oh shit burn

So even though 2016 is the Year of the Oh Shit Everything Is Burning Down Around Us, I might have some good news to announce soon.

Mostly it involves a quaint townhouse that we saw today which is well within our price range and in MINT condition and includes a huge kitchen, brand new appliances, and a VERY low asking price.

Homeowner by the end of the year? Bitch, I might be!

spockvarietyhour  asked:

The Expanse

send me a tv show i don’t watch, and i’ll tell you who my favorite character is

I actually watched the first episode, but I can’t remember anything about it, so it counts lmao

I can’t really find a lot of info on the characters, but I’m mega gay for how Dominique Tipper looks in it, so I think I’d really like her character lmfao.

I’ve also seen some gifsets with Shohreh Aghdashloo’s character and she seems 👌👌👌👌👌

August 23rd

@daysundercover said something that had me checking my tag from the laundry tweet day (23 August 2014) and something struck me as I went through it.

Simon tweeted this:

Then, exactly a year to the day later, on 23 August 2015:

I don’t believe in coincidences with this band. Looking at Simon’s tweet today, 2 years later in the current context of this band, and a year after the Sun article announcing the breakup that has yet to occur…it makes you wonder how dumb Simon was to think he could bluff his way into resigning this band, and how bitter he got when he realized he couldn’t.


So part one of the story is that when I got to Gally and after I got my badge and ticket from Keightee’s friend,  (Keightee was the one responsible for everything good that happened to me today because she lent me her badge AND paid for my ticket to get a photo op with Burn), I met up with my friend Anastacia who I haven’t seen in two years, and we went down to the dealers hall and I was nattering about something, and Anastacia stops me and points out that Burn is at the front of the dealer’s hall doing autographs and he had like, no line.

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A summary of 2.6 in escalating timelines of “oh shit!”

oh shit she’s home! Oh Shit she’s needs a doctor! oh SHIT she’s dead. 

oh shit the FBI’s at my house! Oh Shit the FBI’s at the door! oh SHIT the FBI is a hot redhead!

oh shit gotta burn this body. Oh Shit he’s spying for the dark army! oh SHIT why did i leave my baseball bat within arm’s reach of a disassociated killer?!