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Sebastian Stan being a daddy would include

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  • him having that special tiny voice with which he talks to your baby
  • “but doll, you’ve been holding him for like 20 minutes, it’s my turn now”
  • always having the little one cuddled up in his arms
  • “you know you can put him/her down, right Seb?”
  • “in a minute, love, in a minute”
  • and that minute never ends
  • cuddling with your toddler between you two
  • him adoring her baby scent
  • her baby fingers gripping to her daddy’s finger
  • cooing at her
  • “Sebby, are you crying?”
  • “i’ll always protect you, my little angel”
  • “my god she’s so tiny”
  • your baby giggling every time Seb kisses her cheeks
  • spoiling your baby with countless gifts
  • “she’s got your eyes, darling”
  • her crying every time you gave her a bath because she was scared of water
  • that’s why every time she needed one, Seb would get in the bathtub with her and play as your gently washed her hair
  • waking up in the middle of the night to find Seb’s side of the bed empty
  • going to the nursery to see him holding your baby in his arms, softly rocking them
  • him singing Romanian lullabies to your baby
  • “i told you not to fucking swear in front of my baby, Anthony, god damnit!”
  • “oh shit”
  • letting your children sit on his shoulders when you’re walking
  • sometimes they pull in his hair which obviously amuses them
  • him telling your baby bedtime stories
  • “and then, the elf took out his sword and cut the hobbit’s ea-
  • “sweetheart, are you sure that’s a good story to tell our 1-year-old daughter?”
  • sneaking them food in bed even though you told him not to
  • “Seb, what is a bag of crisps doing next to Demetra’s bed?”
  • “i don’t know, darling, maybe she just got hungry and wanted a midnight snack?”
  • “Seb she’s 1″
  • staring at him with a disappointed glare
  • him picking outfits for your baby
  • “yes, munchkin, you should be stylish, like your dad”
  • your baby having space-themed nursery
  • making your baby watch Marvel movies
  • “look, munchkin, that’s your daddy”
  • your baby calling Captain America dada
  • “no no no no i’m the one with long hair, see, the pretty one”
  • him falling asleep with your baby girl on his chest
  • “thank you, darling, for giving me this little angel”

holy shit, i just realized i could potentially never be able to eat cake again thanks to my recent inability to eat sugar

Random Drabble #13

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Yummy Youngbae





'Baby, wake up.’

'Youngbae, what do you want?’

You’d been having a perfectly wonderful dream when you first heard him call you by your pet name. You’d been dreaming about the time you and him had gone on holiday to Indonesia and you’d spent a solid day on a near deserted beach, frolicking and lazing to your hearts content. It was just as the two of you had found a baby turtle coming out of the sand that his voice had intruded on the dream and you’d woken up, frowning as you’d tried to mentally chase after the retreating sun and sand until eventually you’d succumbed to answering him.

'Do you feel like ordering chicken?’

You turn over to look at him then, shooting him an incredulous look when you see him laid wide awake looking at the ceiling and simply staring at him as you wait for him to explain.

'I’m hungry.’ is all he says, shrugging and turning to smile at you cutely, but your expression doesn’t change as you just stare at him for a few more seconds before fully turning into his side with a sigh and pulling his arm around your shoulder.

'No. I dont feel like ordering chicken- now go to sleep.’ you murmur, dropping a kiss to his palm near your face, before snuggling your cheek into his ribcage and proceeding to try to fall asleep again. You’re just about to fall back into the black abyss when he speaks up again and you groan softly before he’d even finished speaking.

'Are you sure you dont want some noodles or something?’

'Bae, if you’re hungry go and make yourself something- we have plenty of food.’ you grumble, not actually expecting him to move and then groaning irritatedly when he’s suddenly sliding out of the bed and letting coldness take the place of his body.

'Jagi, you cant moan at me when you tell me to do something and I do it.’ he chuckles light-heartedly, making the bed dip again as he leans over to drop a kiss to your head, and then proceeding to tuck you in before shuffling out of the room. You’re expecting him to make loads of noise since he never cooked half-heartedly, but you’re thankful when its only the odd clink of a saucepan on a surface, and you find yourself smiling when you hear his gentle singing drift down the hallway, hearing him sing one of your favourite songs and knowing it was because he was trying to help you get back to sleep.

And you almost did…but this time, just as you were about to be dragged into unconsciousness you feel your nose twitch, and the smell of garlic chicken noodles slithers into your nostrils.

You could have ignored it and gone to sleep, but when your stomach grumbles and you remember you hadn’t had an evening meal since you’d got home so late from work, you for some reason find yourself slipping out of bed, pulling one of his loose tank tops on and slipping your feet into his stupid Simpsons slippers before padding quietly down the hall after the enticing smell.

You feel slightly sheepish as you lean against the kitchen entryway, biting your lip as you let your eyes rake over him where he was stood in front of the cooker, before smiling at him when he glances over his shoulder- obviously having sensed you.

'You cant moan at me! I tried not to wake you- I even sang for you and-’

'Am I really that scary?’ you chuckle quietly, shuffling over to him and wrapping your arms around him from behind, feeling a little shiver run through you at the feeling of his warm, bare, toned stomach beneath your hands, and smiling as you tilt your chin to just about hook it over his shoulder.

'I haven’t come to moan at you.’

'Then why-’

He doesn’t finish his sentence as he turns his head to look at you on his shoulder, narrowing his eyes at you and shaking his head when you flutter your eyelashes cutely at him, chuckling at you all the same.

'I cant believe you’ve come to steal my noodles after forcing me to get them myself.’

'I didn’t force you, I just suggested-

'I’m pretty sure you grumbled at me multiple times-’

'Okay, but the point is-’

'You’re lucky to have a boyfriend like me.’ he butts in again, making you stop mid-sentence and this time its your turn to narrow your eyes as you tilt your head to look at him, seeing him smirking smugly to himself.

'Well yes, but why-’

'Cause I figured i’d make an extra portion so that you could take it to work tomorrow…but since you want to eat it now- Yah! Get off-’ he chuckles as you latch your lips to his neck, kissing him thankfully as you squeeze him and smiling to yourself as you do so.

'You’re the best.’ you murmur, grinning when he swivels his body a little so that he could wrap his free arm that was stirring the food around you, and you tilt your head up a little so that you could kiss him, humming happily and lingering as you get lost in him a little, only breaking away when he mumbles a quick 'oh shit,’ against your lips.

'Damnit, I almost burnt the noodles.’ he hisses, quickly rescuing the food and taking it off of the hob as you try not to laugh at him, smiling to yourself when you see the two food bowls already set out on the counter- signalling that what he had said before was true.

'Well, they might be a little crispy,’ he murmurs, as he drops the empty saucepan into the sink after dishing up the food, turning to you with a slightly sad smile and handing you a pair of chopsticks.

You pretend to be hesitant as you look at the food, weighing it between your chopsticks as you look at it, and wrinkling your nose slightly before putting it in your mouth, glancing at Youngbae to see the genuinely worried look on his face as he waits for your response.

'Oh man, you really did burn it didn’t you.’ you say around your mouthful, pretending to grimace as you continue to chew, struggling to hold back a smirk when you see his gaze drop to the floor momentarily and his face fall as he believes what you’re saying.

'Yah! We can just order chicken-’

'Ah! You Pabo! Why cant you take a joke, when you tease everyone else so much?’ you chuckle as you swallow your mouthful, seeing him look up at you with a questioning gaze before he narrows his eyes.

'That was mean.’

'Yah! Dont be so grumpy and eat your noodles- they taste amazing!’ you murmur, winking at him and proving your point by shovelling more into your mouth, emphasizing how good they were with loud hums and moans.

'You’re so over-dramatic, I love you.’ he mumbles affectionately with a grin, as the two of you stand across from each other and he watches you show him how much you love his food, stretching across the countertop as you pretend to faint because they were so good.

'And I love you when you make me noodles.’ you mutter around a mouthful of food, trying not to giggle as he grimaces at you talking with your mouthful, but seeing him shake his head affectionately at you anyway as he proceeds to shovel his own bowlful into his mouth.

'But I always tell you you should open your own restaurant, but you never do!’ you insist as you waddle back down the hall with him ten minutes later, after finishing your food and helping him wash up. He had his arms around you from behind as you shuffled to your room, reaching out to turn of the light switches before laughing as he tried to lift you into the bed princess style.

'I’d never have the time to manage it though- not when i’m always far too busy feeding you!’ he jokes, grinning at you as he jumps over you to his side of the bed, and only seeing your frown once he’d shuffled under the covers and turned back to pull you into his side.

'Yah! What’s that look for?’ he says, raising his eyebrows as he looks at you, but continuing to pull you into him so that the two of you could lie down.

'You make it sound like im a pig.’ you explain, pouting slightly, but not noticing you’re doing it until  he quickly leans in to kiss you.

'You are a pig….but you’re my pig.’ he murmurs, and even though you’re a little put out that he called you a pig, you cant help but smile shyly as he begins to nuzzle your neck, ending up laughing when he begins to grunt as he snuffles into your neck.

'Yah! Go to bed, you pabo!’ you giggle, hitting his chest lightly and grinning at him as he lifts his head from your neck to smile at you.

'Whatever you say, my little piggy.’ he murmurs, dropping one last kiss to your lips before you snuggle into his side and the two of you finally go back to sleep.


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can you do double b as fanboys? i'm pissing myself thinking about it XD



  • most dedicated fanboy of the year
  • no but seriously it’s kinda scary hOw dedicated he is
  • he first got into the group in middle school
  • he has all the albums, special addition albums sighed albums and albums in different languages
  • he’s got them
  • and photo cards omygod
  • they are all on the side of his bedroom wall in order of which era they belong to
  • has special playlist of the songs for any occasion
  • “gym playlist” “walking playlist” “taking a dump playlist”
  • he used to be more private about his love or the group
  • but in the end everyone knows him as that “crazy fanboy guy”
  • “not crazy but dedicated”
  • will actually fight anyone who disses his faves
  • “wHAT DID YOU SAY??” :)))
  • when he was younger, he used to make rap cover of his favourite songs
  • titled “ [insert song name] by MC B.I !!!!!”
  • he forgot the password to his account and now they are there forever
  • his biggest fear is if the group fond his old song covers
  • and of the group disbanding
  • has gone to a couple of fanmeets and when he can’t get all grumpy and rants online
  • not a fully evolved saesang yet


  • got into the group cause of hanbin not shutting up about them
  • said the music was crap first but he found himself humming to the song whilst in the shower
  • second biggest fanboy in the world
  • has nearly all the albums and does part time jobs here and there so that he can afford all the albums
  • one day dreams of going to a concert and meeting his bias
  • he dreams of his bias and thinks about lovey dovey stuff
  • like boy calm down
  • wants to write fanfiction but can’t
  • he did once when he was younger
  • never again
  • “he look in her big brawn eyes and kissed her on her pink sexy liPS xxx “
  • also haunts his dreams of the group finding out about it
  • gifts them cuddly toys and headbands all the time at fanmeets
  • often put flirtatious messages in the gifts like
  • “heyyyyy xxx ;-)) “
  • wants to become an idol just so he can meet them and maybe date them 

rip me

Persona 5 Trailer #3 Transcript

Morgana: “Quickly, let’s go.”

Anne: “But we’re already here, can’t we take the big one-?”

Fox Mask “We’ll worry about that later.”

Sakamoto: “What’s gonna happen!?”

Anne: “I don’t know, who cares! Let’s run!”

Morgana: “Damnit… oh shit!!


Fox Mask We have to run faster!

Sakamoto: A setup!

Anne: “Morgana, a car, a car!!”

Morgana: “I know that already! I’m working on i-!!

Anne: *throws Morgana* Hurry UUUUPPP!!!


Announcer: “The train accident that occurred in the Yamanote subway line a few days ago still remains under investigation.

Announcer: “The police have presented a statement to the press expressing their utmost efforts into resolving this case as quickly as possible.”

Girl 1: “But wait; does that mean the rumors were true!?”

Guy 1: “As if! Like there’d ever be thief who can steal people’s hearts!”

Girl 1: “I think I saw something about this on the net…”

Sakamoto: “Uh… now that’s  weird uh…”

Sakamoto: “How did the school…”

Morgana: “A world created from the wrapped desires of mankind. I decided to call it “The Palace” for now.“

Woman 1: "Now the, tell me how you are able to steal the hearts of other people?”

Woman 1: “Answer me.”

Morgana: “You have to make a calling card you know. Something like "We will come to steal your heart” should do the trick.“


Morgana: “I ain’t no cat! I am the great Morgana see!”

Woman on Phone 1: “And what will you give in return?”

Man 2: “Using this device, you will be able to travel back and forth between The Palace and the real world.”

Boy 1: “Y'know what we call a gathering of shitty adults? Society.”

Boy2: “I think those people are all being used as decoys for the real problem in society.”

Anne: “You know, I want to help out too.”

Man 3: “This has to be their handiwork… it’s the thieves who steal people’s hearts…”

Man2: “The Persona is a facet of yourself you show to handle the people around you. It is the mask that protects your heart.”

Sakamoto: “With that kind of strong power… We can get the key back!”

Man 2: “Do you think you will escape this place unharmed?”

Anne: “You’re not a human anymore. You’re nothing but a demon possessed by the disgusting desire for possessive relationships!”

Sakamoto: “What the… what is this…!”

Morgana: “There are endless desires here, warped so severely, they can make people believe that they’re actually a somebody. Do you think you can stomach that level of pride?


Velvet Twin (Braids): “You have… been imprisoned. A prisoner of a future that was decided… before your time without your will.”

Anne: “But what if I end up forget… and I lose hold of all my memories and feelings… that make me who I am?”

Sakamoto: “Please stop… I don’t want this… ”

Man 2: “Society finally shows its true face. Its distorted path will soon lead to its own ruin.”

Man 4: “Just give up already!”

Anne: “I know… I won’t hold them back anymore…!”

Man 2: “Now… how will you move?”

Sakamoto: “I have to set everything right…!”

Man 4: “Tell me… Who the hell are you!?”

Anne: “We’ll steal everything that makes you who you are!”

(Original translation done by nenilein. All I did was adjust the sentences to flow better and adjusted the length to roughly match the length of time people in the trailer were talking.)