oh shit ice what are u doin

brinytrolls  asked:

right back at u: mel are u looking forward to spending 12th perigee w/ higgins?? :3c did U have anything planned?? bc god knows he has no idea what yall are doin

“Oh fuck yeah man I’m SUPER excited!! I love the holidays, full of that 12 perigree cheer and all that good shit. But yeah, I have quite a bit planned!! Imma take him ice skating to this secret little place I know, walk around and do a little bit of window shoppin. Gonna take him out to dinner and THEEEEN imma take him back hive to open gifts and watch movies! End the night pretty chill, ya know?”

“Also he has no idea about this ofc, but I got all of his cats little presents too. I think he’s gonna love it.”