OH HEY HANSOL, WHAT’S UUUUP?” Seungkwan sweats nervously, but Vernon doesn’t suspect a thing

- so after the dinner at the restaurant, the three of you walk back to the company building so that you can head home to your apartment from there

- but the boys agree that it’s too dark outside for you to walk alone

- and of course Seungkwan, being the slick one out of the bunch, complains about one of his feet hurting and insists on staying behind at the company building actor kwan at his finest

- so it’s just you and Vernon walking together

- and although you guys usually talk comfortably

- the walk home was different

- no one says a word

- it’s pretty awkward

- the both of you are busy thinking

- “alright,” you say at the foot of your apartment building. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow like usual?”

- “yeah, that’s… that’s fine,” he rocks back and forth on his feet. “Like usual.”

- after exchanging “good night” greetings, you proceed to enter the building, but

- “I like you.”

- the words fall out of Vernon’s mouth quietly

- You turn around and see Vernon standing in place, but he’s staring at the ground

- “I don’t believe you,” you say

- “w-what?” Vernon looks up to you again

- “I said I don’t believe you,” you repeat yourself

- “what? Why not?” Vernon says in confusion

- you sigh

- “you would’ve looked me in the eye and told me so.”

- after processing your words, Vernon walks up to you with his eyes down.

- and after lifting his head up to see your eyes only inches away

- he tilts his head and presses his lips against yours

- and at that moment, you believed his words

- realizing how cheesy the moment is, you both giggle into your kiss

- the two of you say to yourselves…

- how did I fall for a dork like you?

My first impression of every song off the Cherry Bomb album:


Running 2 U: WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT BEAT DROP COME FROM !!!!!!! ANd why do I have the sudden urge to belly dance……

0 Mile: You bet your ass I’m not running aLSO THE FIRST SONG I CAN HEAR HYUCK’S VOICE CLEARLY GOD BLESS !!!!!!!

Sun & Moon: Oh shit this is one of those emotional ass songs I’ll most likely end up crying to,,,

Whiplash: I don’t even need to know what the lyrics mean; I already know this song is kinky as hell and definitely my new hoe anthem hE REALLY BROUGHT BACK LONG ASS RIDE !!!!!

Summer 127: *Pauses song* Did he just say “twerking,” “shake that ass,” & “bad ass” ,,,,,

Cherry Bomb (Performance Version): WHO KNEW A SIMPLE DANCE BREAK COULD MAKE A SONG 10X BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t take the hog out of the boy... Featuring https://johnnk85.tumblr.com/

           Dr. Patterson gave Stephen‘s belly a few pats.

           “You need to work on losing the weight. Do you know that being obese can cause serious health issues?”

           Blah blah, this isn’t anything I haven’t heard before, he thought to himself. Frankly, he was more focused on what he would eat for lunch. Well, that and the bulge in Dr. Patterson’s scrub pants.

           “Pay attention,” the deep voice demanded. “You have a family history of diabetes and heart disease. Plus, you have asthma and might be on the verge of having diabetes yourself. Is being lazy worth all the potential costs?”

           “No, sir,” he grumbled, lying convincingly to the doc.

           Patterson frowned. “Well, can’t say I didn’t warn you. Have a nice day.” With that, Dr. Patterson shook Stephen’s chubby hand and left the room.

           Got down off the bed and shed the paper gown. He looked down and jiggled his round belly.

           “Well, he is right. Maybe it is time for a changed,” he said quietly, with a frown. Feeling defeated, he slowly put on his clothes and headed home.

           Not everyone in Stephen’s family was big. They just had crappy genetics. And being him, he had the shitty end of the genepool. He sat on his couch, sinking into his blankets and tried to find something to take his mind off what he was about to do.

           That’s when the gym commercial came on, starring a tan hunk with black chest hair rising from his gym logo tank top.

           “Hello, I’m Thomas from Gold Man’s Gym. Do you have the desire to lose weight? Or do you simply want to build up lean muscle? Either way, Gold Man’s Gym is the best place to slim down or bulk up. Give us a call today!” The number flashed on the screen as another voice talked about available classes and training opportunities.

           Reluctantly, he picked up his cell phone and dialed the number.

           After a few rings, “Hello, and thank you for calling Gold Man’s Gym, where we can help you sculpt the body you want. How can I help you?”

           Before he could hang up, he heard himself say, while dying on the inside, “Hi. My doctor said I’m too fat and I need to lose weight. How much do you people charge?”

           The man on the other end started to laugh, and Stephen could hear him struggle to stop. “Sir, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. I appreciate blunt humor. How about you come down and I’ll help you sign up. Ask for Reggie.”

           Stephen sat down on his bed the next day, wearing only a towel, dreading what he had to do today. Stephen wasn’t lazy by any means and actually enjoyed going out and being active. That is, when it wasn’t forced in him. He also didn’t hate being fat. He wasn’t a “gainer,” like some chubby chaser had either called him or coaxed him into being, but simply loved his body. Sure, he sometimes got happy only when he was stuffed to the brim, and occasionally would jerk off while eating dessert like a pig, but he wasn’t a gainer.

           He stood in front of his mirror, examining his body. He had a harsh crease where his flabby chest sat on his stomach. His belly, while it didn’t stick out far, was pretty big around. His torso was covered in stretchmarks, which clawed themselves on his chest, belly, and crowded around his sides leading up to his armpits. Though most people saw fat as a negative or disgusting thing, he saw beauty in everyone’s bodies.

           Sighing, Stephen put on his new gym clothes and headed for the gym.

           Loud music played and the air conditioner was on full blast as he walked in and headed straight for the registration counter, where the man from the commercial was standing, organizing jars of protein powder. Glancing down, Stephen saw the silver nametag placed above a perfectly formed pec: “Reggie.”

           “Hi. You’re Reggie,” Stephen said. Reggie looked up and smiled.

           “Hi! Are you the guy who called yesterday?”

           “Yeah, I’m the blunt one.”

           Reggie smiled and laughed, sticking his hand out to shake Stephen’s.

           “What’s your name?” Stephen asked as he walked around the counter.

           Stephen introduced himself.

           “Nice to meet you! Here, let me walk you to my office and we’ll get settled.

           The two men sat on opposite sides of Reggie’s desk while he gathered paper work for Stephen to fill out.

           Name: Stephen Jenkins

           Age: 24

           Weight: 320

           Goal (Check all that apply): Lose weight, Muscle Growth, Both, Maintain

           He circled lose weight.

           Once he was finished, Reggie took the paperwork and punched Stephen’s card information into the computer, then handed him a gym card.

           “Welcome to Gold Man’s Gym! I’m now your trainer.”

           The first day was the worst for Stephen. That day, Reggie got Stephen on a few weight machines to test his strength and had him walk and jog on the treadmill. All Stephen could feel was his fat jiggling beneath his gym shirt. For the first time, he felt embarrassed of his body. He felt like he was some fat thing on display in a room of muscle gods and perfect twinks.

           As he left, he didn’t intend on saying bye to Reggie. What he didn’t know is that Reggie followed him to his car.

           “It won’t be that bad tomorrow,” Reggie said, stopping Stephen in his tracks. Stephen turned around.

           “Yeah? What makes you say that?”

           “Well, everyone’s first day is rough. It gets better.”

           “Oh, what a relief,” Stephen replied sarcastically. “I mean I don’t want to do this shit in the first place, but I have to.” He lifted up his shirt to reveal his belly. “Do you see this, Reggie? I’m never embarrassed by this. I like it. It makes me, me. And today, in this place, I hated it. I hated being in there with those people and my body. For the first time, I feel disgusted.”

           Before Reggie could speak, Stephen drove off.

           The next day, Reggie was shocked to see Stephen in the gym.

           “You came back,” he asked as Stephen walked on the treadmill, sweat making his shirt cling to his body.

           “I have to. Doctor’s orders.”

           And with that, Stephen was on the road to weight loss. He ate better. Didn’t eat fast food. Worked out five times a week. Did small exercises at home. After a few weeks, he was down ten pounds. At the end of the month, another seven pounds. Two months in and he lost a total of eighteen pounds. While Stephen watched his body slowly shrink down, he was reluctant to think that maybe he would enjoy the fit life. If he liked his body fat, maybe he would like it skinny too. He could do this.

           Or so he thought.

           At his two-and-a-half-month mark at the gym, Reggie came up to Stephen while he was lifting weights.

           “I think you need a break. Let me take you out tonight.”

           “Excuse me?” Stephen asked as he finished his set.

           “Yeah. Look, you’ve made terrific progress and have lost almost twenty pounds since you started. You need a break. Let me take you out tonight. Just dinner.”

           “I don’t date,” Stephen said.

           “Okay. So, then we go as friends. I’ll pick you up at seven tonight.”

           “But you don’t have my address,” Stephen said, trying to dismiss the trainer’s offer.

           “Hey, you signed up at a gym. I work at a gym. I know how to pull up a client’s files.”

           With that, Stephen joined Reggie for dinner. At seven, Reggie pulled up in a vintage Corvette and the two drove to wherever Reggie had planned for dinner. Most of the way, they sat in silence. That was, when Reggie tried to get a conversation started. When it became apparent that Stephen wasn’t in the mood to talk, the radio got turned on and the two sat there listening to the top 40. Luckily for both, a few minutes later the Corvette pulled up in front of the restaurant and the pair walked in.

           Stephen’s jaw dropped. “YOU BROUGHT ME TO AN ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET?”

           Reggie looked over. “Umm…yeah? My family owns it so we can eat for free. Is that a problem?”

           “Fuck yes, it is. You know I’m trying to eat heathy. I haven’t had any shit food since I started this. And you want me to gain it all back in one night?”

           Reggie laughed. “I don’t know how much you know about calories and gaining fat, but that’s not how this works. Just use portion control and you’ll be fine.”

           Stephen shook as he carried his plate around the buffet tables. Before him were counters of meat, cheese, desserts, seafood, fried food, vegetables and fruits. You name the food, this place had it. He steered himself clear of any food that was bad for him, and stuck with vegetables and boiled chicken.

           The two sat far from the buffet, Stephen with his plate of health-conscious food and Reggie with his plate filled with a little bit of everything: French fries, bacon wrapped tater tots, chicken covered in cheese sauce, a slice of cheesecake, and some sushi. Stephen picked at his plate, starving for actual food, but refusing to budge.

           “You’re brave you know,” Reggie said.

           “How so?” Stephen asked.

           “You’re happy how you were. Loved yourself for who you were. Yet, you stuck with the program against what you wanted.

           “You call that bravery? I call it giving in.”

           “It’s brave to do what you don’t want to do when you have to do it. You’re brave.”

           Stephen felt himself smile. Reggie smiled to. The two men ate and made small chit-chat. When it came time for Reggie to get a second plate, he looked up at Stephen. “Want to come with?”

           “No thanks, I’m going to wait a bit.”

           Reggie left the table, leaving Stephen there to think about what Reggie had said. Brave? No. That’s not being brave. Well, it is? It was then that Stephen found himself eating something with a slight crunch, a subtle salty taste. He looked down and saw that he had eaten the last fry sitting on Reggie’s plate.

           When Reggie came back, Stephen stood up.

           “I’ll be right back. I want another plate.”

           Ten minutes later, he came back with a plate of celery and some strawberries.

           “Did you get lost,” Reggie said.

           “No,” Stephen said, a little quiet. “Just stopped at the bathroom.”

           Reggie smiled.

Two days later, Reggie found himself in his office after hours, dick out and him signing into the surveillance system at the buffet. He owned it, not his parents. He punched in the date of his dinner with Stephen and watched the cameras. He watched Stephen get up from the table and head towards the buffet. The next ten minutes, Reggie watched as Stephen would load his plate with fries, drumsticks, cookies, and other things. When the plate had enough, Stephen would go to a quiet corner near the maintenance closet or at the back of the restaurant, and he would eat everything on his plate. No, not eat. DEVOUR. He binged three more plates before he would put celery and strawberries on his plate and walked back to Reggie.

As Reggie came thick shots into his cum rag, he smiled heavily at the computer.

I broke him.


Weeks passed and Stephen was not seen at the gym. He never left his apartment. His first communication from the outside world was the knock at his apartment door. He woke with a daze on the couch, hearing the sounds of crinkling wrappers and Styrofoam containers on the floor as he slowly made his way to the door. He opened it and to his horror stood Reggie, holding a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.

“Missed you at the gym,” he said with his devilish smile. “Care for some breakfast.”

Stephen lunged himself at the box and puled Reggie in by it. Reggie looked around with arousal. The apartment was littered with empty fast food bags, pizza boxes, cookie and brownie containers. Soda cans and bottles were tossed into a corner. He could smell mac and cheese in the air, along with the empty ice cream containers on the coffee table and kitchen counter.

Stephen, though, couldn’t tell that Reggie was surveying his pigsty of an apartment, since was too busy cramming his still full gut on donuts. The gym clothes he was wearing were tight on his swollen gut. His pants failed to conceal his fattening ass, the top of his meaty crack exposed. The twenty pounds he lost was found and then some. Almost fifty pounds had been gained in double the time it took him to lose the first twenty. And he didn’t even care. Maybe now he was a gainer. Or someone who simply enjoyed food and being fat, but didn’t need a label.

He sat down in his chair, tired, stuffed, and a bit horny. He felt his shirt being lifted over his head and Reggie got down on his knees in front of him.

“Man Stephen, you sure are fat.” His hands slid up Stephen’s tight belly, feeling every stretchmark. His hands slowly moved up to the thick roll of chest fat. Stephen couldn’t move and moaned slightly at the belly rub that he was receiving after months of endless food and stuffing. He didn’t even notice that Reggie had gotten his dick out from his tight gym pants.

“So glorious. So sexy how you thought you had this under control and that you could lose the weight. I knew I broke you when I came back and that fry was missing from my plate.” One hand groped at Stephen’s fat while the other slowly played with his cock. “I came so hard watching you pig out at the buffet, thinking I would never notice. But I always notice when my piggies go rogue. After all, my dad, Dr. Patterson always sends me the best ones.”

Stephen’s eyes shot open and met Reggie’s. As he connected the dots, he felt a kind of anger rise up within him. Before he could make an outburst, Reggie slammed Stephen’s cock in his mouth and worked it hard and fast. Try as he might, Stephen couldn’t break free of the euphoric feelings, having a warm mouth sucking his cock, while his hands and Reggie’s rubbed, squeezed, teased, slapped, and grabbed at his fat body.

He screamed with orgasm as Reggie let the fat man’s load drench his face and run down to his chest.

The two men caught their breath. Again, before Stephen could say anything, Reggie managed to distract him. This time, with a hamburger he snuck in, hidden in his sweater pocket. He crammed it in Stephen’s mouth.

“There, there fat boy. Just eat and don’t worry. You deserve this. This, and so much more.”

anonymous asked:

how about MC couldn't get a present for the twins (probably because they didn't tell her it was their birthday), so MC puts on a bow and tell them she will be their gift? it's up to you if this is smutty or not?

Countdown to the Cake: 2

MC as a bithday gift


“Oh MC~~ you missed a spot!” Saeyoung points and smiles teasingly.

“Saeyoung, I’m tired, I’m hungry, my clothes are wet and I look like a mess. Don’t you think it’s enough?”

“MC… I’m kind enough to help you clean my babies in my birthday and that’s how you pay me? Oh… I guess people like me aren’t meant to have a happy birthday after all…” he says dramatically, you roll your eyes.

“You’re just taking advantage of me! I told you I was gonna be your gift, not your maid or…” oh no, you should not have used that word, you look at him and his eyes gleam mischievously.

“Yes, you’re right… and your clothes are all wet, maybe you should change? I might have some spare clothes for you…”

How did you end up here? Oh yeah…  it was this morning, you dropped by to grab the HBC bags he promised you and smelled something burning in the kitchen.

“Shit! My birthday cake!”

“Why were you doing birthday cake?”

“For my birthday, obviously!”

“Your birthday? When is your birthday, Saeyoung?”

“June 11th

“Do you mean today?” he nodded, then sighed in frustration, looking at the amount of black burnt dough. “Now what will I have for my birthday?”

You felt bad for him… “Well, you…  you can have me!” you stated, smiling nervously and hoping he wouldn’t take this in the wrong way… “I’ll be… you birthday gift! We can do whatever you want!”

When you said that, you were expecting he would want to hang out in the amusement park or in an arcade, how could you imagine he would want you to help him wash his cars? And how could you imagine he would turn into this sadistic evil little monster throwing water in you on purpose?

So now, here you are changing to a freaking maid costume, of course those would be the only spare clothes he would have for you! You just hope he doesn’t ask for nothing weird like speaking in a French accent or something like this.

“Come out, MC! I wanna see you…~” he smiles teasingly, but his smile fades away as you timidly step out of his room. “MC… you look…”

“Pathetic, I know.” Not what he was thinking of at all… oh god… you looked adorable and… sexy… and the tiara with a little bow on it made you really resemble a birthday gift.

He looks away, blushing. You look down, feeling ridiculous. Why this silence right now? You two never have a problem finding interests in common and subjects to talk about, the deepest and meaningful conversations or the silliest and weirderst ones, you two can always feel a true connection.

“Can we finish polishing the cars?” you ask, finally gathering some courage to look at him.

“Y-yeah, le-let’s do it…” he doesn’t look back at you.

The polishing is torture, he is trying to focus, but it’s impossible as you bent down in one of the cars to polish its hood, your skirt is so short! His hands works in circles, but only then he realizes there is no car, he is polishing the air, looking at you, his mouth ajar.

“I finished this one, Saeyoung, do you want some help?” he is still staring and doesn’t answer. “Saeyoung?” you look at him, curious.

“It’s good, MC… you did a great job… you look… great, you… are… great…” he gulps when you start walking towards him.

“I… am?” you tilt your head and smile. “Saeyoung?”


“Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday before?”

“I… I don’t know. I’m just very used to spend this day alone. I… didn’t know if I could tell you, I still have these habits of not telling much about me to people I… like.” your heart flutter, is he trying to confess? Oh… You knew there was more behind this tease sadistic side of him.

“You could have told me. I would have known what to do for you.” You come really close, he can feel your breath against his face.

“I think you know exactly what you’re doing right now, MC.” He says, his eyes following your lips with lust.

“Only if you know what to do next.”

He smirks before attacking your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer. Your tongues dance together as you two trip in your own feet till the back of your knees meet the car’s hood, making you sit.

His tongue travels down you moth to your jaw, making you spread your legs to bring him closer as he kisses your neck, the hand which was holding you tight against him goes a little up, reaching for the zipper in the maid dress.

“H-Happy birthday, Saeyoung…”

“Oh, for the very fisrt time in a long time, it will be…” he says breathlessly, making you lie in the car’s hood as his body keeps pressed against yours.


Saeyoung was busy for the day and asked you to pick Saeran in the therapy. He usually would get back quieter than usual after the sessions. Although it concerned you and made you wonder if the therapy was really helping, you wouldn’t say anything in order to get him even more nervous.

“Hey, how was it?”

“Fine.” Yes, that’s what he usually says.

“Okay, wanna get some ice cream?”

“No, not today.” Oh… that was weird… he never turned down ice cream.

“Okay… so I’ll take you home.”

“I wanna go to your place.” He says, looking away, you can’t help feeling surprise. “What? Something wrong?”

“No, not at all. It’s just… you never want to go to my place without Saeyoung.”

“Today it’s different.” Then he looks at you, and even though you don’t know why, how can you say no?

You get home and tell him to make himself comfortable. He sits in the couch and starts messing with his phone.

“So, uhm… your therapist… how is she?”

“She’s okay, I guess. Why?”

“I don’t know, it’s just…  I don’t know much about her, that’s all.”

“She’s fine, she says some weird stuff sometimes, but I don’t hate her.” Wow, okay, so maybe he likes her, that’s good. “Do you have cupcakes? I want cupcakes.”

“I don’t, but… maybe I can try to make a few. Do you want to help me?”


You put on your apron and help him with his, he looks slightly embarrassed when you almost hug him as you tie a bow in the apron. You start working on making the cupcakes, and and now you are waiting to take it out of the oven.

“So… if you don’t mind me asking, why cupcakes? Why not ice cream?”

“She says I need to do different things in special days, so I can feel the difference and know what’s special and what’s not, some bullshit like that.” Some bullshit he’s listening to.

“Oh… so today is a special day, huh?” why could that be?

“Yeah, Saeyoung even got me a present. Though he’s always giving me presents, I don’t know what changes just because it’s our birthday. Can you put sprinkles in the frosting? Will you do some frosting?” you blink a couple of times, staring at him. “I guess not, then…”

“Saeran… today it’s your birthday?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just… I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t, I didn’t tell you.” Well, yeah… that’s the point. You look really embarrassed, clearing your throat and avoiding his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“I… nothing. I… am sorry, I didn’t know, I… didn’t get you anything. I thought this was just a regular day. I mean, I’ve been wondering when your birthday would be and what could I get you, but… I could never imagine it was today…”

“It’s fine. So, uhm… what did you think about getting me for a gift?”

“I… here’s the thing, I… couldn’t think of anything, so I was… wondering about offering myself as your gift. You know… going to anywhere you want to go, do what you would like to do for the day, stupid cheesy things that, now that I come to think of it, are awf…” he grabs your chin and makes you look at him.

“I’ll take it.” You blush, so does he. Now you wonder how long it’s gonna take for him to let you go and get all flustered and weird, but… he doesn’t. He keeps looking at you, and his face is getting closer, and closer… you close your eyes in anticipation and… the timer dings, indicating the baked cupcakes are ready.

You two get away from each other, both really embarrassed and giving these quick glances to each other. Well, maybe this is a sign to not make bold moves like that, he’s not ready for this kind of relationship.

You two start working on the frosting, he’s so focused and dedicated, it’s absolutely adorable. He looks at you, mimicking everything you do. It’s been like this in almost everything, he’s always looking up for you in order to act as normal as possible. Your eyes lock to his, and you’ll think t’s going to be one of those moments, but he starts chuckling, you look at him confused.

“It’s just… you have something in your face.” Oh yeah… there’s some frosting in your cheek, you didn’t bother to clean because you were trying to finish this. “Let me get that for you.” You think he’ll wipe it off with his fingers, but your breath hitches when he leans closer and licks it off your face. “Yummy” he says, smiling softly. Today really is a different day, huh?

You can see the other days here!

  • The first time Jim finds Joanna on the bridge of the Enterprise is when she’s barely 10. It’s her first time on board, and she slipped away from her father’s office to look in the bridge instead. It’s largely empty, since they’re docked in York Town, and everyone is enjoying their time off. Except Bones, who’s always working. Jim is no different, except he gets surprisingly little done in a work day. “Hey, Jo,” he says, and Jo smiles. “Hi, Captain Kirk,” she says, and Jim huffs. “You can just say Jim, that’s enough. What are you doing here?” “I wanted to see the Bridge,” Joanna says, “I’m going to work here some day, so I wanted to see it.” “Really?” Jim asks, “what do you want to be?” “Captain,” Joanna replies, “or a pilot.” “Bones hates both of those,” Jim says, “good choice. You want to sit in the chair?” He barely finishes his sentence, and Joanna is in the chair. She almost presses the buttons there, looking at Jim for permission, and Jim simply shrugs in response. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Two months later, he still can’t open a Comms channel without duck noises echoing through the corridors. Whatever Joanna did to his chair, she’s a very good prankster.
  • The second time they’re on the bridge is 2 years later. He’s about to lock down the Bridge for the night, but then he hears those quiet sniffles, and he finds Joanna under Chekov’s desk. “Hey,” Jim says, crouching down in front of her, “what’s the matter, Jo-Jo?” “I’m staying here,” she replies, and Jim frowns. “What do you mean? It’s not a comfortable floor to sleep on, and no one will be here til morning.” “I don’t want to go back to York Town. School sucks, and dad will be gone for years.” “We’ll be back in York Town as often as we can,” Jim says, sitting down next to her, “and I’ll keep an eye on your daddy for you.” Joanna huffs at that, but Jim reaches out a hand to her. “C'mon,” he says, “lets sit in the chair and pretend we’re fighting Klingons.” “You’re so lame, Jim.”
  • When Joanna is 14, Jim is no longer just Jim. Not to her. He’s the cool uncle, without even really being an uncle. Hes more of a stepdad. Dad’s boyfriend. The one who rides motorcycles and takes Joanna with him despite Bones telling him not to, but uncle Jim has a nicer ring to it (and she flat out refuses to call him dad). They see each other on the bridge, but this time on more formal circumstances. Jim agreed to let school kids roam the ship so they can have a tour, and it just so happens to be Joanna’s class. “Hi, Uncle Jim,” Joanna calls out to him when her group makes it to the bridge. She looks a little smug at the other kids, who are perplexed to find out that Jo’s “Uncle Jim” is actually Jim Kirk. She’s definitely bragging, and Jim let’s her. “Hey, Jo, want to sit in the chair again?”
  • “Why are we here?” Bones asks Jim, “we’re on the bridge every god damn day, let’s enjoy a bar on the plaza!” “But look at the view,” Jim says, pulling Bones towards the window, and they overlook the plaza together. Kind of. The docking stations don’t have the greatest views at all. “You have a penthouse downtown,” Bones says, “with a pool on the roof garden. That’s a view. This,” he gestures outside, “barely classifies as such.” Jim laughs, arms sliding around Bones’ shoulders. “You’re a beacon of positivity, Bones.” He leans in to kiss him, but Joanna groans at the sight of that. “Gross.” “Jo,” Bones says, turning to look at the girl curled up in a blanket on Jim’s chair, “what are you doing here?” She hesitates, briefly, and then sighs. “Jackson broke up with me,“ she says. Both Jim and Bones are at her side instantly, and Joanna feels much better when the three of them settle on the floor in front of that big window. “You’ll be fine,” Bones says, running a hand through her hair and hugging her tight, “who needs a guy named Jackson anyway? And you’re going to the Academy soon. You won’t even remember him next year.” Jim’s a little less subtle. He’s on the other side of her, also holding her tight, but instead of sugarcoating things, he looks at her, dead serious; “want me to punch him in the face?”
  • It’s become a habit by now. There’s at least one night he finds Joanna sneaking on to the Bridge, looking out at the terminals into York Town plaza. She’s seventeen now, and looks so much like her father, it’s almost eerie. “Hey,” Jim says, walking over to the window to stand next to her. “I got accepted,” Joanna says, turning to look at Jim with the biggest grin on her face, “I’m gonna go to the Academy next month.” “That’s great!” Jim says, pulling her into a hug, “why are you here, then? You should be celebrating!” “I’m worried dad’s gonna be disappointed, since I’m not in medical.” “Are you crazy? Bones is going to be proud no matter what you choose to do in life,” he says, “come, let’s go celebrate, the three of us.” “Can I sit in the chair for a bit, first?” “Fine,” Jim says, “but for the love of God, don’t change the sounds.”
  • “Seriously, Jim, I’m going to diagnose you a workaholic or something. And still you get no work done!” Bones tells Jim when they’re on the bridge. York Town is quiet this time at night, only a few people still stroll the plaza from what they can see. “This is just our little spot, you know?” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “No, I don’t know. Are you okay? You seem more jittery than usual.” “Hmm,” Jim replies simply, and then; “ I was just thinking, you know? We’re also not getting any younger-” “Yeah, you’re greying,” Bones interrupts him, and Jim briefly relaxes when he feels Bones’ hands through his hair. But then he narrows his eyes. “What do you mean? No I’m not. It’s summer blond, just lighter than usual.” “What summer? We spend most of our days in deep space!” “Shut up, oh my God. Why do I want to marry you?” He groans, and Bones tenses instantly. “What?” Shit. “What?” Jim repeats, throwing Bones a nervous smile, “is that bad?” “As far as proposals go,” Bones says, “this one is pretty terrible.” “Oh my God,” Joanna calls out from the chair, loud enough to startle both of them, “you guys suck, get on with it. I didn’t spend the last few weeks looking at rings with Jim for such a lame proposal.”
  • Sulu’s temporary resignation is a pretty big blow. He’s leaving to spend time with Ben and Demora, taking a year to explore different planets and enjoy each other’s company before they’re too old to do so, and before Demora leaves for the Academy. Jim understands, but it still sucks. He’s learned to blindly rely on Sulu’s skills and presence, and Sulu is one of his best friends . He’ll miss him dearly. Jim sits in the captain’s chair quietly, looking up when the doors slide open. “Sup, Uncle Jim,” Joanna’s voice rings, and Jim smiles. “Hey, Jo-Jo. What are you doing here? We’re about to take off,” Jim says, and Joanna huffs. “Dad was right, you are terrible at reading reports.” “Hey,” Jim says, “this is your other dad you’re talking about. A little respect is due after so long.” “I’m the new pilot,” Joanna says, and now that Jim takes the time to look at the girl who walks towards the window. Command gold t-shirt, because she refuses to wear dresses. “You’re going into deep space with us,” Jim says, a small grin on his lips, “oh, your dad’s gonna love this.”
Every Vento Aureo fight ever

Araki: Before we start off this part of my hit manga, Giorno’s Silly Trip, here’s a bunch of images and descriptions about Italy! I’m not saying it’s fantastic and you should head there as soon as possible, but…

Bruno Bucc(iarat/ellat)i: Okay, gang! We need to protect the Boss’s daughter from the rest of Passione! Let’s stay around in the ridiculously gorgeous town of Rome until the Boss gives us our next objective!

Narancia, looking at a water fountain: Uh… Fugo, what’s that? Oh, yeah, right! Fugo left the group back in Venice. Uh… Trish, what’s that?

Trish: It looks like… a tiny tipo (Note: tipo means guy in Italian) in the water fountain! But how did he get in the-

*the water fountain explodes, causing the people nearby to have their limbs ripped off really graphically*


Stand User: Nyahahahaha! I’ve found you now, Gucciarati! My name is Acqua, which means Water in Italian, and what you just saw was my stand 「NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL」! I won’t tell you what my power is, because I can do whatever I want!


*Mista shoots all of his bullets, which bounce off Acqua and hit Mista*


(Note: Fanculo means Fuck in Italian.)

Bruno: This is really bad! Oh no! What can we do!

Giorno: I’ve found out his stand’s ability. Whenever it gets to a certain size in water, it explodes! All we need to do is to trick this guy’s stand into exploding right next to him!


Giorno: Stupid Leone… you were always an asshole, pissing in teiere (note: teiere means teapots in Italian). Let me do the work…

*Giorno sets up a complicated setup to wound Acqua, but he makes a mistake and Neutral Milk Hotel blows up, blowing off Giorno’s arms with gore-artist levels of detail*

Jotaro Kujo, 1000+ km away from Italy: Yairy Yairy Day'ze…

Acqua: Ahahahahaha! Once I’m done with you, I’ll kill everyone else in the group! What are your final words?

Giorno: Well, Acqua, you’re a fucking dumbass. While you were distracted, I used Gold Experience to turn two chair legs into replacement arms, and I transformed that painting over there into a dog, and I turned a wine glass into a swarm of butterflies, and then I turned that fork over there into a taipan, which will now bite you on the neck and kill you.

*the snake bites Acqua on the neck, killing him quickly*

Giorno: Now that it’s all taken care of, can you fix my arms up, Brundo Bongalation?

Bruno: Of course! But we need to get away from Rome. How about the nice, lovely island of Sicilia (note: Sicilia means Sicily in Italian)? I’ve heard that there’s really tasty food in Palermo.

Baby Love

A Love Story is Better With You: Baby Love - One Shot Series #5


Your morning had begun slowly. You had woken up to a cold mug of tea sitting by your bedside, with a little note, scribbled with Harry’s handwriting. 

Morning my love, had to pop out to the grocery store, was going to make breakfast, and realized we didn’t have eggs among other things. I should be home soon, love you x -H

You sighed, leaning against the headboard, with a steady groan, placing a palm on your belly giving it a soft rub. “You better come soon, little bub. Mumma can barely move with you being so low” you chuckling, feeling a soft kick. 

You grabbed your tea, taking a small sip, letting the cool liquid sooth your dry throat, before slowly swinging your legs over the bed,resting on the floor and waddling to the bathroom, to use the toilet and brush your teeth. 


You were making your way down your stairs slowly, when you heard the front door close, and Harry’s head popped into the foyer. 

“Oh, you’re up! Good morning gorgeous” he smiled, waiting for you to reach the bottom of the staircase before pecking your lips. 

You chuckled dryly, before peeking into the brown grocery bags he held in his hands, fingers curling around the handles of the bag.

“Not feeling that gorgeous this morning, but thank you” you softly smiling, following him into the kitchen as you placed a hand on your hip, giving it a soft rub, while trying not to show your discomfort. 

“You alright? How’s our little girl?” he smirked, pulling all the groceries out the brown bags, and placing the things that needed to be in the fridge, in the fridge along with other things in the cupboard. 

“Backs just been playing up, feels really sore” you whispered, feeling a strange pain make it’s way down your back.

“And who said it was a girl?” you retorted. 

“Fathers Intuition. Hasn’t to be a real thing, hmm?” he questioned and you clicked your tongue and nodded, just to wipe that smirk off his face. 

“Mhm, alright, whatever you say, mister.”


You were sitting on the couch, snuggled into Harry with your feet planted up on Harry’s thighs as he softly rubbed them and kept his eyes focused on the telly, as Friends was playing reruns. 

You suddenly closed your eyes, scrunching up your nose as a sharp pain made it’s way down your back and you winced through your teeth.

Harry’s brows furrowed, hands quickly stopping their movement on your feet and calves thinking he had hurt you.

“You sure you’re all right?” he questioned, sitting up more firmly, eyeing you suspiciously.

“Yeah, it was just this weird pain, I’ve never felt it before” you whispered, wiping your eyes as the tears suddenly appeared out of no where and you chuckled. 

“I don’t even know why i’m crying”

He chuckled, leaning over kissing your forehead before standing up and cleaning up your two dirty mugs that were finished with tea.


The pains had died down for about an hour, but they came back when you decided to lay down on your bed to take a small nap, tiredness hooding your eyes.

Crap” you winced, sitting up straight and pressing a palm to the bottom of your back.

“Harry?” you called, hoping he had heard you. 

“Harry?!” you whimpered out, eyes closed trying to focus on your breathing as tears coated your eyes. 

You had gotten up, just about to look for Harry as he stormed into the room.

“Hey, hey. You alright?” he cooed, making his way over to you, wiping at your wet cheeks as he pressed your head into his chest. 

“It hurts so bad” you whimpered.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call the midwife, you’ve been having these pains for a while, maybe you’re going into labor-”

You moaned lowly, leaning your head against the his chest, putting up your hand in attempt to get him to shush, and hush he did, as you swayed your hips back and forth.

“No, there isn’t a point!” you shouted suddenly, wiping the sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand as you swayed your hips back and forth.

It seemed that your sudden outburst had him push back a little and guilt immediately sat heavy on your chest. 

“I’m sorry” you whispered. “I didn’t mean to shout, it just hurts so bad, and I didn’t mean to and now I feel bad-” you rambled, but he shook his head, bringing you closed to him again before pressing his lips to your forehead.

“Nothing to apologize for my love” he reassured.  

You sniffled with a nod.

“It’s just, my water hasn’t broken, and they won’t admit me unless it has” you panted, suddenly feeling that pain creep it’s way down your back and through belly. 

“Oh, shit” you panted. 

Harry kept his place, right where he was as you leaned against him, swaying your hips back and forth. 

“That’s good, just like that.” he praised, hearing your pant through the contraction.

You tearfully nodded, as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. 

“I’m just so scared.” you whispered, shakily and he nodded. 

“Me too, and that’s okay” he whispered, bringing you close, and rubbing your back. 

“Leave me to be scared. You have nothing to be afraid of, you’re going to be safe. I’m right here. Let me be worried for the both of us” 

You nodded, sniffling against him as another sharp pain was making it’s way down your back and you squeezed your eyes shut, biting into his shoulder. 

“Breath with it” he spoke again softly into your ear, leading by example by ushering a few breaths and you followed. 

“There you go” he whispered with a gentle smile. 

You smiled, leaning your forehead against his shoulder. 

“Can you imagine if we actually had our baby today?” you whispered, looking up at him with a tired smile. 

“We’d finally get to meet our little bean” you sniffled, wiping at your eyes. 

“I cannot wait” he gushed. 

You smiled, wiping at your wet eyes, when a sudden feeling made it’s way in between your legs. 

“Baby, did you just pee your pants?” he chuckled. “Not that it’s bad or anything, we could clean it up-”

Your eyes went wide, looking down, seeing a small pool of liquid between your two feet. 

“I didn’t pee myself Harry. I think my water just broke” you let out, heart starting to race. 

His eyes went wide for a second, face going pale. 

“W-What?” he stuttered. “Are you sure you didn’t just pee yourself?”

“Harry!” you whimpered vulnerably, swatting at his chest as your back began to ache again and you groaned. 

“Right, okay. okay. Your water broke” he spoke out again, mostly to just get the realization to sink in that today, the two of you would finally be having your baby. 

He quickly grabbed his keys, and slipped on his shoes, quickly slipping on your flats for you, and helping you down the stairs.

“Okay, let’s go” he ushered, helping you out to the foyer and towards the door. 

“Bag” you panted with closed eyes. “Hospital bag”

Right, yes! Hospital bag” he checked, looking around and remembering you had it placed next to your night stand, in the bedroom. He quickly darted back up the stairs, skipping each step before barging into the room, heart pounding and grabbing the bag and slinging it over his shoulder and running downstairs. 

“Got the bag, now lets go have ourselves a baby” he whispered, getting a soft smile from your and a kiss to your cheek. 


You waddled your way out the hospital bathroom, in your hospital robe, and had the nurse help you tie the strings in the back. 

“How do I look?” you softly joked, giving him a small spin, as you wiggled your toes in your warm socks, since the hospital floors were pretty chilly. 

“So sexy” he smirked, planting a soft kiss on your lips and helping you into the bed. 

“How are your contractions?” he checked, eyeing you but the nurse interrupted. 

“Very good, about 3 to 4 minutes apart, which is good. Soon they’ll be getting closer. She’s a good 6 centimeters dialed, the last time I checked, so your little baby could be here any time soon” she smiled. 

“Do you know the gender?” she questioned, looking at the computer, to fill in updated information. 

“No, we decided we’d like to keep it a surprise” Harry smiled, stroking the hair off your forehead and smiling down at you. 

Oh, that’s excited” she gushed. 

“Although, he is pretty adamant that it’s a girl” you chuckled, looking up at him with an eye roll. 

“Claims it’s his fatherly intuition”

“Well, we’ll just have to see in a matter of a couple hours hopefully, if he’s right” she smiled, jotting down a couple more notes into your binder of information and putting it away.

“Alright, i’ll be back in a couple hours to check how you’re progressing, maybe sooner if your little bub decides to speed up the process a bit” she chuckled, excusing herself and leaving the room. 


“I don’t know if I could do this anymore” you whispered, shaking your head from side to side as the tears slid down your cheeks. 

“Harry I can’t do it. I can’t push” you panted, as he swept the tears off your cheeks. 

“Yes you can baby, I know you can” he whispered, focusing his eyes just on you as the nurses and midwife began to situate everything in place, and begin to get ready for the process of getting you to push. 

“I’m so scared” you whispered, fright lacing your voice, and in this very moment, Harry felt heartbroken. 

Heartbroken because as much as he wanted to help you, he knew there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t take the pain away for you, he couldn’t do the pushing for you, he couldn’t do anything. The only thing he could do was be right by your side and encourage you and let you know that he was there. 

“Look at me” he whispered, beyond all the commotion. “Baby, look at me.” he repeated, placing a hand on your cheek to gain your full attention. 

“I know you can do it, and I know you’re scared, but you are so strong. The strongest woman I know. It’ll be a little bit of pushing and then we’ll finally see our little bub, the one we’ve been waiting for on months” he smiled. “I’m going to be right here beside you. You’re not alone. There’s no need to be scared, I’ll be scared for the both of us. You just take a deep breath and do what you do best, be strong” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

“I’m right here, and I love you”

You sniffled, nodding your head, quickly knuckling at your eyes. 

“I love you too, Harry”


“Alright sweetie, you ready to start pushing?” you midwife questioned with an excited smile. 

“As ready as i’ll ever be” you replied, with a nervous chuckle. 

“Alright, well follow your body. When you feel the need to push, just do it. Follow what your body tells you to do” she explained, and you nodded. 

Seconds later, you felt a contraction start to come along and the sudden urge to push, was greater then ever. 

“Perfect!” she encouraged. “Just like that, you’re doing beautifully!” she smiled. 

“You’re doing so well baby, i love you” Harry smiled, stroking the hair out your face and gently patting it with a cool towel. 

“Alright, one more time!” the nurse encouraged, grabbing onto your knee and counting down from ten, as you pushed with everything you had in you.


“I can’t!” you panted, slumping back, forehead all wet with sweat, tears rolling down your cheeks. 

“I can’t do it. I can’t” you whimpered uselessly as Harry nodded his head. 

“I know baby, I know you’re tired, but you’re so close” he whispered, with hope in his voice. “Our bub is only minutes away from getting here. You can do it, I know you can” he reassured, squeezing your hand tightly. 

You felt another rush of a contraction make it’s way through your body, as you pushed as hard as you could. 

“Agh, bloody hell!” you shouted. 

“That’s beautiful! The head is out, would you like to see?” she questioned, with a smile. 

You nodded, quickly, as Harry did as well and she brought out a mirror. 

“Oh my!” you croaked, tears streaming down your face. 

“Oh baby, look at all that hair” Harry croaked, tears streaming down his face, voice rattled with tears. 

“Alright, now all i’m going to need from you for right now, is to pant. You’re going to want to push, but don’t. This is the part where the shoulders are going to come out. You may feel a burning sensation, but don’t push, I don’t want you to tear. So when you feel your next contraction come, just pant” she explained. 

Harry stayed close next to you, one hand around your shoulders as his other hand was tightly in yours for you to squeeze at any moment needed. 

“Oh, shoot!” you groaned, panting through gritted teeth, as you felt a burning sensation. 

“That’s beautiful, just like that, shoulders are almost out!” she cheered, doing what she had to do. 

“Agh, it burns!” you cried, moving your head into Harry’s shoulder, trying to withhold a scream. 

“Alright!” the midwife edged on happily. “Here we are!” she called out happily, as the baby slid out and you released a sigh of relief as she placed the baby on your chest, as the baby wailed loudly. 

It’s a boy!” the nurse called out. “7:48 PM” another nurse called out, noting the time of his birth. 

“A boy?” you breathed, shocked and overwhelmed. 

“Oh my goodness, we have a boy!” Harry exclaimed, tears rolling down his cheeks as he pressed a soft kiss against your lips. 

“Oh my gosh” you cried. “You’re so beautiful” you croaked wetly, swiping a finger down his chubby cheek as you sniffled. 

“Oh my, hey little guy” Harry breathed. 

“Oh sweetheart, you did so well. I’m so proud of you.” Harry grinned, cheeks wet but eyes holding such an amount of love and pride, you just couldn’t help but smile. 


“Alright, 7 pounds and 9 ounces!” the midwife smiled, taking your little boy, after taking his length and weight before swaddling him up and handing him to you. 

“Enjoy him, he’s beautiful” the nurse smiling, making sure you were comfortable and reassuring that if you needed anything, to just press the red caller button and someone would be down the assist. 


You sniffled, wiping away at your eyes, as your little boy latched onto your chest, quite quickly before nuzzling close to you and suckling away. 

Harry stirred awake, eyes going wide. 

“Are you okay? Does something hurt?” he questioned, getting up from the uncomfortable chair, back a bit stiff before quickly walking over to you. 

“No, no” you chuckled groggily, throat dry. 

“He just latched on so quickly” you whispered, voice wavering. “I was so worried he wouldn’t, but he just started to whimper, and his lips were suckling together so I figured he was hungry, and he just went at it right away” you smiled, looking down at him. 

“That’s my boy!” Harry smirked, lightening up the mood a bit and you rolled your eyes with a giggle. 

“Oh shush” you whispered. 

“What are we going to name him…” you questioned to yourself and to him. “We were so set on the idea that it’d probably be a girl, that we didn’t even think of that many boy names” you chuckled, looking up at Harry as the little boy ate away. 

“Hmm, what about Oliver? We could call him Ollie?” he suggested. 

You look down at the little boy and shrugged your shoulders. 

“He doesn’t look like much of an Oliver to me.” you debated. 

You heart stopped, as a name suddenly came to mind, and you felt as if it were perfect. You and Harry had spent a brief moment speaking of it months back, but thinking of the name, you just knew that it had to be his name. 

“What about, Theodore?” you questioned, looking up at him. “We could call him Theo.” 

“Theodore Styles…” he tested out. 

After a moment of quite, he looked down and smiled at you. 

“I love it” he whispered. “Our little Theo” he sniffled, swiping a finger down his cheek.


Harry was awoken to small little whimpers beside him. He cracked an eye open to see you deeply asleep, so he quietly got up and made his way to the little bassinet where Theo was laid. 

“Hey, little guy” he whispered, careful to not wake you, since you needed the rest.

Harry gently placed his hand under his head and swiftly brought him close to his chest. 

Grabbing the soft blanket, you two had brought from home, he sat down on the reclining chair, gently taking off his shirt, and placing Theo on his chest and covering them both with the soft blanket. 

“Hey Theo…” he whispered, gently rocking back and forth. 

“You’re so beautiful, gosh, I really did not think you were going to be a boy” he chuckled softly. “But i’m so glad, I can’t imagine it any other way” he whispered.

“I hope I’ll be a good daddy for you”

“I’ll promise to always be there for you, bud. I’ll be there to kiss the boo boo’s away, i’ll be there at all your football matches, if that’s what you decided you wanna play when you get a bit older. I promise i’ll always be there for a chat if you ever need one, but I promise to love you, no matter what you do, because you’ll always be my little boy” he whispered.


You were awoken to a gentle tap at the door. You cracked an eye open, seeing Harry with Theo in his arms, snuggled close as Anne popped her head in.

“Hello, hello!” you whispered excitingly, placing her bag down quickly and making her way to you, giving you a warm embrace, kissing your cheek before making her way over to Harry.

“Oh, goodness” she whispered, hands instantly covering her mouth as tears coated her eyes. 

There was a moment of silence, before her eyes went wide. 

“It’s a boy?!” she gasped quietly, eyes going wide, looking between the two of you, as she saw his bassinet with the words “It’s a boy!” labeled on the side. 

“It’s a boy” you smiled, heart growing warm, as Anne placed her head on Harry’s shoulder, fawning over the new little member of the family. 

“Can I hold him?” she wavered, clearing her throat to get rid of the shakiness of her voice. 

“Of course, mum” Harry chuckled, waiting for her to quickly sanitize her hands before stepping beside him and having the baby placed into her hold. 

He whimpered slightly, but once replaced in another pair of warm arms, he snuggled close, with a snuffled nose, before going back to sleep. 

“Oh, he’s just beautiful” she gushed, running a finger down his cheek, before taking a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“How was the delivery?” she questioned, looking up at you. 

“It was hard.” you spoke truthfully. “If Harry hadn’t been there, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it” you softly smiled as he pressed a kiss to the side of your forehead. 

There was a moment of silence, all eyes on Theo.

“So mum…” Harry started. 

“We’d officially like for you to meet…Theodore Robin Styles” Harry whispered, eyeing you with a soft smile as Anne’s head shot up. 

“What?” she whispered tearfully. 

“Mhm” you whispered, wiping at your eyes.

“We figured it would play out well, he was such an amazing man, he was always there for Harry, and we want Theo to have a part of him.” you whispered, tears rattling your voice. 

“Oh goodness, he would have loved it” she sniffled, looking up at the ceiling to try and contain her tears. 

“Oh, mum” Harry whispered, sitting beside her and embracing her.

“Thank you, that’s just…so beautiful” she whispered. “I’m sure he loves it” she smiled softly, looking down at Theo.

“What a wonderful little boy…” she whispered. 

Oh, but was she right, he really was a wonderful little boy. 


here we have it, the birth of the first Styles’ baby, Little Theo! Hopefully you enjoyed, let me know what you thought, and if you have any requests be sure to send them to my ask box! lots of love x

No Longer Forgotten

Fandom: Marvel (Thor’s movies)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine baking Loki his favourite Midgardian cake for his birthday, and him being deeply surprised because he told you when his birthday is just once and yet you’re the only one that remembered it and made him celebrate it after many years” by @imaginemarveluniverse

Word count: 1,573


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A gentle humming was lighting up the kitchen bathed in the soft sunlight. You checked the oven, looking proudly at the growing cake you had made by yourself. It seemed to be all right, but you got cautious after your previous attempt at baking, which is cooling down on one of the kitchen counters, completely burnt and inedible.

You sat on one of the chairs, trying to avoid looking at the ungodly mess you have made in the process of baking. Flour was covering the floor with a thin layer that you couldn’t get rid of with the broom. You should probably wash it, but you felt weak at the mere thought of it. You were so tired that you could fall asleep standing. Actually, a quick (but normal) nap was a very tempting thought – your sore legs would rest, and your eyes, which you have rubbed with a dirty hand, almost burning them with flavouring…

No! No rest before you finish. You wouldn’t survive another round of starting everything from scratch. Of course, you would certainly give up after another defeat if the cake was meant just for you, but it wasn’t this time. You had a very special occasion and wanted to make everything perfect…

A knock on the door was as surprising as unusual. You have barely any close friends and none of them lived nearby, so there was no chance they would randomly decide to visit you before speaking to you first. And this couldn’t be the mailman, because you had a letter-box on the other side of the building. No one was visiting you like that. Maybe someone got lost or one of your neighbours wanted to ask you something?

You flattened your hair which you had no time to even brush today, but gave up on trying to cover your war with the kitchen – the only thing that could help your clothes get back to socially acceptable standards was a solid wash.

You opened the door with a light smile to greet…


You said none of your friends would visit you unexpectedly? Well, you have forgotten about the one, now standing right in front of you – the only one that you would be more than happy to see every other day but today – and the one that was supposed to come tomorrow. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t preparing him a birthday cake. A kind of surprise. And a present. Which you were supposed to give him on his bloody birthday.

And now he got suspicious. He probably had the right to be, since you froze in the doorway, with your thoughts literally screaming and your heart racing.

“Is everything okay…?” Loki asked slowly, furrowing his eyebrows and peeking in over your shoulder. Your lack of words had worried him.

“Of course!” you said with a totally unnatural, high-pitched voice. And there goes your cover…

“So… May I come in?”

“Yea-… I mean… Nothing is-… Maybe tomorrow, you said tomorrow? Of course I didn’t forget about our tomorrow meeting and neither did you, right?” you rambled, feeling smaller and smaller.

Green eyes looked at you appraisingly.

“If you have a guest, you can just tell me. I just appeared to be around and thought that I may come in, but there is no need to…”

“No! No, no, no!” you almost shouted, but quickly calmed down. The longer you were postponing it, the worse it was becoming. You took a deep breath, moving to the side. “No one is here, I just… had a bad day. Kind of. You are welcome anytime.”

Loki hesitated a bit, but entered your home, looking around suspiciously. He was clearly searching for any signs of what was bothering you, but besides the ungodly mess in the kitchen, nothing has caught his attention. He knew your house well enough to catch any change given the amount of time you two hang out up with there.

“Well, now  at least I think I understand why you didn’t want me to see all this,” Loki gestured to the pile of dirty dishes completely covering the sink.

You shrugged, standing at the doorframe. You had to admit that the tall man in a visibly expensive suit in no way fitted in that room. You were actually surprised that he came inside of it, not afraid of omnipresent mess. Thank God that Loki was your friend and wouldn’t get mad over some stains on his clothes that you were almost sure would appear out of nowhere. Or at least you thought he would. It wasn’t your fault you’d spilled some things. A few times. Because you happened to be a little bit too enthusiastic.

“You still seem to be stressed,” Loki noticed, making himself sit comfortable on one of the chairs. He crossed his long legs, piercing you with his gaze that you had no way to avoid.

“I’ve just had a bad day,” you carefully selected your words, knowing that you were treading on thin ice. You could almost hear it breaking as Loki was working you out openly. “Nothing serious. Tried to keep my mind away from everything, and well, you see what happened.”

“You mean this burning… thing?”

“Yeah, I kind of forgot about it for a bit too long, got distracted. I’ll have to throw it away…”

“I meant the one burning right now.”

“Wha-…? Oh, shit-…!” you rushed to the oven, almost breaking your legs on the way.

You didn’t even bother to look for a dishcloth, hissing over the sting of pain when the temperature kissed your palms. And almost destroyed your cake, apparently. You put it on the table, between empty packages and a sugar container. It didn’t smell that bad, but the obvious black spots on the sides were ruthless. And you were so close… But, after putting some icing that would easily cover them, a very thin layer of icing, maybe of different colours, who knows…

Loki observed the race of emotions on your face. You were like an open book for him after all those years of knowing each other. He had a sarcastic comment on the tip of his tongue, but let it go, seeing how downcast you were.

The man cleared his throat.

“I bet it tastes better than it looks like.”

“It doesn’t look bad. Look there – this is a burnt cake. This one is… just slightly more crispy.”

“Who have you made this for?” Loki asked curiously.

“No one,” you answered a little too quickly for him not to notice.

He smirked wolfishly. You felt a rock forming in your throat. You knew that grin – it meant that Loki would never drop the subject that sparked his interest before getting to know every detail.

“So I may have a piece after it cools down?” he asked innocently.

“No, you can’t,” you said firmly.


“Because I have to decorate it first.”

“Oh, come on,” Loki smirked. “One piece won’t ruin your very necessary decorations.”

“Yes, it will, because this has to be perfect.”

“But you just said you made it for yourself. Since when do you care over the look and not the taste…? It’s so uncommon of you, I am starting to worry about you, you know?”

You groaned loudly, accepting your defeat. He would never stop, and you were too tired to argue with him for hours.

“I hate you,” you muttered, resting your head on the table.

“And you still didn’t answer my…”

“Because it’s for your birthday, maybe?! Okay, I know it’s not today, but you were supposed to come tomorrow. That’s why everything is a mess and I’m completely not prepared… Loki, why are you so pale? I mean, more pale than usual. Is everything okay?”

Loki was indeed frozen, with pure disbelief on his face.

“You did… what? How did you know about my birthday?” he uttered, suddenly in loss for words.

“You told me.”

“But that was ages ago!”

“And I’ve got this thing called a calendar. I just made a note, Loki. There is no need to act so surprised. Besides, you scare me and I’m not sure if you are okay or not… I tried, okay? I’ve just always been a disaster in the kitchen, that’s why I screwed it up…”

“Am I okay?” He repeated your words with raised eyebrows. “Are you actually asking me if I’m okay with my first birthday present in years? Do I look like I hate receiving goods? I’m a god, I love all of them, let’s be honest…”

You stopped him.

“Wait, so you’re saying that no one has celebrated your birthday in…?”

“Exactly. And now let’s move on to the main course, because the more I look at it, the happier I feel,” Loki licked his lips, which earned him a small laugh from you. It was another great thing about that day and it was still early.

He had almost forgotten how enjoyable birthdays could be when celebrated with someone close. He smiled to himself when you were looking for a plates.