oh shit my bad i mean

like i mean the lorax fandom thing was pretty bad but does ANYBODY remember when 45% of tumblr wanted to fuck the purple guy from fnaf??

2 years or so ago SO MANY people wanted this sexy set of pixels to be their bf

 seriously you couldn’t scroll down your dash without seeing so much fanart fetishizing this fictional guy who likes killing kids and NOBODY brings this up. ever.  I’m honestly half convinced this was some insane fever dream i had 

when your emotionally abusive parents hit you with a guilt trip like “i’m doing my best” “i’m not perfect” “i love you and would never mean to hurt you” etc.

and even though you’re the child and have no power over them you still find yourself thinking “oh shit, what if I’M the abusive one”

“Didn’t we save the planet? We should have access to everything on it by right!”

I mean… that’s not a bad point.

You need to keep doing good to the world to keep that privilege though.



Okay, this is actually a pretty realistic depiction of how family gathering banter is, just… without all the really awful shit.

It’s forced and awkward, and sometimes kinda funny.



I’m really liking this scene, it reminds me of the very few good times I’ve had in family gatherings.

Peridot is slowly becoming self aware.

I love that.





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consider: Lance got the "we make a great team" line from Shiro to begin with (he read it in like a magazine or something, idk (interviewer: shit a hot guy is going to space ask him about pickup lines)) and used it on Keith bc he is pinning SO BAD and?? Keith didn't realize he was flirting???? um. rude. fine, I'll "forget" the bonding moment. huh.

oh my god

Not So Cute Meet-Cutes

or, “I lie, these are still pretty cute” AUs

  • “Look person, I’m sorry I ran you over with my car but maybe you should stay in the bike lane DON’T EVEN THINK OF TAKING ME TO COURT I DON’T CARE IF YOU’R E A LAWYER… shit” AU
  • “Oh my god ohmyogd ohmy god i did not mean to punch you in the nose. there’s blood… everywhere…i think… i’m going to faint” AU
  • “ugh i hate drunk people. CONTROL YOURSELVES. what are you doing? no. NO. NO GET AWAY FROM ME! DON’T THROW UP ON MY NEW SHOES!!” AU
  • “i’m a new waiter and i am so nervous please forgive me for spilling your wine, your dinner, and your dessert on your date and then tripped onto said date as you were trying to propose. seriously. my bad.” AU
  • “we’re the only people in this section of the library and I really really needed to fart. I’M SO SORRY. PLEASE LET US FORGET ABOUT THIS. I HAD A BURRITO FOR LUNCH OKAY?!” AU
  • “i accidentally got us banned from this amusement park for life because i got mad at the mascot and decided to tackle him to the ground and you were the stranger i asked to hold my stuff” AU
  • “i tried to act cool at this concert and i thought i was leaning on a wall but apparently it was a speaker and now it’s on the ground. broken. in pieces. and everyone’s glaring at me (particularly the really hot guitarist). um…i can pay for that?” AU
  • “look it wasn’t arson alright. if i’m going to jail i want this in the public record. i set that abandoned shed on fire because it has ghosts. GHOSTS. and everyone knows the only way to kill ghosts is with fire. no officer, i’m not crazy.” AU
  • “my friend bet me that i wouldn’t make out with the next person that stepped through that door. now i seriously regret it because you are soooo much cuter than your friend. is it weird for me to flirt with you when i just had my tongue down their throat?” AU
  • “we’re both in a hostage situation and i know now isn’t the time, but what product do you use in your hair, because wow, it looks super soft. RIGHT. SORRY. NO TALKING. DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT MR. HOSTAGE CRIMINAL GUY. AHAHAHAHA. *whispering* if we survive please let me know. i need to know. thanks.” AU. 

-Hi I found a few of your soul mate aus and I was wondering if you had one for joshua/ would make one for him. Thanks~
-Can you please do a Soulmate!AU for Joshua? 
-Hi there! Could you pleeeease do a Joshua version of the soulmate!au? I absolutely adore them!!! Thank you for your hard work!!! ♡

Note: you guys must really want this au since there were three requests lol 

  • As a kid your parents always had you cover up your soulmate tattoo
  • and tbh they were right because it said “Oh shit sorry that’s yours, I’m sorry, I mean holy crap”
  • bad words -> you gotta cover up that tat my kid even if it has an apology in it
  • you always wondered when it would happen tbh because it was a  pretty general sentence
  • but let’s get to the moment of truth
  • you were at a restaurant with your family enjoying the food and you felt so out of place
  • because your parents had just picked you up from your part-time job so you were still wearing your work outfit
  • which very boldly stated your first name on the front AND BACK
  • besides the huge logo of course
  • luckily you kind of disappeared in the background because this group of like 15 teens was making a fuss on getting a table for all of them
  • and with that many ppl you can expect they’re pretty loud
  • you felt oddly left out, as if you were supposed to be with them as a group
  • and there you were at a family dinner because nobody wanted to cook today
  • and they all seemed to be having so much fun
  • you heard some immature jokes and couldn’t help but suppress a smile now and then, you were pretty jealous of their friendship
  • also surprised how such a large groups could all be friends
  • you just ate your food that had a slightly more bitter taste than other times…
  • you did see this one guy glacing at you sometimes, he always looked at your shirt though so you figured it’s because 1) he thought you looked strange 2) he recognised you from where you worked 3) he was trying to figure out where you worked because he vaguely recognised it
  • but you finished your food as well as everyone else at your table
  • everyone knew you shouldn’t eat any desserts at that place because yeah they weren’t really 5-star desserts
  • so you asked if you could stop by this amazing ice cream shop not far from the restaurant
  • your parents were feeling generous so they agreed
  • what you thought was extremely creepy tho was that after a few minutes that same huge group went into that very ice cream parlour 
  • this dude that had been looking at you had to order for everyone it seemed
  • Not everyone wanted something apparently because he didn’t order that much, but holy shit
  • his voice was heaven
  • the man behind the counter said an order was ready you were the slave of your family so you had to go get everything
  • but this guy just got up and took your ice???
  • he was about to go to his table when he noticed that apparently this wasn’t his order
  • “Oh shit sorry that’s yours, I’m sorry, I mean holy crap”
  • “Oh my god you’re my soulmate… Hi I’m Y/n and it’s okay really”
  • he smiled saying “I knew it! I… yeah I kinda followed you because of your name tag and thank god i did! Even tho it was maybe a bit… creepy yeah…”
  • you were ecstatic about finally meeting your soulmate but you just had to say something
  • “I’m like very happy and stuff but my ice cream is melting and I kinda wanna eat it…”
  • he burst out laughing and you couldn’t blame him tbh thinking about food when you’ve found your soulmate
  • he explained his friends and you explained your parents
  • so eventually he came sit at your table and you also got to meet his friends afterwards
  • eventually you didn’t have to be jealous of their friendship because you got into their friendgroup too


taboo 1.07

I have decided to dub this episode The Festival of Fancy Hats.

I know there are probably more important things I ought to focus on, but I just gotta say, everyone’s hat game was really on point this time around. Helga, Cholmondeley, Pearl, Chichester, the urchins; just lotsa good hats. Is it a bad time to tell Helga she’s looking fine as hell? I mean, weird occasion, I know, but the whole hat and fur combo is just … Yeah. It’s probably not a good time.

Alternate title for this episode include “SO MUCH GODDERS I LOVE IT” and “Oh My God Is That Like … A Cheese Grater?? On His Skin???” It was a bit of a roller coaster, is what I mean to say, and I hardly know where to start discussing it – so here are my Top Five Holy Shit Can We Please Talk About This topics.

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Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

((This TFA Whirl design was largely created by @cadaverriffic!!!!!!!! It’s super good and I feel slightly bad about the horrible stuff that happens to Whirl. Slightly.))

I bet you thought I forgot about the beautiful bird daughter of the TFA Lost Light AU, eh? Well. I didn’t. But also I’m tired of inking/coloring right now so this shall have to suffice. Whirl is…complicated, and young, in the TFA Lost Light AU. There can be no Autobot victory while Decepticons maintain complete air superiority and the Jettwins open the door for further experimentation, for better and more refined attempts at recreating warbuilds. All the better for Whirl’s existence.

Not so great when she’s fair game for darker forces still.


did y’all know…that sometimes…I do art

and by sometimes, I mean since 3 days ago. I have never drawn before, but these past few days I have done like 30 sketches aw yiss

Lee Soo Hyuk is my absolute favorite subject (for now)


Idk if y'all already knew but I am in fact the biggest Yuta hoe out there like WOW I’m such a bad Yuta stan I didn’t even wish him a happy birthday 😪 oh well, enjoy these gifs of him and don’t forget to keep sending in requests!- admin yu

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I saw your posts about the artifacts 'seemingly' being destroyed, and i have a theory that while the artifacts are physically being destroyed the power in them (the elder god June mentioned) is putting itself back together as it's released. The Red Robes mean to trap it in the artifacts but some (or most) of them became corrupt and started using the relics for evil, leading to the war. the Director 100% believes she's doing good, but the elder god gaining power is why shit's gon bad for the gods

OH FUCK THATS AN AMAZING THEORY. I really love that. It definitely makes sense as well. Lucretia was DEAD honest when she told Maggie she wasn’t keeping anything from him. 

The end game better not be some Cthulu shit oh my GOD

also this is a real thing that someone said to me today: “oh so you can buy hair dye and cigarettes but you can’t go to protests???? this proves ur fake tbh” like ooohhhmy G god oh my god i read that and stopped reading the rest of the reply because oh my god i felt bad?? imagine being that fucking dumb???? or that desperate to prove that i’m, for some reason, a Faker who spends almost all my free time reading and talking about this shit because Oh God Damn i gotta get that sweet sweet…..um idk what i would gain from that scenario so fill in the blanks i guess

“if you really wanted to go to a Real Protest you’d just get a bus!!! everywhere has buses!!!!!” oh sweetie i mean they really….have no idea how real life things work even if they are like, in their 30s or something (how do you even live that long and not know this kind of shit) and they try to condescend to me and get so??? pissed off?? when i don’t play along it’s SO dumb and so funny omg

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Faith would play skyrim and Tara would bring her blankets and hot chocolate but also tell her to stop playing sometimes and go outside, but then she'd end up watching her play. She'd probably start asking a bunch but of questions about the game Like why all the children look the same and she'd totally make faith adopt all of them because she'd feel bad for them

“what do you mean you can’t adopt more than two?”
“that’s just how the game works, t.”
“she’s begging for money on the street!”
“and doin’ a damn good job by the looks of it.”
“oh my god fine i’ll google some shit and try to make it happen.”
“you won’t be sorry.”
“yeah, yeah, this is way more important than, ya know, slaying dragons and saving townspeople and shit. hope no one dies while we work this living situation out.”

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what kind of drivers do you think the 2p would be?


2P!America: the attention-grabber (probably a fan of Pimp My Ride and has like flames down the side of his car or floor lights or some shit)

2P!China: the smoker (driving behind him means you’ll see windows lowered often to drop ashes)

2P!England: the kind driver (always sympathizes w/drivers trying to maneuver through difficult spots “Oh that poor soul I shall just let him pass me.~”)

2P!France: the asshole driver (he doesn’t mean to forget turn signals or cut you off… or does he? depends on if he’s having a bad day or not.)

2P!Russia: the cautious driver (the most law-abiding driver you’ll ever meet)

2P!Italy: the road rager (“DID THIS BITCH JUST CUT ME OFF??? OH HELL NO–”)


2P!Japan: the perfectionist (“everyone else on the road is an idiot.”)

2P!Canada: the multi-tasker (always tries to text at red lights or look through piles of CDs and should really stop before he hurts someone)

2P!Romano: the pop star (always singing along to the radio and dancing while stuck in traffic, not caring if people in the lanes next to him see it)

2P!Austria: the DJ (always blasts his favorite music to the point where other cars and passers-by can sense it coming via the ground-shaking decibels)

2P!Prussia: the learner (actually follows the rules of the road and gets very, very nervous when people honk at him or look at him)

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i actually liked that adele started over and had that little moment everything isn't perfect and that just made it more enjoyable for me this years grammys wasn't that bad and had layers to it perfection isn't always the best watching her say oh fuck this i'm not doing this shit for a second year i'm starting over it was refreshing and just an artist being an artists

I’m not gonna lie my dumb ass thought that was all scripted at first till Shaquille had to tell me like no bro she forreal wanted to start over lmao I was like ohhhhhh and I mean she even apologized if anybody got offended. Adele has a good heart, she’s so bubbly and laid back. I love her! Then lady Gaga performance was different and dudes mic wouldn’t cut on at first. So there was a lot of little imperfect moments not just Adele so people who are being rude on the internet about the shit are just mad cause they smell like baked beans and haven’t had sex in awhile so they bitter.