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anywho go under the cut to meet the muse i’ve had for years but keep changing up romeo (don’t juDGE ME)


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Tumblr (y / n):

Instagram (y / n): (WildWasteland) Mostly pictures of WIP projects and weird shit he finds out in the wasteland. Or, if modern AU weird shit out in Rosswell.

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Twitter (y / n): (sciencedork) Science facts and puns. Oh god the puns.

Pinterest (y / n):

Youtube or Twitch (y / n): (Eliot Labs) DIY projects, mostly with.. Well, either random shit or advanced sciency things. Or even medicine!

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Eeeh I decided to post some of my headcanon designs for some of the Tolkien elves. Those are just some quicker or slower sketches [that’s why most of them are so horribly horrible :“‘DDD] with flat colors slapped on them, generally I’m not sure, I might redesign some of them o: And clothes, oh god, how do I clothes.

  • Fingon [to whose braids I forgot to add some gold, sigh], Maedhros, Aredhel, Amarie
  • Findis, Fingolfin, Lalwen, Finarfin
  • Olwe, Earwen, Thingol, Luthien
  • Indis, Miriel, Elenwe, Galadriel
  • Luthien, Amarie, Anaire, random Teleri lady [whose design i like so maybe I’ll make her a someone], two Avari ladies [that are 100% done with the Exiles’ shit]

And I know most of those designs are far from canon but um. Headcanon, right? 'w’